How CNN reacted to this grand jury attack on Donald Trump will make your blood boil

CNN refuses to stop waging war on Donald Trump.

Now the Trump haters at CNN may finally get their wish.

And how CNN reacted to this grand jury attack on Donald Trump will make your blood boil.

Mike Pence’s former Chief-of-Staff, Marc Short, testified before a grand jury in Washington, D.C. that the Justice Department convened as part of its witch hunt against Donald Trump.

After testifying, Short was happy to feed the media narrative about Trump by claiming that the former President incited a mob that would have murdered Pence and his security detail on January 6.

“I think that having the Capitol ransacked the way that it was, I think did present liability and danger,” Short said in an interview with ABC. “And I think the Secret Service did a phenomenal job that day. I think that the bigger risk and despite the way perhaps it was characterized in the hearings last week, candidly, is that if the mob had gotten closer to the Vice President, I do think there would have been a massacre in the Capitol that day.”

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin – who was once suspended for masturbating on a Zoom call with his colleagues at the New Yorker – seemed positively giddy about this development.

Toobin told CNN viewers that federal prosecutors subpoenaing Mike Pence’s Chief-of-Staff meant the Justice Department was criminally investigating Donald Trump.

“The Justice Department has been criticized by a lot of people because it has apparently only focused on the relatively minor players in the January 6th story, the hundreds of people who went in the Capitol,” Toobin stated. “This suggests that the Justice Department is now criminally investigating the White House.”

Democrats and the media placed massive pressure on Attorney General Merrick Garland to indict Trump.

Garland hinted an indictment could be forthcoming.

“There is a lot of speculation about what the Justice Department is doing, what it’s not doing, what our theories are, and what our theories aren’t, and there will continue to be that speculation,” Garland stated.

“We have to hold accountable every person who is criminally responsible for trying to overturn a legitimate election, and we must do it in a way filled with integrity and professionalism,” Garland added.

As Joe Biden’s poll numbers slip and his failures mount, Democrats are desperate to stop Donald Trump from running for President in 2024.

Democrats do not think Joe Biden or Kamala Harris can defeat Trump at the ballot box.

And Democrats are prepared to try and jail Trump in a move straight out of a failed banana republic to keep him from winning re-election.

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