George Soros’ ties to a voter fraud scheme in Florida will make your blood boil

Democrats are trying to steal the Senate and Gubernatorial elections in Florida.

Thousands of ballots appeared after Election Night and now there will be recounts in two key races.

And George Soros’ link to this fraud will make your blood boil.

Demand Justice – a group affiliated with Hillary Clinton and funded by George Soros – is blasting out emails asking for volunteers to go to Florida and help with the recounts.

Breitbart reports:

Demand Justice, an organization founded by former members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and associated with a “social welfare organization” financed by billionaire activist George Soros, is helping to organize volunteers to aid Senator Bill Nelson’s campaign with the Florida recount.

Demand Justice sent out a blast email asking for “volunteers to help out in a variety of roles in the recount process, including observing at polls, data processing, and logistics organization.”

The group advertised that it is seeking supporters who are either in Florida or who can travel there.

The email linked to a signup form on Nelson’s campaign website asking for volunteers in the following areas: Observing the counts; scheduling volunteers and staff; data processing; general logistics; and outreach.

Democrats won the recounts when Broward County produced thousands of mysterious new ballots after Republicans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis emerged victorious on election night.

Shady Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes refused to tell people how many ballots came or allow an examination of the counting process.

Republicans are nervous Democrats are trying to steal these elections.

There were reports of trucks of ballots being shipped in the dead of night with no chain of custody.

Republicans have little confidence the heavily Democrat Broward County is running this recount on-the-level.

And Soros funded groups flooding the state with volunteers to help steal the election will only heighten those fears.


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117 Responses

  1. Philip says:

    George Soros, you are crap to the jewish people, I know liberals will tell me as a jew I can not say a word. Kiss my you know whattie.

  2. Thomas Swann says:

    Soros paid for elections of Attorney Generals in California who don’t believe in upholding the law. That’s how dangerous this guy is.

  3. willowa says:

    Meuller, I think you should spend your time more wisely. Investigate Soros!

  4. N says:

    We’ve become a Third World banana republic! Plain and simple!!

  5. N says:

    We’ve become a Third World banana republic! Plain and simple!

  6. Will says:


  7. I voted yes because it already happened in Arizona……george soros needs to get his citizenship REVOKED, his Assets CONFISCATED and SHIPPED back to Hungary, his HOME land….Let THEM deal with this CROOK, CRIMINAL….

  8. Carol says:

    Soros has ruined many countries. He is out to ruin the US. He needs to go away. The world knows he is a criminal and they just allow him to keep going. What the hell?

    • Rodzzz says:

      What gets my goat is we allow and protect him and the libturds to continually get away with their subversive and traitorous acts against America and the entire world. He’d be in jail if not down under (not Australia) if we didn’t protect him from the rest of the world who are clamoring for his head.

    • Sherry allen says:

      I think i read that he is no longer allowed in russia

  9. Floyd Hardee says:

    Democrats cheat every election cycle and get away with it. Why would they ever stop? There is no down side to their cheating. They are ABOVE THE LAW….the FCC, the FBI, and the DOJ are all in their hip pocket.

  10. James says:

    Same thing in Arizona , I dont know any one who
    voted for Sinema, Yet three days after the poles
    closed , she came up with 68,000 democratic votes.

    • I pointed that out too, I don’t live in Arizona but from what I have heard this far I CAN’T, DON’T believe that there was an HONEST election either, sounds more like what happened in Arizona was/is going on in Florida as well….They should do another RECOUNT in Arizona and throw out all ILLEGAL votes to get ACTUAL results…..So OUTRAGES……

      • Robert Hahn says:

        Angelika: Hello. Trump should invoke a Prez Order mandating that any county in any State that violates State voting laws including not producing timely vote-counts per the State’s laws…those counties will NOT count in the State’s votes tallies. He can follow-up to make that Federal legislation (law)when the GOP regains the House in 2020.

  11. michael says:

    more fake news!!

  12. GySgt. Lew says:

    Why can’t Soros be prosecuted also? How can he get away with what he’s doing????? It’s all Illegal an Criminal.
    What about Election People, in Broward County, being observed filling Ballets – That is also Illegal. What is Law Enforcement going to do about it?????? FL. AG Pam Bondi, get off your ass and do your JOB…….. Trump would be crazy to even consider you for AG…..

    • Robert Hahn says:

      Gunny : Hello. soros must be indicted and jailed to the maximum for violating Federal and State election laws. Lose the key, too ! Seabees Can-Do ! OOORRRAAHH !

  13. JO says:

    He ain’t no American..get him out of here

    • James says:

      I remember In 1960’s Nikita Khrushchev telling President Nixon that
      communisum will rule America without firing a shot. He was right, all
      they had to do was capture the Democratic party. He was right.

  14. Donl Longo says:

    Arrest him and EXTRADITE him to Russia, They want him for a long time.

  15. M. says:

    Why is HILTER-ARY still waling around free and this man who interferes with everything that takes place in this country. Why is he still here and FREE. Prosecute these idiots. Hillary should be in prison by this time along with O and Soro’s. This fraudulent gang needs to be put away. Where is the attorney general?

    • D.A.N. says:

      Well Florida’s AG is on the case. As of tonight an investigation into Broward and Palm Beach County election irregularities is being investigated by the FDLE. Florida election laws have been violated in both counties and the Broward County Elections Supervisor is in contempt of Court. Scott doesn’t want to remove her as it would look like a political hit job but that is not going to stop the current Lt. Governor from doing it. 🙂

    • Rose says:

      A lot of people are wondering this same thing, M It is way past time to lock them all up. They are in your face with how crooked they are. When will lady justice have her day? There are a lot of American s that are waiting for arrests!

  16. George V Rowe says:

    By his own words, George Soros collaborated with the NAZIs in identifying Jews.
    Soros should have been tried as a WWII war criminal and hanged.
    My vote “NO” on the Florida democrat vote fraud is one of hope.

  17. Julian says:

    Attest soros now.

  18. Robert sapp says:

    We’ve had years and years since the bush gore fiasco in florida to address democrat vote rigging and we’ve succeeded at nothing. We republicans aren’t the smartest tick on the dog.

    • IRWIN ROMMEL says:

      Yup, and Gov Scott had the time and the power to get rid of her. If we lose this seat, blame the FECKLESS RINO’S.

    • Rose says:

      No, Republicans are not stupid or dumb, just makes me wonder why they put up with this, time after time. We send our best and finest to defend other countries to help them maintain their freedoms but we cannot seem to get our elected officials to protect the American people who vote for them. Why are they not closed down and held until honest votes are counted? The Democrats know they will get away with it. I guess NO GUTS NO GLORY! President Trump….DRAIN THAT SWAMP NOW!!

  19. Gerry says:

    Volunteers to help count ballots ??????? Aren’t there offical state people to do this BS recount and not allow any Tom Dick and Harry do the counting. It will only make matters much worse. I can’t believe that Trump,Pence, and every stinking Republican politician aren’t down there and getting involved. Unless of course this is just another circus that the repubs are going to back out of without a fight and get their wish to see President Trump handcuffed at every turn so they can keep their golden fleece and their ring of corruption.

  20. If Soros is a known factor, then why is there any question about whether or not there has been voter fraud. And if there is fraud then lets have a re-election. This kind of criminality must be stopped.

  21. al says:

    Evil people, Hitler would be proud of these fascists!

  22. Robert Myers says:

    George Soros needs to be investigated pronto! He is an enemy of the US yet, He is free to roam and cause serious problems all over the world. Why is he an untouchable? He is a criminal. Rob

  23. Jan13 says:

    Once a candidate concedes, it should be over. How is it that all the “found” votes are only for the Dems, funny none for the other candidates.

    • marshmil1789 says:

      And if George Soros influence crosses just one State line he might have committed a federal crime by tampering with elections.

  24. Wylena says:

    The Laws have to be followed. Rules are supposed to be followed.

  25. Linda says:

    Hillary and Soros are needed by the Dems
    Money money, they thrive on corruption , and abuse our constitution
    These people are so sick,
    Yes deport Take away his US DOC’s
    And lock her up forever
    Her rap sheet is so long
    , and she has skirted prosecution
    Way too long
    The Dens are so crooked it is in their bad blood

    • STEVEN D CURTIS says:

      You are 100% correct. Why is Soros and Hitlary still walking around free and not in
      PRISON! The GOP needs to grow a set of balls and put an end to the corruption the democrats pulls during and after every election. Also, why is a FOREIGNER ALLOWED TO INTERFERE IN OUR ELECTIONS????? He is a big owner of the company that makes electronic voting
      machines used throughout the country.
      You can bet everyone of the machines are
      rigged to changes votes to democrats. Not every vote but I bet enough to cause problems to make you wonder if we have actually FAIR ELECTIONS! We need to go back to paper ballots and seriously limit early voting to a week or so before election day. Also you should have a valid reason why you can’t vote on election day! I am tired of the FASCIST DEMOCRAT PARTY CHEATING IN

      • Rose says:

        You are right about that, Steven, I sure wish it actually was that way!

      • I am with you 100%..but don’t forget obama, he is/was also a FOREIGNER in the White House, his RECORDS are STILL SEALED….WHO “seals” his RECORDS if being “honest”…??? NOBODY….And NOBODY will be HIRED when SEALING it’s RECORDS…NOT average Joe….So-called “politicians” have the RIGHT to CHEAT and STEAL…??? I DON’T THINK SO…..Time to go after ALL of these CROOKS/CRIMINALS…..

  26. Charles says:

    Take Soros Money And Build The Dam wall then kick him out of US sick of him interfering, Then Classify Antifa And Black Lives Matter as terrorist groups.

    • Rose says:

      YES, Charles, how do we get them to do that? Gets pretty tiresome doesn’t it? We have so many corrupt people in this country and they seem to all run for government, like the Obama’s and Clinton’s.! Sure wish President Trump would CLEAN THAT SWAMP!

      • Randall M says:

        I know it’s hard to do , Rose. I,too am growing impatient. But we need to hang on just a little longer and we will all see a change. Arrests are going to happen soon. Starting with the “sting operation” on the voter fraud. Yes, I believe it was a complete set up so they have the evidence they need.

  27. Leelee says:

    Thanks for sharing that video, opened up a few eyes

  28. Wayne says:

    Jerk his citizenship papers away and send his sorry ass back to Hungray where he belongs.

  29. jackcandobutwont says:

    Soros should be booted outta the US..just like his home country of hungary did!!

    Or better yet, POTUS Trump should send a couple cruise missiles at soros…like Reagan did with kadaffi!

  30. Surly Curmudgen says:

    When the election is stolen by the left it will be time to count dead bodies, not ballots!

  31. Babbo says:

    IIsn’t it clearly evident Soros hates America. where he made his fortune , and should have his citizen ship nullified. He is as crooked as they come and the only residence he should have in
    this country is federal prison, preferably one without a golf course, swimming pool, TV privileges, etc. He is evil personified’

  32. Jack Gajda says:

    I knew this douchenozzle was involved and I’m guessing the whole country knew or had their suspicion about him. After all he’s been behind the attacks on members of the judiciary committee, public citizens that supported Judge Kavanaugh and he has linked to antifa who regularly attack pro-Trumper…

    • Linda says:

      No one seems to be able to get to him and hold this man accountable for anything. But no one can run forever.

      • Just WEIRD that his own country had the POWER and the WILL to do “something” about him, JUST NOT AMERICA….???? Just because America/Americans have more FREEDOMS by LAW, should NOT mean that FOREIGNERS like this CREATURE should be ALLOWED to just do WHATEVER he WANTS or that his RICHES should FOREVER “protect” HIM or the clintons’, obama……I know that the Russians are after him too but on another thought, I’ve been WONDERING if the Russians may have SEND him HERE to WRECK HAVOC…???? After all, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE, nowadays….

    • Rita says:

      I would think they could find
      people who are paid by him to commit vandalism and other acts so he could be arrested and deported out of the country or jailed. It has been going on for years. How about asking Tim Kane the almost vice president and his kid who has been arrested for Antifa in MN. he knows all about Soros and I am sure money was received by Hillarys sidekick as she was!!!

  33. Carole ANNE Quinn says:



  34. Aurelia says:

    Put him in jail.

  35. omegatalon says:

    If there is credible evidence of George Soros involved in voter fraud then the DOJ should prosecute Soros to the fullest.

  36. sam says:

    I am not worried over what Russia is doing in our elections . It this SOB called Soros and his lab dog Hillary Clinton . If you remember she was in Florida just three weeks prior to the election , and I,m wondering who she paid off for him . You do remember she lunch with at his home just six weeks before the elections .

  37. Dennis says:

    Why our government has not jailed or deported this fascist I have no idea. He has done too much meddling already and meddling in elections should be able to get his citizenship revoked!

    • Dennis says:

      I forgot to mention he has dual citizenship. Check out the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

      • Lynn says:

        His other citizenship was revoked and he has been kicked out of that country forever. Hungary. I believe it was. America needs to do the same thing to him. Be aware he also has adult children who follow and help with his extreme left ideas. They all need to go. Also I read somewhere that he owns or finances the company that makes the electronic voting machines.

    • Paul nam 67 says:

      Let the russians take him and do what they want after US takes his money from him as a fine for interfering with our government

  38. My2Cents says:

    How to steal an election allow anyone connected to george SOREA$$ to take part in the recount

  39. Terri newman says:

    it looks like georgie needs to take a trip one way to gitmo!

  40. The Hungarian government is looking for this scumbag for interfering in their election.Soros is a menace to society and should be airdropped over Hungary with or without parachute !!!

  41. Dennis says:

    Do something with this fascist pig! He has done enough meddling and just why can’t the government revoke his citizenship? He has dual citizenship. Let the other country worry about him! If he does anything more he should be in jail!

  42. Mork Jungle says:

    Ill bet all of my money that Brenda Snipes is black.

  43. Rwickett says:

    Soros and Snipes need to be sued.

  44. Kara Wright says:

    I believe George Soros should be hung for all the interference he is doing in the world. The DEMS just want his money and will sell this country out to get it.

  45. Tommie says:

    Republicans need to get up off of sorry asses and start fighting back!!!!! I’m so sick of these weak-kneed Republicans!!!!!

    • Ron says:

      Exactly! America is screwed! One party is hell bent of transforming this from a constitutional representative republic into a permanent single party “republic” like Venezuela! The other party is led by a bunch of incompetent wimps whose only talents are caving to the Demorats an snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

  46. Ron says:

    Soviet Union Dictator Joseph Stalin stated years ago “It does not matter who one votes for. What matters is who counts the votes!” This exactly what is going on in in FL, AZ, and now GA! This is the new norm! Get used to it because nothing will be done about it! In any jurisdiction controlled by the Demorats when ever there is a close race thousands of uncounted ballots will be “discovered” that favor the Demorats!


  48. Dave churbuck says:

    IF, Soros was viewd as as a threat by the government he would be dealt with.
    He is free, therefor he is seen as a source of money and his actions keep the game going.
    AND he lent money to the Trumps.

  49. KJHanover says:

    There aren’t just “reports” of votes being transferred to trucks. There’s VIDEO OF IT.

  50. thoughtful one says:

    Another made up BS story to get Trumpers all riled up and controlled. i think there are people who wake up every day just waiting to be offended by something!

  51. John says:

    maybe not this time for the Resistance Party, but next time?

  52. Clyde says:

    Can someone remove this POS from our soil or better yet from Eart’s soil

  53. Yvonne Cruz says:

    President Trump should have Soros EXPELLED AND BOOTED OUT OF THIS COUNTRY

  54. Bill says:

    Anything that has Sorry Soros on it has got to be crooked and corrupt. The jerk thinks his billions can buy anything he wants. Votes not for sale, Soros go to hell!

  55. Randall M says:

    I.too, Demand Justice! Throw these two in jail!

  56. mjack says:

    Anything that has Soros or Clinton near has probably been corrupted. How can democrat voters stand for what’s going on in their party. They keep putting in the same o same o. Doesn’t any stand for the constitution anymore. I know their politicians don’t unless they change it for their benefit. Don’t worry about any of them being right, they don’t know how to be.

  57. Shelly says:

    Why am I being censored on this site? Censoring Conservatives once again.

  58. Richard says:

    If the courts and law enforcement alliws them to then yes they will win. Its gonna take the federal and State government to stop these illegal actions or Florida won’t have a prayer. If God willing, they will fail.

  59. Shelly says:

    Why would that be allowed. Republicans, get off your asses and get down there. Why n the world would these people be allowed to help count anything?

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