Fox News turned on Donald Trump in one way that will make your blood boil

Fox News continues to hedge their bets with President Trump.

While primetime hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham support the President something else is going on at the network.

And now it’s official, Fox News turned on Donald Trump in one way that will make your blood boil.

Fox News senior legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano spent the last several months blasting President Trump and praising the impeachment case put together by Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.

As the impeachment witch hunt wrapped up and Democrats faced defeat Judge Napolitano fired one more broadside at the President.

In a op-ed, Judge Napolitano falsely claimed the Democrats proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt that the president was guilty of everything Adam Schiff and his cronies charged in their partisan articles of impeachment.

“The evidence that Trump did this is overwhelming and beyond a reasonable doubt, and no one with firsthand knowledge denied it,” Napolitano claimed. “Numerous government officials recounted that the presidential leverage of $391 million in U.S. assistance for a personal political favor did occur and the government’s own watchdog concluded that it was indisputably unlawful.”

Napolitano’s analysis was based on a lie.

None of the alleged “witnesses” the Democrats produced ever provided any evidence of a quid pro quo.

All they could testify to was gossip amongst themselves about the freeze in Ukraine military aid.

But Napolitano was not finished.

The judge claimed Trump’s acquittal was a pyrrhic victory because by winning Trump normalized Presidential assaults on the Constitution.

“Trump will luxuriate in his victory. But the personal victory for him is a legal assault on the Constitution. The president has taken an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Instead, he has trashed it. How? By manipulating Senate Republicans to bar firsthand evidence and keep it from senatorial and public scrutiny, Trump and his Senate collaborators have insulated him and future presidents from the moral and constitutional truism that no president is above the law. Somewhere, Richard Nixon is smiling.”

Critics contend that Napolitano once again had it wrong.

The real assault on the Constitution – they argued – was the Democrats trivializing impeachment to try and get rid of the President over personal and policy disagreements because they don’t think they can beat him at the ballot box.

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