Fox News revealed the January 6 Committee just failed for the one reason that no one ever expected

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi organized the January 6 Committee to go after Donald Trump.

But something funny happened along the way.

And Fox News revealed the January 6 Committee just failed for the one reason that no one ever expected.

The January 6 Committee initially promised eight primetime hearings that would finally bring down Donald Trump.

But after the first proceeding drew bad ratings, the Committee canceled three hearings and moved the rest to daytime.

On Fox News Channel’s Media Buzz, RINO pollster Frank Luntz – who supports amnesty, gun control, and COVID mandates – told host Howie Kurtz that the Committee failed to break through with the public because everyone saw through the blatant partisan motivation of its Trump-hating members.

“This has simply not risen to the importance the Democrats thought it would, and it’s not doing the damage to the Republican Party that the Democrats thought it would,” Luntz began.

Luntz explained the hearings were so blatantly one sided – with Trump haters calling all the shots and no supporters of the President to cross examine the witnesses – that it became obvious to all that this was nothing more than a third attempt to impeach Donald Trump.

“You should have had counter-testimony, you should have had people challenging those witnesses,” Luntz began. “But the conclusion that some people have come to is that this is simply the third attempt to impeach Donald Trump.”

Kurtz picked up on that point and noted that few Americans believed the media’s propaganda about the Committee because so many in the public knew that the press was hopelessly biased against Donald Trump and dismissed negative stories out of hand.

“A lot of people don’t believe the press when it comes to the truth because they think the press is so anti-Trump, and there is ample evidence of that,” Kurtz stated.

When Kurtz asked Luntz why more Republicans did not use the hearings as an opportunity to break with Trump, he responded that Republicans knew it was a partisan sham and thus there was no way Democrats could use the Committee to change any minds.

“Donald Trump is still the most popular person within the Republican Party,” Luntz responded. “When he endorses, it matters. It’s worth a 5% or 10% bounce. He’s no longer the controller, he is no longer the emperor, he doesn’t have that much control, but more than any other Republican alive, and that’s why these opinions aren’t changing, and that’s why these hearings aren’t having an impact the Democrats thought they would.”

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