Fox News used one word about Donald Trump and impeachment that crossed the line

The tone of Fox News Channel’s impeachment coverage continues to be one of the biggest stories in America.

Viewers are noticing some very big changes.

And now Fox News used one word about Donald Trump and impeachment that crossed the line.

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone informed House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler that President Trump’s lawyers would not participate in Wednesday’s hearing on the legal grounds for impeachment.

Cipollone cited the fact that the only witnesses were legal scholars – and not fact witnesses – as well as Democrats only giving the administration 24 hours to review the report House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s committee prepared on their findings from their show trial hearings.

Everyone recognized this process was unfair.

But not Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Judge Napolitano falsely claimed that the President forfeited the right to complain about the process by not participating.

Breitbart reports:

Host Neil Cavuto asked, “I am curious what you make of the fact that the president might want to skip out on this Judiciary Committee opening hearing and maybe others to follow because it is essentially a Kangaroo court or it’s not fair.”

Napolitano said, “The rules about which the president are complaining were written by a Republican House of Representatives in 2015. The president would be very unwise not to send lawyers there.”
He continued, “The Democrats are not doing anything that the Democrats did not do to Nixon, or the Republicans didn’t do the Bill Clinton. But I think he makes a mistake when he refuses to participate. It is a valid vote by the House of Representatives that authorized this.”

He added, “He also loses the argument that it’s unfair if he doesn’t take the opportunity to participate himself.”

Many Americans recognize the Democrats impeachment inquiry for the shame that it is.

Polls show declining support precisely because the public sees the Democrats as depriving the President of due process in a purely partisan scheme to overturn the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.


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138 Responses

  1. Donna says:

    I was going to go into a long detailed comment about the supposed judge Napolitano, but why bother? Some comments here describe him perfectly. Its great to go on air and make claims about laws passed 4 years ago by the Senate when technically they have nothing to do with the constitution which is MORE important. And besides if Trump missed his opportunity,then why didn’t Congress let him and his lawyers have a say so when this farce of an impeachment has been going on for the past year. Two can play that game. And most Americans are seeing this for what it is…a sham and a disgrace on the American people and the constitution which by the way., Pelosi and her crowd has taken completely out of context and re written to suit their means .

  2. Rogelio Viado says:

    My wife and I used to watch Fox News. We no longer watch Fox News due
    primarily to this ex-judge .

  3. ROSE says:


  4. This POS FORMER Judge gets paid by the network and will say ANYTHING to get the ratings up !
    He’s a bought and paid for mouthpiece……….NOTHING more. He shouldn’t even be employed !

  5. Gail says:

    No. They need to go to work digging ditches with a shovel — or better yet as– a chain gang.

  6. I stopped getting to upset with these trump hating pundits for just that reason. Their comments and attitudes are based on hate, not common sense or reality, even if they realize it, they are unable to correct it. Hate, like love, is a powerful motivator.

  7. Mihailo Zdravkovic says:

    Thank you. Finally ONE true comment

  8. Lebo says:

    Bottom line is ALL mainstream media talking heads are in the demoncrap party and thereby in George Soros’s hip pocket. They all need to do the right thing. Look down in the hole of a gun and then click-click boom, out go the lights!

  9. TOMMIE CLARK says:


  10. June Rodgers says:

    I agree. I watch FOX NEWS to hear the Rights point of view. I can’t stand Juan Williams, Chris Wallace or Judge Nap. They need to go to work for one of the Liberal networks.

  11. June Rodgers says:

    Yes, or let them go to CNN or some other liberal network. If I wanted to hear their point of view, I wouldn’t watch Fox.

  12. Jerry says:

    I watch Fox News 99%
    I have never and never will listen to lousy judge NAP head you folks need to start playing attention before you are the same as cnn and msmbc
    I even try to listen to jerk Juan Williams which I can’t stand the deplorable racist communist democrat

  13. Lisa says:

    The reason kids are going around causing mass murder is not because of Gun control. Which by the right is our constitutional right. I guess the democrats want to get rid of that amendment too. But the reason is because our health insurance doesn’t see mental health as a real diagnosis. In today’s world where there is so much more stress than there used to be it inevitable that it’s going to happen. Also, the news sensationalize this so these people all want to out do one another. Years ago these things weren’t sensationalized like today. These democrats need to stop lining their pockets with the kickbacks they get from the insurance companies and start thinking of the millions of mentally ill who need better coverage and not limit it to 30 days or discontinue it when you reach 21 because Well I guess mental illness goes away at the age 21? The law makers are responsible for this and it’s been the democrats the majority of the time.

  14. Culper Ring says:

    Just to note, Brandon Tatum’s stance on the matter of Congress raising concerns about government relations between the United States and the Ukraine is basically similar to Rand Paul’s. In theory, Joe Biden cannot simply walk away from this. The Democratic Party sees Biden as a victim of political interference, but the Republican Party sees him as a perpetrator, a confederate of corruption in Burisma.

  15. Carole says:


  16. Thomas Bolen says:

    Put Wallace and Napo on the same rail and run them out of town, send them to California

  17. Lisa says:

    Fire all news reporters who can report all news for all sides. This is their job to report. We are not interested in their opinions. If you fire one for something said fire everyone who gives their opinion. Whatever happened to the just doing their jobs and not being puppets. The news is the reason why everything is taken out of context. Whatever happened to them checking facts and being fired for reporting false news. Shame on them. Give the president some respect. The house isn’t in control even though they think they have the executive power. They’re taken the constitution and doing what they wants. Then they say it’s their constitutional duty to impeach. Tell everyone to stop wasting our money and time. There is more important news out there.

  18. TOMMIE CLARK says:


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