Hollywood Actress dreamed up a sick fantasy about Trump after Bush’s funeral

It’s no secret that Hollywood hates President Trump.

Kathy Griffin posed with a bloody severed Trump head and others blame Trump for every tragedy.

But one actress crossed the line when she described her morbid fantasy about Trump.

Many saw the funeral of George H.W. Bush as a moment to come together to celebrate a former president and war hero.

But Bette Midler used the funeral to fantasize about President Trump’s death.

On Twitter she wrote:

This is far from the first time that Midler has shown her true colors.

As we reported, she “joked” about Senator Rand Paul after he was brutally attacked by his neighbor and left with broken ribs.

And she tweeted a bizarre poem about hanging the Trump family.

Hollywood is totally consumed by its hatred of President Trump.

Do you think they’ve gone too far?

Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


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162 Responses

  1. meozzie says:

    The only influence I see is making sure the right steps up in full force to re-elect Trump in 2020. Hallelujah!!

  2. Alex says:

    Just about everyone that can’t think for themselves -most demoo-dopes, and warped repubicans- are severely influenced by the deluded, Jollywood idiots, especially the talk show hosts that know absolutely everything there is to know about absolutely everything!

  3. I was once a “demon crap”…thank God I saw the light many years ago (Reagan) These scum Democrats do not belong in our country, they hate everything American. Lets hope they all end up where they came from…under a heap of dung…from a proud old Korean War Veteran!!!

  4. What a morbid thing to say. What a moron she is

  5. Dick says:

    Show me one Hollywood type that has been awarded for being their real selves? Nothing they say or do is real. It’s all just script for the camera.

  6. Th a n says:

    Most Hollywood people had no education. By that, their opinions not count. ????

    • JULIE WALSH says:


      • Cleavland says:

        That saying is so true Julie,I use that saying all the time,now since those morons like so many thousands of evil low live trying to invade our country ,I wonder if they change there ways with them marching on Hollywood

  7. bob jones says:

    the best way to fight back on communist liberal movie stars and singers is to not go to any movies that liberals are playing in and not buying any recordings liberals sing in. conservatives i say to you BOYCOTT ANY THING HOLlYWOOD EXCEPT PEOPLE LIKE DENSEL WASHINGTON AND EASTWOOD.

    • Randy Smithr says:

      And that is exactly what I do. Eastwood, Wahlberg, John V. Woods, all have plenty of good films to view. I never watch any of the wicked Hollywood hate or listen to their music. It may not matter to them, but it matters to me.

  8. Linda says:


    • Jack Gajda says:

      All excellent and true points, Linda…

    • Karen says:

      I really liked Bette. There were a lot of actresses and actors that I grew up watching on the big screen, But have lost all respect for them, I don’t even have them in my house… I like collecting movies, well those movies are no longer on my shelves.. And that’s sad, BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE WHAT OUR PRESIDENT HAS DONE FOR OUR COUNTRY.. MAYBE HE DON’T TALK FANCY, HE MADE IT VERY CLEAR AT THE BEGINNING HE WAS NOT A POLITICIAN. HE JUST WANTED TO HELP MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN.. I THINK THIS COUNTRY HAS DONE HIM DIRTY. AND I FEEL SORRY FOR EVERY ONE WHO IS AGAINST HIM.. MAY GOD FORGIVE US ALL …..

    • Cleavland says:

      Linda that is Awesome ,sew there mouths shut!!!

  9. We need to pay no need to these empty head & soul peons. The only fools that listen are all too needy & stupid to vote anyway ????. Let Hollyweird blubber on & on .They’re setting themselves up for their own demise at the hands of themselves. Dirt resorts back to dirt in time all by it’s self

  10. Ernst says:

    Bette Midler has reverted to the perverted, trashy bimbo she was when singing in the bathhouses of NYC. Or maybe she has just always been a perverted, trashy bimbo.

  11. Cleavland says:

    Do you think that old prune bag looks like that in the morning think again that is 4 hours long with make up right there?

  12. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Leftists MUST HANG for the good of the Republic.

  13. O Olon says:

    Who cares what these old has been has to say ?? I used to think BM was a talented actress but no more and I will not watch anything she is in, listen to what she has to say or pay one cent to anything that she is involved in.. SHE HAS GONE OVER THE DEEP END AND NO ONE CARES WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY! GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!DO THESE LIBERAL CELEBRITIES THINK THAT THE REST OF THE WORLD THINK THEIR CRAZY AND INSANE RANTS AFFECT ANY OF US??? NO WAY!!

  14. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    You people need to read the poll question again, it asked if you think the scrambled brain wave hollyweird crowd have any influence over public opinion, you fail to take into consideration all the numerous scrambled brain wave losers we have in this nation, indoctrinated by scrambled brain wave College professors and their TAs.

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      Big 10-4, Rubber Duck! Satan is the prince of this world.

    • Cleavland says:

      Who ever listened to those fruit cakes anyway,the new movies suck so bad ,and they only care for those losers who pay that money to watch that crap on the big screen. F**K them screwball’s !!!!

  15. I use to respect Beth Milder for her singing and acting. However I have come to despise her actions and would never go to see her preform in any type of programs again. Even if she dose not like the man she should still have the respect of him and the of the office and the individual filling the position. Instead of causing commission. He may lie and be a bad individual (which I doubt) but look at what he has done for America in the last two years. In my opinion I believe the only reason the leftist only reason they are behaving the way they are is their party was defeated and Hillary Clinton lost. Have a great day.

  16. DazzleMe says:

    Go AWAY!! Nobody cares what you say. I thought you Hollyweirdos were moving anyways!!

  17. Denise says:

    Bette your opinion does not mean a thing to us. Drop dead for all we care. Your just another star who thinks your opinion matters. Well IT DOESN’T.

  18. Does anyone give a rat’s behind what this fat old white cow has to say?

  19. walter says:

    bette meet Karma – Karma bette

  20. Jerry says:

    I just wanted to say once The Clinton’s are arrested & CHARGED for their Crimes against Humanity,American people,& America it’s self if people like STUPID here still love their SICKO then they should be investigated! The next TERRORIST ARREST will be the Obama’s, Treasonous,TRAITOR,Being a Terrorist organization LEADER of ISIS + so many other CRIMINALS inside his Cabinet!
    The BUSHES will be icing on the cake ????! After all GRANDADDY Bush is the one who was behind the NAZI Scientist, & Their top Chemical weapons SICKOS were welcome into our HOMELAND! Now we see the after effects of WHAT ALL THE TRAITORS DID AFTER, DURING, & BEFORE WW 2 STARTED! NWO = NAZI’S WORLD ORDER!

  21. Big mama says:

    There are some actors in Hollywood who have the guts to let it be known that they think highly of Trump and what he is trying to do to help this beautiful country of ours recover after the disasters created by the last piece of s—-that called the White hse home for eight lost years. Those actors in the same miserable mind set as Bette Midler are trying to get their rotting careers back on track by playing the Trump hatred trick for the benefit of some recognition and a paycheck. She’s a has been and not worthy of anyone’s attention.

    • FEDUP365 says:

      Amen Big Mama

    • Lunchladie says:

      I agree there are some in Hollywood that stand up for what they believe in and do not follow the leftist in Hollywood. They are not intimidated by what others think. I used to admire some of these people in Hollywood – I no longer care for them. They voice their opinions loud and clear hoping that people will blindly follow them. (freedom of speech is a right) . But if you don’t agree with these people then you are belittle and ridiculed. And the harmful threats they make against the president, the first lady and their family. That should be enough to prompt an investigation in to those people.

      • Carole D Toney says:

        A good example of one of the good people is Kid Rock. He went to a Walmart, I don’t recall which one, and paid off everyone’s Lay-Away! He was right, IMO, calling Joy Behar, the B word. It is what it is!

        • Jack Gajda says:

          Carole, you’re right and I wish more people (if you can call hollyweird elites people?) would follow Kid Rock’s lead…

    • Cleavland says:

      BIG mam,EXCELLENT.

    • Jack Gajda says:

      Big mama, this is great. I love it…

  22. Albeeta says:

    Everything that I liked about Bette Midler just got turned the opposite way. I couldn’t believe all this hatred coming out of her mouth. I thoroughly disliked Obama when he was in office but never did I ever had mouth him this way. All this stuff coming out of Hollywood needs to stop! If you can’t say something good about someone don’t say anything at all, as my mother used to say!

  23. People like Midler live in a Pretend world and they pretend to know what is going on in the World but only know what they are told by other unknowledgables. They have no Morals and will do anything or say anything for money

  24. Becky says:

    I use to love Bette Midler, but what she did is totally the worst thing I have seen so far. Who do these people think they are?? I am so ashamed of how these people think. I think it’s time for California to fall into the ocean. What’s left there is barren land and good for nothing actors and actresses who think that their opinion matters!!

    • Jack Gajda says:

      Becky, I agree with what you said and I’ve also been saying for a year or so, that we should cut California away and push it out into the ocean…

    • Dora says:

      There’s very few individuals that listen or even watch a stupid movie they make any more. I would rather go watch children play at a playground then watch idiots on TV. My dog and cat do lots of acting that I enjoy.

    • Albeeta says:

      Everything that I liked about Bette Midler just got turned the opposite way. I couldn’t believe all this hatred coming out of her mouth. I thoroughly disliked Obama when he was in office but never did I ever had mouth him this way. All this stuff coming out of Hollywood needs to stop! If you can’t say something good about someone don’t say anything at all, as my mother used to say!

      • Dorothy says:

        You know, I,feel the same way.
        I USED to like Midler.
        The,Rose was such a beautiful song.
        Now, the song reminds me of the evil that is in the heart of Hollywood.

    • Dorothy says:

      You know, I,feel the same way.
      I USED to like Midler.
      The,Rose was such a beautiful song.
      Now, the song reminds me of the evil that is in the heart of Hollywood.

  25. JC says:

    Bette Midler is not an actress. She is a demented comedic twit who thinks her remarks matter…wrong!

  26. Les says:

    When I see reports like this I am reminded of the film Pinocchio in which the circus guy convinces all the mindless children to come and enjoy the festivities and then turns them all into circus animals!!! Mueller is doing the EXACT same thing by making up things and taking other things out of context.

    Trump was considering building a big complex in Russia at one time, before thinking of being POTUS, but decided against the project but NOW it is one more thing the Progressives can blow out of proportion in order to keep the endless and boundless accusations going . . .

    Between the hatred of the left and the jealousy of the GOP where Trump is concerned I see no hope ahead left for America.

    How many of these over-privileged Hollywood celebrities have you seen give up their wealth
    or lavish lifestyles for the “underdogs” they claim to support? ZERO!!!

    Wise up America – no second chances will be given again!!!

  27. Dewey says:

    These fools should stick to what they know! No one is interested in their opinions. Can’t believe there audiences aren’t imbarrassed by there crude classless uneducated comments. I won’t bother seeing anymore of her movies or listen to records. This crap is so far below there dignity! Stick to your craft and forget the moronic comments!!!!!!!! Hatred only destroys the vessel its in.

  28. Jim D says:

    Will someone please snuff this bitch out.

  29. Secora says:

    Keep talking your hate just remember that bitch called KARMA she’s coming right back at you.

    • Dora says:

      Let’s face it most “movie elite” are in that position because they sold their soul to the devil. They sold their bodies to the best sex offender to get a job or maybe to the best pedo.

  30. Jan13 says:

    Give me a classic movie with Bogart, Davis, etc to any of these so called talent.
    I haven’t been to a new movie in over 15 years, anything Hollyweird has put out I have no interest in spending my money or time on. Besides, I don’t care to support no talent has beens .

    • Sparky says:

      When President Trump passes, the masses that will turn out to honor him will be the Blue Collar workers, the rich, religious, Jewish, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Veterans, Military, the poor, but NO Deep State politicians. But I am sure the Left and media will try to sour the occasion. MAGA! Best president ever!

  31. Al says:

    Hollywood has never lived in the real world and will never move their. They are less than a joke. We the People have found a voice in DONALD TRUMP as he speaks for us and always will. Get use to it if you are a liberal because DONALD TRUMP shall be re-elected in 2020……………………………..

    • Robin says:

      Al, I certainly hope you are right about the re-election. He is getting a lot done but 4 more years would put us way ahead!

  32. Tom says:

    She should be careful speaking at and about funerals. None of us like the thought but at least I will not be in a 5 foot wide by 5 foot tall casket.

  33. kathy says:

    I didn’t know she was still alive. isn’t she as old as Moses? who in the world would want her opinion on anything

    • Jack Gajda says:

      Kathy, last I heard about her she was on Broadway or is on Broadway now in “Annie Get You Gun” or something like that? Being a Jersey guy, I see those commercials all the time…

  34. Cleavland says:

    What goe’s around comes around ? That goe’s for all of us !!!!

  35. It’s sad that the left doesn’t respect our president. We had to respect Obama even though he was destroying our country. No one has the right to be so disrespectful . He has done so much by bringing God back into our country.

  36. Lucy Loo says:

    POTUS has done more for the Jewish Faith than any other President including Muslim America destroying Obama. Midler, Streisand, and Griffith to to get a clue that their days are numbered. All of those illegals flooding California are coming for you. Just a matter of time. They will take what they want and your taxes will pay for it. They will care for your aging useless selves and quietly rob you blind resenting your narcissist self inflated egos. Ssshhh hear that? That’s the sound of your career…nada.

  37. Cleavland says:

    They are all bottom feeder scumbags and stupid idiots ,now how come those fites don’t burn Hollywood to the ground !!??!!

  38. Don says:

    Just another Follywood has been gum flapping.

  39. 32eagle says:

    I would love to hear Trump sing ole midlers tune “From a distance God is watching us” wouldn’t that be front page news WORLDWIDE -Pence would get emotional sure but how about midler?

  40. Debra Swails says:

    My Family and Friends are so sick of the Hollyweird-o’s that none of us will go to see a movie anymore. Like so many, we do not understand the hatred toward our President. What makes them think the people not in Hollyweird-o would follow them?

  41. Hardy says:

    yes they have an influence on what the public thinks . But they shouldn’t have and the public is a D@#$ fool to follow their lead. Hollywood lives a fantasy world and wouldn’t know real life if it came up and bit them in the butt. The old saying “Money can buy anything” well good example Hollywood stars were unable to but a brain but they do buy public opinion.

  42. Dick says:

    What would they say at Trump’s funeral?

    Today we are laying to rest the greatest president to ever grace this land. The man ,whom against great odds, was able to send so many treasonous scum to stand trial, be convicted, and then executed starting with McCain and Bush then continuing with the most vile female in history, HRC and the tie for next to the worst president in history with Bush, her husband, slick Willie. Continuing on to the absolute worst president, that was never legally valid to hold the position, Kenya born bathhouse Barry, who’s homo tranny wife Mike jumped in front of during the fireing squad trying to save it’s gay lover were both executed and tossed like salads into the same pine box and shipped to Kenya because Americans demanded it.( But it sat rotting in that pine box in a shipping yard in Kenya till it smelled so bad it was dumped into the ocean because nobody was willing to accept responsibility for it’s the family was shunned by the world). And the greatest president to ever live, president Donald J Trump went on to drain both swamps( Washington DC, and California)((especially Hollywood, which is an empty ghost town now)). And all fake news networks and employees were next leading way for actual journalism to once again see the light of day in the world after being gone for so many decades. And when all this was done the whole world rejoiced with such praises that the Lord spoke to all and said “IT IS GOOD”. And how could you have any better endorsement than this. But then all wars ceased and the world became One and prosperd like never before.

    • GySgt. Lew says:

      I’m with you Brother – Trump is helping our country more in two years than Obama did in eight…. There’s a lot of Proof documented to show it….

  43. xtinmover says:

    Bet Midler is an actress? Says who? She was a one hit singer. Someone is supposed to take advice from her…….. There is a long long list of entertainment “has beens” and “wannabes” hoping some lame Hollywood production company will give them a paycheck. They just have to be noticed.

    • Jack Gajda says:

      xtinmover, they are addicted to seeing their names in the news. She has been know as “The Fabulous Ms. B” and I always thought the B was for Bette but, now I think the B means something completely different…

  44. Barb says:

    That’s why dem has more rape charges against them and molestation against them I think the dem more likely terrorism they attack ppl on the street come on where have you been

  45. david says:

    Have NOT watched a hollyweird movie in years; don’t plan to, [well maybe if Jon Voight, Ted Nuggent, Mike Rowe or Roseann Barr makes one].

  46. Jack Gajda says:

    Here are 2 quotes the lefties and so-called hollyweird elites should take to heart; Hate Corrupts The Container Its Carried In and Hate Erodes The Soul. The second one only works for those that have a soul…

  47. Tom says:

    I feel so sad and sorry for people lke Midler. They are the lost sheep who will be locked out of heaven. Time on earth is brief and their choice of evil over good will send them to the pit. They fail to recognize Christ as King of the universe, which rates them damnation.

    • robert angelo says:

      well said Tom… God will not look favorably upon these people that are so full of hatred for our President.
      Still don’t understand their biased view of him. My only conclusion is that they don’t want to see America elevated to what it once was. But if they hate this country so much, they should just leave. South America is lovely this time of year. But then again, Americans prefer to walk their dogs rather than eat them.

  48. Jay says:

    What kind of person spreads so much hate for a President who is serving his Country when he or she clearly isn’t. Very sad that the Media doesn’t cover this as they cover the other party by broadcasting the candidates in a biasd perspective of their accomplishments in such positive response to their poor performance and public and private conduct.

  49. Von says:

    I’m don’t go to the movies anymore and only watch the old movies. These idiots need to put behind bars in my opinion with the Clintons and Oboma’s

  50. Betty Fay says:

    I am so sick of these know-it-all’s thinking that they are speaking for the rest of us. They are despicable , foul mouthed and ignorant. Free speech is our right but do so with some show of respect. If not for the person , at least for the position. THese people are despicable and Bette Midler has GONE TO FAR by advocating the killing of the President and his family. She needs a visit from the FBI!

  51. Harry says:

    Why haven’t the fires in California reached Hollywood? Or is the fire starter waiting for all to be home?

  52. Gerry says:

    I didn’t realize these scumbag , make believe dirtbags ever did have any influence on the way we thought. I wouldn’t listen to 1 word these scumbuckets had to say let alonne influence the way I think. These sh**birds need to start being investigated for their call to violence against our President or better yet — just like the antifa cowards — have an “open season” on them.

  53. Tim says:

    It is sad that the Hollywood Freaks are still able to control the weak minded Democrats with such sleazy remarks and actions. I feel sorry for the childish Leftist’s.

    • Keith Roche says:

      She is a nobody, like they all are lke the clown from the view, they spew their b******* to anyone who will listen and they are so petty they also do it to keep the worthless careers going because they are not bankable anymore and if you are one this many losers that listen to leftist Holly weirdos you must live a miserable shallow life and all so why to you wothless pieces of horse dung always and I mean always have to make a statement when it’s something that has nothing to do with what is going on a formet president of the United States passed away and you people have to throw your b******* comments into the mix like you always have to you have to disrupt everything you leftist Holly weirdos in all you leftist weirdos I’m never happy why don’t you just leave but you stay here and have to be miserable she going to make everybody else miserable go stick your head in the sand

  54. Bill says:

    More evidence of the rampant mental illness in Hollywood. They once hid it well. Now they wear it like a badge of honor. In fact, decent normal people are now villainized for their lack of creepiness.

  55. john Brown says:

    bitt Middler $ Whoppie are two dumb Bi–hs.all they spew is hatred!! None of those sorry basr–ds will give Trump any fair do.They are so sick!! this goes for most of Holloywood today…Stop watching anything thes a$$ hole are in ,Boycott them 100%.Let them grow a wooden beek and pick S–t with th chickens!!!

  56. Katee says:

    I haven’t been to the movies in years, it seems like most stuff today is filthy words, blood, gore, etc. After the last 2 1/2 years I can assure you I won’t be going to see anything some of these so called actor/actresses are in. Some of these people have been my favorites over time and it’s hard to believe what is coming out of their mouths now. How sad for them.

  57. Maria says:

    “Here’s video I found of Donald Trump Jr talking about the Russian hotels & golf courses he’s looked at. Says he was in Russia in 2011 “looking at a potential golf development & high end hotel assets.” Then says “any of those things would be possibilities.” ”

    So freaking what if Don Jr did say and did that!!!
    The Trumps have built all over the world, that’s what they do,,,,, sure doesn’t show/prove/ mean collusion with Russia…get a life !!

  58. david says:

    Are these college drop outs who you want running your life?

  59. TJ says:

    SADLY the totally out of touch hollywood
    liberals are able to influence the Mush
    minds in our GREAT country. SO SAD.

  60. Gail says:

    She is a shining example of how sick and twisted Hollywood people are . Thoughts like that come out of mind that belongs to Satan . And this is what young people aspire too . They are now having human eating parties . Folks that means somebody had to die ! And this is what is influencing young minds .

  61. I can’t imagine living in the head of one of these egotistical, pathetic, delusional liberals what a nightmare it would be living with all that hate.

    • Carol Dugan says:

      Bette Midler is a real loser and this is how she gets attention which is a disgrace. This applies to most of them in Hollywood. No body cares what a say. Maybe someday they will get the message.

  62. Betty says:

    This and most comments from the liberals is sick and disgusting. They need to look at themselves before judging others and making childish crazy bullying remarks about anyone much less the President of the United States and his family. Scum.

  63. Navy PO2 says:

    Sayonara Hollywood!

  64. Paul Kalmanek says:

    “Their hatred runneth over”. Thanks Wesley, I like that.

  65. Allen says:

    Hey, Bette, can’t wait to see your obituary. F U.

  66. Dr. J.D. says:

    While despicable, I have seen far worse postings about RINOs and Democrats (you call evil and virtually ever foul name in existence) and even worse fate for past Democratic leaders. I have even seen numerous calls and threats to violence by Trumpers on this website, which I have NEVER seen on liberal websites. I guess that is why that right-wing groups are eight times more likely to commit acts of domestic terrorism than left-wing groups.

    • Gerry says:

      What are you a doctor of — stupidity ????? There has been 20 times more calls for violence and death to our President and his family, members of the repub party- by the dirtbag leftists/demoTRASH /hollysh** weirdos scum than there has from the right. Must be you are one of those people who just comprehend what fits you and your agenda and not what’s really happening.

    • Vern says:

      Obviously you ignore the mass shooting that have taken place throughout the country, as do the lefties BECAUSE almost all are committed by registered lefties. Have you EVER seen the witches of the View? What about Joyless and Loopie? Sorry lot you are!

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        Good question, Vern. No, I have NEVER watched the View – -saw adds for it, not interested in listening to a sewing circle . . . . so my question in return is why would YOU? What I find amazing is that many of you listen to speeches by Democrats and get all bent out of shape, angry and rant on this websites, and I just skip listening to things I consider a waste of my time.

        • Celia says:

          Then why do you haunt this website? Is it so you can just stir things up and then respond with “see, I told you right wing people are violent and nuts”. Our best bet would be to totally ignore your agitating and your postings. I don’t think it would make you happy if no other people responded to your postings.

    • John McComas says:

      Hey doctor of stupidity. How about laying some facts to back up your ridiculous contention. ” Eight times more likely”??? Have you ever heard of antif, black lives matter, Louis Farrakhan, threats to Tucker Carlson, Rand Paul, Steve Scalise, and Sarah Sanders? I could go on. But likely a waste of breath for the likes of you. Any threats to violence on this and other conservative (not “right wing”) sites which I have seldom if ever seen, have been in a self defense context regarding violence by the left.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        These statistics I researched from National sources that track domestic terrorism. Less than 5% of domestic terrorism is from left-wing groups, and so it does happen. But over 70% of the acts seen as domestic terrorism are from right-wing groups – – like KKK, white supremacist, Timothy McVeigh types. Now, John, go back to Charlottesville – – – only a right wingnut was just convicted to driving his car into a crowd of people, murdering one.

        Did someone do an act of violence to Sarah Sanders? The only thing I have read about is how she was mistreated at a restaurant, and it seem obvious that she would do fine skipping a meal or two.

        • Brat says:

          You are you to judge Sarah. I didn’t realize God made you judge and jury

        • John McComas says:

          KKK were Democrats. Timothy McVeigh? How far back are you going? Charlottesville violence was initiated by antifa, but one lone crazy to support you skewed statistics? The problem her is so called progressive commit their acts in groups and gangs. If you’re going by numbers, the violence committed by left wingers far outnumbers the isolated ones committed by lone wolfs on the extreme of the other side. Your numbers are bogus.

        • Madame0 says:

          I am with you, Doc. The right wingers are the scariest ones, spewing hateful racism, homophobia and misogyny. And many think they are doing so in the name of God. Super scary!! Thanks for attempting to spread factual info.

        • Cleavland says:

          Please be quiet,do us all a favor!!!!

        • Dick says:

          You have one major fact wrong. The KKK was founded by the Democratic party.

          • Jack Gajda says:

            To prove Dick’s point; May 3, 2016
            The Secret Racist History of the Democratic Party
            By Kimberly Bloom Jackson. Political Gangs With Pointy Hoods.
            By the mid-1860s, the Republican Party’s alliance with blacks had caused a noticeable strain on the Democrats’ struggle for electoral significance in the post-Civil War era. This prompted the Democratic Party in 1866 to develop a new pseudo-secret political action group whose sole purpose was to help gain control of the electorate. The new group was known simply by their initials, KKK (Ku Klux Klan).

          • Dick says:

            Thank you Jack.

  67. Anita says:

    Don’t watch anything these haters do anymore!

  68. All the filthy mouthed Hollywood Trash should be banished from this country…BUT, they won’t go until they make this country into a Third World One…They are the scum of the earth and deserve to be taken down, along with the degenerates who voted for them…

  69. Randall M says:

    These morons who are being told what to say (i.e. hollywood scripts) do not have a thought in their feeble minds that someone else didn’t plant there. Not an original thought in their mind. Their whole world is scripted to them.

  70. Dave Miedema says:

    Bette the Bitch needs a visit from the Secret Service, ASAP!

  71. john says:

    The scum from Hollywood is actually making me miss the Manson family, that’s what they truly deserve to be butchered.

  72. Bill says:

    Of course they have influence on maniacs and other degenerate assholes. They should all have their filthy mouths duct taped permanently.

    • Annie says:


  73. James P Hutchins says:

    Boycott Hollywood and bette midler movies she is a liberal scumbag.

  74. wesley creekmore says:

    Nuff said.

  75. wesley creekmore says:

    The criminal left is now in full flair.
    Their hatred runneth over.
    No need for further comment.

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