Greg Abbott left Sean Hannity speechless with this message to Joe Biden

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Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is on the frontlines of Joe Biden opening the southern border.

Biden’s reckless policy to traffic as many illegal aliens into America as possible has all hell breaking loose.

And Greg Abbott left Sean Hannity floored with this message to Joe Biden.

Abbott slams Biden’s phony immigration executive order

President Joe Biden knows his back is against the wall.

Former President Donald Trump leads in the polls.

And time is running out before the election.

Immigration – along with inflation – is the top issue facing voters.

And polls show voters support Trump’s proposal to build a wall and mass deport millions of illegal aliens.

Like an arsonist trying to put out a fire, Biden signed an executive order he claimed would shut down the border.

The order did no such thing as the numerous loopholes and exceptions rendered it all but meaningless. 

Texas is ground zero for the border crisis.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show and ripped Biden for engaging in political stunts.

Abbott said Biden could sign all the for-show executive orders he wanted but Texas would continue its effort to secure the border.

“Well first of all to your latter point, the Biden administration can try to do whatever they want to try to do. Texas is not going to back off of what we’re doing to actually secure the border. We built a border wall, we’ve erected hundreds of miles of razor wire barrier,” Abbott began.

Texas enforces immigration law

Abbott told Hannity that in states with Democrat Governors who share Joe Biden’s commitment to open borders, illegal immigration went up.

In Texas, the numbers dropped.

“Get this, the numbers are astounding. While illegal immigration is increasing [in] California, Arizona, and New Mexico by about 20% or 25%, in Texas it has gone down about 74% because of the resistance that we’ve put up,” Abbott stated.

Texas put up razor wire on the border.

Texas also passed SB4, which makes it a crime to cross the border into Texas from Mexico.

The law allows Texas authorities to charge individuals believed to have entered the county illegally with a class B misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in prison.

Subsequent offenses are felonies with a maximum penalty of 20 years.

After the illegal alien gets convicted and serves their sentence, a judge must order them transported to a point of entry for return to Mexico.

Abbott’s message to Biden

Abbott told Hannity that Biden’s new border scheme will actually make illegal immigration worse.

“But know this, what Biden announced today is nothing more than gaslighting his fellow Americans, because there is nothing in the announcement today that actually shows any enforcement of any immigration law that denies illegal entry into the country. He talks about trying to have this asylum process and changing the rules that actually will allow more people in,” Abbott stated.

Abbott called out Biden for leaving out any actual enforcement mechanism from his executive order.

“What Biden did today was actually entice more people to come to our border, to increase illegal immigration — not to stop it. He’s not using any tool or strategy to deny illegal immigration. Importantly there were three laws that exist that Biden is not enforcing,” Abbott added.

Abbott said Biden is still keeping catch and release in place and refusing to build a border.

Biden wants to leave the magnets that draw in illegal aliens in place, which is why Abbott called his executive order a farce.

“One is to deny illegal entry, the other is to detain illegal immigrants that do make it here, the third is to build border barriers. He’s choosing not to do any of that, instead he’s had open border policies that have led to more than 10 million illegal immigrants into our country,” Abbott concluded.

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