George Soros scored one big win that will make every American nervous

Democrats had a good night in the Midterm elections.

That included George Soros.

And George Soros scored one big win that will make every American nervous.

Left-wing billionaire George Soros made it his mission to weaken the American criminal justice system.

Soros sought to achieve this goal by financing the campaigns of left-wing District Attorneys.

And Soros succeeded in installing leftist prosecutors in major cities, like Larry Krasner in Philadelphia and Chase Boudin in San Francisco.

Soros-backed DA’s immediately set about gutting law and order by supporting cashless bail reforms, and refusing to enforce certain laws by falsely claiming they’re racist.

Crime spiraled out of control, and even the left-wing residents of San Francisco got fed up and recalled Boudin in what was seen as a massive rebuke to Soros’ attempt to make the justice system more pro-criminal.

But that did not deter Soros, whose allied groups helped fund the campaigns of four leftist District Attorneys who won on Election Day.

“The Soros-backed candidates who made it to the November elections include Kimberly Graham in Iowa,” Fox News reported. “This past summer, Graham received more than $300,000 in backing from the financier in her Polk County Attorney Democratic primary election. The progressive candidate faced Republican defense attorney Allan Richards in Tuesday’s general election but easily defeated him by nearly 14 percentage points.”

“Soros steered $300,000 to the Maine Justice & Public Safety PAC in May,” the report continued. “That money backed Jackie Sartoris, who defeated Cumberland County’s Democratic District Attorney Jonathan Sahrbeck in a June primary. No Republican or independent candidate filed to run against Sartoris, which made her a shoo-in for the general election.”

“In Texas, Soros spent hundreds of thousands in last-minute cash backing Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzalez and Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot, both of whom Soros previously helped propel into office,” Fox News added. “Gonzalez fended off Republican challenger Marc LaHood, while Creuzot defeated Republican challenger Faith Johnson by 20 percentage points.”

Rising crime did play a key role in many key races across the country.

Republicans won four seats in the House in the Democrat stronghold of New York, as Republican Gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin made crime a central issue of his campaign against incumbent Democrat Governor Kathy Hocul.

And now, despite all odds, George Soros is set to make the problem worse by seeing his candidates win key District Attorneys races.

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