George Soros just made a bombshell announcement that will change the world forever

Democrat mega donor George Soros truly wants to mold the world in his far-Left vision.

He is willing to spend millions of dollars every year to do it.

And Soros just made a bombshell announcement that will change the world forever.

President Trump is basically the anti-George Soros.

While Soros is a far-Left globalist, the President is a staunch conservative who unapologetically supports American first policies.

So needless to say, George Soros isn’t happy about the great things Trump continues to do as President.

And to show it, Soros has launched a new super PAC to help elect Democrats in next year’s elections.

The group, Democracy PAC was started with a $5.1 million donation from Soros, and is designed to help keep other Left-wing groups funded.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Liberal mega-donor George Soros has launched a new super PAC ahead of next year’s elections, through which he hopes to help Democrats retake the United States.

The new outfit, dubbed Democracy PAC, will not directly support politicians but instead keep other left-wing groups funded, Politico reports. Soros has so far invested $5.1 million in the PAC, the single biggest check of the cycle and more than double what he spent by this point in 2016.

For an idea of what type of groups Democracy PAC may finance, a source told Politico that Soros “has, unlike Tom Steyer or [Michael] Bloomberg, funded things like Senate Majority PAC and Priorities USA and EMILY’s List and Planned Parenthood and expects to continue to do so.” It will most likely not favor a candidate in the Democrat presidential primary, as Soros has said primaries “divide the Democratic Party.”

Soros spends his millions on a wide range of left-wing causes such as abortion, euthanasia, and population control, as well as same-sex “marriage,” transgenderism, and more. His New York-based Open Society Foundations spends $940 million annually in 100 different countries, including $150 million per year funding the left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the leading abortion company Planned Parenthood, and other liberal groups.

Soros is kicking things up for what will likely be the most contentious election in U.S. history.

If President Trump wins, it will make clear that the American people stand with his vision of America.

But if he loses, Democrats will kick their agenda into overdrive as revenge for the four years of Trump.

That’s why George Soros is so interested in getting involved, and he will likely dump a lot more before Election Day.

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190 Responses

  1. Sharyn Graham says:

    George Soros needs to be locked up!!! He is doing everything he can to change America into
    his own vision of a Communist Country.

  2. The most EVIL man alive today. He deserves big Karma to hit him hard and pummel him.

  3. Christine Sherrer says:

    I have preaching of Soros evil for yrs to whomever would listen about his finincial doings to bring down America and Trump. Soros would have had a puppet in Hillary had she won. The one thing that is courous is that he has billions of dollars give away to many many organizations groups, charity, but they keep accepting. How is it that giving billions of dollar away, does not affect his over all capital. Is he been backed by the Russians too? He was a hard core communists, in the RGU, or KGB. Made millions in Hungary, went to London played the markets there then came to America, made more money. How is it that INS hasn’t investigated him? Guess it’s more than IRS can handle or has that special handling irs unit for the rich and famous been bribed? As they say, “follow the flow of money.” He gives millions to Hillary and supports other democrates.

  4. lou brown says:

    George Soros has an evil background all the way back to when he and his father worked their way out of the evil world in the far east. Read some old “news” from the time when he and his father worked together to get money from the Jews where they were being refugees trying to escape to a free world. Soros and son made a fortune and squirmed their way into America. Those who now worship him do so at the sound of money in their banks. He and his father worked evilly against the Jewish people to find money easy to get and finally get to continue their evil in America. There may or may not be anything left to the information that I had followed on my old computer. It is still there, but the computer is lost from my last moving trip. Even that long ago, he still does his way to wealth and fame. I read a lot of his and his father’s “business” from the bottom of their beginning to New York City.
    Believe it or not. ’tis true.

  5. Marge Wall says:

    Is it possible, even remotely, that he and Ruth Bader Ginsberg are related????????????

  6. Randy Smithr says:

    Correct Jane, do not purchase Progressive Insurance. Soreass is evil/wicked to the core. Awfull old man he is!!

  7. forrest says:

    he is a marxist communist that should be sent packing back to hungry ,but they don’t want him either. he has proved beyond any doubt he is not a loyal usa citizen, and we need to rid ourselves of this thieving ,,conniving low life international criminal.
    if no nation is willing to accept the miserable crook, why not give him an oversize surff board and drop him off in mid atlantic?

  8. Grampa says:

    With every dollar wasted for the democrats means one less dollar that will corrupt America. ———-Grampa

  9. Gideon Rockwell says:

    His son is just as bad as he is and apparently Ramrodding ANTIFA and these anti-gun protests with hire protesters.

  10. Beverly says:

    Soros is n evil man who has lost his citizenship in his home country which I believe is Hungary. They ont allow him b ack in. This man needs to be in Federal Prison, locked away from the world. Give him 2 meals a day and a BIBLE to read. No tv or form of entertainmenet and NO VISITORS AT ALL>. It is almost the same treatment the Paul Manaford has b een senteneced under. I give Paul a lot of credit. Our governmant wants him to talk about Trump and he wont do it. Roger Stone said the something, he will not lie to. get out of prison. This is the America that is supposed to have a excellent Judical System.. It is full of crap and nasty FBI and CIA.

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