George Soros just revealed his plan to bring in a new world order that will shock patriotic Americans

Far-left billionaire George Soros is trying to buy the U.S. government.

He wants to implement his own globalist agenda, and will stop at nothing to do so.

And Soros just revealed his plan to bring in a new world order that will shock patriotic Americans.

For his entire life, George Soros has been fighting against everything America stands for.

Throughout his life, Soros accumulated billions of dollars in wealth and began funding operations that directly oppose the values of America.

Virtually every far-left cause, including Antifa-adjacent organizations, are directly supported by Soros’ money.

And now he is trying to use his influence to go even further.

In a recent New York Times titled “George Soros: Mark Zuckerberg Should Not Be in Control of Facebook,” he claims that the CEO of Facebook is not doing enough to shut down conservative, pro-Trump voices.

Zuckerberg, who controls 53 percent of the social media website’s shares, has presided over massive amounts of censorship.

Many pro-Trump figures, from journalist, and now congressional candidate Laura Loomer, to pro-Trump comedian Gavin McInnes and radio host Alex Jones have been completely banned from the platform.

Yet, Soros believes that he needs to do more, and actively police content he disagrees with to prevent President Trump from winning re-election in 2020.

In the article, Soros wrote:

“At a dinner last week in Davos, Switzerland, I was asked if I thought Facebook was behaving more responsibly today than it did during the 2016 presidential election.

“Not at all,” I answered. “Facebook helped Trump to get elected and I am afraid that it will do the same in 2020.” I explained that there is a longstanding law — Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act — that protects social media platforms from legal liability for defamation and similar claims. Facebook can post deliberately misleading or false statements by candidates for public office and others, and take no responsibility for them.

I went on to say that there appears to be “an informal mutual assistance operation or agreement developing between Trump and Facebook” in which Facebook will help President Trump to get re-elected and Mr. Trump will, in turn, defend Facebook against attacks from regulators and the media.”

So despite Facebook already shutting down and regularly censoring conservatives, Soros thinks they need to go farther.

He understands the power that social media has, and the necessity for him to control the messaging on the platform in order to push his extreme agenda.

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105 Responses

  1. mac says:

    If he is nothing why is he still here! If you take all that money out of the economy wether it is spent on good or bad it doesn’t go around and we all will feel it. He was thrown out of his own country and they felt it for a long time… I say take his money and ban him on a deserted island that way we can put it to the good

  2. Daniel says:

    He’s nothing just because he got money doesn’t mean he can’t get hurt. His guards need to be arrested too for helping him to protect a criminal

  3. mac says:

    Take this satin spawn out. He is the reason America is at where it is. He creates havoc where ever he goes. He is the one who pays every one off and he is obummers boss

  4. AP says:

    SOROS SHOULD BE ARRESTED and imprisoned in the deepest whole on earth for the rest of his miserable life . Along with Pelosi.

  5. EYESONYOU says:


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