Hollywood Actress dreamed up a sick fantasy about Trump after Bush’s funeral

It’s no secret that Hollywood hates President Trump.

Kathy Griffin posed with a bloody severed Trump head and others blame Trump for every tragedy.

But one actress crossed the line when she described her morbid fantasy about Trump.

Many saw the funeral of George H.W. Bush as a moment to come together to celebrate a former president and war hero.

But Bette Midler used the funeral to fantasize about President Trump’s death.

On Twitter she wrote:

This is far from the first time that Midler has shown her true colors.

As we reported, she “joked” about Senator Rand Paul after he was brutally attacked by his neighbor and left with broken ribs.

And she tweeted a bizarre poem about hanging the Trump family.

Hollywood is totally consumed by its hatred of President Trump.

Do you think they’ve gone too far?

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