Hillary Clinton just found out she has a massive legal problem in this bombshell court filing

Hillary Clinton may finally be held accountable for one of the worst political crimes in American history.

For many Americans, it is not a moment too soon.

And Hillary Clinton just found out she has a massive legal problem in this bombshell court filing.

Special counsel John Durham recently indicted researcher Igor Danchenko for making false statements to the FBI about where he received the phony tips about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia that ended up in Christopher Steele’s hoax dossier.

Clinton associate Charles Dolan Jr. was actually the source of Danchenko’s rubbish leads.

But Durham filed an interesting motion with the court suggesting the Clinton campaign is still under suspicion for fabricating the Russian collusion hoax.

Durham notified the court of a potential conflict of interest as the lawyers representing Danchenko also represented members of the Clinton campaign who were called to testify or under scrutiny by Durham.

“In addition to their representation of the defendant, a separate lawyer at the firm is currently representing the 2016 “Hillary for America” presidential campaign (the “Clinton Campaign”), as well as multiple former employees of that campaign, in matters before the Special Counsel,” Durham wrote.

Durham added that should he call any of these Clinton campaign representatives to testify, it would result in a conflict of interest.

“In the event that one or more former representatives of the Clinton Campaign (who are represented by defense counsel’s firm) are called to testify at any trial or other court proceeding, the defendant and any such witness would be represented by the same law firm, resulting in a potential conflict,” Durham added.

For five years, Americans waited for the Clinton campaign to face a reckoning for foisting the hoax about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia on to the public.

The Big Lie about the Trump campaign coordinating with Moscow became the basis of a multi-year coup the FBI staged to try and remove Trump after he won a free and fair election.

John Durham’s taken his time building his case.

Trump supporters hope it pays off.

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