Hillary Clinton sent a cringe-worthy tweet that will make you happy she lost

Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to remain relevant in the Democrat Party by attacking President Trump.

She is even rumored to be considering yet another presidential run in 2020.

Now, Clinton has released her own list of so-called “national emergencies” and it will make you sick.

Ever since Clinton’s humiliating loss, she has grabbed on to any opportunity to get attention.

Her nationwide book tour was nothing more than a pity party and a pathetic attempt to remain relevant.

However, now it’s rumored she is running for President again, and she’s coming out swinging against Trump’s national emergency declaration to build the wall.

She listed out her own “national emergencies” – on President’s Day nonetheless – including gun control, lack of government healthcare, and a supposed humanitarian crisis on the border.

The Washington Post reports:

Hillary Clinton said Monday that the “real national emergencies” threatening the U.S. include gun violence and climate change, not illegal immigration.

The former secretary of state and twice-failed presidential candidate made the comment in a tweet three days after President Trump declared a national emergency at the U.S. southern border, freeing up billions of dollars in federal funds to build a wall.

Mrs. Clinton said the “real national emergencies” include “relentless gun violence,” “children separated from their families at the border,” “climate change” and “Americans dying for lack of health care.”

Mrs. Clinton has said before that she doesn’t think there’s a crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I just don’t think you should call national emergencies unless there truly is a national emergency,” she said last week amid reports of Mr. Trump’s impending announcement. “There’s no national emergency at our border.

Hillary Clinton’s fake national emergencies make her potential candidacy even more frightening.

Even if she fails to sink her claws into the White House, the Second Amendment will be in grave danger.

Every Democrat presidential candidate is spouting these same “emergencies” in their campaign platform.


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153 Responses

  1. Nate says:

    Hey PatriotPulse what’s going on ? You take these old stories off the shelf give them a good dusting and throw them back out for comment. I’ve moved on to other stories and crimes against America.

  2. Very well said Bonnie in response to Betty. However I would like to see Hillary try it again just to watch the beatings she will have to take in the debates. On the other hand I think she should be in prison by 2020 .

  3. Denny says:

    My first Presidential election I voted for JFK. A True Hero. In WW 2 he had saved his crew on a PT boat. Read PT 109. They shot him, then shot his brother. To day we no longer have a true Democrat Party. I am now a Independent voter. Hillary Belongs in Jail, like many Democrat Leaders do and the RINOS do. What for? The Charge is Sedition, financed by the elite Rich of the Elite Rich. There are many elements that are as evil as the people were before the Flood. Read Matthew 24, verse 7, as in the days of Noah. Think the Lord will not come Back? f yo do I feel sorry for you because he is real, and he will come back. I can no more vote for Hillary, than I can vote for what my Black Lab does in his special part of the back forty after he digests his food. In fact, it would make more sense to vote for what he leaves behind, than any Democrat or RINO. Democrat spelled correctly, TRAITOR, RINO spelled correctly TRAITOR! Different Ideas built this country, and it was built with working people, many of which came here legally. Not sneaking in. .

  4. Allen says:

    All the evil ones, including hrc and the like, are being used by the real BOSS of the world, GOD ALMIGHTY. We all must die and stand before HIM, so try to understand it is part of the “Big” plan. Get right with JESUS, lift your eyes higher, think heavenly and forgive them . . . THIS is all they have. We who belong to the GOD of the universe, have it all. Please, “Just Read It ” .

  5. Loren Clobes says:

    With in the past week, there was an article, some where on the internet, which stated that Bill and Hillary Clinton are scheduled for execution, so one cannot say for certain what is coming down the pike for them.

  6. Betty says:

    Run, Hilary, Run in 2020. Since you have more Intellience, more Dignity & more Common Sense in your little finger than CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump has in his entire Stupid, Stinking, Worthless Body! Finally,the chance of a LADY instead of a LUNATIC for America’s next president

    • Bruce says:

      You Go, Betty!
      I simply love your total “tongue-in-cheek” unhinged rant about the single most evil person on Earth, Hillary Clinton. Thank you!
      (oh, and on the outside chance you are NOT being sarcastic and just kidding, kindly consider submitting to one of those “Democratic” ‘Post-Birth Abortions’ – Bernie promises they’ll make you quite comfortable as they kill you)
      (be sure to wear your Vagina Hat with your pink and purple hair for the occasion!)
      It IS people like you that will make 2020 the greatest LANDSLIDE VICTORY election for Trump that can ever be imagined.
      God Bless America, God Save Our Beautiful Unborn Babies, and… M.A.G.A – God Bless Donald Trump !!!

      • Michelle Greer says:

        Ooooooookay, that’s great a “feminist” who wouldn’t divorce her cheating husband and thinks any woman who voted for Trump is too dumb to think for herself and third trimester abortion and “post birth abortion” aka murder, is worthy of celebration, she steals money from Puerto Rico, her “charities” and anyone else, claims to care about minorities but supports and takes money from Anti-Semites, and Anti-Christians (I am a pagan by the way), flip flops on every major issue like illegal immegration, taxes and the boarder, helped Obama create the non-existent “Russian Collusion” that wasted everyone’s time and money only to prove what we always knew, while having given the Russians Uranium, lying about her unsecured emails and Benghazi, but you go ahead and vote for her because she’s such a gem. The only thing that Trump is actually guilty of was cheating with a prostitute and saying some sexist things, being a rude crude socially unexceptable but he is doing the job. I don’t need my president to be someone I want to beBFFs with, I need them to do their job. If we impeached every president who had an affair (Bill lied that was why he was impeached, and yes he was) or said stuff that we didn’t like or even lied, every politician would be fired/impeached. Calling names is very juvenile.

      • Michelle Greer says:

        Bruce love your reply ????????????????

      • ncp-nate says:

        Amen. Bruce.

    • Mary Kelly says:

      according to her doctor Hillary died in Sept 2016. He said this under oath so who is this woman pretending to be Hillary? Besides if you study History God is in control of nations. When a nation goes out of control he replaces them for another ruler. God put Trump in Power and not the Russians.

    • ncp-nate says:

      Betty, you still have that hard-on for Donald, don’t you?.

    • Bonnie Wyeth says:

      Hillary may be female, but she lacks the necessary integrity, historical knowledge of our Country’s history and our Constitution. Apparently you don’t have that knowledge either, because if you did you would know that she should be charged with treason and murder for Bengazi! And, trust me, your idea of “class in her pinky finger” can not stand in the place of her outrageous betrayal of her office and her faithless acts while representing the American People!

    • Clarence says:

      R u still around, Betty spilling your seriously treasonas drivel

    • Douglas says:

      Betty, were you born this delusional, or were you brainwashed by the media? Perhaps we will forgive you stupidity, however, willful ignorance is a difficult position to overlook.

  7. Betty says:

    The Entire Russian Collusion Scandal involved d. trump 100 percent & Hilary Clinton ZERO percent. You have the right idea but the Wrong Name on who should have been Locked Up Two Years Ago.

    • Clarence hartley says:

      Betty are you still here? You and hill would make a great team. Why not run with her in 2020.

    • Mary Kelly says:

      You are wrong. Trump had nothing to do with the collusion. Hillary paid for this scandal. It has Obama’s and Hillary’s earmark all over it because they didn’t want Trump to win and they cooked up this falsehood to try and bring him down..

    • Pete says:

      Too funny to go back and read your unhinged screes from 2 months ago. How’s that workin’ out for ya’ Batty?

    • Douglas says:

      Betty, willfully disregarding conclusive evidence to the contrary doesn’t appear to open either your eyes or your mind. Perhaps you should just continue drinking the koolaid and the rest of us will sort this out. Have a nice time with your therapist…I’m certain that the two of you will have many things to discuss.

  8. Buzz says:

    Why should the US be the only Nation in the world to address Climate Change (At the expense of Millions of jobs)???
    Besides the average Volcano puts more “CRAP” into the atmosphere in 5 minutes than mankind has since the beginning of time.

    • Bill says:

      Killeryy may eliminate her competition by arkancide. Lots of depression may fell a number of the 22 candidates if killeryy wants what they have..

      Killeryy knows if you kill enough key targets you get your wish. Then if you lose just use the CIA NSA FBI and justice dept to frame up the competition..

      Watch em drop like flies.. and Bernie will get a new Lear jet to bow before the killeryy.

      Heil hitlary heil hitlary heil hitlary!

  9. Tom says:

    Hey Billary, just go away. We’ve seen enough of you.

  10. Crystal says:

    Hillary will eventually be in Gitmo like many others (Obama) for treason, sedition, crimes against humanity, tax fraud (Clinton Foundation) etc, etc. Hopefully they will hang her!

  11. Johnny Boy says:

    Both Clintons belong in a pig sty oinking with the rest of the pigs who hate our country. I couldn’t agree more with the wonderful people who have spoken out on this web site and may God bless all of you. It is just wonderful to read the comments about these communist pieces of trash who have embellished themselves with our money. Keep up the good work.

  12. Johnny Boy says:

    Both Clintons belong in a pig sty oinking with the rest of the pigs who hate our country. I couldn’t agree more with the wonderful people who have spoken out on this web site and may God bless all of you. It is just wonderful to read the comments about these communist pieces of trash who have embellished themselves with our money. Keep up the good work, stay the course and never give in to red idiots who tell you what you never want to hear or read about and how they are going to do their best for any one of us.

  13. Nancy says:

    What about her precious obamacare?! Why are people dying without healthcare??

    • joe says:

      Hillary alive and breathing is “cringeworthy” if you ask me…Hillary and her “witchy, bitchy” voice is cringeworthy to me…seeing Hillary without an orange jumpsuit on, walking free is cringeworthy to me!!!

    • Melody says:

      O bammy care was the biggest Screwup our country has had in over a century

    • bert wyckoff says:

      dont know why she would want to get beat by trump again.. trumps going to get reelected .. and if the democraps think were going to sit while they destroy our country ther just about to see a war up close and personal

  14. Melody says:

    Hey I have an idea lets put a gas tax to pay for everyone’s medical like Canada does. their current fuel price is 1.33 per Liter Heck that’s only $ 5.11 per gallon. No don’t shot me I am just kidding. but it is something like Billery might come up with.

  15. Melody says:

    I hope she runs that will split up the vote and not a one dem will make it through. Ding dong the witch is dead.

  16. Don says:

    I am a Canadian and live a good life because of the closeness to the USA border. I cannot fathom how you cannot get a better quality person out of a population of over 300 million people. We in
    Canada are exempt as we have only over 30 million population to pick an idiot

    • Pat says:

      Yes, Don, you are correct.
      Living next to the USA may very well keep you safe as you say. How does that feel Don? (living off the presence of the USA) Well, unless drastic changes are made at our Southern border, that “security you feel” may very well disappear!

      Think it through. You’ll figure it out.

  17. Irma says:

    Yes . You got it right . Plus, it could be a hoax. HILLARY may be dead already…who knows?. She is using a dialysis type machine to filter blood out and administer new younger blood from children killed at Pizza Gate and who are actually sacrificed for this purpose. Look it up !
    The Main stream media will not report this . Please check it out.

  18. Donna Battistone says:

    The real National Emergency is that Hillary is allowed in public without a caregiver…

  19. Jim Forsythe says:

    Clinton is crazy! Why would anyone with a brain support her for president?

  20. Alan Gates says:

    I agree, Hillary should have been put injail long ago.

    • Myron says:


    • Donna says:

      Berne isn’t far behind her!! She may be jealous that he’s running again and decide she wants to try to replay 2020 in hopes the results are what she wants! Don’t put anything past this crazy, evil person!????

      • Pat says:

        She won’t run. She knows Bernie will beat her on a fair and square primary, and she knows she couldn’t mentally take another loss, ESPECIALLY in her own Party.

    • Betty says:

      Like d. trump should have been put in a Padded Cell by the men in white coats, also Long Ago, Wearing the Latest Fashion in Straight Jackets.

      • ncp-nate says:

        Betty I think you really have a crush on our President Trump. The only reason you talk nasty about him is because he’s taken and you can’t get any of him. Willy will give you some, Free Willy Jefferson Clinton will give you all you want just as long as he can stay away from Hildabeast.

  21. The Last Conservative says:

    National Emergency . . . ridding our government of ANY politician who approves infanticide ! Any politician who thinks that human trafficking over our border is no big deal ! Any politician who thinks that selling 1/5 of our uranium to our recognized national adversary ! (as the Obama admin, led by efforts orchestrated by H. Clinton). Any politician who thinks that prosecuting, harassing, tax auditing or fining Americans, simply because they are a member of the opposition party (as Obama did). Will ANY of these actions be addressed by Congress ? is anyone out there holding their breath ??

  22. Beverly says:


    • Irma says:

      Yes . You got it right . Plus, it could be a hoax. HILLARY may be dead already…who knows?. She is using a dialysis type machine to filter blood out and administer new younger blood from children killed at Pizza Gate and who are actually sacrificed for this purpose. Look it up !
      The Main stream media will not report this . Please check it out.

    • Adrienne Wilson-Yamasaki says:

      I agree completely w you. You are right on the money. Thank you

    • Dorothy Blueter says:


  23. mark says:

    mark the wiser

    The real State of Emergency is Save our country from the likes of Hillary the satanic witch Clinton!

  24. Banshee803 says:

    CLINTON IS A FRAUD AND A TRAITOR IN THE EYES OF THIS 74 YEAR OLD VIETNAM VET WITH A DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT FOR 52 YEARS, 2 OF THEM ON STAFF AT WALTER REED ARMY MEDICAL CENTER IN D.C.AFTER A COMBAT TOUR IN S.E. ASIA WITH THE 199TH LIGHT INFANTRY BRIGADE AT THE HEIGHT OF THE 1968 TET OFFENSIVE, to watch the lunatic left,Schumer Waters, Cuomo, Warren, AOC and too many others try to end the RepubLic with their purely Marxist, smear technique BS. Clinton gave 20 % of our uranium to Russia in a deal brokered by Bill and Canadian businessman Frank Giufra and realized something like $135 million all told in fees and dealings. If that is NOT Collusion, WHAT THE HELL I, NOT TO MENTION treason, and, there is little doubt after the assiduous investigations by the long delayed and obfuscated and obstructed FOIA requests of the watchdog agency, Judicial Watch, that she is guilty of that and many other offenses dealing with security, the manner of the death of Ambassador Stevens and others She should NEVER be allowed to run with these questions of her past performance left unanswered and she SHOULD be made to testify under OATH, but, she violated those as do all Progressives as the Marxists they are. There is a dual standard of justice in this country today: one for the Oligarchy of the politically powerful and privileged which lets those who make the laws, break them with impunity while we, the People are crucified by these swamp slime. Term Limits NEED to be forced on them as they FORCED the ACA on us. These venomous reptiles respect no one and nothing and belong in PRISON, NEVER OFFICE!

  25. Joe says:

    They need to stick the hose in this bitch

  26. ncp-nate says:

    I’m already HAPPY you lost. Now make everyone else happy and go away, just go away.

  27. John M says:

    The Left/Dems are way over the line of what’s acceptable by the majority of Americans. Gun Control, Abortion, Climate issues.
    You may not want to hear it but the libs are correct. The planet is warming up. Based on history, and not some fancy pants computer models. The last ice age ( remember those, or are they being written out of school books?) began about 1.5 million years ago and ended about 18,000 years ago. Manhattan was under a 1000ft sheet of ice. The planet has been warming ever since with no sign of a reversal. Wake up people. It’s mostly a natural phenomenon. Where was all the human activity that these climate chicken littles talk about 18,000 years ago? Think about it. Predicting a warming planet is probably a safer bet than predicting new ice age in 12 years.
    TDS and Hillary are two epidemics which can be cured in the ballot box.
    Remember to vote!

    • Myron says:


  28. Bill says:

    I think Hillary is stupid enough to run for President, but I don’t think she is aware of just how contempt people have for her. There by she will have another failed attempt to win.

    • Ronald C Watt says:

      With her backer Geprge Soros owning many voting machines and buying votes the way he illegaly put Obama’s illegal ass in office twice, and multiple votes from the illegals they are forcing on this country anything is corruptly possible.

    • John M says:

      Let her. The more the Dems dilute their voting bloc the better.

  29. Richard Chadwick says:

    She WILL run & go down in flames again!! She is addicted to the attention while running, she lives on selfagrandisement, must be the CENTER of attention, then when she loses she can dry up a storm about unfairness of EVERYTHING even while the liberal press covers up her at least dubious actions. And she will never run out of reasons and or persons to blame for her stupidity. AND OHHHH WHAT PITY PARTIES SHE CAN THROW and soak up all the bull crap from the liberal press and all her DEMONcrat players.

  30. Allie says:

    Killery is beyond stupid/demented! She can’t get it through her thick, sick skull…NO ONE GIVES A FLYING F_CK ABOUT HER
    …except to watch her execution! She needs to go FAR, FAR AWAY & never come back!

  31. sasha says:

    I can’t beat anything that’s been said here – looks like the American people finally realize who the true DEPLORABLE is – this evil piece of scum needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and thrown in jail for the rest of her rotten-to-the-core life. A lying, thieving, corrupt hypocrite who is at the core of every horrible thing going on in our government now – the corruption of the FBI – all of it centers around this absolute despicable thug. And she just still doesn’t get it. No sense of pride or dignity – thinks the world revolves around her – she has big Karma to pay, and the sooner the better. Go far, far away Hillabeast – you are beyond disgusting.

  32. guy says:

    Hillary, it won’t be long that you & the other crooks will be dressed in orange as you spend some time in prison. I hope she does run as if she gets the nomination, then Howard Schultz will be a shoe in.

  33. Leon says:

    What’s with all this Anti-Gun talk? Why are most politicians, Republican or Democrat, so stupid? If they had any balls at all they would run on a Pro Gun platform to become a sure winner.

  34. John J says:

    I don’t need a tweet to make me happy that slimy thighed pig lost

  35. Retvet says:

    Stupidity knows no bounds, and this thug is the personification of stupid. Incurable!

  36. Steve says:

    Unfortunately, she probably will get that party’s nomination. God help us if any of those trying to run for that party get elected. We have seen that people don’t read or study History. Any candidate should look and get rid of our debt. We are classified as a debtor nation. Therefor God help our country.

  37. Steve says:

    This , coming from a high treasonous , seditious , child-sex trafficking , serial murdering , thief of billions of taxpayer funds . career organized crime NWO criminal clinton !

  38. milton says:

    I’m still smiling, laughing, rolling on the floor that she lost. Only thing better will be seeing her lose again as she watches results from her prison cell.

  39. Guns527 says:

    Hillabitch is just a heinous, worthless waste of air. Yes, our judicial system is just a sham when they allow pieces of crap like her to continue walking and lying through every word that comes out of her mouth. Her supportes are nothing more than ignorant by-products of this evil, wretched sleeze ball.

  40. Carol sledge says:

    I do not understand why she (killery) is not the focus of investigations. What is wrong with our justice system? I will not have any faith in it until she is prosecuted and behind bars!

    • Pauline Hamel says:

      I totally agree with you Carol. She should have been prosecuted a long time ago! What a screwed up justice system. I hope someone finally does something about her. Here’s hoping.

    • Mysty says:

      She has dirt on everyone & they know it so they do what she wants so their deep, dark, probably evil, secrets aren’t brought out for the world to see. It’s called blackma.

    • Rich says:

      Could it be the Clinton-Crime-Family-Hit-List is real and Selected and Elected Parasites in Washington, deCeit fear making that list by telling the truth? ????

    • Ronald C Watt says:

      Spineless, ball less McConnell and many same sort Rhinos.

  41. Lunchladie says:

    Hillary is like a boil on your bum you just can’t get rid of!!!!! She is a fool if she is thinking about running for president AGAIN!!!! And she was so worried about these “National Emergencies” when she held office. Bernie needs to look out because she and the DNC will screw him over again if she runs – you can be guaranteed. Here comes another roller coaster ride.

  42. Randall Clark says:

    Evidently, KILLARY has not gotten embarrassed enough!!! If she runs, when she LOSES, she will then go farther into the woods than even BIGFOOT has ever gone!!

  43. Joel Kruskie says:

    I’m in strong hopes of Bill Barr bringing this corruption to the forefront and prosecute.

  44. Sam Oliva says:

    Herpes Clinton is quoted in the above article stating one truth:
    “I just don’t think….”

    Why is she even discussing healthcare? She was supposed to fix that issue while her husband played hide the cigar with Monica Lewinsky.

  45. Sew52 says:

    Go back into the wood you crawled out of you worm

  46. Myrlan Wills says:

    There aren’t enough words to tell you how horrible you are Hillary!!! Your just dues will come when you are standing before God….after you are set before a fiing squad, before the world. The world knows who and what you are Hillary…the people are not decieved….you and your pal Soros….Take his grubby, dirty hand and enter hell together! The sun will shine brighter than anytime in history on that day!!! Now go!!

    • Bob says:

      Wow, now tell us how you really think. 🙂 BTW, I agree with you.

      • myrlan says:

        Okay, Bob…..here’s the rest….. After the entire world has been notified of this sacred even, telling the time and day so all can watch….The first shot fired should be a blank….so we can watch her “fill her pants’ before the whole world…..The ultimate embarrassment….

    • Virginia says:

      Hillary really is a horrible person, and the only way she’d ever win the POTUS is by cheating. She tried that in the last election and got caught. Let’s hope that fatigue doesn’t set in on the vote counters and those confirming the votes.

    • Mysty says:

      Well said, Myrlan.

  47. Robert Lutz says:

    HILLARY you are DEMENTED! Go to the Border and see for yourself what is going on and then retract your stupidity! ANY one who states that we do not have a crisis of thugs, drugs and bugs coming into our country is “deplorable!”

    YOU ARE GOING TO HELL LADY! Please go faster than expected~!

  48. Barbara says:

    With as many people that she got killed to advance your self in political agenda ——She should worry about her own skin and stay the hell out of our lives. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE OR HER FROM HER AGAIN. She is the worst evil person in our history of Aemrica.!!! What is the list up to now hillary close to 50 I’m guessing.??

  49. Greveing Father says:

    As for gun violence, Several years ago(under the obama presidency) an illegal mexican criminal alien was allowed over the U.S. Boarder. Shortly after he committed a HOME INVASION at my daughters residence. The illegal alien overpowered my 5 foot 100 pound 30 year old daughter without a firearm. He then beat her till she was unconscious. The illegal alien then raped her. Afterwards he beat on her face till she was unrecognizable(yes she had a closed casket funeral). The illegal alien then picked up everything of value and left the house. The illegal alien still runs free

    • Mysty says:

      Dear Grieving Father, I am SO VERY SORRY for your horrific loss. I can barely even imagine the massive pain she went through & your own pain of losing her. That man WILL pay for his crime one day when he has to face God for his judgement. If you can dig way down & find it in your heart to forgive this animal God will relieve your heart& the grief will slowly subside. It won’t go away but it will give you a personal peace. I’m praying for you now.

    • myrlan says:

      My heart grieves for you……and there is no emergency???? What a travesty……God bless you….and God bless our beautiful country….

    • Spider says:

      I am sorry for your loss. I will never support the Demo crapit ticks again. I usually lean to Republican. I am an Independent, now registered as a Republican. I Support the NRA, NRC, NNRAC. No doubt in my mind we need a Wall and a greater plan for Immigration. Many as you have described has been caught and returned many times. Any one that crosses our boarders illegally, is a criminal. They cost a lot of money to keep in jail,and sending them back. Its very apparent to me that Mexico lets them pass through Mexico. We should fine or corruption of our boarder for everyone who is caught crossing illegally. This way Mexico would at least pay a part of the cost of a wall. I am a Veteran, and love the USA, and would still give my life to protect our legal citizens and my family! Thank you for your posts, I pray for all that had tragedy come to them, by Illegal scum.

  50. Richard says:

    Why is Hillcapone not in Prison??

    • Betty says:

      richard, maybe for the very same reason a Brain Dead Blond Haired Orangutan Ape now sits in the Oval Office Instead of some ZOO Or FREAK SHOW? Ever think about that?

  51. cliff says:

    she can’t run for president,because,she will be in prison.
    one can only hope.

  52. Jeffrey Roche says:

    Hey Killary, you say you worry about separating families and Kids at the Border? Those So called Knew what would happen at the Border. How about Separating Unborn Kids from there Mothers, Piece by Piece, when The Baby is alive and aware. You 2 Faced POS! Killary Lied, People Died

  53. Martin says:

    Anybody that says there is no National Emergency on our southern border dose NOT love America or the American People. The are putting the illegals ahead of the safety of the American People. If the separation of children is one of Hillary’s concerns , where is her concern about the hundreds of families members the have been permanently separated from their family.

  54. Donna M Kelley says:


  55. kedela says:

    I wonder who will be the first person to die if the investigation that is investigating the Russian Collusion fraud gets to close to Shrillery and bill. They do have a history of close allies dying mysteriously

  56. Rick Teeter says:

    The real National Emergency is the Fake News Media carrying the water for the Corrupt Democratic Party.

    • notoislam says:

      Strange that we do not hear of any medical problems that Hitlery might or even has??? She had anxiety during her run and made it look like cardiac problems.
      She deserves trial for TREASON AND if it won’t happen then something will eventually happen to make her pay for her treasonous acts. She is connected to world criminals in oh so many ways

  57. GetReal says:

    Hope she runs and wins the nomination…. Trump’s next term is assured…

  58. Navy PO2 says:

    There is no such thing as “gun violence”. Guns are inanimate objects and are therefore incapable of doing anything. It’s people violence. Lock up the criminals and crazies. Problem solved!

    • Ridingalone says:

      Well said Navy !! It’s not the gun but the crazies behind the gun that are the problem. The left-wingers are for killing babies after they are born, but they won’t put a killer to sleep. Bring back capitol punishment and crime will go down.

    • John says:

      Agreed but for political purposes, they want to use gun control as being the primary reason crime exists. What it comes down to is the Deep State (DemonRats and some turncoat Republicans) would like to confiscate guns from American citizens so only the govt., police, FBI and other agencies would have them to control you. They do not want to tell the real truth, the elite, criminals and ilegal immigrants would obtain guns and we would be in a real mess. Bottom line is there is a Deep State that is trying everything to remove a good President so they can takeover and control period. Let’s support our POPTUS, drain the swamp and MAGA.

      • Jeff says:

        We cannot allow our guns to be taken away. Look at what is going on in Venezuela right now, their leader is having people shot for trying to get to the aid that is being offered to them! The only way they can fight back is with rocks!

  59. ncp-nate says:

    Hillary is so damn evil, hell doesn’t want her, Lucifer can’t maintain order in Hell with her around. Makes you feel sorry for Willy Jefferson Clinton.

    • JIM says:

      Shut the hell up Hillary and go far, far, away. We need our guns because of disgusting people like you and you should clean up the air around you by taking a bath.

    • Mysty says:

      I would NEVER feel sorry for ‘slick willy’, he is as corrupt as hitlary. He just does his evil with a smile on his face while hitlary always has a purely evil hate look on her face. I just wish those 2 as well as the obummers would just sail off into a big ocean & never come back.

  60. Karin says:

    HRC. Butt out. You are in dyer need of a plexotomy.

  61. Pamela says:

    She is one SICK person, I wouldn’t vote for her if she was the only person in the US running for the presidency…She is beyond EVIL, will give the Devil a run for his money….How many Dems are now in the running and each one worst than the last…Between all the Hollywood Trash and the Degenerates who are already in office, can you even imagine what kind of country this would be if they were in charge. I’m afraid it would be the end of this World…..

  62. Marty says:

    I hope she wins the demon rat nomination and then gets indicted on all the felonies she committed. She can run her campaign from federal prison.

  63. ncp-nate says:

    She does not have to say anything to make me HAPPY she LOST. Loosing is good Hillary, now go out in the woods and play.

    • Alby says:

      She just doesn’t get it ! Even her husband doesn’t want her ! That’s why he is always in someone else’s pants ! Running for president would just be another embarrassment!

      • Alby says:

        Between Russian collusion , Benghazi, & uranium one she should be locked up FOREVER !!!

      • Mysty says:

        She has no shame, no conscience, no morals, no humility, no common decency. Her heart is nothing more than black granite. She is not capable of love for anyone but herself. She probably never loved billy boy but used him as a tool to get where she wanted to get. She is a sociopath.

    • Allen says:

      I would rather she go run with scissors and play in traffic.

  64. jsm2999 says:

    No emergency at Benghazi either, she could not recognize a National emergency if it bit her in the azz!

  65. Patrick Henry says:

    Lying Hillary belongs in PRISON!!! There is so much Russian Collusion that she should have been locked UP two years ago!!!

  66. Mike Hainsworth says:

    What happened?

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