Here is how Joe Biden can use Russia’s war with Ukraine to cancel Tucker Carlson

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a full-blown crisis.

But now Democrats want to exploit it here in America.

And here is how Joe Biden can use Russia’s war with Ukraine to cancel Tucker Carlson.

Netflix announced it would no longer air Kremlin propaganda on the streaming service.

Canada banned state-owned Russia Today (RT).

Those moves gave leftists ideas.

Tucker Carlson read from a recent piece in Mother Jones imploring the Biden administration to use this precedent to censor Fox News and Tucker Carlson with the false claim that he and other hosts spread Russian propaganda.

“Both RT and Sputnik air in the United States, too. Untrue, but whatever they don’t know. Will Biden follow suit and crack down on pro-Russia disinformation? If he does, U.S. cable companies will also need to scrutinize media outlets like Fox News, whose shows— Tucker Carlson’s in particular— have parodied pro-Russia talking points,” Carlson read from Mother Jones.

Of course, this isn’t true.

Carlson is not rooting for Russia, supporting Putin, or spouting off Russian propaganda.

In fact, at the top of the same monologue where Carlson read from the Mother Jones piece, he stated that it was an accepted fact not up for debate that Vladimir Putin is a bad guy and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is immoral and evil.

Carlson told viewers:

No sane American approves of what Russia has done in Ukraine. We certainly don’t and we don’t know anyone who does…

…In this country, virtually everyone understands that the invasion of Ukraine is bad. It’s bad for us and for the world and Vladimir Putin is bad too. So, effectively in America, those are settled facts. We can stop debating them.

What Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans like Adam Kinzinger are mad about is Carlson opposes a war with Russia.

Carlson believes the risks of American forces engaging in a shooting war with Russia escalating in nuclear conflict are too great.

Polls show the majority of the American people agree with that sentiment.

But Democrats have long searched for an avenue to cancel Carlson and shut down Fox News.

The First Amendment prevents the government from taking such action.

However, courts always granted more latitude to the government to act in a time of war.

And some Democrats believe that is the path to finally yanking Tucker Carlson off the air.

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