Hollywood actress stooped to a new low with this attack on every Trump supporter

Hollywood isn’t even bothering to hide their disdain for Trump supporters anymore.

They think they’re the ones pulling the levers on American culture.

And what this notoriously leftist Hollywood celebrity just came out and said about Trump supporters will make you furious.

Alyssa Milano has never shied away from attacking Trump supporters.

But she reached a sick new low by claiming, “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood,” comparing Trump supporters to the Ku Klux Klan.

Her tweet alluded to the firestorm around Covington Catholic students who were wrongfully targeted by the media for being pro-Trump.

Milano then wrote an op-ed published in The Wrap doubling down on comparing Trump supporters to the KKK.

She claimed the Covington Catholic students were “flaunting their entitlement and displaying toxic masculinity.”

Milano participated in protests during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation fight.

She even sat in the gallery for several hours of testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

Still reeling from her unsuccessful anti-Kavanaugh protests, she is trying to ruin the lives of these innocent Catholic school boys for the crime of standing in public.

But Milano was far from the only celebrity who put their unabashed hatred for Trump supporters on full display this week.

On The View, Joy Behar excused the media for piling on the Covington Catholic students.

In response to a question posed by Whoopi Goldberg asking why does the media constantly make “snap judgments” before the facts come in, Behar didn’t skip a beat saying:

“Because we’re desperate to get Trump out of office. That’s why.”

The radical left will use any means necessary to get Trump.

And they don’t care how many lives they have to destroy to get there.

They think they can shame enough Trump supporters into backing down if they just cry racism enough times.

So they’ll send Trump packing in 2020 if they can’t impeach him before.

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