Hillary Clinton’s jaw hit the floor after Donald Trump made this shocking move

With the Russiagate Hoax, Hillary Clinton thought she got away with the perfect crime.

But everything involving the hoax is falling apart.

And Hillary Clinton’s jaw hit the floor after Donald Trump made this shocking move.

Hillary Clinton was involved in one of the biggest scandals in the country’s history.

During the 2016 Presidential election, her campaign spied on President Trump, and the spying continued after he took office.

This nefarious plot was set in motion with the bogus claim that Trump was colluding with Russia to get elected.

Democrats spent President Trump’s term in office doing everything they could to undermine him using the Russiagate Hoax.

Special Counsel John Durham has blown the lid off this massive Clinton scandal with indictments starting to come in against the conspirators.

Now President Trump is fighting back at this dastardly attempt to destroy his Presidency.

In a Florida federal court, President Trump’s attorneys have filed suit against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and 28 others involved in the hoax.

Also named were former FBI Director James Comey, disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok, and Christopher Steele, whose fake dossier got the ball rolling.

The suit alleges that the hoaxers committed “racketeering” and a “conspiracy to commit injurious falsehood,” along with other claims.

Phony links between Trump and Russia set off a “media firestorm” that led to an “unfounded federal investigation.”

Trump is asking for over $70 million in damages and legal fees.

“Under the guise of ‘opposition research,’ ‘data analytics,’ and other political stratagems, the Defendants nefariously sought to sway the public’s trust,” the suit stated.

“They worked together with a single, self-serving purpose: to vilify Donald J. Trump. Indeed, their far-reaching conspiracy was designed to cripple Trump’s bid for presidency by fabricating a scandal that would be used to trigger an unfounded federal investigation and ignite a media frenzy,” it continued.

“The actions taken in furtherance of their scheme — falsifying evidence, deceiving law enforcement and exploiting access to highly-sensitive data sources — are so outrageous, subversive and incendiary that even the events of Watergate pale in comparison,” it read.

After Trump was out of office, the Russiagate hoaxers thought they had gotten away with it.

But with President Trump’s lawsuit and the continuing Durham investigations, the tide is turning on Hillary and her cronies.

After the suit was filed, Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington said, “President Trump is going on offense. He’s naming names. He’s going after these liars who tried to rig the 2016 election.”

Harrington called Hillary’s plot “the biggest political crime in our history.”

This legal battle could be the opening salvo of the 2024 election.

With Hillary Clinton being rumored as a potential replacement for Joe Biden, a 2016 rematch could be on the table.

No matter what happens with the lawsuit, Hillary is going to be nervous, as her massive deception is being exposed.

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