George Soros caught Trump by surprise with this plan to flip a red state to blue

Photo by Frank Plitt, via Wikimedia, CC BY 3.0,

Donald Trump’s plans for 2024 just got thrown into chaos.

Democrat megadonor George Soros quietly planned for this moment.

And George Soros caught Trump by surprise with this plan to flip a red state to blue.

No Republican can win the Presidency without Texas’ 40 Electoral College votes.

And Democrats also recruited Congressman and former NFL linebacker Collin Allred to challenge Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

If Democrats flip Texas blue and win Cruz’s seat then they will have a lock on the White House and keeping their Senate majority.

President Joe Biden only lost Texas by six points in 2020 as the state’s suburbs trended blue as leftists from California and other Democrat states took advantage of Texas’ low tax environment.

Allred raised a whopping $4.8 million in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Biden and Allred have some secret help in the form of the George Soros-funded Texas Majority PAC.

“Texas Majority PAC has kept a relatively low profile since forming over a year ago in the wake of the 2022 election. But it raised $2.25 million through last year, and campaign finance reports due Tuesday are expected to show how the group — and Soros — have been spreading their money around the state,” the Texas Tribune reports.

Thanks to Soros’ funding Texas Majority PAC pumped money into local parties in blue areas in the hopes of building up the infrastructure to run up the score in Democrat strongholds in November.

“Working with the PAC, Soros made six-figure donations to three county parties — Dallas, Cameron, and Hidalgo — and a few other groups that have a regional focus, according to figures first shared with The Texas Tribune,” the paper reported.

Soros is the number one donor to this PAC as breaking the back of the GOP by flipping their biggest state is a top priority for him.

“The PAC has already disclosed raising $852,000 through June of last year, most of it from the Soros-funded Democracy PAC II,” the Texas Tribune report continued,

But complicating the effort to flip Texas blue are demographic shifts Democrats didn’t anticipate.

In 2016, exit polls showed Trump won 34 percent of Hispanic voters.

That number rose to 41 percent in 2020.

2024 could see Trump win an even bigger percentage of Hispanics as Latino voters revolt against Biden’s inflation and open borders.

Democrats figured the promise of amnesty would lock down the Latino vote for generations.

But Democrats forgot not all Americans are single-minded identity politics voters.

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