Hollywood actress stooped to a new low with this attack on every Trump supporter

Hollywood isn’t even bothering to hide their disdain for Trump supporters anymore.

They think they’re the ones pulling the levers on American culture.

And what this notoriously leftist Hollywood celebrity just came out and said about Trump supporters will make you furious.

Alyssa Milano has never shied away from attacking Trump supporters.

But she reached a sick new low by claiming, “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood,” comparing Trump supporters to the Ku Klux Klan.

Her tweet alluded to the firestorm around Covington Catholic students who were wrongfully targeted by the media for being pro-Trump.

Milano then wrote an op-ed published in The Wrap doubling down on comparing Trump supporters to the KKK.

She claimed the Covington Catholic students were “flaunting their entitlement and displaying toxic masculinity.”

Milano participated in protests during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation fight.

She even sat in the gallery for several hours of testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

Still reeling from her unsuccessful anti-Kavanaugh protests, she is trying to ruin the lives of these innocent Catholic school boys for the crime of standing in public.

But Milano was far from the only celebrity who put their unabashed hatred for Trump supporters on full display this week.

On The View, Joy Behar excused the media for piling on the Covington Catholic students.

In response to a question posed by Whoopi Goldberg asking why does the media constantly make “snap judgments” before the facts come in, Behar didn’t skip a beat saying:

“Because we’re desperate to get Trump out of office. That’s why.”

The radical left will use any means necessary to get Trump.

And they don’t care how many lives they have to destroy to get there.

They think they can shame enough Trump supporters into backing down if they just cry racism enough times.

So they’ll send Trump packing in 2020 if they can’t impeach him before.


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210 Responses

  1. Stephen Jacobs…..You people are so ridiculous. Just when did this many get so freaking high and mighty that you need to take care of the entire world?
    Seriously have you listened to any of these people? I mean really listen?

    • A Seker says:

      POOR, UNLOVED, UNACCEPTED Alyssa Milano! She needs to put a white Musk over her face…. Her SELF image is so bad that she cannot accepts herself as a Real Person, thus, she must attacks what is Real and True with a False Image! Truth must bathers her deeply! Truth is her BITTER Medicine

  2. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Alyssa who?

  3. Carl J Bujan says:

    Alyssa Milano is a first class cunt, her career is over.

    • Mary H Proce says:

      I agree she is done. She is dumb like a lot of the people in Hollywood. I am not or have I ever been racist. I have a lot of black friends. I was born in the South also. So back off you stupid Hollywood Idiot. What are you going to do when there are no more movies or show. I know I do not watch tv anymore unless it is show from yesteryear . The crap they are putting out today is trash.

    • dick says:

      You might look this pig up on your computer under ALYSSA MILANO NUDE or ALYSSA MILANO NAKED you will find many nasty pictures of this disgusting PIG. She also brags about the two abortions that she has had. This bitch must make her parents , husband and kids real proud. I sure hope the GOD has a special place in hell for this PIG

  4. Randal Parten says:

    Just another ignorant leftist from Hollyworthless !!!Sorry but your views and misconceptions don’t reflect what the majority of american people think!! Stop acting like a NAZI! MAGA!!!!!

    • anniedawn says:

      She is one of the offenders being sued by Nick Sandmann’s family. The attorney handling the case is one of the best in America. He has sent letters to CNN, MSNBC and every Hollywoodite, braindead jackazz, and leftwing political pundit that said ONE word against the boys (Kentucky Catholic School). AT LAST someone is getting it right. Next we need laws to straighten out Google, Facebook. Twitter, etc.

  5. JUSTSAYING says:

    Whew It looks like Milano is not feeling the love judging from these posts.Oh well.When you disparage 60 to 80 million folks who voted for President Trump she deserves it.

  6. Kevin says:

    It’s ocasio cotex!!

    • Deborah Griffin says:

      Don’t worry she is one of the people that is on the list for possible defamation & libel of the Covington kids so her attempt at being a politician will go no where & who cares abouth her hasbeen career anyway?

      • Old Pioneer says:

        Just another Political Slut wo needs to get a life, A REAL life, but then what can you expect from a certifiable IDIOT!!!

  7. SPECIAL K says:


  8. Richard says:

    There is no new low for Hollyweird. They are all Communists. They are now a product as China.

  9. Robert Ewing says:

    I agree that she needs to lose her teeth.

  10. Rickster says:

    Go back to your failed movie career you stupid Hollywood moron!! You and you stupid womans movement played for by the corrupt ass George Soros!! Quit running your big fat useless mouth on TV and use it to suck soros off!! Fricken idiot! Who gives a rats ass what you and your stupid short haired dokey looking friend says!! Your stupid and brainwashed!! Hollywood trash!

  11. T. Yoder says:

    Milano’s just one of many Illuminati pawns; they’re all being used by the global elite, who cares nothing for them, but will use them to further their New World Order agenda & when they’re finished with them, will discard them like a vomit-filled tissue. These people have literally made agreements with the Illuminati to aid their agenda in exchange for wealth, notoriety, fame, etc. The programming involved’s horrific. So basically, she’s spewing satanically inspired vomit.

  12. Richard says:


  13. Steelie says:

    I have a really nice WHITE MAGA cap.
    (gifted). Think i’ll Wear ‘it’ . & Do ‘the Walk’. haha.
    > ‘look’ at me cross-eyed? You lose. ___
    > ‘touch’ me? Eat ‘soft food’ for a while. &
    wear ‘dark glasses’. ___

  14. Beverly says:

    A washed up has been, trying to get back on tv. I wouldn’t cross the street to see her. I wonder if she will let this illegal alien from Delaware, that raped a 6 yr old, come live with her? How about it milano?

  15. Marv says:

    alyssa milano is a piece or horse manure . A SKANK that only a desperate person or a person that just got out of prison after being big babas BITCH would be with someone like that. The man coming out of prison says, well any female even her will do.

  16. Excuse me but what race is she???? She’s White and her and thousands more Ignorant Elitists keep saying that White people are Evil and I don’t understand what the hell is wrong with them They are White????????????????????????

  17. Hey milano, hopefully when you expire you will have expierenced a very very painful death.
    How bout dat buttercup, you foxtrotting INBRED.

  18. Don says:

    A typical Follywood tinkerbell who ahsn’t the intelligence to attack anyone. When you grow up, child, come and talk.

  19. Cathe says:

    The box office will show you what “we” Trump supporters think of you and your Democratic views …… all the way to bankruptcy!!!!

    • Joan says:

      Cathe, has this low life ever been recognized at the box office? I have never heard of her but I for sure wouldn’t watch anything she is in. Hope she loses any fans she may have, if any. Typical loony, low scum, liberal at best. I really hope she goes broke before the next election or sooner. These so-called celebrites that know how to do nothing but read from a script, other than that NOTHING IN THEIR BRAINS.

  20. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Now that Milano, who never had any acting ability, is getting long in the tooth and starting to sag a bit she has no more opportunities. She also has very little between her ears but she does have a big mouth, which is typical of the liberal Hollywood crowd. What she doesn’t realize is that she is nothing more than comic relief.

  21. MARV says:

    alyssa you fit into the group with joy behar, whoopi golberg whats wrong with this united states are NO CLUE NUTHEADS LIKE YOURSELF YOU LIKE THE OTHERS WERE BORN WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO THINK TOTALLY BRAIN DEAD. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.

  22. meozzie says:

    Funny how she thinks she is so important. I don’t recall anything she has acted in in many many years. She need to get a clue. If she were to get an acting job the show or movie would most definitely flop. You’re not popular anymore and we don’t care, Alysa, so bye!!!!!

  23. Donna Belisle says:

    Who is this “Bimbo”, anyhow?

  24. JONDARMES says:

    The demoRAT tweeted “First thoughts when I wake up”??? Just when do you think that will happen??? Never would be about right. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  25. Scott says:

    Alyssa do you drink milk, if your answer is yes then according to PETA your racist because you drink milk. Now do you see the stupidity of your statement, and just so you know I couldn’t care less of what you think, btw if you think about your comment it’s self is racist, do you should think before running your mouth.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Who the hell is Alyssa Milano ? “She’s a celebrity.” OK, what did she do ? “I dunno, probably hung out her boobs like the rest of them.” Oh. That explains where she gets all her political knowledge, doesn’t it ? “Yup”!

  26. Rayy says:

    Hollywood celebs only know how to act, to parrot others, that’s why we called them actors. Lets hope that soon they will learn how to think, but remember, that will be a giant step for them. Think they can do it?

  27. d. arl says:

    CNN reminds me of a young teenager… with no parents!

  28. Frank says:


  29. James C Green says:

    WHERE in the world do people come up with the false accusation that President Trump is a racist?! That couldn’t be further from the truth! The minorities that have worked for him for years love him and say he’s one of the best bosses they’ve had. The lie is one fabricated by the Leftist media. And people believe it even though it is 100% wrong!

    • ACR says:

      I think people just follow the crowd they think is most popular.

      It’s a shame this person cannot ‘think’ for herself.

      However, she might ‘think’ this is more profitable for her career.

    • Donna M Slivka says:

      HELLOOOOOOOO people are STUPID~~~~~~~~

    • Jason Casteel says:

      People have been throwing out the word ” racist” so much as of late, it really means nothing anymore. A lot of terms they have used so much, they are meaningless. With all the media doing the monkey see, monkey do over and over again a lot of things don’t phase people anymore. Colusion, racist, deplorable, you get the drift.

    • Tart says:

      If I could answer your question ,my belief is that lies are promoted, believers of lies (against Trump) do not bother to check out his lifetime of actions PROVING otherwise, and like pelooser they “refuse to accept your facts”.

      • Stephen Jacobs says:

        It doesn’t matter what she says chump is a treasonous cheating scam artist, who’s closest thing to Hitler since.he was counting on racist republicans who hated Obama, and colluded with Russians at direction of chump n Putin. what will you say when Muller proves it.itl be Muller a lifelong republican is corrupt.you guys loved him when he was appointed,now not so much.lol

        • Diana Rosado says:

          I am a Hispanic woman who voted for President Trump. I am not a racist Republican. I am a proud Puerto Rican and for your freaking information we come in all shades from lily white to black as night. Therefore your theory is shot. Because you can’t call me a racist! I disliked President Obama not based on his skin color. I just thought he was a lousy President. Again you can’t call me a racist because I didn’t like how he ran the country. Your statements are based on your dislike for Republicans and President Trump. Your hatred sounds like you have more in common with Hilter than Republicans. You are so lucky in America we all have freedom of speech!

        • vicky says:

          none of this has been proven in 2 + years at a very expensive investigation. WE could’ve border security if we shut Schummer’s witch hunt down

  30. Gigi says:

    Alyssa Milano has NO class. She’s a HAS-BEEN that can’t get work today and is hoping that this will at least keep her name alive, but unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know who she is. Look at her picture. Looks like she was partying before she went on the show. She needs to hook up with Kathy Griffin. They can talk to each other about how much they hate OUR PRESIDENT and the rest of the world can just ignore DESPICABLE PEOPLE LIKE THEM.

    • Samatha says:

      I agree who does she think she is? How stupid to call Trump followers names. She should becareful who she disrespects does she think only democrats watched her 2 shows she was on. She should apologize and thank us conservatives that watched so she made all her money. Now she’s desperate. By the way little girl the latest news about Your hero Pelosi from someone Who worked for her was upset about her bad treatment of the entire country that she doesn’t care about. Doesn’t want the wall built is because she is getting paid by the Cartels to keep it open so the drugs can still flow through. Thats how she is worth so much like $30. Million she’s afraid she’ll get caught then the Cartels will come after her. We need to tell this so there will be an investigation. I can’t believe these people are crying over a hat. Wonder what they would say if we made one that says Dems and Hollywood losers are stupid?

  31. Mike says:

    G another dumb ass comie.dem. Nothing new.

  32. porterv says:

    Never heard of this stupid bitch before.

    • francis says:

      She does aspca psa’s. I never heard of her before that she is lefty, probably a pita pig.

    • Bill says:

      She used to be on tv sitcom with Tony Danza in the late 1980’s called Who’s the Boss. She had a minor role as the young daughter of co-star Judith Light. She has done nothing worthwhile since except be a stupid bitch.

  33. Bill says:

    Go to hell Alyssa you stupid cunt.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      The question going through my head as I read most of these posts, is “why would many of you get so upset just because of what one person, who really does not know you, thinks or feels?”

      That is until I came across Bill’s post, which shows exactly why Trump supporters have so LITTLE support among American females. That is why people think you are women haters. You can disagree with Alyssa without using such disgusting terms. Unless Trumpers drop their disrespectful vulgarities about other groups, like the “c” word, you will never win support or an election again.

  34. Original Anna says:

    Alyissa shut up. You are making a fool of yourself because you don’t know history. The democrats founded the KKK and when they realized the country was into Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement and KKK could no longer kill blacks and get away with it the KKK democrats infiltrated the civil rights movement to keep their control over the blacks and the blacks and you still don’t get that. Get off of the Catholic Kids backs unless you want your white boy standing in a group someday waiting for their bus to pick them up and they get surrounded and called ulgy names by black so called religious activists and a drum beating activist who is not a veteran and travels to churches while having services trying to break up the services by beating his loud drum in parishioners faces. And the kids were in Washington for the baby rights movement march because real Catholics don’t kill babies. If you want your white boy to end up in the same situation as the Catholic Kids were keep up being a stupid democrat and keep up wanting the murder of babies and the holding down of blacks in bad neighborhoods where the democrats can control them just to get their votes.. That is the world the democrats want for your white boy.

  35. annette says:

    Hillary lost Guess what ” Hillary” Lost ” get over your self. Live with it !!That Bitch in hollywood is just another big mouth, never liked her anyway, oh ya who is she? Just a no body.

  36. michael says:

    good for her, it is nice to see someone tell the truth for about the loser TRUMP!!

    • Billy Bob says:

      PPL talk about you and your momma the same way!!!

    • Wanda says:

      Sorry for you, michael…..you are the loser and so is alyssa. Neither of you live in the real world – you are living in a “make believe” world and don’t know what is going on………..Trump is TRYING to take care of Americans but is having a difficult time because of dumb ass people who want to get rid of him……I’ve forgotten more common sense than either of you know!!

    • Freddie says:

      Hey michael,you’re a dumbass and a loser too,is that plain enough for ya?

    • JohnD Dendy says:

      Moron. SO Trump is a loser? How much are you worth? Why don’t you run for president?

  37. Paul says:

    I just bought my first red mega hat.

    • Jane Jackson says:

      We are great because, we are not her. We are very Blessed. The Covington boys has rights to show who they are for. Don’t pick own good kids. Black or White,Asian,Latino, They are good in all. There is bad in all. God Bless our future youth. I want a MAGA cap. SUPER?!

    • Tilly says:

      Good for you Paul. The hat is a hat and that’s all, and it reads Make America Great Again which is a wonderful motto. How is that at all racist? I kinda think Hollywood might be racist as they mention the word so much!

      • Dr, JD says:

        It is not racist. But I do have a question about the slogan – – – when did America stop being GREAT so that someone needs to make it great AGAIN? In my entire life, most Americans knew we were the greatest country, the most powerful military and economy, in the world.

      • Laurie says:

        I am a native Hollywoodian! I am a real person with brains. Unfortunately, the perception of Hollywood is that it is filled with idiots without any brains, and it is becoming a laughing stock place! So sad, it was great once. As for racist, that pretty much belongs to the democrats. Even though I am from Hollywood, I do not look at people’s characteristics as the democrats do, I look at how people behave!
        Alyssa, stop acting stupid and making us Hollywoodians look bad!

  38. Tom says:

    Assheada Milano, you have no knowledge about what the people who support President Trump think. But i for one support Trumps ideas for the Southern Border Wall, Not that i am Racist or support the KKK. I am old enough to remember the things they did and would never endorse such actions. Now you as a has been now young actress should know better than to group all people together, That could be considered racist. Because as you know both Black skinned,yellow skinned and pink skinned people all wear the MAGA Hats. Or are you saying the black skinned people are racist against the pinks or yellows. Or are the yellow skinned people racist against the blacks and pinks, Or lastly that the whites are racist against the yellows and blacks. You seem to be confused about racism and have mixed it up with Border Security and Legal Immigration. But then again you are part of Hollywood sect many of whom think they are above the law because they are making lots of money from you know us racists KKK members.

    • Les says:

      Since Milano brought up the KKK maybe we should turn the KKK loose on that big mouth of hers. Along with the other trouble makers in Washington and around the country , I guarantee you will see some results in a short time.if these people can theathing our President and his family and others then the KKK should have the right to crack some heads.

  39. jean appleton says:

    Im hoping this terrorist gets fired from projuct runway series. I wont watch again if this skank is on it.

  40. Chief Kickabitch says:

    Another “me to movement” Hollywood liberal that needs to come out to my reservation and be taught a lesson.
    Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe.

  41. you ppl really amaze me with your so called thoughts man what you all gonna do when trumps gone in 2020 and like some genius who said well the ppl voted him in they also votedin the 40 repubs who just lost tbere house seats wonder if them ppl realized what a lying treasonous crook he really turned into be well enjoy himand his lies for another 22 monthes cause hes gone DUMPTRUMP2020!!! AND GIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOTS KEYBOARD WARRIORS IM SHAJIN IN MY BOOTS!!!

    • Billy Bob says:

      Are you “people” (sic), still pissed that Queen Hitlery got dumped in 2016, AGAIN??? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

    • jean appleton says:

      Your fkbama is a teue terrorist and should have been arrested and exicuted years ago. Maga

    • Tom says:

      Trump will only loose in 2020 if ypu Dems keep fixing the ballot boxes with dead people , or stuffing them with falsified late ballots.

    • Freddie says:

      Dream on Scummie,Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020 and you can take your stupid,brainless,liberal head and spin it on a pogo stick!!

    • Theresa says:

      Your not worth the timebit is taking me to tupe this!

      You are obviously not any smarter then this bit$h is, youbdont even speak or type English correctly.

      So good rat why don’t you and the rest of them all take your opinions about my President and leave my Country!

    • J says:

      Just like your queen Hildebeast was going to win without a doubt in 2016, right? You and your ilk have been on continuous tantrums since SHE LOST? What happened to, as Hilldebeast said, “we need to work together for the best interests of the nation”? What happened, as Michael Oscumma said, “when they take the low road, we take the high road”? Who have been the ones to fully support Antifa, your demoscum 21st version of the KKK/Nazzi brown shirts? Your party is so anti-american it is pathetic.

      Just look at the real champions you have running for office. They’re a choice lot of winners.

  42. Dee says:

    Milano did not replace Heidi. Two different shows. Milano is host of Proj Runway All Stars. I agree she is very poor at the job, does not model clothes well, and her dresser should be fired for ever putting her in dresses above the knee and strapless ones. She looks horrible in both. However as a child actress in Who’s the Boss she was adorable. I agree she is not very well informed and her opinions are usually mean and baseless. But Democrats do not read so they are never fully informed. But I must also say that I am not a Republican, and was born and raised a yellow-dog Dem. left the party when instead of wanting that drunken coward put in prison for killing that young girl, the DNC wanted to nominate him for the Presidency. I am now an independent. Also I have read that this is the last year for all of the Project Runway shows.

  43. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Milano’s parents must have played where’s the baby a lot with her when she was an infant and each time tossing her high enough that her head hit the ceiling.

  44. Babbo says:

    Actress Milano: No one cares about your worthless career but with probably a lot of spare time on your hand come get my MAGA hat that I proudly wear!

  45. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Alyssa needs to learn that the KKK were DEMS: and the white hood of yesteryear is now the black face mask of antifa!

  46. Michael says:

    When she was a mediocre small screen child actress, she was cute and most guys wanted to see what she grew into, but we were very sadly disappointed. Then she became a ‘B’ rate big screen slut, because she had to show her breast to make it on the big screen. When she could not make it on the big screen, she returned to the small screen where all she could do is be a slutty bimbo showing off her breast. Then she loses all her money, now she wants to act like she has some kind of opinion that is important, and wants us to listen to her on her moral high ground soap box. Well, I think I would rather listen to a stripper or a prostitute, because they are at least real, and not some kind of leftist bigot.

    • Dee says:

      I think you may be helped if you ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand the words written in the Bible and learn how you can be saved before the Church is taken from this world. You really need to do this before the Church is removed because it will be Hell on earth when the Church leaves. But do you believe in Jesus and all the words in the bible. If not, why. You may ask for enlightenment here for salvation.

  47. John Decker says:

    I assume she got into acting by whoring for Harvey Weinstein or somebody just like him. Harvey’s out of a job right now, nobody wants his used slut, so she’s doing this for attention. Who wants to listen to a pathetic slut?

  48. Oralee says:

    Low moral females like a lot of these Hollywood Snowflakes were refered to as women of the night back when i was a child.

  49. Billy Bob says:

    Hey Alyssa, bend over and I’ll show you what REAL toxic masculinity IS!!!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Yes Alyssa suck mine until your throat is too raw to spew your nonsense opening your mouth and nothing but gibberish is spoken so put it to better use you Hollyweird whore.

  50. Michael Matos says:

    What do we care about what some Hollywood skank thinks

  51. walter siebert says:

    Just another failing actor, actress, or other low life trying to cash in on the hate Trump card !!!!

  52. GEL says:

    Who is Milano?????????? Never heard of her before this article. Must not be much of a star. Trying for her 15 minutes of fame. Stupid! But, I do think I’m going out and buy a MAGA hat!!

  53. Ray Copeland says:

    FKing bIt*h I’m a Trump supporter and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my a*s , because your just a low life worthless piece of sh* scumbag b*t*h.

  54. Deb says:

    Wonder how many abortions she’s had. She is a has been looking for attention. Dumb as AOC

  55. Lee Harant says:

    May I reiterate
    Flippin moron
    Why do we continue to validate these idiots existence by even acknowledging they can think or reason.

  56. cliff says:

    what does that slut know?
    i haven’t said it before.
    post it.

  57. Lee Harant says:

    Flippin moron
    Why do we continue to validate these idiots existence by even acknowledging they can think or reason.

  58. cliff says:

    what does that slut know?

  59. guy says:

    she won’t rot in HELL, she will burn!!! God takes no prisoners, he burns them!!!

  60. James P Hutchins says:

    Boycott milano she a failed actress GO MAGA.

  61. Linda says:

    Shut up little girl until you have a clue as to what you think you are talking about. Go crawl back under the rock with Jim Carrey to slither around and maybe, just maybe you will both find a single brain cell together.

  62. Charles says:

    The kkk was form by the democrats.

    • Tim van says:

      Milani is one of the white privilege KKK she is talking about. I see more racism from the democratic left and Hollywood than anywhere else.

  63. Alberta says:

    I will pray for you Alyssa Milano

  64. DR Richard says:

    never heard of the skank –must be related to denutso–and yo-yo cuomo is pretty hard up to even interview a nobody–should have had Bozo the clown there instead

  65. GRAMPADON says:


  66. Judy Stinger says:

    No one gives a rat’s butt what Milano thinks or says. Her opinion of anyone let alone Trump supporters means nothing because she is just a total worthless bitter waste of a human being. She has children of her own and yet she attacked these teenage boys, who just happen to be Christian, and had no conscience about victimizing them even after the truth of what actually happened was proven. Wonder how she would feel if someone did that to her children. She has no career and one can certainly understand why. She also has no relevance, credibility, honesty, ethics, integrity, humanity and decency.

  67. Bob says:

    Alyssa Milano … Somebody is “discovered”, they’re pretty, or work well in front of a camera, or whatever. So they play a few parts, geting overpaid, and then suddenly “POOF”. All of a sudden, they’re lefty, know-it-all’s. Look ding-bat, we pay to see you act, and wiggle your sh*t, not to hear your incorrect assumptions and opinions. And that’s just the truth of it! Just sayin’!

  68. Tim Toroian says:

    I know what the problem is with Hollywood, the makeup has affected their brains.

  69. JUSTSAYING says:

    I have been a small business women most of my adult life.I have been signing payroll checks every two weeks for the last fifty years I know who and what I care about
    So Melissa you can call me and all of the other folks that voted for DT any name you want.I voted for President Trump and I am going to again in 20 and you can sit on it and rotate

    • Terry Myers says:

      You tell her! You know, there was a time when she thought she was a witch. I say she thought she was, because I know what good acting is, and what she was doing was not acting – so she must have thought she was actually a witch. Shannon had the same problem. I wonder if her kids know about her fantasy life. Now, here she is with another version of her fantasy life. She apparently thinks that people care what she thinks.

    • Theresa says:

      She must be under another drug induced moment.

      Melissa, you are just another has been looking for your name to be heard under any circumstances, no matter how stupid you sound.

      Let me tell you something little girl, I am now and always have been PROUD to be an AMERICAN!

      And as such, I will continue to voice my opinion, vote for who I believe is the best candidate for the job is, after I’ve done my own research and made an informed opinion.

      As to what you think about who I am, your thoughts and opinion if me means less then nothing!

      I do not now, nor ever have care about or based who I am on the thoughts of others, I am my own person, and have been around the block more times then you and your empty headed, drug uniform mind is.

      For you and those you wish you still hung with, you toss around what you think are facts about the KKK, let me tell you something, I used to live in the deep South, and at that time one if the main headquarters for KIM was within a 10 minute drive from where I lived.

      You think you know them, or about them. Let me tell something in simple language that even you can understand,


      One more thing before I get off this site.

      You want to call me names, pigeon hole who you think I am, give it your best shot you witless bitch, if I knew where you lived I’d knock.on your front door and you could say it to my fave, instead of hiding behind some reporter, talk show had, or anyone else just you and me, any day, any time, any place, you feel groggy leap I’m right here come get a piece of me, and in not hiding behind any one.

      No I’m wrapped up tight in MY ANERICA, AND I’M PROUD TO SAY I VOTED FOR PRES. TRUMP, AND WILL AGAIN IN 2020, and we will have another 4 years of a man who loves this Country, unlike you and your other wannabe friends!

      Good night everyone sorry for getting on my soap box,

      Thank You Jesus for giving us Pres. Trump

      God Bless

  70. Gregory Sullivan says:

    She needs to have someone tattoo of a hammer and sickle to her forehead. Communists will do anything to bring down conservative people by accusing them of being racist nazis, and klansmen. Which couldn’t please them more and start a revolution to end our way of life

  71. Vickie Hemb says:

    I think that she is an idiot Donald Trump is really trying to protect all of us I think all you people need to leave that man alone let him do his job hell he ain’t even taken a paycheck leave him alone I will never watch another movie from her or another show from her ever again she’s an idiot

  72. CS Whitten says:

    Alyssa Milano is a mediocre child actress who grew up thinking that her opinion mattered… she’s so mistaken! She’s JUST a Hollywood mediocre older actress who’s opinion isn’t even listened to or matters.

  73. Crystal says:

    She is nothing but a useful idiot for criminal NWO Illuminati democrats that have taken over Hollywood. These people have no moral compass and constantly want to eliminate any good or decent values. They care less about anybody but themselves. They care less about the trafficking of children or drugs across the border, why because they are the ones who benefit from both. Look up cannibalclub.org and read thoroughly. These people are sick and mentally twisted. Hopefully they all get whats coming for them. WWG1WGA

  74. joe says:

    and what makes any of you racist asses any better then her all yous do is spout off at the mouth yous are really gonna be upset when dumptrump and his 1 term presidency is over then all you racist asses can go back onto hiding!!!!DUMPTRUMP 2020!!!

    • Crystal says:

      So Candace Owens, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, 50 cent, LL Cool J, Dennis Rodman, Tiger Woods, Kanye West, Condolezza Rice, Mike Tyson, Don King, Larry Elder, JC Watts, Lynn Swan, Karl Malone, Stacey Dash, are all racist? They are all Trump supporters!!!!! What did the boy do to the Indian gentleman? NOTHING, Not one thing. Quit being a useful idiot for the demonic democrats and propaganda news that lie constantly and fools like you believe it hook line and sinker and never research the truth or facts for yourself. Educate yourself and stop looking ignorant!!!

      • Michael says:

        Crystal, you’re wasting your breath. People like “joe” can’t be reasoned with. They’re part of a fanatical, anti-American leftist cult. There’s nothing left to do but pick sides.

      • SweetOlBob says:

        The guy is no an “Indian Gentleman” He, with his little drum, is an activist who, trying for an angry response, crowded the wrong young man and received only respect he didn’t deserve.
        He uses the same theory as the filthy muslims, who get right in your face, stand on your toe, shout insults, in hopes that you will tell them to get the hell out so they can play their victim card.

    • Michael says:

      I always like how the libtards like say the Deplorables are vulgar and illiterate, then comes Joe to prove they are only talking about themselves, and I really feel sorry for people that are that delusional.

    • Celia says:

      It used to mean something when someone called you a racist. It made you think there may have been some bad behavior to cause the accusation. But, no more, calling someone a racist now means nothing, absolutely nothing! It has been so overused that it is now just about meaningless because people figure that the accuser simply doesn’t have the wits to express real thoughts and frustrations that they might have. So, have at it. Call everyone a racist because it is an empty accusation.

      • JW says:

        That’s the typical mantra of the demolemmings pulled from the democommie playbook. Rule #1 – Try.to shout them down and not let them speak the truth. Rule #2 – Blame them for all problems, even if it is untrue. Rule #3 – Scream RACIST, RACIST, RACIST or call them ignorant bigots.

        There are plenty more rules for demomorons, but you get the idea.

    • Warren says:

      Joe, you seem to forget that it was that majority of Americans that put Trump in the White House and while I have no problems with you expressing your freedom of speech, it would be nice if you first engaged your brain. The only thing I am racist against is stupidity.

    • Diana Rosado says:

      Sorry Joe the only racist ass going into hiding will be your ASS! This American Puerto Rican woman voted for President Trump and will do it again. Try calling me a racist you fool! Puerto Ricans come in all shades from white as a lily to black as night! Your racist theory is full of holes. But, you seem to have all the characteristics of a true racist. You come across as hateful, illogical, bigoted and very busy sprouting your unwanted opinion. Therefore, I ask you what makes you think you are better than anyone else? I say DUMP JOE 2019!!! Have a great life with your cretin self!!!

  75. Jesse Doran says:

    Why do we care about what a bad actor thinks in the first place? She believes this is the way to get work? Unfortunately she’s stupid as well. She wasn’t even able to entertain which was her only business.

  76. Kevin says:

    Hey Milano you out of touch elitist. MAGAZINE hats are equal to the KKK HOODS and white people have no empathy. Read on and learn, girl. The KKK HOODS were worn by Democrats, it was a Democrat club only!! Get it!!! Also, speaking of empathy are you aware that every year in Detroit, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans etc., thousands of black people are killed by black people!!! No MAGA Hats their!! You and your ilk disgust me,!!!

  77. Evalyn M Welsh says:

    She is a has been not important anymore and is a far left troublemaker and racist to boot. Open up your hois everything they are calling use to illegal immigrants throw open your gates and put your children in the mix and see how safe you feel about the way you are now living and if your children are going to be hurt,raped an or killed by the people you want in this country. Then and only then are you allowed to call Make America Great Again hat wearers Racist. The left like you are calling the wrong people racist the ones calling us racist are the racist.

  78. Juan Rodriguez says:

    she was barely a low class actress, but she is a no class person..

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      She has never researched anything! Makes bad decisions and put’s her foot in her mouth every time! As an actir? She rates right up there with Ocaisio Cocahead!! Just has no brain.

  79. Lunchladie says:

    Another Hollywood has been thinks her opinion is important. She wasn’t that great of an actress in her day either.

    • BILLY says:

      Right on!!!

    • Jo Tamnr says:


  80. Charles says:

    53 movies and none were blockbusters or award winners…Any publicity is good publicity I guess is the old adage…

  81. Uncle Neverlib says:

    I used to like Alyssa in her movies. Now I know better, what a tool!

  82. Gary Dillard says:

    She just Can’t Understand Normal Thinking— that’s all!!

  83. Lisa says:

    This woman is an actress I guess they use that term lightly. Aylssa is a loser not much of a career so spends her days on twitter how sad trying to be somebody. I thought she had kids she should spend more time with them and less shooting off her mouth about things she knows nothing about.

    • Bud says:

      Lisa, the thing about this is we have the freedom to express opinions and most know that Alyssa has her head where the sun doesn’t shine. She needs to get out and meet real people instead of hanging with the nut jobs in Hollywood.
      She will see the difference in what and why people think differently than her.

  84. Nick Byrne says:

    I think this crazy Bitch is displaying “Toxic Femininity”. We gotta stop her, it, or whatever it is!!!!

  85. Hedy says:

    What a bitch!

  86. Navy PO2 says:

    Look Ding Bat, the Demoncrat Party has all of the sincerity of prostitutes. Sit down and shut up.

  87. Allen says:

    F this beyotch. I did not waste my time reading or listening to what she said. Just like to call her a beyotch. And a fing idiot.

  88. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Evidently nobody wants to give her any parts, so she’s blithering to any moron who thinks her name is worth a crap.
    Leftists must HANG.

    • Stanley says:

      This dumb lefty must hang in a public stadium charging ten bucks a head with all proceeds going to a victims relief fund.

  89. Dennis Sumner says:

    My God, she actually looks more like pelosi every time I see her. Stupidity is still too close to call, though.

  90. Colonialgirl says:

    Who cares what a Casting Couch Slut spews; she has no brains and got all her roles while down on her knees.

  91. DSC says:

    I guess I am a racist! And I sleep well.

  92. alijaames1978 says:


  93. Truckman says:

    who in the heck is Alyssa Milano and what has she played in

  94. Roger says:

    She was gorgeous at one time, now this whored liberal is showing how much public inspiration she really has, publicly working overtime on her back.

  95. Ronnie says:

    who cares what she thinks ! Who is she anyway NEVER heard of her and don’t care too.

  96. gary says:

    Just by the mere reporting this gives her notoriety ! Ignore her and others ,the rhinos and especially the democrats especially the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! Hit them in the wallets, list all their sponsors and write and send daily protest letters to all medias and their sponsors and corrupt politicians especially the anti-American democrats! yahoo and facebook too!

  97. Marlene Berggren says:

    Why do all those hasbeens feel they know anything. The KKK was all democrats. Look it up. Facts do matter.

    • Larry Blair says:

      It’s the truth, but the demonrats will have nothing to do with the truth, they’re so eat up with ignorance their tunnel vision is locked on to power over all that doesn’t agree with their with them, they are a danger to America !

    • V. P says:

      You are correct, the KKK. Was started by the liberal South after the revolution. Which they lost, loook it over and research the true facts, not the facts according to the democrats.

  98. Joann says:

    I’m going to wear my red mega hat every time I leave my house you know I’ll be damned if someone will try to take it off of my head! to bad we can’t deport people who are not true Americans because this so-called movie star would be gone she’s got no intelligence she’s just walking around with her head up the Democrats ass

  99. Robby Dunbar says:

    Just another Liberal ASSHOLE
    When the Wall goes UP Hollywood will have to pay more for their DOPE

  100. These people do not realize that the American citizens will never live the way they think we should, that’s the reason for America, we live like human beings in America , we don’t like other folks telling us how to live,we work forty hours a week, worship God, pay our taxes ,so Hollyweird folks, you live in your world and keep your nose out of ours ,and we may get along ?

  101. J says:

    Let’s see – A air headed, moronic libtard ACTRESS from Hollywhiner Calicommia being interviewed by a know it all, bleeding heart, maggot on the phony, fake news Clintstones News Network. These are a really credible pair that best represent the demoscum.

    The real terrorists are those fine people with the black masks and hoodies that are fully supported by the democommie party and always shown in a positive light by their propaganda machine. You know, Antifa the 21st century version of Adolf’s brown shirts.

  102. Vince says:

    Milano is a RACIST CUN/. And as stupid as a bag of hammers

  103. Chuck says:

    Millano seems to forget 65million voted for Trump and those same voters could boycott her into history. She is a has been actress now seeking to enhance any fans she has left with her liberal views. Thoughts from one of the non racist non fan Trump supporters

  104. JHW says:

    We have to assume she is done acting because we are done watching this liberal POS.

  105. ruth says:

    time to remove head from you liberal ass

  106. DJ says:

    She’s a nobody as are most of the Hollywood part time actors.: Only 2% of actors are doing well, no wonder they are bitter all the time.

  107. Raymond A Martucci says:

    I think that Alyssa milano the big time druggie should get a bunch of Illegals to come invade her space record the issue and see how she reacts to the Invaders. Just like pelosi she wouldn’t like it and be the first to call the police to get them out. Alyssa milano your rich spoiled mouth doesn’t insult me what gets me is how many idiots follow you

  108. James P Hutchins says:

    Boycott milano movies and TV shows she is a liberal troll and a scumbag liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people. Stupid woman.

    • Raymond A Martucci says:

      That is not a problem for me I couldn’t stand her then and I sure can’t stand her now. She isn’t talent or even smart only reason why she’s there is because of her husband and big druggies she knows

    • rufus says:

      She took over hosting Project Runway when Heidi Klum left. When she took over I quit watching.

    • BILLY says:

      Definitely STUPID!

      • Jason Casteel says:

        Stephen Jacobs…..You people are so ridiculous. Just when did this many get so freaking high and mighty that you need to take care of the entire world?
        Seriously have you listened to any of these people? I mean really listen?

        They want to get rid of law enforcement, free everything, and everything that has been done to divide this country? Now here you are !!!! You just had to use that word. Didn’t you. You idiots have used the word “racist” so much, that nobody even remotely cares about it any longer. What is the next word describing the President to be repeated every few seconds by the media that it will undoubtedly be extint in a couple of weeks.

        I find it hard to believe that everyone in this country see such different things when discussing one situation? It is completely insane! All because Hillary lost.

        This is so sad. Might as well just give it all away, and that’s just what we’re letting happen. Everyday that we don’t have a fence or some form of a barrier on our border.

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