Hillary Clinton just suffered the biggest embarrassment of her life

Hillary Clinton just won’t go away.

She re-emerged to give another speech where she rattled off all the excuses for her defeat.

But it ended up being the biggest embarrassment of her life.

Clinton spoke at The Wing, a women’s social club in New York City.

During the speech, Clinton claimed sexism was one of the reasons she lost.

Breitbart reports:

“Clinton spent much of her time listing those she blamed for her 2016 defeat.

Asked whether the #MeToo movement would have happened by now if she had been elected, Clinton said yes and claimed that her loss accelerated the wave that was already coming.

She then lamented how hard it is to watch Donald Trump be President, but that she admires the “resistance.” Clinton talked about trying to keep herself aligned with what will make a difference, the midterm elections, a “political action that reigns in this administration.” She said without that, you haven’t “seen the bottom yet.”

“You can march from now til doomsday, but if you don’t elect people who agree with you, and defeat people who don’t, nothing will change,” said Clinton.”

That was a big mistake and Clinton looked like a massive hypocrite.

The Wing is under investigation for gender discrimination.

Men are not permitted to use the work spaces or social club.

Clinton was whining about sexism from the stage of group that forbids half the population from entering under its roof.

Hillary could not have looked more clueless if she tried.

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  1. James F M Baur Jr says:

    She didn’t faint at all. She couldn’t get into the limo because she was drunk on her ass from the Chardonnay she loves so well. Maybe she passed out, instead of “fainting”, as her press secretary spun the story. I wonder what time she starts drinking in the morning. Dunno,
    and don’t really care. Just think how wonderful it would be to have the First Lush meeting with other Heads of State. If she’s as mean a drunk as they say she is on a normal basis, WWIII couldn’t have been far off, had she been elected. Just sayin’.

    • Jerry says:

      Why the hell is she still out of Jail.That corrupt bitch.Her and MRS obumber should shut the hell up.Sessions do your job.

      • James F M Baur Jr says:

        Money, corruption, and politics, not to mention the possibility of blackmail, accounts for why she and Billyboy are still allowed to roam free. No jail bologna & cheese sandwiches for them, ever.

  2. Joeyounger says:

    People, let me say this: I,m like most of you, a fiscal Conservative. I try very hard to not lose my temper at Liberals who say that I’m racist, prejudice, or bigoted when l disagree with them. Hillary Clinton does not live in the same reality as you and l(but let me reassure those Liberals out there who are of the all-inclusive persuasion, she’s not out “there” by herself. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and certainly Isaaiha Cummings are kelping her very good company). Her whole life was set on autopilot to gain for herself the POTUS title and power. Hillary is NOT stupid!!! As much as l wish l could say this, l just can’t. She’s manipulative, coercive, and decisive, but for self-promoting purposes. She lies, she steals, and she kills. Guess what? She’s never been convicted nor likely ever serve time in jail. I’ve always said give the Devils his due…give Hillary credit for what she has Been able to do. She’s not stupid!!! Hillary made to many enemies in her quest for power. She didn’t quit, she didn’t concede, and for what it’s worth she took her lumps. Those enemies never forgot what her husband did, nor forgave her for them(him) either. Not likely to see Hillary run in 2020, too many Dems still licking their wounds….and in 2024 she will be 77 years old…words of advice, don’t take your eyes off Chelsea, cause she was raised by her mother and father, and scripture tells us the acorn rarely falls far from the oak trees. Hillary lost the 2016 election by a landslide in the electoral college(and Being the biased conservative I am, I’d bet she lost the national vote also) so why should we care what she thinks? Sore losers do what sore losers do: they whine. Fox News is keeping a running tab on everyone and thing that cost Hillary the election according to her(never once is she taking any blame on herself, but the Deplorables, Russians, Chinese, lndians, and the DNC, the Macedonians,Syrians, Republicans, Independents, which make up about 6.8Billion people on the planet, leaving 65 million people who voted for her). Seriously though folks, her days are numbered and along with those 65 million people who voted for her we no longer need to pay attention to…let’s just be grateful for President Trump and help him get reelected in 2020. What Hillary and her gang say doesn’t matter. They ain’t got nothing to say or get into a fuss about. MAGA

    • Mikey says:

      I’ve been called all those vile names as well. I just chalk it up to the progressive left demonstrating how small minded they really are.

  3. C Bodway says:

    She is great for the Dems…Let her keep talking like that the Dems will see through her….keep her going. She will open her month and put her foot in it.

    • 100% agreement. I hope she keeps it up long enough to get more Republicans elected to the Senate and House, and our President Trump re-elected in 2020. If she keeps whining long enough more bad things could happen to her.

  4. Len Remple says:

    I demand to be unsubscribed.
    I dont want your half truths, half lies.

  5. Bob Hunt says:

    I believe Hillary Clinton is finally a has been and is no longer relevant if she ever was and for that I am eternally grateful! I cannot imagine another four or eight years of Obama style policies or maybe even worse.

  6. Betty says:

    Prayers helped get Donald Trump elected and I’m so thankful. I am a woman and no man told me how to vote. I would never vote for Hillary, or any Clinton!

    • Thank you. No man told me how to vote either. I voted for President Trump and am proud to have done so, and will do so again.

    • Amen. Thank you Lord for helping President Trump to be elected. I certainly trust our Lord to keep helping our President and those Republicans that really are intent on helping President Trump, stay in the House and Senate, and help elect those who are serious in helping the President with his agenda of MAGA. President Trump, with God’s help will continue to learn to walk with our Lord and Savior.

  7. Michael says:

    I have said since the mid 80s, that the Clinton’s don’t care about America…they only care about the Clinton’s. This B*TCH, crooked Hillary who won’t shut her big mouth about losing the election…is the same women who said ” a few Americans died…what difference does it make now” and She is for taking our guns from us. .for a third rate person, Crooked Hillary should be in jail for crimes against America… Not telling lies to America and getting paid for it!

    • Michael says:

      That 3rd rate secretary of state Crooked Hillary was selling favors through the Clinton Foundation on the idea she was going to be president …her and that piece of crap Obama armed rebels to overthrow a government that the USA didn’t like…but gave us no trouble ..now those rebels ate terrorists… Killing Americans with guns Hillary and Obama gave them. The only kid the Clinton foundation ever helped was Chelsea. She needs to be in jail

  8. BILLY miller says:

    when Hillary farted, it was so bad, the ceiling sagged. & the wallpaper fell off the walls.

  9. Ernesto says:

    This idiot should of been arrested and hanged for TREASON, RAPE, MURDER and a million other things …..ALREADY!! What the Hell is taking so Long?? If that is not enough ….. proof check into the rest of sewer crap that the Clinton’s have done and so far gotten away with!!

    https://youtu.be/I144CFnWkAg Hillary Clinton Is Scared To Death As Congress Will Use This To Lock Her Up

  10. Ernesto says:

    Where and When in Hell is this BITCH GOING TO BE HANGED FOR TREASON!! MURDER, ETC., ETC!!

    https://youtu.be/I144CFnWkAg Hillary Clinton Is Scared To Death As Congress Will Use This To Lock Her Up

  11. TooLateNow says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!
    It is impossible to embarrass someone who has NO shame.

  12. Carol Alonardo says:

    Hillary is ruled by Hell. The Devils own. We are in a spiritual Civil war of good and evil.
    Our real American President is ruled by God . He was put in the White House to bring
    Back America. In spite of the pitfalls he has to endure. God has blessed him.

  13. Tom E. Gunn says:

    I disagree with the idea that Clinton can be embarrassed. To be embarrassed , it’s necessary to have at least a small degree of humility, a sense of decency, a spark of honesty, and respect for others” feelings. She, like her husband, lacks all of these attributes. Ergo, she can’t suffer from embarrassment. She is, however, the world’s greatest self-proclaimed “victim”.

  14. Gerald Ladd says:

    I hope the next time she falls down the steps, they let her hit her head.

  15. Cookie says:

    There is no way theClintons or Obama’s or Shultz or Rice will be going to jail. None of them are going anyplace except the White. They seem to have more power than even the Kennedy,s. I never knew how corrupt our gov,t. was until President Trump won the election. And we only know very little. Very scary, very sad. This is no our America anymore. All we can do is pray that Trump can survive all the misery they re putting him through. He,s the only one that can help us. God bless Trump and America.

    • Old Silk says:

      All in due course. Right now we have the previous administration that has created an extra government within our country and has been engaged in civil war with America since they formally left office. They stole a lot on their way out.

    • Connie SICILIANO says:

      Cookie: I believe that you have hit the proverbial nail on the head,,,

  16. Leon says:

    If our Justice Department had any guts and/or any inclination to follow the law, Hillary would be well on her way to jail for her total disregard and handleing of classified material. Just for starters

  17. That wing-nut, HilLIARY, is certifiable! We didn’t just dodge a bullet, we dodged a fricken A-bomb! Because she would have DESTROYED THE COUNTRY: AND, IF the DemocRATs get control of either house or (God forbid) both houses this will be their beginning laundry list of agenda items:
    1. Impeach President Trump
    2. Repeal the tax cut you just got
    3. Increase your taxes even higher
    4. Repeal the 2nd Amendment
    5. Give away citizenship to the millions of illegal aliens currently living in our country
    6. Open the border
    7. Re-involve us in the Paris Accord (or some other equally pointless climate treaty)
    And that is just the beginning of their destroying of America!

    • Janet Hall says:

      Talk about hitting the nail on the head?!?!?

    • Joeyounger says:

      1. You have to have 67 Senators to vote for removal of office…Clinton was Impeached and was acquitted by the Senate.
      2. The Tax cut needs a 2/3 majority to be repealed by the Senate, and the current tax cut become non-gratta in 8 years. Trump winning in 2020 would effectively put that point to rest
      3. Tax increase would require a Presidential approval, ain’t happening.
      4. Takes 2/3 of the 50 States to approve a Repeal of an Amendment…see 21st ammendment/repeal of 18.
      5. Takes a simple majority of Senate(51…) But can be retroactive and certainly proactive in further elections unless they can pass permanent legislation which takes a super majority of Senators (60…) and Presidential approval…ain’t happening!!!
      6. See #5
      7. Takes a Presidential Approval…ain’t happening…
      Until the Senate is firmly(60-plus) in the hands of either party it takes a Herculean effort to do a lot of things politically!!! Otherwise Trump would already be building his wall and throwing the towel- heads out of America left and right…looks pretty iffy that America will ever give either party that kind of power…the Conservatives are looking good though…but things can change quickly if we let our guard down…The porch monkey we just got rid of drives that point home!!!

  18. Marian Ambelang says:

    Actually she wasn’t running for President of the U.S., she was dreaming of being Queen of the entire world. Remember, countries without borders. Queen of the World. She really thinks she doesn’t stink but we all know that she does. Horrible.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      Omg!! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who holds that opinion of her. She must feel that she’s the only woman in the world qualified to assume that position. Lucky for us all she’s willing to serve, in her opinion. The term megalomaniac springs to mind instantly.

  19. Donella S. Wood says:

    I’ve always thought she is a vile person. Now, I think she is not only vile, but truly sick – both mentally and physically. Pitiful, but still a criminal.

  20. Bill says:

    Interesting how anyone who has something against Killary or Slick Willy seems to end up dead. When she announced that she was running, my wife contacted all her friendsand told them she was voting for Trump. So far we have No reason to think that was a mistake.

  21. Stan L says:

    A normal person would be embarrassed, but Hilary Clinton does not feel embarrassment one iota. Why? She is not normal, she is driven by her sub-human fantasy that she is sheer perfection and is always correct.

    • Rosemarie e gaeffke says:

      Yes, she has no shame, she just shrugs her shoulder and moves on and goes over dead bodies.
      The way she now talks, shows how worthless she is as an American citizen not respecting our Constitution, knowing and accepting questions for a debate before the debate. One can go on and on. So very sad and so disappointed. R

    • Joeyounger says:

      Stan, Hillary, like so many long term politicians, is probably suffering from stage1 delusions of grandeur…she has been in the public spotlight so long that what you and l consider glaring inconsistencies and gross negligence(for example: her flippant attitude toward the use of her private e-mail server)she considers easily forgiven/forgotten “mistakes”. In her mind what she does is so much more important than what the rest of the ” universe” does, that having or being shamed does not matter. Hillary, and Bill understand power, and when it is no longer available to them they panic, and immediately look for others who are in the same situation. That’s when their health(usually mental first, then physical)starts to deteriorate…Bill had a heart attack and coronary bypass just shortly after he left office, and Hillary MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT collapse on 9/11 from pneumonia.!!!

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      That’s a pretty fair description of a megalomaniac, wouldn’t you say?

  22. James F M Baur Jr says:

    During the ‘60s, I always considered Hillary to be a pinkocommunist hippie weirdo freak. The more things change, the more they stay
    the same. Due to their conniving natures, (both Bill’s, and Hillary’s), the two
    of them have been able to amass a huge fortune. Not bad, for a couple of Arkansas hillbillies, wouldn’t you say?

    • Gary says:

      James, she is not from Arkansas. Slick willey is, she is from New York.

      • James F M Baur Jr says:

        Oops!! Thanks for the correction. I’d thought she was from Arkansas, moved
        to NY with Billyboy, established residency,
        and later became the NY senator. Shows how much I don’t know. Thanks again.

      • Joeyounger says:

        Gary, Hillary is actually from Illinois…Billy was born in Hope, Ar.

    • Joeyounger says:

      James, Hillary actually helped the Conservatives, under George Wallace during the 60s…in 1973 she was an intern with the special council that was researching articles of indictment for the Nixon-Watergate scandal…Although the Clinton’s control a lot of money, most probably amassed thru her quid pro quo(pay for play) the money is now being watched a lot closer because of the DOJ investigation into her involvement with foreign governments while she was Sec. Of State…we can all agree that her and Bill won’t be eating PBJ sandwiches, but the mistakes she made, and the fact that she wasn’t elected POTUS makes the money she amassed that much more scrutinized.

  23. Jimmy Tucker says:

    This old scumbag homo could not get laid in a whore house. She uses a lot of sex toys on her so called lovers.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      How do you know that without being one of them?

      • Joeyounger says:

        James, when asked if she was ever involved in a Homosexual relationship, she declined to answer the question instead of vehemently denying it, which brings one to suspect she has, or is. Most Lesbian relationships require sex implement s to sexually gratify partners. I was so told this in 9th and 10th grade Health class, by my teacher…l have 7 sisters and they are all educated nurses in the medical field and the told me almost the same thing…that’s about all l have to go on though.

        • James F M Baur Jr says:

          Maybe we could ask Huma Abedin. Ya think? We all live in glass houses, so none of us should throw any stones. We pray for His mercy, because not one of us can stand before His justice.
          Personally, it’s always been my opinion that it’s Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve.
          The bottom line is that that behavior is between that person and God. I
          have no say in the choices other people make as long as their choices don’t
          negatively impact the lives of others.
          I have enough explaining to do when I stand before God. ‘Nuff said.

        • James F M Baur Jr says:

          I agree with your assessment. I’m a retired Medical Technologist (32yrs)
          with the Fed. I loved helping to save lives, too.

  24. Pa says:

    Please run in 2020 Hillary, you will actually be good for America by making it a trifecta.

  25. Here is the real reasons that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election!!!! She was “a liar, a crook, a fraud and a lawbreaker that got away with going to jail for it so far!! The American voters decided that they would become the “Court of Last Resort, even higher than the Supreme Court , and bring her to justice by denying her the office office of President, which has put her now in her own personal jail with all of these excuses for her loss!!c She lied so much that she no longer knew what was a lie and what was the truth anymore and when she got caught with a lie, she told another lie to cover up the first lie and the American voters no longer believed her anymore!! She was her own worst enemy!!!!!…..

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      I’d bet my own that she truly believes,
      in her heart of hearts, she has a pair.
      Maybe we could ask Huma. Ya think?

    • Joeyounger says:

      Leaving the SuCt out of the mix because they could neither convict or acquit her, the rest of your reply is merely conjecture, although l will say a lot of it is irrefuttable, by Conservative Standards.

  26. john dunn says:

    If they don’t allow men in the club, how did old Hillary get in?

  27. james cullinane says:

    Hillary, please ride off into the sunset and take slick Willie with you…..

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      Her ego would never allow her to do that. A deadly aneurysm is our only hope. She ain’t
      leavin’ town, Marshal, any other way, ‘cept for a trip to Boot Hill. Get used to it.

      • Joeyounger says:

        James, Hillary shows all the signs now of being (first) stage manic-depressive…thus the rants and fracasas she has with moments of extreme solitude in between…l sincerely doubt whether she would be physically capable of holding office publicly…Just my gut feeling but l doubt the either Bill or Hillary will be around much longer….God have mercy on their souls!!!

        • James F M Baur Jr says:

          Along with all of our souls, too. I’ve got a lot of ‘splaining to do, myself.

        • James F M Baur Jr says:

          Hillary isn’t going away any time soon for the same reason I would never consider suicide. If I have nothing left, and my life has completely turned to crap, as Hillary’s has, I would never let the world off that easy by committing suicide. Why, you may ask? Because, if I have nothing else, I have entirely too much nuisance value to ever consider suicide a viable
          option. I suffer? You suffer!!

  28. J Ford says:

    Tie a bone around her neck and her to the pound! Maybe she will find a dog that will play with her.

    • Robert says:

      She’s married to a dog that doesn’t want to play with her

      • James F M Baur Jr says:

        In a TV interview with, I think it was Mike Wallace, the Clintons were asked to describe their marriage. Hillary instantly piped up, “A business arrangement. I think it can
        best be described as a business arrangement.” They both smiled, nodded their heads in agreement, and laughed. Mike broke for commercial immediately, and never returned to the Clintons when the show resumed.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      She has Bill. What more could she ask for?

  29. Susan says:

    Please Please HIllary shut up you lost because you are a LIAR a CRIMINAL and a LOSER!!
    You need to be in jail for all of your schemes to take down Trump but you couldn’t do it even with your cheating! Go back to the woods till they come with your handcuffs!!

  30. Tom says:

    Please Demo-rats run her again. She is the best campaigner Republicans have ever had. Loser, alcoholic, liar, criminal, totally devoid of any morals and in my opinion mentally ill. She is the perfect Democrat standard bearer. She represents completely her parties ideals.

  31. Chuck says:

    Hillary and Slick Willy will never go to prison. Money buys murder and pay offs so you don’t go to prison. Laws are for the working stiffs, not the political elite.

  32. Frank Amadeo says:

    and get rid of Shumer, Polosi,and the rest of the dirty corrupt politicians! and put a rag into clintons mouth!

  33. Martin says:

    The hell with Hillary Clinton already. Enough!

  34. Mike H says:

    There are people out there that are still propping her up. Who knows what the reasons are. Maybe they’re making money off her. Everything she did was about her and how much money she was going to make. She could care less about the country. she supposedly was broke. But now she’s worth millions. Figure that one out? The left is going to bury this country.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      The reasons are: Access to power, and access to money. The hangers on are every bit as big
      a bunch of high priced whores as I consider the Clintons to be. They will never go away as
      long as there’s a buck to be made. Morals, in my opinion, were left by the roadside somewhere in Arkansas a long, long time ago.
      Nature of the political beast, as everyone knows.

  35. SFENGR says:

    Let her run and get defeated again…The liberals are totally clueless.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      The truth of your statement will be obvious if the Dems allow her to run again in 2020. While I don’t like her, or her politics, I wouldn’t mind seeing her get her butt kicked
      again. For that reason alone, I hope she runs.

  36. john says:

    Ever since the first men’s only club was forced to accept women, men have tried to join women’s only clubs. When they have taken it to court they lose. Women’s organization have always been allowed to discriminate against men

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      That’s called, “The power of the ….”, as every man knows. Who, in their right mind, doesn’t
      know that? Remember what Greek women
      did to stop their men from going off to war way back when? Read your history, if you’re
      clueless on this issue.

      • Joeyounger says:

        James, the real reason that women are essentially being allowed to discriminate is because their issues are considered more sacrosanct than men’s…in other words men are more brutish by nature and more likely to prevent women from truly(openly, and freely)address issues pertaining to the(m)…men very rarely need to discuss rape, abortion, and Health issues that would restrain them from doing so in the company of a woman. I maybe wrong but the Greeks were always a Patriarchal society and women for the most part were considered property( l believe most were considered little more than chattel)

        • James F M Baur Jr says:

          Apparently you are completely unaware of history. In order to stop Greek men from going off to war every two seconds,
          the Greek women of that time got together and decided to withhold that most wonderful
          of activities from Greek men. It’s referred to as the power of the ……, and it worked.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      What guy would want to join a women’s club?
      Not me, and none of my friends. I am not dissing women, or their clubs, but what kind of guy…… I enjoy being polite, and helping women whenever I can, but joining their clubs? Maybe tomorrow, not today.

  37. Belinda Mitchell says:

    Hillary stay home and enjoy your Grandchildren while you can before you go to prison for your lies, deceit, murders, and betraying America and its freedoms and laws. No one cares what you think but you and I would keep it to yourself. PEOPLE WILL NO LONGER TAKE FALL FOR YOU!M Those days are gone for you and Obama!!

  38. Mike says:

    What makes her clueless is that she has ran for president twice and the democrats rejected her!!! But, she might run again in 2020… How freaking stupid do you have to be. THE PEOPLE DONT WANT YOU TO BE PRESIDENT!!!!!! Get it through your thick commie skull, we don’t want you near the WH, much less living in it!!
    So cry and piss and moan all you want to. It’s you that looks foolish, not the American people.

    • Francisco Machado says:

      I found the campaign bumper sticker amusing – “Run, Hillary! Run! – that people put on the front bumper of their car.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      It’s always about money with the Clintons. She will, in all likelihood, run again in 2020.
      That’s because the government will reimburse her for all of the money she spends.
      Just think of all the opportunities for graft and corruption available to the high priced
      whores we call politicians.
      Bet your last buck she’ll be running if she is able to convince the DNC to allow her to run.

    • Joeyounger says:

      Mike, she was only rejected once by the Democrats, in 2008…she was Senator for 3 terms from NewYork…putting emotion aside, l sincerely doubt Hillary will run for President in 2020…as a (general) rule, the American people don’t usually change Presidents when and if the country as a whole is flourishing…so the only likely time she would kinda stand a chance to be elected would be in 2024, which by then she would be 77 years old…kinda doubt the American people will elect someone that aged.

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