Hollywood was devastated by these grim numbers

Hollywood celebrities have made a habit of bashing President Trump.

But their act is wearing thin with Trump supporters and everyday Americans.

And these latest numbers show their constant Trump-bashing is backfiring in a big way.

Movie theater attendance dropped to a 24 year low.

Total inflation adjusted box office revenue was the lowest since 1995.

This is the bread-and-butter of the movie industry as box office revenue is the largest income driver for Hollywood.

The Wrap reports:

The National Alliance of Theater Owners (NATO) announced Wednesday that the national ticket average for 2017 rose 3.7 percent year-over-year to $8.93, up from $8.65 last year.

At that average, the estimated number of movie tickets sold last year is 1.23 billion. While that is only a rough estimate that does not account for the higher ticket prices for premium formats and theaters in more expensive cities like New York and Los Angeles, NATO’s estimate is the lowest since 1993, when “Jurassic Park” was the top grossing film of the year and an estimated 1.24 billion tickets were sold.

President Trump has gotten under the skin of liberal elitist Hollywood actors.

During an interview promoting one of her latest box office flubs, Jennifer Lawrence insinuated that “mother earth” was punishing Americans for electing Trump with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

But no celebrity has bashed Trump more than Meryl Streep.

Streep went on a six-minute anti-Trump rant while accepting an award at the Golden Globes.

And she’s taken pot shots at Trump in nearly every public interview she’s done since the 2016 campaign.

Yet Streep continuously defended child rapist Roman Polanski and claimed she didn’t know of Harvey Weinstein’s transgressions despite being close with him.

When will these Hollywood celebrities realize talking down to conservative Americans and pushing their radical views results in fewer people watching their movies?

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48 Responses

  1. RG says:

    HOLLYWAS? You have awakened the middle class of America, who voted for Trump because we were refusing to see America go in the direction Obama was guiding our Country. WE rose up to defeat your corruption. Now, with pretty faces pretending to have admirable voices, we are rejecting your absurdity claims of intelligence and understanding in national matters. Your facade is too obvious like your pretending acting. We aren’t buying it!

  2. Mark says:


  3. Rose says:

    Wiiliam, I think you hit the nail on its head, nothing makes a person as angry as their always trashing the President that the majority of Americans elected into the White House. He has done a great job, even with the corrupt Democrats trying to stop him at every turn.

  4. Rose says:

    slidenglide , Neither have I ,or even anyone I know!

  5. Rose says:

    True, Jack. They think they are so special, but the truth is hey have no morals and live their lives like trailer. trash, why would anyone look up to them? They are rich, but that does them no good because they are a waste as human beings!

  6. Jack says:

    My “two” favorite movies were made in the thirties…With the exception of Clint Eastwood both as director and actor there haven’t been many worth mentioning since the forties and fifties

  7. slidenglide says:

    I haven’t gone to the movies in years. I don’t enjoy being blasted with killing, blood, loud noise, and filthy language. Now the so-called stars are blasting the president. I haven’t watched any of the awards programs. I find Hollywood to be beyond watching and spending money to see. There’s better ways to spend my money and my time.

  8. Ron says:

    Several Actors that have left the T.V. business and moved out of that awful state has my best wishes.

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