Hillary Clinton’s latest move shows she has something up her sleeve for 2020

Since her epic defeat in 2016, Hillary Clinton has gone on a worldwide blame tour, pointing fingers at everyone for her losing the presidential election.

But she has refused to look in the mirror.

And her latest actions show she has something up her sleeve for 2020.

Hillary Clinton is hoping the third time is a charm. She has been quietly raising money for her Super PAC.

The New York Post reports:

The messages convey a sense of urgency, and are coming with increasing frequency. They are short, focused reactions to the latest “outrage” committed by President Trump.

Some end by asking for money, some urge participation in protests. All read as if they are sent from the official headquarters of the resistance.

Hillary Clinton is up to something.

Five times in the last month alone, she sent e-mails touting her super PAC’s role in combating President Trump. Most seized on headline events, such as the family-separation issue at the southern border.

Hillary has not made any effort to hide that she is attempting to undermine the President at every turn.

The reality is that both Hillary and Bill Clinton are doing everything they can to somehow remain relevant in the news and in the Democratic party.

During the release of Bill Clinton’s new book, he was consistently asked about his actions with Monica Lewinsky and the #MeToo movement.

The radical leftwing base is rejecting the Clinton dynasty in favor of so-called Democratic Socialism.

Hillary’s latest attempt to remain relevant is taking the form of mobilizing Democrats against the President’s agenda.

She could be testing the waters in 2018 – to see if she still has any sway left in the Democratic Party – to set herself up for yet another presidential run in 2020.

But many Trump supporters think another Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump showdown would be a dream come true and assure President Trump’s reelection.


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89 Responses

  1. Leopold Klaudi says:

    Hillary is washed up! Who , in their right mind, would want a 3 time loser who has the physical & mental problems an the baggage she has to be our President? Even the thought of that ever coming to be is ludicrous.

  2. Richard Daugherty says:

    They call her the Kiss of death for a reason.

  3. BELIEVER says:

    I don’t find this to be any thing to ever worry about,, she will not be alive neither will SOROS so close your eyes and have a good nights sleep.

    • zee says:

      Pretty much Yeah rite, Believer. U read my ‘post’???
      > Well, probably she Will Still be Alive, but w/sooo
      many ‘props’. Her DBL Could Never ‘fulfill’ the Post.
      >re Soros (looks pretty bad) – his international HGH
      injections + Adrenochrome Do NotSeem to be helping
      > POTUS/WE Will Continue to ‘BREAK NWO’. We Must___
      > God Bless ALL (i guess) MAGA. & To Continue ___

  4. Don says:

    Hillary Clinton need a one-way airline ticket to anywhere outside of the North American Continent and take Bill, Obama, M. Obama, George Soros, C. Shumer, N. Pelosi, M. Waters, CNN, MSNBC, M. Moore. J. McCain, all those left-wing undercover Demorats still in Washington, MS-13, all terrorist Muslims in this country and all those so-called celebrities who supported. I would even be in favor of paying their way out of our country.

    • Don says:

      I forgot to add, that’s what I hope she has under her sleeve! That is that one-way ticket to anywhere outside the U S A!

  5. William says:

    Pilory Clinton got pills & booze up her sleeve

    • zee says:

      She ALSO has a DBL. & was exposed on ‘RedStateWatcher’
      in 2016. &&& one of her campaigns was a CGI (computer
      generated Image) i saw it, & was most remarkable, Butt
      Astute ‘hawks’ busted that ‘meme’ . Never reported in msm news.
      > i just cannot see the True Hillary & her Health in another
      campaign, much less Pres. even if she were ‘appointed’ by
      some dastardly means. All the videos of her ‘falling down’ /
      ankle hardware/ blue glasses/ back braces –

  6. Wondering Woman says:

    These events created anxiety for the wealthy one percent of the country. Things might have gotten out of hand. There was a danger of mass
    rebellion, decentralization, a power shift downward, and so on. World War Two not only solved a job crises, it reunified the nation around an
    external threat. It temporarily eliminated the possibility of the disintegration of the body politic.[1203]
    Like the aforementioned outrage-incidents, the Plutocracy required a tragedy to manipulate public opinion. The Oklahoma City bombing
    served this purpose in the most sublime fashion. In the aftermath of that tragedy, the ruling elite sought to unify the nation around an internal
    threat — dressed up and repackaged in the form of the Patriot/Militia Movement.
    Many liberal and Left-wing intellectuals and media pundits have dismissed the notion of the Oklahoma City bombing as a deliberately
    engineered act to discredit the militia as preposterous, self-deluded paranoia. Yet as former CIA Director William Colby stated to his friend,
    Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp, literally days before the bombing:
    “I watched as the Anti-War Movement rendered it impossible for this country to conduct or win the Vietnam War. I tell you, dear friend, that
    this Militia and Patriot movement in which, as an attorney, you have become one of the centerpieces, is far more significant and far more
    dangerous for America than the Anti-War Movement ever was, if it is not intelligently dealt with. And I really mean this.”[1204]
    In the absence of war, with the “motivational forces governing human behavior” no longer “translated into binding social allegiance,” the
    ruling elite required a substitute. By demonizing the Patriot/Militia Movement, the Plutocracy seeks, both to divide and conquer, and to
    distract, the population.[1205] As professor and dissident intellectual Noam Chomsky writes:
    Over the last ten years, every year or two, some major monster is constructed that we have to defend ourselves against. There used to be
    one that was always available: the Russians. But they’re losing their attractiveness as an enemy, and it’s getting harder and harder to use
    that one, so some new ones have to be conjured up… They’ve got to keep coming up, one after another. You frighten the population,
    terrorize them, intimidate them.… That’s one of the ways in which you can keep the bewildered herd from paying attention to what’s really
    going on around them, keep them diverted and controlled….[1206]
    There is yet still another dimension to the situation largely unrealized. The U.S. banking system is home to trillions of dollars in foreign
    investment capital, resident in buildings, real estate, and industry (The Japanese government currently holds roughly $200 billion in U.S.
    Treasury securities). The ruling elite must keep these foreign investors happy. Should one of them decide to withdraw their funds, it would be
    But were there a rumor of civil war, all foreign investors might decide to withdraw their investments. The resulting collapse would make the
    crash of 1929 look like a summer picnic.
    Like U.S. industrialists’ investments in places such as El Salvador and Guatemala, foreign investors realize that their money is safest in
    countries with a happy, or at least docile and subservient work force. A population threatening to withdraw from the system and talking of
    revolution, represents a risk many foreign investors would prefer not take. As William Colby pointed out, such events have important people
    Another financial collapse such as the Great Depression, always looming over the horizon, or the threat of civil war, requires that the ruling
    elite have in place a system that allows them to maintain order. The Anti-Terrorism Bill, the Domestic Insurgency Act, the militarization of our
    police forces, operations like Garden Plot and Rex-84-Alpha, and the murderous violations of the Posse Comitatus Act in places such as
    Waco and Ruby Ridge, are all test runs preparing for this eventuality.
    A dramatic event like Oklahoma City, used to crush the political life out of the militias, would go a long way towards calming the ruling elite
    and their foreign investors. Reassured that the Federal Government is still in control of the population, these investors would hopefully leave
    their investment capital in place.
    Interestingly, FBI Director Louis Freeh stated before the Senate Judiciary Committee two days after McVeigh’s conviction: “Most of the militia
    organizations around the country are not, in our view, threatening or dangerous.”[1208]
    Yet on May 13, Freeh stated before the Senate Appropriations Committee that the focus of the government’s domestic anti-terrorism efforts
    are “various individuals, as well as organizations, some having an ideology which suspects government of world-order conspiracies —
    individuals who, for various reasons, have organized themselves against the United States.” The chief domestic “enemy,” said Freeh,
    consists of “individuals who espouse ideologies inconsistent with principles of Federal Government.”[1209]
    Freeh’s alarmist comments impart the genuine concern which the ruling elite have for the growth of the Patriot/Militia Movement. As Colby
    told DeCamp:
    “It is not because these people are armed, that America need be concerned,” Bill explained to my surprise. “It is not that these people
    stockpile weapons and have para-military training sessions, that they are dangerous” Colby continued.…

    The above excerpt is a page from David Hoffman’s book “Oklahoma City Bombing and The Politics of Terror” which you can read on Solar General.com. Two other reasons I have seen for the OKC false flag was destruction of Waco evidence and service records of Gulf War Syndrome veterans stored there. The Shadow Government not only does not let a good crisis go to waste, but appear to be experts finding hot heads or looney tunes with a plot to take over and escalate it to suit the new world order’s agenda.
    False flag event 9/11/2001 is not the first false flag that demolition experts declared there was no way the damage was caused by the story told by the federal government.

  7. BwaHa says:

    I really, really, really, REALLY TRULY hope Clinton runs again. Oh that would be soooo sweet! Another resounding thumping would push the beyatch over the edge and ol’ slick willy might have to call his SS detail to take her out.

    That would be a sweet two for one. Please liberals, put her up for another thumping. Please.

  8. howard buckley says:

    clintons and odummers should be swung by the neck untill dead.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Hopefully Hillary’s post debate meltdown during the campaign of: “we’ll all be swinging from the gallows if that f…ing b…..d wins”
      will have become her prophecy long before 2020 and hopefully all of her “we’ll all” that she implicated with her inadvertant confession of being guilty of high treason and crimes against humanity will be wearing orange at the time of the penalty being carried out. Her frightened rant also said she and her “we’ll all” also know the penalty for HIGH TREASON!

  9. RonY says:

    Can someone please throw a bucket of water on her so she can make one final screech: “Aarghhh – I’m melting, melting ! …”
    And all that will be left is an old, worn out broomstick on a wet floor. Go ahead Hillary, make our day, run for President in 2020, fracture what’s left (pun intended) of the Liberturd Democratic party and assure that Donald J. Trump is re-elected. In addition to keeping the nation on it’s present course, he will be likely to appoint 2 more young justices to SCOTUS and leave a lasting legacy long after he leaves in late January 2025.

  10. James Mercogliano says:

    Kind Of Hard To Run For President When You Are Behind Prison Bars.

    • George Kehl says:

      I sure hope so. I’d love to see the witch in prison colors for once, matter of fact she can take along the TREASONIST TERRORIST TRAITOR Obummer with her.. They both should be TARRED and FEATHERED and run (EXILED) out of AMERICA forever..Well really this should be done to the whole Clinton Family and their Foundation…

      • Wondering Woman says:

        Don’t believe tarred & feathered is the proper penalty for HIGH TREASON and crimes against humanity – but in the interest of saving a forest of trees for hanging all of them – we can settle for a less drastic for the planet method or the same one the last 2 American Traitors executed were dispatched by!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      or executed!!!!

  11. Personally I don’t think she has a chance against President Trump. The country doesn’t trust her anymore. I don’t think she could even win in an election for a dog catcher. She is dead in the political arena.

  12. Joanna says:

    Yes, Hillary, Does have something up her sleeve the rest of her emails she didn’t get chance to DELETE !!!!

  13. William Long says:

    She and her old dog Billy are dysfunctional POS that are in love with themselves and hate Americans.
    They use everyone, the blacks and browns that can’t see beyond their noses that she uses them for a vote, the young millieums that want everything given to them but have never served their country and dont have a ounce of patriotism in their blood. The women and men that ABORT life daily and rail at God. But ladies prepare to be caught in the angry hands of God on your judgement day, you will see Hillary screaming for a moment in time. Repent quickly and cast that evil women, Hillary out of your life. If Americans give up what God has given us at election day, a second chance, the end will come quickly and those that remain will be Putin and Chinese slaves. Hillary will be the millstone around your neck. Be wise..

  14. James O. says:

    Lock the witch up!

  15. Donna J Anderson says:

    The American voter has something up their sleeves and that is to make sure Hillary is not elected if she runs for the Presidential Office.

    • KJHanover says:

      This woman is certifiably insane. She thinks if she can stir up enough people against our President, that she will then win. She is beyond disgusting and low-class. She is determined to be president no matter what. She just makes me sick.

      • Judith Selich says:

        Robert, did we ever trust Clinton? It was clear to me that her “candidacy” was never about America; it was about power; about money; and gloating: “I’m going to be the first woman president”. I could see someone like Nikki Haley as POTUS, but never Clinton, not ever! I continue to ask: What has Clinton done FOR AMERICA? I cannot think of one thing!

        • George Kehl says:

          Bill was a DRAFT DODGER and they moved out of our country to another country during the VIETNAM CONFLICT, until I think it was Nickson who gave them Amnesty to come back to America.

  16. Patriot says:

    Why isn’t the old hag in jail? Simple, we have a corrupt FBI and DOJ, both of which conspired to get her elected. And she is the political elite, or so the Democrats think of her and themselves. In other words, people like her are above the laws that the rest of us peons have to abide by. As for her in jail, it’ll never happen.

  17. Elaine says:

    Ditto bill Clinton turned my stomach he was a hillbilly in 1984 and a disgrace to America and we are still suffering through these two carpet bagers How she was a senator was sheer corruption deep state all the way a vile family

  18. Joanna says:

    Why isn’t this corrupt old hag in jail where she belongs?!?

    • Val says:

      That’s what I keep saying! So so unfair. She will never win Trump or anyone ever again. That’s a fact! People don’t like the Clintons. God chose Trump. His in charge so I’m not worried. It will be God’s choice always! Not man!

  19. Reece H Hawkins says:

    Angelica, I fully agree with U in principal, but disagree that she is a has been, but instead is a NEVER WAS.

  20. Margaret Heller says:

    She is a loser!, No one wants her, including the Democrat party.

  21. Stephen says:

    Why is this criminal, lying bitch still walking around free? Club Fed @ Leavenworth has a cell with her name on it …

  22. John says:

    Why won’t this old HAG just go away!

    • KJHanover says:

      It shows how smugly confident she is that she will never pay for her crimes. Otherwise, she’d be keeping as low a profile as possible.

  23. Cheryl says:

    or maybe she’s setting up for crooked Chelsea to make a run.

  24. Sam says:

    Aint it about time for an abomb to accidently fall on her house when she is home ?

  25. She is a member of “ORGANIZED CRIME” called Deep State, they will NEVER let up UNLESS they ALL go to PRISON for CRIMES already committed as well as CRIMES that WILL BE committed in the future, FUTURE elections, which ALWAYS consist of FRAUD, CORRUPTION = just CRIMES committed AGAINST the American PEOPLE/CITIZENS, taking our RIGHT away for HONEST elections, they CHEAT and LIE because OTHERWISE they would NEVER “win” ANYTHING…..!!! Best EXAMPLE is Obozo as his “elections” were RIGGED from HERE to MARS and BACK…….!!!!

  26. Mott says:

    This WITCH should be in JAIL not being able to run for the highest office (or any) in the country! Had “Joe Smo” done the things she has he would not see day light for years!

  27. Can’t understand why Hillary has not been held accountable for her Misdeeds and personal gratification.It makes me think the Whole Gov’t is aware and Not prosecuting their own,ever.

  28. FBEYES says:

    Would the Clinton global initiative fire back up ? Which foreign donors would actually donate for future favors. I bet if she ran it would be only to put money into her personal account.

  29. von Potter says:

    The only thing she has up her sleeve is another bottle of JD……Soros in her pocket, along with the FBI, CIA, & the DOJ……. The DOJ could have charged her with perjury when they were questioning her, but instead just warned her that she was committing perjury, which is the same thing she did when she was lying to get NIXON impeached…….

    The FBI could have nailed her good in 2017 for her emails & ties to the Muslims………The CIA were the ones spying on President Trump with the authorization through Obama to help Hillary win….

    Seems we have too many females in politic’s now that are nothing more than ego maniacs…..

  30. WILMA SMITH says:

    I like what Michael wrote. He took the words out of my mouth. Im a proud Montanan with plenty of guns for hunting and my kids and I also had our .22 rifles to shoot varmints with and never hurt anyone. We also dont even have to lock our doors if we done want to. Sorry you dont all have this wonderful life like us in Montana. We are in a place where people help eachother and if I cant reach sonething in the store, someone offers to get it for me. Im so glad to live in Montana. I grew up in Oakland CA and will never, ever go back. I would not recognize it or be safe there.

    • Rodney Orr says:

      Wilma, I have to agree with. I was born and raised in the foothills in California, and I left when I got out of High School and swore that I would never come back here>> But for reasons I had no choice in the matter!! My mother, God Rest Her Soul, got really bad sick and had to move back here to take care of her. Being an only child, no choice!!! Have been around guns all my life and still have the same 22 that I got when I was old enough to learn to shoot and respect it!!! You wouldn’t recognize anything about it now, it has changed that much and for the worst!! You live long and happy in Montana!!!!!!!

  31. Kathy Ricks says:

    Is she tenacious, stubborn, or just delusional?

  32. Angelica says:

    SOOO many bodies we will probably never know about are out there somewhere…doesn’t anyone think they need justice that is well OVER DUE???

  33. thoughtful one says:

    Only the right wing is concerned about Hillary; even among the Democrats, Hillary is “old news.” Why can’t most of you let that venom go because she is out of power and can only work with the party machinery? Even Dems realize it is time to pick new leaders, leaders much younger than Trump or Bernie or Biden. It is the young people who are leaving the GOP in droves and the most anti-Trump.

    • JHN says:

      She has and still IS trying to destroy our country. She has a huge money machine in her, “NON-(My Ass) profits”, and her cronies in the FBI have proven that they will go to any length to protect her. Why? I don’t know but we all know the then director of the FBI rolled out the golden fleece to hide her criminal activity. Make no mistake, as long as she and ol’ Bill have the non-profits to bring in the money, and the FBI to cover their butts they are a danger to our country and our Constitution.

  34. Mike says:

    I thought the Hilgabeast was dying of some unknown disease!! Kidney failure! Liver cancer from drinking to much or taking drugs!
    I really don’t care how she dies, I just hope it happens soon.
    It’s like she’s a boil on the butt of America.

  35. With any luck she’ll decide to not run, take the money from the super pac and run around insulting the GOP. Isn’t she getting a little old to think of running for office. We don’t need another Ginsberg.

  36. Yvonne says:

    As the old saying goes: “There’s no fool like an old fool”. She doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Trump in 2020. Build that wall!!

  37. I voted for Hillary But, in 2020 I would vote for President Trump Because President Trump did a lot of things pro Americans Congratulations!

    • AREN’T you feeling ASHAMED for having voted for THIS CRIMINAL and even admitting to that OPENLY/PUBLICLY…??? I would, because there is just NO EXCUSE for SUPPORTING “ORGANIZED CRIME” which is the so called Deep STATE, never mind ALL the CRIMES she had already committed BEFORE that ORGANIZED CRIME CARTEL was even established…!!!!!

  38. Richard Cancemi says:

    Trump is not the “outrage”; the Clintons are!

  39. Mary C says:

    The only way she wins is if Mueller succeeds in his campaign to jail every Trump supporter.

  40. Nora Johnson says:

    Perhaps she would consider an appointment to be Ambassador to Libya?

    • Nancy Anderson says:

      That would be great. Make her stay in the building where Ambassador to Libya was killed, along with our heroes from that day. She should be haunted night and day for what she did or didn’t do to save them. She is beyond disgusting.

      • Robert Sylvester says:

        Four great Americans died in Benghazi – Obozo and Hillary let those guys die just so OBOZO could get re-elected – when I was in Air Force basic training in 60’s and flight line training – technical support training – every commander – technical support instructor – flight line trainer pounded into our heads every day “We will never – ever leave you behind” – I know the last thing those guys fighting for their lives on that embassy rooftop were thinking and saying to each other – ” Help must be coming – they will not leave us behind ” as they gave their last breath. Obozo and Hillary should be tried for treason for abandoning Americans in “time of war” – they both should be in jail. I raise my American flag every Memorial Day – Flag Day – Independence Day – Veterans Day – in memory of all Americans who served – or never came home – those brave Americans in Benghazi forever in my thoughts !

  41. F. J. Garza says:

    It seems that Hillary always has one scheme or another going on. But does she still really have that many people willing to give her money? Does she even still have enough support to get the nomination again much less the votes to win?

  42. Den R Zampieri says:

    Hillary would be better off leaving the United States. She should take Maxine W and her husband, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Jordan with her to Egypt.

  43. Pam Johnson says:

    Hillary go home and lay down . Your disgusting. Traitor.

  44. Mike H says:

    I really like this one. One of the most corrupt politicians in modern day history going to run for president for a third time. What a joke .If the Democrats allow this ,it will really show who and what they are.Communism is not gonna fly here. They just cannot get that through their heads.

    • Mike H says:

      Maybe they’ll try and push her daughter. You know l,ike keep it in the family. She’s already corrupt so she’s a head in the game .They had to learn it she knows it already.

  45. Fr Tom Martin says:

    The Clinton’s are so power hungry and greedy they will not give up. They will probably prearrange a political really for a political Office in z Hell when they die.

  46. Michael says:

    The dirty bitch shouldnt have run in 2008, 2016, 2000 never….Im proud I was born in Montana with guns when I was a kid, with Freedom when I was a kid….I was proud of my fellow Montanans when at a Trump rally they yelled lock her up!…you know in Montana as a kid of 9 years old walking down the road carrying my .22 rifle my dad gave me…and taught me how to use…to go shoot gophers…Montana sherriffs would pass me and just wave…I did the same for my son…I taught him to shoot with the same .22 dad gave me…I passed on to him…nobody in my family EVER shot anyone…but that dirty bitch Hillary and all those F’n Libs want to take that life away…Hillary, Pelosi, Schummer, Dirty Waters, etc…I do believe the reason they want our guns…is because they know there rhetoric could cause a civil war in this country….Anybody for tea?….damn it’s all floating in the Boston Harbour….lol…guess youll have to drink beer

  47. James P Hutchins says:

    Lock up clinton she is a crook and a traitor to the American people.

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