Hillary Clinton just dropped another huge hint that she is running for President in 2024

Americans thought Hillary Clinton’s time on the national stage was over and done.

But Clinton is refusing to let go of her desire to be President.

And Hillary Clinton just dropped another huge hint that she is running for President in 2024.

Hillary Clinton dropped another breadcrumb that she is strongly considering running for President again in 2024.

Clinton is hosting a virtual fundraiser for Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan.

Of course, politicians hosting campaign events for down ballot candidates is an American political tradition.

One of the most famous examples is Richard Nixon’s maniacal campaign schedule during the 1966 Midterm elections.

Nixon crisscrossed the country, stumping for Republicans running for House, Senate, and Governor.

When Republicans made massive gains during the November elections, Nixon built up a well of support among Party officials who helped him overcome a last-minute push by California Governor Ronald Reagan at the 1968 Republican National Convention to win the GOP nomination.

In a close election that fall, the American people elected Nixon President over Democrat Hubert Humphry.

Like Clinton, the pundits – as well as much of the public – wrote off Nixon after losing a Presidential election.

In 1960, Nixon lost to JFK in one of the most controversial Presidential elections of all time.

Many believe to this day that JFK only squeaked by due to shady tactics carried out by Chicago’s Democrat Party machine.

When Clinton lost in 2016, everyone figured that was the last Americans would see of the two-time failed Presidential candidate.

But Joe Biden’s stunning political collapse – Biden’s poll numbers cratered into the 30s – as well as Biden’s cognitive decline, leave the public sour on his re-election bid.

A recent Associated Press poll found 70 percent of Americans do not want Biden to run for re-election.

Hillary also sees Kamala Harris as mortally wounded, as polls show just 28 percent of the public approves of her job as Vice President.

The idea that Democrats would even speculate about putting Kamala Harris on the Supreme Court shows the Party has no confidence in her as successor to Joe Biden.

Clinton sees the discontent and panic sweeping over Democrats about Joe Biden or Kamala Harris matching up against Donald Trump in 2024.

And Clinton may be taking the traditional Presidential contender approach by building up favors among candidates ahead of a potential White House bid.

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