Hillary Clinton used one word to describe Nancy Pelosi that will leave you speechless

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are longtime political allies.

The two shaped the Democrat Party for a generation.

And Hillary Clinton used one word to describe Nancy Pelosi that will leave you speechless.

CNN host Dana Bash tossed softball questions at Hillary Clinton during her appearance on State of the Union.

During their chat on Sunday, Bash asked Clinton about her poorly received Apple+ TV show Gutsy, where she and her daughter profile women they claim inspired them.

Bash wondered who Clinton would say were the gutsiest women in politics.

Without missing a beat , Clinton responded that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the gutsiest woman in politics.

“I think Nancy Pelosi is the gutsiest woman in politics right now because she has shown through all kinds of turmoil and challenge what it means to, somewhat like the Queen, to be drawing an analogy here, get up every day, put on those high heels she wears, suit up, to fight for the values and ideals that she strongly believes in,” Clinton began.

Polls show that Nancy Pelosi is set to lose the majority for the second time this November.

During Pelosi’s tenure leading House Democrats, the Party suffered humiliating defeats in the 2004, 2010, 2014, and 2016 elections.

The 2010 Tea Party wave election – which came on the heels of Pelosi ramming Obamacare into law – ranked as the biggest landslide defeat any Party has ever suffered in a Midterm election.

After rubber-stamping Joe Biden’s big-spending agenda that helped surge inflation, Americans are set to bounce Pelosi and the Democrats from the majority for a second time.

Clinton also made sure to praise Kamala Harris in comments that stuck out like a sore thumb.

“And of course, our Vice President Kamala Harris, our Vice President, is someone who is breaking totally new ground. I know that’s not easy, having done a little of that myself. And she’s doing it with, you know, good humor and a smile on her face despite the challenges that come with the role. So those are two that immediately come to mind,” Clinton added.

Clinton continues to keep up the façade that she is not running for President in 2024.

One easy way to maintain plausible deniability is to praise Harris – the assumed next in line if Joe Biden chooses not to seek re-election.

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