Fox News reported one story about impeachment that left Donald Trump red with rage

The impeachment witch hunt against Donald Trump continues to accelerate.

President Trump is facing attacks from unexpected places.

And Fox News reported one story about impeachment that left Donald Trump red with rage.

The entire so-called “mainstream” media is cheerleading impeachment.

So-called “news” outlets are constantly polling the impeachment question just so they can drive a news cycle.

Now it appears Fox News is getting into this game.

On Sunday, the network released their latest poll that showed 49 percent of Americans supported impeaching and removing Donald Trump from office and 46 percent were opposed to impeaching and removing the President.

The Daily Caller reports:

A Fox News poll released Sunday indicates that 49% of Americans think President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office.

According to Fox News, “Forty-nine percent want Trump impeached and removed from office, 4 percent say he should be impeached but not removed, and 41 percent oppose impeaching Trump.”

This number is just slightly down from last month’s Fox News poll that showed 51% of Americans wanting Trump impeached and removed.

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed Fox News polls have been biased against him ever since he took office.

The President met with reporters on Sunday and once again suggested that Fox News replace their pollster.

Many Americans have been angered by Fox News Channel’s impeachment coverage.

Led by host Chris Wallace, Fox’s “straight news” reporting has more closely resembled the fake news peddled by CNN or MSNBC.

Fox polling the impeachment question was just done so they could report Americans supposedly support impeaching the President.

These polls don’t have any news value.

They just provide the media with anti-Trump talking points.

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65 Responses

  1. Russ says:

    Many Democrats, [The Left], are evil Luciferians. i.e. do they help others or help themselves?

  2. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Who is this POS?..Never have seen his/her “NAME” on any other sites. Sick Prick I guess that’s why we have free speech. But there should be a way to block him/her if we don’t want to be bothered, or just block PP

  3. Ed says:

    Hey Dork! Please don’t forget to depart this world soon. You are not worthy of wasting any of our precious air! No libtards are!

  4. Ed says:

    The South has gone Republican because they are finally seeing the Libtard party for the prejudiced, hateful party, it truly is. Nothing was actually “proven” against Roy Moore. An accusation was made of sexual improprieties with a minor but were never substantiated in a court of law. They never are. Just the accusation alone is usually enough to do the damage in a political campaign. But as was proven in the case of Justice Kavanaugh, we have had enough of your lies and BS. We no longer will lie back and take your slanderous garbage. We will defend ourselves. You losers can’t stand that thought but thanks to Donald Trump, Our President (Don’t you just love the way President Donald Trump sounds?) the Republican party is being forced to have a backbone these days. It is going to get worse for you losers as time goes on. You want to talk about RETARDS? Take a good look at you 2020 “CANT”-idates to see the biggest RETARDS in America! All that is missing is AOC and her band of America-hating misfits! Now go and get your crayons, coloring book and PlayDoh and head back to your safe space little BOY!

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

    And there isn’t a single thing you can do about it loser!

  5. Ed says:

    This coming from a loser that doesn’t even know what he wants to call himself. Trump is the greatest President in my lifetime and probably in history. But blind fool, lemmings, like yourself, just follow the msm talking points and repeat their lying talking points. No one cares what you think loser. Perhaps that is your biggest short coming…. you Don’t think!

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