George Soros’ ties to a voter fraud scheme in Florida will make your blood boil

Democrats are trying to steal the Senate and Gubernatorial elections in Florida.

Thousands of ballots appeared after Election Night and now there will be recounts in two key races.

And George Soros’ link to this fraud will make your blood boil.

Demand Justice – a group affiliated with Hillary Clinton and funded by George Soros – is blasting out emails asking for volunteers to go to Florida and help with the recounts.

Breitbart reports:

Demand Justice, an organization founded by former members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and associated with a “social welfare organization” financed by billionaire activist George Soros, is helping to organize volunteers to aid Senator Bill Nelson’s campaign with the Florida recount.

Demand Justice sent out a blast email asking for “volunteers to help out in a variety of roles in the recount process, including observing at polls, data processing, and logistics organization.”

The group advertised that it is seeking supporters who are either in Florida or who can travel there.

The email linked to a signup form on Nelson’s campaign website asking for volunteers in the following areas: Observing the counts; scheduling volunteers and staff; data processing; general logistics; and outreach.

Democrats won the recounts when Broward County produced thousands of mysterious new ballots after Republicans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis emerged victorious on election night.

Shady Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes refused to tell people how many ballots came or allow an examination of the counting process.

Republicans are nervous Democrats are trying to steal these elections.

There were reports of trucks of ballots being shipped in the dead of night with no chain of custody.

Republicans have little confidence the heavily Democrat Broward County is running this recount on-the-level.

And Soros funded groups flooding the state with volunteers to help steal the election will only heighten those fears.

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