Hillary Clinton gave Joe Biden one choice that could destroy his Presidency

Joe Biden did not want it to come down to this.

But Biden now finds himself at a crossroads.

And Hillary Clinton gave Joe Biden one choice that could destroy his Presidency.

Hillary Clinton amplified Democrat lies that Republican-proposed election integrity bills amount to “voter suppression.”

Clinton tweeted out a map of all the states where Republican legislatures proposed bills to secure elections and Clinton declared that Democrats could either keep the filibuster or protect minority rights.

Of course, the filibuster is designed to protect minority rights, but Clinton is demanding that Democrats junk the filibuster so they can pass the dangerous H.R. 1 – the so-called “For the People” Act – that will rig every election in favor of the Democrats and turn American into a one party state.

H.R. 1 dissolves voter ID laws and imposes nationwide ballot harvesting and mail-in-voting, automatic voter registration , and allows illegal aliens to register if they get a driver’s license or welfare payment.

This bill is the crown jewel of the Left’s agenda and its purpose is to eliminate any chance for Republicans to ever win another election in America again.

If Joe Biden supports eliminating the filibuster and ramming H.R. 1 into law, America could turn into a country like China or Venezuela where the ruling party remains in power forever.

But if Biden does not support eliminating the filibuster to pass H.R. 1 it could depress Democrat turnout in the election and cost Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer their slim majorities.

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