Hillary Clinton just made a statement about Trump supporters that will make you furious

After Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, she immediately embarked a global sympathy tour.

She even wrote a book, “What Happened,” where she blamed everyone else but herself for her defeat.

Now Hillary went back on stage and said something despicable about Trump supporters.

Clinton made it clear that she despises many Americans in Midwestern and Rust Belt states when she famously called them, “Deplorables.”

Her “Deplorables” epithet activated many Trump supporters to show up at the polls in 2016.

Now she is doubling down on that statement.

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday at the Atlantic festival in Washington D.C., former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said President Donald Trump “has been racist, he’s been sexist. He’s been Islamophobic. He has been anti-LQBTQ.”

She added, “He has a view of America that is incredibly constricted. And he talks to that America. He talks to them all the time. And it’s by no means a majority, as we know. But it is a very hard core who are responding to him and supporting him for a variety of reasons. Whatever they might be, economic reasons, Supreme Court reasons, or some of these other more troubling biases and prejudices.”

Clinton is claiming that Donald Trump is appealing to racists and sexists in order to achieve his agenda.

But nearly 63 million Americans voted for Trump.

Hillary is attempting to paint all of Trump’s supporters in this light.

This is a new low – even for Hillary Clinton.

She refuses to accept any responsibility for losing to President Trump and continues to play the role of a victim and sore loser.

While she is reaping the reward of her book tour, her influence within the Democratic Party has begun to wane.

Candidates have started to prepare their 2020 Presidential campaigns and Clinton is being left behind in the dust.


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159 Responses

  1. Ronald says:

    She needs to fall down a few more times to garner a new set of voters.
    I got it her and her daughter need to lay down on a middle east aircraft
    run way and fake an attack on them again.
    God help us all if she get’s this far again in any election.

  2. Steff says:

    Let’s all stop replying to Killery’s comments. When she get’s no attention and no action, that will be when she finally disappears.


  4. Allen says:

    hillerie is a pathological LIAR, she lies so much she believes it is true. She and billie are
    the best damn liars that money can buy, they sold their souls. Hope her mother crawls out from the porch and bites her. Hope her next destination is permanent. God Bless America

  5. minnie says:

    As it is now, the dems are showing just how little they care about this country. They are making the divide much wider as each day goes by. They should read how much the people have turned against them. it seems they are doing it on purpose, but why? More democrats are switching parties then ever before, a lot of the everyday democrats don’t like the violence that they portray, all we want is a peaceful, prosperous country again. I kind of hope they keep up with the hate thou, makes more people want to vote Republican.

    • M says:

      minnie, The Dem leadership as well as the rank and file have no idea how many of them have left the Dem party and more leaving daily. Also, there is no way they could be convinced it is happening. They would never be able to comprehend that! Their philosophy is “good Dems follow orders and obey without fail and with out question”! They do not realize how many have already left the party because they are tired of the mean, unethical, untruthful, destructive and un-American antics going on.
      Leadership’s plan is to keep coming at us until we get tired and quit resisting them. Make no mistake they are very good at what they do and stick together to get it done. I hope Republicans will work together, as we did with Justice Kavanaugh, to continue to move America forward. VOTE them out!
      #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need you!

      • minnie says:

        Also, Republicans are more united and more charged up now then they have ever been, Obama taught us just how evil the Dems can be. Keep going republicans, don’t let up. Vote in November. Keep the strength and the movement going. We can get our government back. I’ve already got my absentee ballot to vote, VOTE REPUBLICAN.

  6. James P Hutchins says:

    The clintons and the obamas are irrelevant to the American people.

  7. BwaHa says:

    Darn, I’m going to miss the fool when they drag her off to some hell hole somewhere once everything catches up with her and slick willy. She’s always good for a guttural laugh. I mean, it’s unintentional on her part of course. She’s her own favorite fan and she thinks she’s loved by all. But when she talks I laugh… or wince then laugh. She’s a funny little brainless puppet.

  8. Savior says:

    and where should she go….Life in a Federal Prison is where she belongs…..

    • ronald fischer says:

      Savior: Life in a Federal Prison is to good for her,if found GUILTY along with that Kenyan Illegal Immigrant and the rest of the SS Democrat Nazi Party should be HUNG in the White House off the ROSE GARDEN for commenting Treason against WE THE PEOPLE.May they R.I.P. in HELL were they belong.

      • Mark H Giles says:

        How about we make an offering to the volcano god Pele in Hawaii? It will be a good start on their way to hell!

      • Stephanie Cripe says:

        I like your plan. I would even plan to go to see that even though I am dead set against torture of any kind. This punishment would be just for their crimes.

    • dandy says:

      some womens prison so she can be USED AS A BITCH THAT SHE IS

  9. WillS says:

    I think she’ll flee the country permanently for a secret hideout in Kazakhstan or Tajikistan once a real russia probe gets underway. Comey and maybe even Mueller will be right behind her.

    • Renata says:

      She isn’t worth the ink to write a note about! She is so low even dirt is higher than she is! She has lied so much she thinks lies are the truth! She only cares about Hillary and how much money she can swindle out of people like Soros – put them all on a one-way trip to some abandoned island where there is no civilization and see how long they survive!

  10. ronald fischer says:

    This is the Bitch that committed Treason apone WE THE PEOPLE with her Illegal Server that she was giving our secrets to our enemies.It was all about the Millions she was making after she said she was dead broke,this bitch who i call Top Secret(kIllary) that was a Traitor along with her leader that Kenyan Illegal immigrant along with the rest of the Democrat Nazi Party.This is the same why that Hitler started out against the people of Germany in the 1930s now it’s right here in our county that the SS Democrat Nazi Party is trying to do against our county and must be stopped at all cost.This is what you call TREASON and TYRANNY against the most Evil people in our country and that is the SS DEMOCRAT NAZI PARTY look up the word Treason and the word Tyranny and that would be the SS Democrat Nazi Party.

  11. Freddy says:

    Should Hillary Clinton “just go away already?
    Yes. Into a securely locked concrete room with barred windows

  12. Terry says:

    Hilary I remember the rally where you pointed your finger at Donald Trump and told him that if he can’t accept the Outcome of the ELECTION, He was what was wrong with Democracy.
    Hey HILARY look’s like you’re what’s WRONG with Democracy!!!!!!

  13. Ronald Decosola says:

    What about the fact that Hillary jumped all over Trump when he did not say for sure that he would back however won the election. She Said that that was the American way. She and the rest of the democratic party most not be Americans. Just think what Trump could accomplish if he had some support.

  14. Ed says:

    The Democrats That are Whining ( Plus Others) Should Have a FULL EXTENSIVE Back Ground INVESTIGATION Done On Them! There The REAL CRIMINALS! This Country Is Totally Pathetic, You Have People That Committed Treason & Other HIGH Crimes Walking Around Scot Free! ( Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, John Kerry, To Name A Few!) And To “REALLY” Add As they Say Salt to the Wound Eric Holder For just One is Going To Run for president! You Can’t Get Any More (“PATHETIC & GROSS!”) The “AMERICAN DREAM is DEAD”! (“GOD PLEASE HELP AMERICA”)!

  15. Rowdy says:

    No you don’t have to go away. Hang around until we can put you in prison for the rest of your life.

  16. krymson says:

    Putting Hillary Clinton back against Trump would be akin to the Republicans sacrificing McCain when they ran him against Obama. They knew he had but a small chance to win, so they used McCain as a pawn to see were they stood against the first Black man to run for the Presidency. Their assumptions were correct: McCain was defeated by a demographic who wanted a Black President, without regard to his qualifications. Clinton has burned too many bridges behind her and has become more of a detriment than an asset to the DNC.

    Under President Trump, the economy has risen over 4% across the board, the DOW is up (having reached its highest level just weeks ago) and employment is up, while unemployment is down. Why anyone of at least normal intelligence would criticize those results is beyond comprehension.

  17. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    With ALL of the numerous crimes you and Bill have committed, YOU have the guts to down anybody. Even little bastard Chelsea has committed crime against the Foundation, and I am sure at your request, and been locked up for breaking the law in Pennsylvania, only to be released. If it were anyone else, we would have to go through the system. I sort of blame the PD for that one. Obviously no one has got the BALLS to follow through when a crime is committed by someone of a dubious stature., Your whole family is a bunch of rapists, murderers, thieves, scammers, lairs, etc…..

    • JimBo says:

      She’s a LOOSER and UGLY AS A PIECE OF DOG DUNG TOO. Look at her fat a$$ and 60″ waist. How would you like to wake up on New Years Day in a Skid Row Hotel all hung over and find that thing lying next to you & naked too. That would sober your butt up real quick.

  18. Mrs. Clinton has serious psychological problems. Her husband or daughter should be looking at professional help for her. Her reluctance in accepting her loss as a Presidential candidate, is truly over the top. She has become a pest. Time to give up the ghost.

    • gator1246 says:

      She is correct about one thing , us deplorables are going to do our best to she she goes to jail , by using the same tactics that mueller is using , as the old saying go’s , what go’s around comes around . And hillary it is coming .

    • dandy says:


  19. Joanna says:

    Who the hell cares what this CROOK has to say!!!! WE THE PEOPLE SAY YOU ( HILLARY ) belong in JAIL!!!!

  20. jim says:

    If Comey had done his job Hillary would be wearing an orange jumpsuit looking through bars. So sad what happens when evil is not overcome when the power to stop it was denied by those in power. Comey belongs behind bars with Hillary and the rest of those who conspired together to pervert justice and abuse their authority and power. Shame on them all, and may they all fall and reap what they have sowed.

  21. JG says:

    She’s one to Judge with the rest of her Bimbo ( Dem.)

  22. Mike says:

    Hilary the Looser Liar and DumbA$$ ‘C’

  23. Pam says:

    LOL – Right you are Bill – she is the true bride of satan!

  24. Guy Tuten says:

    both the clintons should be in prison for life without chance of parole

    • jim says:

      The Rapist and the BENGHAZI DISGRACE,,,,,They have raped America, the sale of our Uranium to Russia, and then accepting $145,000,000.00 in their “FOUNDATION” should be enough to put them both behind bars for a LLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time! The Email fiasco, the Lies to the Congressional Committee about everything she had and had not done, the Smashing of the Blackberries, Use of an illegal Server, in her closet, and GOD only knows how many other ways that she was TOTALLY INEPT as Secretary of State! The Big ZERO gave her that position as a TRADE-OFF for her stepping aside and letting him win the presidency! The people that are having her speak are only doing so to find out exactly just how demented she actually has become. I would truly like to see formal charges brought against Slick WILLY, and at least make him PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE TO HIS VICTIMS, BY NAME INDIVIDUALLY!!! His “I’M ABOVE ALL OF THIS, AND YOU, has been tolerated way too long!!!

      • Traece says:

        Right you are!!! Barry and Hillary. These 2 are the dynamic duo of EVIL. When they’re not raping countries of their wealth and natural resources, they’re raping the population.
        Just ask anyone from Haiti.

  25. keith says:

    HAG that is EXACTLY WHY(among other reasons) your SORRY ASS isn’t running this Country. You think your way is the ONLY WAY. Go find old billybob and do some PETERPUFFING on his used SKANKY other women smelling -oc-!

    • truthistruth says:

      while I most often don’t agree with Hillary, reading conservative websites and their postings, I have discovered more racist and sexist writings than I have seen in years. Not all postings, of course, but sure have seen vulgar words like “bitch,” “whore,” “skank” “slut” and many other vile comments made toward woman, some about Dr. C. Ford. A small minority of people who post make clearly racist statements and face facts, the neo-Nazis and KKK groups rose up with Trump’s victory – – and he refused to condemn them as they chanted racism against the Jews.

      It was a very hateful think Trump did in mocking Dr. Christine Ford. He could have said he agreed with Judge K and didn’t agree with her, but to MOCK some one who claims she was sexually assaulted, just like Trump MOCKED the disabled reporter – – – shows a complete disrespect for the office of the president and the constitution of this country.

      • Robert E Ball says:

        Hey, truthistruth, you should change your name to falseisfalse. You expect President Trump and all of us who support him to stand back and let these women, whose stories are more full of holes than swiss cheese, destroy a good man and his family? You, like all the dem/libs, think you can say any nasty thing you want, but when conservatives say something it is “racist”, “islamaphobic”, etc. You are all such hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • baartz says:

        Ford has Mocked all legitimate victims of sexual abuse with her obvious lies, talking in a little girl voice, and making false claims. Not only that, Ford has mocked our system of justice and tried to manipulate it for political reasons. The fact is that Ford’s whole charade is to continue the murder of unborn babies. Talk about hate. Who hates unborn babies but the democrats? The majority of Americans see the obvious abuse and assault of the political and legal process that Ford has perpetrated. President Trump is justified in calling out this abuse and charade.

      • Teragram says:

        You really fall for the fake news don’t you. President Trump was not mocking Christine Ford, he was merely repeating her “don’t no(s).” Pointing out how incredibly weak her accusations really were. I detected no hate in the president’s tone, simply truth. Talking about truth, I think your screen name is inappropriate as you don’t seem to really search for truth, merely echo reports from your fake news station.

      • James says:

        I agree most of the posts here prove Hillary to be correct … Most posting here are not informed … Just biased and there hate and ignorance shows

      • Will says:

        This is BS, you mean to tell me there is no racism on the other side ??? and as far as Trump mocking anyone , he only stated what was said, so where does the mocking come from . Poor little snow flake mentality , PC`s just can`t face the facts. Get a grip.

      • Mike G says:

        Dr. Ford was a proven liar, and no one was able to back her up.

  26. Lorraine E Blazich says:

    hillary is above the law and will never be prosecuted for any of her crimes. Even the murder of four Americans who were calling for help from Benghazi and who her state dept allowed to be murdered had zero impact upon her. The deaths in the clinton death toll documentary will never be examined. Her crimes associated with the clinton foundation slush fund will never be revealed. Whitewater, Chinagate, Filesgate, Benghazi, and hiding and eliminating secret emails are all perfectly okay because crooked hillary is a member of all of the tentacles of the beast one world government and she is therefore untouchable. So she has free reign to do and say whatever she wants because she is above the law.

  27. Olaf says:

    I must admit, about the only time I’m pro-abortion is when I wish Dorothy Howell Rodham had aborted her first child… this would have made the USA a much better place to live, and PERHAPS had made Bill Clinton a better person

  28. buchwheat says:

    Hillary just the hell shut up and go sit on your rocking chair. WE THE PEOPLE have spoken and we do NOT and DID NOT want you as President of our great country. Understand that and just shut up. Maybe you should go and sit with Bill and talk about the old times with Monica.

    • Jerry Hampton says:

      Why isn’t Hilary in prison for her crimes? Sale of uranium to Russia, Clinton Foundation scam, lying to Congress, private email server, campaign finance issues, death of US Embassy personnel in Benghazi, etc. If ever there were someone deserving of prison time it is Hilary.

  29. Bill says:

    Hillary RODENT Clinton the “Mother of all Rats” is up to her old bag of tricks I see once again. No matter, no one will listen to her, as her whole story now is, “Poor Me, I lost the Presidential Race through no fault of my own”, ohhh boooo hoooooo, Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink!

    The RODENT or as I now fondly refer to her as “Her Ratness”, has climbed in bed with a lot of very unsavory characters as of late! Her main end is to try to run for President once again, which we are all hoping she does, because Trump will just “trump” her again with his Aces, just like he did last time, in Spades. Some people, usually very stupid people, can’t or don’t seem to be able to learn from their bad choices in life, Ratouski is just one of those types of lunatic people. Oh well, if she runs again that will be a good thing for Republican’s, it will assure our beloved President will win the Presidency again in 2020.

    • Pam says:

      LOL – Right you are Bill – she is the true bride of satan!

    • Ric B says:

      whine, bitch, complain and gripe, Bill. Good Lord, you are like the gripey old fart that loves to whine and complain. Hillary is not around in any office, and I know she beat your asses many times, like in the email and Bengazi hearings, but GET OVER IT and move on for God’s sake!

  30. Donald wills says:

    hill is a has been ,liar ,thief and loser!

  31. Steve says:

    Coming from a treasonous , seditious , child-sex trafficking , NWO / anti-America , terrorist creating & supporting , thief of trillions of taxpayer funds to aid & abet U.S. enemies , organized crime criminal & serial murderous skank !

  32. John says:

    Hillary and obama: Both are a complete DISGRACE to America!
    What WORTHLESS SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Sue Hawkins says:

    This is not the way I have talked before but I feel I must say this in the most clear and true representation of exactly how I feel.

    Hillary Clinton will not accept the fact that apparently Donald J. Trump did have the MAJORITY of supporters or your lying fat ass would be sitting in the White House. It is not because the MAJORITY of Americans think you are still the most despicable slime that allowed 4 men to be massacred in Benghazi. Their family’s despise you and WE, THE DEPLORABLES join with them. YOU will NEVER sit in any place within our Government so you should slither on off to the woods where you hid out for months after your were DEFEATED by the MAJORITY, a group which I am proud to be a member of. We will always be here and you will never be anything more that an angry old bat that is HATED to the core.

  34. dlmstl says:

    You are sadly mistaken to write off the Hunchback of Chappaqua. Why do you think not one 2020 Dem wannabe has made an official announcement? Right now all the speculation and shilling is being handle by the MSM. They know that anything ‘official’ would result in a political ‘knee capping’ from Clinton, Inc. Remember, the Clinton’s have be at this game for 40+ years and have deep roots within the DNC heirarchy. They also have loads of that ‘Mother’s Milk of Politics’…….$$$$$!! Those expecting a Democrat clown car with 12-15 candidates may be in for a rude awakening. It’ll rapidly narrow down to a 3-ring circus featuring the Hunchback, Crazy Bern and Plugs Biden. Former POTUS Barry will be a non-factor. No ‘roots’, no money, did his biding and now too busy enjoying the 1% life style to be bothered.

  35. James P Hutchins says:

    Hey clinton you are a waste of time and space your a crook and a traitor to the American people.

    • Escha LaJo says:

      She is a disgrace to America the people and unborn.
      She should also be investigated for the death of Vince Foster.
      She was to meet him in a park some where in D. C. OrVa. Area took his lunch ate it and was shot but he couldn’t put a bullet in him at the place and angle himself.
      Don’t tell me it was suaside. ???

  36. Ray Bergeron says:

    Your ? … could have/should have read [ adding “ go to JAIL/PRISON”]

  37. Anthony Manzo says:

    Hillary, May this 90 year old Democrat give you some advise. Go to the nearest book store and buy ( if the are Clintinits they may even give it to you). TRUMAN by McCULLOUGH, Go home mix your favorite drink sit in your favorite chair and read what a real Great American and Democrat is really like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE RED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. tom matt says:

    Nothing she says is of any importance .The people who publish these stories about her thoughts ,beliefs,wants,thoughts and so on make me angry because they do not flood the subject of her law breaking actions and DEMAND that she be held accountable.

  39. Rick says:

    With all the crazies running around, to bad none can get to HER !

  40. Emily J. Greer says:

    She does need to go away!!!! She has never spoke for me and/or her ‘name calling’ certainly does not make her winsome in any way. She lost the Presidential election in 2016 ! America does not want her as President!!! God is in control and He did not allow her to become President! She is an agent of evil!

    • Julia says:

      She is the one who is deplorable!!! Lord help her followers, they are headed to H—-!

      • Phyllis says:

        Hilary isn’t a deplorable. They are to good for her. She is dispicable, and a waste of oxygen. If their was any justice, in this world, she would be locked up somewhere, where she couldn’t do any more harm.

  41. B. Nix says:

    HOPEFULLY, Hillary will SOON be in GITMO!

  42. David says:

    I witnessed as a boy, the difference between the left and the right. I was raised a Democrat and watched my parents shift to the Republican party first over moral issues and then for fiscal issues. I have watched the Democrats move further and further left to become an amoral group that uses any means necessary to accomplish their goals. Conservatives must continue to fight or we will lose everything. We must resist Hillary, Soros, Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi and the like or we will lose this nation and our children will lose their inheritance. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled!

    • Lee Cross says:

      I am one of the deplorables…we need to exercise our vote in November to restore law, order and decency in America. We cannot allow satan to destroy our Christian heritage. God go rd us the power to overcome evil.

    • Lee Cross says:

      I am one of the deplorables…we need to exercise our vote in November to restore law, order and decency in America. We cannot allow satan to destroy our Christian heritage. God gave us the power to overcome evil so vote on November

    • calvin Harwick says:

      Very good analysis David.

    • Karolyn Fredette says:

      David: You are right

    • Helen says:

      My parents had the same experience in ’47/’48, & became Republicans because of ‘arm-twisting’ by a ‘political boss’ in south Texas. Intelligent people won’t be pushed around, then or now.

  43. THOMAS says:


  44. Frank Roza says:

    The Dimwitcrats are like little kids on the school grounds that want to take their ball and go home because they didn’t get their way.Obstruction is the name of their game,instead of trying to cooperate for the good of the people,and America.All they have in mind is their own agenda and nothing else counts!


    • Skeet says:

      Carol, I believe that when Obama left office he gave Hillary a PRIVATE presidential pardon, that remains unused until she needs it. Maybe I am wrong but my guess is that she will never face prison., which is too bad.

    • Joy says:

      The Clintons are “teflon”. Their crimes just “roll off”. Their crimes stated early back in Arkansas.

  46. Edward Osler says:

    I live in South Florida. I hold a Masters Degree in Psychology and am a retired psychotherapist. I am also a Trump supporter and a card carrying member of the Deplorables. Hillary says that the President talks to his Mid-West base which is a confined population. She claims that Trump is an aggressive, sexist, racist, Islamaphobic and on and on. Hillary also plays to a confined population: The Entertainment Community who shares the same racist and slanderous rhetoric as the man she hates. If all of the Deplorables formed their own March Against Discriminatory Comments, Hillary Clinton would not have a chance at any time.

    • Richard Knoch says:

      Spot On !

      Remember, obamba promised he would be on the campaign trail to help his Dems, BUT, what happened in his first couple of “teleprompter readings”? The same thing happened to “the Witch”.

      While President Trump has rally’s of multiple tens of thousands, these two aforementioned Lefty’s cannot fill a small room . . . . their “audiences” number under a thousand . . . . and that’s with Soros money “hiring” Lemming to sit in their chairs.

      That explains why obamba has stopped making public appearances . . . . . “the witch” is simply a “slow learner”. ????

  47. Marianne Blasengame says:

    Her being hit by a bus would be better…

  48. minnie says:

    I don’t really care what she says. She is a has-been who never was. When you take donations from people to help other people and help yourself instead, those are the people that belong in hell.
    If she was smart, which she isn’t, she would just disappear and live out her life on money she didn’t earn and always be looking over her shoulder, because, if we’re lucky, one day she will be prosecuted. I hope.

  49. Don says:

    Naw…..this senile, ancient alcoholic is irrelevant to society. One of the most pathetic pathological liars ever born. She’s only important in her own mind……just like Obozo…well and the rest of the dumbascraps.

  50. John Centonze says:

    If I have one disappointment with Trump it is that he hasn’t had a serious investigation mounted into this miserable wretch and the rest of her family and associates. The government is wasting much time and money investigating Kavanaugh based on vague, questionable testimony but the Clintons are left untouched in the face of more tangible evidence.

  51. dave says:

    Who cares what the looser/ coughing c#*t has to say?

    • Al Pannos says:

      Hillary’s tongue is like a sword, it is time for her to leave this world, she is so upset because she cannot make money on all her illegal dealings anymore. The Democratic Congress is at a stand still, they cannot make any illegal money, that’s why they are fighting Donald Trump. Kamala Harris made the most money, so did Blumenthal , he had so much plastic surgery he looks like Frankenstein.

  52. Mike Kahl says:

    Thank you Hillary, the more you bash our POTUS, the more popular he becomes. Sooo keep on bashing.

  53. Carol Murray says:

    She should be in prison….

  54. oakman says:

    Somebody needs to tell this dumb bitch to go stuff her head back up her ass were it belongs, and SHUT THE HELL UP!! Nobody, and I mean nobody with at least half a brain wants to hear her repulsive rhetoric!

  55. Jerry says:

    Why is this bitch not in jail?Sessions get off your ass and do your job

  56. Michael Woolbert says:

    The only way Hillary Clinton can infuriate you is IF you pay any attention at all to anything this OLD WINDBAG has to say. She has to try to stay relevant and somehow get back into government – she has so much more she wants to steal. Remember her whining about being ” broke when they left the White House”?
    Well they sure as hell were no longer broke by the time she was through as Secretary of Take. And look at all the money she was raking in when people were sure she would be the next president. That has ALL dried up.
    There should be a senate investigation into what happened to the $2,000,000,000 that went missing from the Haitian relief fund after the 2010 earthquake. As Secretary of Take – Hillary Clinton sent her precious Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation” 😉 down to oversee the recovery and that money was processed thru that Trust.

    • Elizabeth Davis says:

      I was in Haiti after the earth quake and I can tell you how corrupt if was and the Clinton’s were probably involved The people there called the UN”The United Nothing”, I was at an orphanage which went to the docks to get the free things that was given world wide It cost the orphanage $6,000 to $8,000 per container and rent per day if it let on the dock for any time while the people were in need and the fat cats gitting rich

  57. Rick O says:

    Hillary Clinton is the same as the rest of left-wing elitists, she thinks she knows what’s best for all of us. The only response these creatures have is when facts don’t work lie and if that doesn’t work the labels come out. They call us a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, gun nut, a bible thumper and finally a deplorable. The crazy thing is she’s probably their best hope, I mean who else do they have.. Pelosi,? Waters.?? Feinstein.?? Schumer.??

  58. walter says:

    OLD women don’t go away mad just get of my country and take your ‘family’ with you.

  59. Katy says:

    We didn’t want a liar & thief for our president. You would have sold America out, just to line your pocket. The White House would have had a revolving door for your husband and his gallery of women.

  60. Gerry says:

    Not go away — PUT away in a prison cell for her criminal actions. I’m sure there is a head lesbian in a cell block some where that would love to wrestle her to be head of that cell block.

  61. Nancy says:

    Hillary can not get it through her thick skull that she is a HAS BEEN!! Give it up Hil and go back in the woods and STAY.

  62. Raoul Andrews says:

    This senile, angry. loser is not worth a minute of our time!

    • MARY says:


  63. Kay says:

    HRC is as irrelevant as poop in the pot! No one cares what she thinks or says! We just hate that we have to hear it or read about it!

  64. Vera Grebbs says:

    Is it a sign of mental instability when a person can not accept reality?

  65. Claudia says:

    Who does care what the old, lying witch has to say. She is a crook, nothing but a crook and will always be one. I’m hoping to see her in an orange jumpsuit along with her lying, no good pal, Obama. The whole administration needs to stand before the American public and come clean with all the lies and fast ones they pulled on us over the long eight years we had to endure.

  66. DSC says:

    Hillary can go away but guess what? HERE COMES CHELSEA! ???? And she is just as bad as her mom and dad.

  67. Breaker 19 says:

    Poor old Hillary, she didn’t get to go to her victory party after the election. She was supposed to win, you know. The polls all said so. The “fake” media all said so. They had done everything that needed to be done legally or illegally for her to win. There was no way she could lose. What happened? The people must have had enough of trash like her trying to run our country. I hope they haven’t changed. The 2018 election is as important as the 2016. Get out and vote. We still have people in office who have no business there. Vote them out. Put in people who have the people and out country as the first priority. We can do it. Let’s get it done.

  68. Junius says:

    Why does anyone care what Hillary thinks or feels? She is a waste of good oxygen. she has nothing useful to contribute to anything.

  69. Fr Tom Martin says:

    The Clinton’s played to the Blacks, Abortion supporters, and want to be illegal immigrants families in America. She did not play to the Hispanics as much as she would have liked to because she fared she would lose Blsck votes.

  70. Steff says:


  71. Mo says:


  72. Popeye74 says:

    Hillary Clinton ought to be on trial for treason and malfeasance in office! She and Obama ought to be held responsible for the brave men they abandoned to die in Benghazi! Mr. President, what happened to “Lock her up!”? I want that miserable wench to be held accountable! The Clinton mob has been involved in some of the most outrageous crimes imaginable and they jump slick on criminal activities that would have landed anybody else in prison in a heartbeat! Now we are being subjected to their driveling First Idiot daughter to boot! WHEN will they and George Soros get very conveniently Arkancided?

    • Jeff Beard says:

      Amen Popeye74, keep the faith my friend that investigation can be reopened (and it will be), Corrupt Hillary is the most insignificant and pathetic piece of S**T , Sen. Hirono should tell her to shut the hell up, all she does is cause trouble, she should not say one word about Judge Kavanaugh look at the SCUMBAG PERVERT she’s married to.

  73. Randall says:

    Hillary is the poster child for dissing women who come forward with SEXUAL ASSAULT allegations.

    Why in the world would Hillary have any believability for anything, especially at a time when a sexual assault case is the center of the country’s attention??

    Hillary, you have made a lot of money, your family has made a lot of money and your husband is still rolling in huge speaking fees

    All of the smart people in the country (Blacks, Whites, Latinos and all of the other hate segments that you keep referring to) are smart enough to understand who you are and recognize your need for power. Please enjoy your retirement.

  74. Tony Ng says:

    The Chinese has an old saying: HC is like “a dead chicken that is still kicking the lid of the cooking pot.” Another ancient Chinese saying: “The wicked are the first to make accusations against the righteous.” What a miserable and shameless being!

    • Steff says:

      Love your quotes!!! Here’s one for you….When a lobster tries to crawl out of a boiling pot, you clamp the lid on…..

  75. James P Hutchins says:

    Hey clinton GO MAGA.

  76. James P Hutchins says:

    clinton is a crook and a traitor to the American people.

  77. Joanna says:

    Now clinton is one sick twisted human…How many times did we have to see her drunk ass on tv when she was sec of state rolling to other countries only to play them all..

  78. M says:

    Hillary, repeating the same old tired $hit again and again. She will go away only when she dies or becomes physically disabled and can no longer appear in public. I know, I know, cannot happen soon enough for “the deplorables”! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  79. cathylovesyou says:

    Who cares about what Hillary has to say, let her shrink deal with her.
    3 words for Hillary’s activity and comments. Stink, Stank, Stunk

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