Hillary Clinton just got some bad news that could destroy her 2020 chances

Rumors that Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2020 are picking up steam.

While Clinton failed to win in 2008 and 2016, Democrats have put forth zero viable candidates to challenge Trump.

But Hillary just got some bad news that could destroy her chances of running again in 2020.

The Clinton Foundation has seen over half of their contributions disappear from 2016 to 2017.

Breitbart reports:

Donors have left the Clinton Foundation in the dust one year after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election to President Donald Trump, according to the organization’s latest federal tax filings.

The filings, obtained by the New York Post on Saturday, showed that contributions to the foundation took a $36 million nosedive over the past year—reported contributions fell from $62,912,331 in 2016 to $26,566,825 in 2017.

The $36 million drop in donations comes as House Republicans plan to hold hearings in December on the results of a Justice Department probe into the Clinton Foundation—one month before Democrats assume control of the House.

Donations to the foundation have tanked over the past few years as the organization had tried to fend off allegations that Hillary Clinton used the foundation to engage in pay-to-play schemes with foreign governments.

Deep-pocketed donors made massive contributions to the Clinton Foundation in 2016.

They thought Hillary would win and their contributions would earn them good favor with the new president.

But she lost.

Influence-buyers lost interest and are no longer propping up her foundation.

As her support falls apart she may not be able to win the Democrat nomination.

Let alone defeat President Trump in a rematch.


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77 Responses

  1. Loren Clobes says:

    It would really be great if The Hildabeast would run again, and keep on running until she “dropped out of site”, at the far end of the earth.
    Just wondering, if The Hildabast is going for a US “Record” of running for POTUS and being denyed the most times by the Voters.

  2. The Redhawk says:

    OH Comeon SHILLERY run gain for the THIRD TIME nad after you sTRIKE OUT AGAIN ….GO AWAY FOR GOOD !!… You are a BORING OLD HAG AFTER ALL ….

    • Rose Marie says:

      I can’t tell you how laughable this idiot fool is…she is a billionaire for gods sake and just keeps on making an ass of herself. Doesn’t anyone in the demo party tell her to get lost? soros lost so much money on trying to create something out of this fool and ruin our nation even more than obama did. She truly is a A BORING OLD HAG, YOU ARE SO RIGHT AND SHE LOOKS UGLIER EACH TIME AND THOSE MANNISH CLOTHES SHE PAYS THOUSANDS FOR ARE JUST RIGHT FOR THE man that she tries to be. If I were old billy boy, I’d have run to the hills faster than a speeding bullet, but I guess cheating and abusing women was more his style and this jerk didn’t care what he did, she blamed the women. The clintons are two absolute fools and both should take a slow boat to china or better still hide in the hills of the ozarks…make you want to puke. Give up haglin…

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Hillary has been a has been and will continue to be a disgraced has been.
      However, with a little luck and a lot to JUSTICE, trying to run for president from HELL may be a little bit more than the one she and others make the sacrifices to in their satanic cult rituals. can deliver!

  3. Mott says:

    She is to old to hold the office. And has WAY to many unanswered questions. The ONLY way she could pull it off is to CHEAT, Bet the DemOrats have shown they are very good at that.

  4. a e. perugini says:

    hrc is now a” has been”

  5. Don says:

    Clinton will try to her death to run for president because she’s that narcissistic. I don’t know whether it’s senility, alzheimer’s, or the drugs, but she’s living in the fairyland of her own mind.

    • Rose Marie says:

      She must be on some strong drugs to keep her haggish self going as she really was so unstable and made such a fool of herself when she ran last time. The cartel and the fools putting up money to push this hag forward must have a plan to control behind the scenes; the demo Rats, must not be able to come up with anything to challenge this has been; she has been one person who should have an ‘orange’ jumpsuit on and be looking out at the sun behind bars for all the travesties she has committed. We must be getting soft in the head to let this woman walk free; any ordinary citizen would have already been doing time in sing sing if they did one quarter of the ills she did against this nation, our military, witnesses, challengers, woman, blacks, men, there isn’t a subject she has not bashed..so we should BASH her right out of the lime light. Lefties, get a clue…

    • Jerry says:

      It’s Bill, he wants to keep her busy and out on the campaign trail while his bimbo’s visit! And besides that, he doesn’t like the competition. When the bimbo’s see the two of them together, her balls are bigger than his!

  6. Fr Tom Martin says:

    If breathing she will TRY TO RUN

  7. M says:

    HRC is like a has-been boxer, gets the $hit beat out of him every time he gets in the ring but, loves to fight so much can’t bear to retire.
    Now to be serious, HRC is done, she is in very bad health, needs to be in wheelchair unless her back problem can be corrected by surgery, can you imagine the meds she takes, heard one is a nasty concoction with made with tissue, bodily fluid, and yuk. She might try to campaign but her body can’t tolerate the pace. The Presidency would kill the old girl, I think most people realize it.

    • Jerry says:

      Hey, if you’re a democrat, dead people make great contributions to the party. Having a dead candidate will certainly justify the dead people who have voted for the democrats over the last 50 years.

  8. buddylea says:

    With all of her health issues, I doubt that she could endure another campaign. Just imagine if you will, hillary trying to climb the stairs to get into AF1…

  9. Rick says:

    Send her to gitmo where she belongs with obumer,shummer, polosi and piece of crap Soros!!

    • Rose Marie says:

      Right on, I am with you, you said it all in one fell sweep.. ALL OF THE ABOVE AND THROW AWAY THE KEY….THESE PEOPLE ARE CAUSING MORE PROBLEMS IN THE LAST FEW YEARS AND CAUSED DIVISION AMONG RACES. They do not advocate peace or safety for this nation, they cause havoc and chaos. Gitmo, jail, an island with coyotes..just out of the limelight once and for all.. It is all crooked and sickening.

  10. ronald fischer says:

    The only thing that this old bag can run for is for her life,and it won’t take her that long till she drops with her bad health and her Illegal server that she gave our secrets to our enemies.And her real name is TOP SECRET(KILLARY)that commented TREASON along with her Kenyan Illegal Immigrant that sold our country out to our enemies like IRAN,SYRIAN,and the names keep going on and on and i wouldn’t put it pass him that in was the leader of our enemies along with the rest of the SS Democrat Nazi Party that will bring our country down like they did in 2009 till 2016.

  11. Jan13 says:

    I just wish she & Bill take a very long walk in the woods and not come back. Sick of hearing about the Clinton, Bush & Obama families.

  12. Bill says:

    She can run for President of hell; that is where she belongs

  13. Dorothy says:

    I have nothing left to say all that I wanted to comment were all well said by these great men and women.

  14. jim says:

    For her to even contemplate another run would be a total insult to the entire Nation!!! She was TOTALLY INEPT as Secretary of State, got 4 AMERICANS KILLED, used her position to travel at taxpayer expense all around the world soliciting donations on the promise that she would be the next president and could repay in favors, many times over. She used a private server for emails, had that in her closet , sent Confidential emails on that server and her eight BLACKBERRY units, and then had them smashed so there could be no record of her crooked transactions, LIED TOTALLY TO THE CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE, SO BADLY THAT MR. GOWDY WAS TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH HER> THEN SHE DESTROYED OVER 30,000 EMAILS AFTER THEY WERE DEMANDED BY THE COMMITTEE! THEY SET UP THEIR CLINTON GLOBAL FOUNDATION TO FUNNEL TAX FREE MONEY INTO THEIR OWN CONTROL, OVER 50 OF THEIR CLOSE ASSOCIATES HAVE HAD THEIR LIVES CUT SHORT, and I could go on, and on, and on,,,,,,,,,,,I get more angry every time I write this stuff! THE URANIUM, the NINE PEOPLE THAT HAD TO SIGN OFF ON THAT DEAL FOR IT TO MATERIALIZE,,,,,,,GOD< THERE IS NO END TO CLINTON DISHONESTY. What can SLICK WILLY SAY WHEN HIS GRANDKIDS ASK ABOUT MOLESTING THOSE WOMEN??? NUFF SAID!

  15. Bender says:

    House republicans can have there turn investigating the Clinton Foundation. The New York State Attorney is investigating the Trump Foundation no pardons for state crimes. After seeing rethuglicans investigation tactics I like Clinton Foundations chances better.

    • truthistruth says:

      Many may not have noticed it yet, but the downhill slide for Trump has already begun. Plus Trump was involved with Cohen in election felonies (Cohen already plead guilty), and the payoffs Trump indicated, were paid through his company under “legal fees” to Cohen. “legal fees” are tax deductible but paying off mistresses are not – – so I would expect tax fraud in NY state – – so even if Trump could get pardoned for his numerous federal crimes, as you said, there is no pardon for those.

  16. Mork Jungle says:

    I hope she goes away permanently. Prosecuted or hopefully by violent confrontation for all the pain she has inflicted on people and their families. She is a horrible person wanting power. She deserves evil to turn on her and give her what she has done to many.

  17. James P Hutchins says:

    clinton who you mean the crook and traitor and a liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people.

  18. William Bishop Sr says:

    No way to crooked

  19. Nolan Raborn says:

    That pathetic old hag must never again be allowed to hold public office. She deserves death for all the treasonous acts she has committed and at least deserves life behind bars. Anything else is a travesty of justice!

    • Mary Ann says:

      She should never be allowed to reap any profit from all her unlawfully and unethically obtained funds in her pay to play schemes, proof of which is that funds have dried up since she no longer holds any clout in public office. Had she become president the Foundation profits would have soared and she, Bill and Chelsea would be wallowing in their ill-gotten gains. Fortunately for we the people, she L-O-S-T, and hopefully will never run again except to prison where the three of them belong.

      • Jeff says:

        a little late for that. She and Bill have millions.

        • Debi Felder says:

          So, many with millions have had to pay for their crimes, time for her & willy both need to live their lives out behind bars! They are CRIMINALS OF THE WORST KIND! Yes their grandchildren should wonder why their grandparents were such CRIMINALS & HATED BY THE HARD WORKING LEGAL CITIZENS OF THE USA! But NO CHILD DESERVES THEM (hillary or willy) as grandparents or parents for that matter, felt sorry for Chelsea as a child, just Don’t be like your parents if you have any goodness within yourself after having those 2 CRIMINALS AS PARENTS!!

    • Richard Van Horn Sr says:

      Lock her up for treasonwithout any chance of paotole

      • Ric B says:

        Are you talking about Hillary or Ivanka with her private email service for government business, just like Hillary?

        • Debi Felder says:

          Get your story right, IVANKA NEVER DID THE ILLEGAL CRIMES HILLARY DID WITH HER EMAILS! Any errors done by IVANKA are truly legitimate errors & ARE NOT INTENNTIAL LIKE ALL CRIMINAL ACTS BY HILLARY & her accomplists (known as aides) in crime! Big difference like intention to commit criminal acts as Hillary did! Against all us, the citizens of the. USA, REMEMBER THAT EVERYONE!!!!

          • Ric B says:

            Wow, Debi, yo must have the insight of like Karnac to be able to see inside the intentions of others. Ivanka did the exact SAME ACTS, and she should damn well know because her father and the whole campaign made a clear fuss over it with Hillary. You get really touchy when it comes to a Trump criminal getting their due.

          • M says:

            Ric B, As usual you don’t know or tell the truth.

            1. Hillary had intent to commit crime
            2. Ivanka had NO intent to commit crime

            No mind reading needed to figure this out.
            As intelligent as you think you are, you should be able to figure out Hillary’s intent. If you can’t, don’t let us know, you will make yourself look like a super simpleton!

          • Steelie* says:

            M. et al. ‘ivanka’ Need WTFU. Period. NO PASS.
            ‘i’ Recognize All Truth & Chronological Factoids.
            No Matter ‘from Where’.
            (i should be a damn ‘justice’. ) that’s rite. i reek of
            ‘discernment’. & Thankful for ‘the Gift’.

          • Steelie* says:

            M. Ignorance/naivete’ NEVER ‘holds up’ In Court. Capish.

          • Steelie* says:

            ps. 2 + Yrs !!! for ‘ivanka’ & remains a ‘duh’. Please ‘recall’
            she ‘FORGOT to Register to VOTE for her 0wn Father !!!

    • RON Hatt says:

      As to the Clinton Cartel, getting “any” donations……Who is stupid enough, “Anti-American” enough to donate “ANY” $$$$$ to this defunct, & corrupt foundation? This “defies” any, & all logic!

      • Bama Bill says:

        Mr. George Soros has given her millions every year. Chelsea Clinton agrees with the “Open Borders Foundation” goals of “No Governments”, “No Religions”, and “No Borders”! With the “Elite Billionaires” like Soros and his family ruling the world. Soros now “Rules” over Europe, with his people in Belgium in control. The muslims are happy to now have taken over many areas in Europe.

    • RON HATT says:

      The Clinton’s….Harvey Weinstein, & way, too many Libtards, in America…..are “SPAWN OF SATAN!”

      • Ric B says:

        But they are all minor players compared to the major criminal, corrupt Trump!

        • Debi Felder says:

          Minor NO! Ric, get your story straight, if you are not corrupt like Clinton, obama, sores ( who are corrupt for themselves ONLY) how about corrupt for the good of your country & fellow man & yourself too for that matter, but in a good way, making life better for your country & the people who live there!!

          • Ric B says:

            Debi, get your conspiracy stories and names correct if you are going to babble them out. The guy who you blame for everything is named “Soros” and he is the boogieman for the right and like the former Greek gods who were blamed centuries ago, supposedly is the cause of all your numerous losses.

          • M says:

            Ric B, Sarcasm, Sarcasm, Sarcasm, Ric, and you are not even good at that!
            Tsk, Tsk!

  20. Steve says:

    She lost before because she is a organized crime criminal ! Is there another female , in the entire world , as evil as her ? Clinton murder count is up to 118 now ! Not to mention so many counts of treason , sedition , child-sex trafficking , Clintons should be in GITMO with all this , awaiting fulfilment of maximum sentence !

    • Papa Harley says:

      The Clinton’s are ripe for the death sentence! A public hanging or something!

    • Ric B says:

      You ignorant jerks have made all that up – – – I can’t believe even YOU are stupid enough to believe ANYONE could get away with 118 murders. Don’t you feel at least a little bit stupid for being so naive and empty-headed? Of course, you did vote for Trump . . . . ..

  21. Kara Wright says:

    She and Bill were the ones to makes the money disappear. She will never win another election in her life and will always want to hint at running so she can have her talks about herself. She is finished as a money raiser after she and Bill funneling the money given to them into various others account for personnel use. She look very bad and worn out and I just bet Bill is still fooling around and bring home all sorts of problems. To bad Harvey Weinstein is broke cause they still consider him a friend.

    • Ron Hatt says:

      Only sex perverts, could “consider him a friend”……insanity, runs deep in the Libturd party! Weinstein, & Slick Perverted Willie, & “Hilllary”, are all cut from the same cloth! Corrupt, A-moral, Sociopaths…..”all”!

    • Robert Yormick says:

      Yes she WILL always HINT at running again because that’s what keeps her in the limelight & the Lame Stream Media following her around like Lemmings chasing the Pied Piper.

      She can’t rely on the black vote as much as before, as there was an article on AOL that indicated that black women voters in Florida & Georgia put the white candidates for Governor & a Senate seat in Florida over the top against 2 black candidates.
      What did Obama , Maxine Waters, Frederica ( Cowboy hat ) Wilson , who’s congressional district includes part of Broward County, you know the district that can’t run an election right , Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Elijah Cummings done for their people either in their Congressional districts or as private citizens to LIFT & HELP their race prosper?
      Not to much if anything at all for the bunch of them.

  22. Walt says:


  23. Terry Trammell says:

    Hillary Clinton and Obama should be tried for treason and shot. That would have a major effect on people attempting to create trouble in the United States if they could see real actions taken to maintain law and order.

  24. jolly roger says:

    Unfortunately if she ran the clueless left will support her all the way throwing good money after bad again for the 3rd time.

  25. The Old Captain says:

    I just wish they would prosecute the crooked one and put her where she belongs….in prison for the rest of her life……she committed treason and in some cases is punishsable by death…..just wishing

  26. Norma Garcia says:

    Past the expiration date on the box. She just doesn’t know when to retire gracefully.

  27. Klee horoff says:

    gosh, would be laughable regarding Randall Hawn’s wish that she will be prosecuted for “the laws she has broken” except it is an extremely old & worn out wish. WHAT LAWS exactly? She testified before the Senate regarding her email usage for hours and they could find nothing to hang her for, so please let’s move on. This country has so much more to concern itself with. As far as her being the next nominee. Don’t think so. I think the Dems will be looking at Elizabeth Warren or rising star newcomer, Beto O’rourke.

  28. Mark says:

    The Crooked Witch will stop at nothing to get another shot at the White House. She thinks it is owed to her. Owed because she put up with Slick Dick Willie all those years. Owed because she is a woman. Owed because she is the smartest person on earth or the Universe or anything. Einstein pales in comparison to this gift to all us deplorables.

    • Robert Yormick says:

      Yes she’s so smart that in MANY,MANY of the testimony’s she gave to Congress she said she couldn’t recall or didn’t remember certain things she was asked about .
      If she can’t recall things that are important, how will she remember past events that have happened if she’s to make important decisions effecting people in this country & effecting world affairs?

  29. Ellie says:


  30. marsha mefford says:

    if the american people are lucky they will find her in prison in 2020 for all the crimes she has committed against the American people and our country. that will make a lot of americans happy and feel like justice is being done.

    • Rose Weleski says:

      I agree Marsha! That is the just thing to do…after all, if you or I would have committed the crimes she has, we would have been behind bars long ago!

  31. Marsha says:

    Many Democrats are not openly honest. They don’t want open borders and health care for the illegals, which is why she lost the election !! There’s very little chance she’ll be nominated especially since she advised the UK to stop their huge immigration problems for many reasons yet wants Americans to support/take care of illegals.

    • reality check says:

      Now, do you all FEEL BETTER since you have had your weekly, if not daily, BITCH and WHINE fest about Hillary? You Trumpers bring her up far more than even democrats do – – several times more – – because you love to just BITCH, complain, hate and moan. What we have to admire is your stamina – – you never seem to get tired of all your bitching, moaning, whining and next week you will be all stirred up anew! A healthy person would be bored by now, but your venom seems to keep you going.

  32. Randall Hawn says:

    I believe that Hillary will be the choice of the Democratic Party, because there is no one else in the party that has country-wide recognition. I also think that is a good thing for Trump and the Republican Party because she will lose again in a general election. My wish is that she will be prosecuted for the laws that she has broken, and in that case, go Spartacus.

    • Robert Yormick says:

      If she’s the Democratic nominee & the Democrats who will now take over the House, do NOTHING in the next 2 years to help the American people, but just conduct the BS never ending investigations, with NOTHING to show for it, what is she going to run on.
      The left coast ( Calif., Oregon ,& Washington ) will vote for her as will the Democratic North East States, but if the Dem’s show nothing of benefit for voters, the same results will happen. The South & what the Democrats call ” fly over country ” will vote RED & may throw the House back to the GOP.
      They’re in a tough situation cause if they do anything or go along with anything that shows any success for Trump, you know what that means. Their BASE will be pissed off & Trump will take credit for anything positive .

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