Hillary Clinton was left speechless when these emails from her server resurfaced

Democrats got some more bad news.

It came from the last place they ever expected.

And Hillary Clinton was left speechless when these emails from her server resurfaced.

Joe Biden is claiming to be President-elect and is naming senior staffers and cabinet officials to make the people believe the election is over and done with.

One of those hires Biden announced was Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor.

Sullivan served as National Security Advisor to Biden when he was Vice President.

But it’s Sullivan’s work as a top foreign policy advisor to Hillary Clinton that is causing problems for Biden and the Democrats.

Investigations turned up hundreds of emails from Sullivan to Clinton on her unsecured private server that went to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“As of March 2016, the State Department and FBI had determined that Sullivan sent 215 emails that were deemed to contain classified material. Politico reported in February 2016 that Sullivan sent emails to Clinton that contained information classified at the “top secret” level, the highest classification category,” the Daily Caller reported.

Sullivan also promoted the Russian collusion conspiracy theory that was based almost entirely on Russian disinformation.

Biden naming Sullivan to a sensitive position like National Security Advisor shows that a potential Biden administration would be just as sloppy in protecting American national security as the disastrous Obama administration.

Appointing Sullivan will also resurrect questions about Hillary Clinton’s email server, how many officials in the Obama administration knew about the server and sent classified information on it.

Should the Biden administration take office this is a scandal that deserves an investigation from the Republican controlled Senate.

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