Hillary Clinton made a major 2020 announcement. See why she left jaws on the ground

As former Vice President Joe Biden continues to struggle, the Democrat Party establishment is casting about for a candidate.

Party elites know that emerging frontrunner Bernie Sanders is a guaranteed loser in November.

And Hillary Clinton made a major 2020 announcement. See why she left jaws on the ground.

Everywhere Hillary Clinton goes Fake News Media members ask the two time failed Presidential candidate if she has any plans to enter the race.

Clinton always tries to downplay any chance she would mount a third White House bid. But she takes great care to leave the door open a crack to jumping into the 2020 race.

That happened again when Clinton appeared on radical homosexual activist Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show.

DeGeneres questioned Clinton if she would accept the spot as Vice Presidential running mate to the eventual nominee.

Clinton tried to downplay the suggestion by claiming it would never happen. But she went out of her way to dip a toe in that water by saying, “never say never.”

Clinton stated:

Look, it’s like when Barack Obama asked me to be secretary of state. I was shocked. I had no idea he was going to ask me, and I turned him down twice. He said, “I need, you know, look, the economy is in freefall. It’s a catastrophe. I’ve got to focus on that. We’ve got problems around the world. You go focus on that.”

I said, “No, no, I’m happy where I am. You get somebody else. I’m sure there’s good people around.” And the second time I
said, “No, Mr. President-elect, I’m not gonna do it,” he said, “I’m not calling you again until you say yes.” And so I’ll tell you, I started thinking about it, and I thought if I’d won, and I’d wanted to ask him to do something, I would have wanted him to do that for me.

So I never say never because I do believe in serving my country, but it’s not going to happen.

As former Vice President Biden’s campaign continues its rapid implosion, Democrat elites are increasingly desperate about the state of play in 2020.

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senators Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren are unelectable. And billionaire former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is untested and unpopular outside of urban areas.

Party insiders could look to put Clinton on the ticket in some form to generate party unity and bring the establishment donor base on board if a left-wing candidate emerges as the nominee.

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67 Responses

  1. Braveryder says:

    Clintons a disgrace and should quietly go into a reclusive retirement in Iran.

  2. JT says:

    If she ever comes back, all the wrongdoings she had been committed, will be resurrected, She will disgrace anyone associated with her and future impeachment. She needs to take that job in Ireland.

  3. She and Obama need to be in Getmo. Lets now forget Joe Biden and Hunter

  4. IrishEyes2C says:

    Oh, what a load of BS, I couldn’t stop laughing at that massive lie. The moment the Clinton’s realized that Obama was the nominee, and let’s not forget that it was the Clinton’s who launched that attack on Obama’s birth certificate that EVERYONE fails to remember. She was playing her usual smear campaigns against “her” political rival. I remember 2008 very clearly and the Clinton’s immediately started their negotiation for a top role in the Obama administration. They sought out the VP spot, but Barack and Michael nixed that idea. Hillary would’ve challenged is decision publicly and went for someone who wouldn’t challenge his decisions and eventually became the comedic relief of the Obama administration, Joe “Quid Pro Joe” Biden. REMEMBER the mainstream media started telling the truth about how corrupt the Clinton’s were and started asking questions about their Foundation. I remember Bill becoming irate over that report. So, they sought out another high-ranking role for Hillary. I believe she wanted a spot on the Supreme Court but that was also nixed, too. It was Bill who came up with the idea of Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is the third-highest official of the executive branch of the federal government of the United States and the top member of any President’s cabinet. So, she was third in line. She sold her political capital and influence to the highest bidder as SoS, it would’ve cost us even more if and when she was the VP.

  5. Randall clark says:

    Hillary must want to run back into the woods, and cry again, if she gets onboard and loses again, as she is most certainly to do!! She evidently has not had enough!!! BRING IT ON KILLARY, SO WE CAN HUMILIATE YOU AGAIN!! FROM THE PATRIOTIC PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY!!! WE WANT TO SEE YOU CRASH AND BURN AGAIN!!!

  6. KEITH says:

    The Ob/Mama HomoCrats are too hung up on the LGBTQ-RADICALIZED-TORRORISTIC-CHILDREN-ABUSING BULLY ORGANISATION, to be good at ANYTHING ELSE, Pathetic and Mentally Retarded Bunch.

  7. Gary says:

    That’s Getmo

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