Fox News reported one fact about Obama spying on Trump that is bad news for Democrats

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI spying on the Trump campaign is due next week.

And already the Barack Obama Deep State is furiously spinning its findings.

And Fox News reported one fact about Obama spying on Trump that is bad news for Democrats.

Fake news CNN and the New York Times have recently run stories fed to them by the subjects of Horowitz’s report.

Subjects get to review the report for accuracy on their own actions and these Deep State agents are framing the findings in the most favorable light through leaks to friendly media outlets.

On Fox News, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz noted that Horowitz spent 18 months putting together a nearly 500 page report and you don’t go through all that work to praise the FBI for playing by the book.

Breitbart reports:

A New York Times report alleging that the FBI never attempted to place undercover agents within Trump’s campaign for president is one of the ways the media is attempting to pre-spin Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the matter, Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz said Thursday.

Chaffetz, in an appearance on Fox & Friends on Thursday, said the New York Times article was “true to script” for the Democrats.

“By its very definition, a FISA application is a warrant to spy on somebody,” Chaffetz said. “This person, Carter Page, happened to be on the Trump campaign. So, the mere fact that they’re trying to discredit that says a lot about the weakness of their case and their allegations.”

“But, the reality is this happened and the Inspector General— this will be his fifth report that he’s come out with regarding the FBI at the highest echelons. And, let’s also remember: they didn’t spend 18 months working on this to say, ‘Hey, everything went swimmingly at the Department of Justice,’” Chaffetz added.

Horowitz report will undoubtedly contain bad news for the Obama Deep State and the FBI.

Horowitz already referred one FBI lawyer for criminal prosecution after they were caught doctoring an email to obtain a FISA warrant against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The sources that fed stories to the Times and CNN have every incentive to paint the report in the best light possible to shape the expectations game and narrative surrounding the reports release.


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76 Responses

  1. Chenz says:


  2. Robert Berger says:

    So according to Trump, Obama “spied on him “. Like hell he did ! This is nothing but one of the countless blatant lies Trump has told ever since he began his illegitimate presidential campaign . But so many gullible, naive, clueless Americans believed our dear leader Trump, who is a notorious pathological liar and a narcissistic sociopath . Wake up, people ! Donald Trump is the most corrupt and incompetent president in U.S. history and is a clear and present danger not only to America but the entire planet !
    He must not only be impeached and thrown out of office as soon as possible but put in prison for life along with his criminal cronies Mike Pence, William Barr, Rudy Giuliani and so many others . But now Trump’s mind, if you can even call it a mind , has deteriorated from dementia so much it’s hard to know if he belongs in prison or a mental institution !

    • Sarah says:

      Like your boy, ODUMBASS, was pure and innocent of using his RACE CARD when he put himself in a corner! Humilated the USA, our MILITARY and Law Enforcers! Loves the sounds from HELLS MOSQUES in the morning! Who cant decide if he is suppose to use MEN or WOMEN public restrooms? Who gave ISIS over a billion dollars! Who did nothing being POTUS under FALSE documents printed up by his Master. GEORGE SOROS!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Hell-0 – yes he did! You either need to WAKE UP or QUIT LYING or Both!
      Which planet were you vacationing on for the last 3 years?
      At least 2 Obama administration members have implicated Obama beyond a shadow of a doubt! The congressional committee investigating the corruption in the federal government, despite all the blocking from INSIDERS came up with some pretty damaging evidence of criminal spying, criminal efforts to STOP TRUMP – gross misuse of their positions to throw the 2016 election to INSIDER Hillary & it is unlikely Obama wasn’t involved in every step – including the tweet from a lawyer named ZAID sent out just days after Trump’s inauguration – stating “a coup has begun and he will ultimately be removed”! This same lawyer has now been revealed as the lawyer for Schiff’s star CIA hearsay whistleblower in his hoax of an impeachment inquiry in the House. What a coincidence!
      Where were you when NSA Clapper stated (in a MSM video) that “without a request from Obama, there would have been no spying on Trump”?
      Where were you when it was reported SOS Susan Rice, as she was leaving a meeting by the Insiders wanting to STOP TRUMP, texted herself a strange message re “Obama wanting to be kept up to date & to make sure everything was being done by the book”? This sounds like a CYA text or “My Life Insurance” message to self!
      Apparently you didn’t watch many, if any, of the interrogations of the investigating committee of CIA, NSA, FBI DOJ & other insiders, aka deep state establishment members. I did!

    • Angelo Babbo says:

      Hey Berger, you’re a jew, right?

    • Jay says:

      Whatever Bob

  3. Mike says:

    You would be a fool to think he didn’t do it.Now there Pushing his wife to run.She could be more corrupt then him.remember she hates the US.Just what the US more corruption.

  4. Sue says:

    Why hasn’t Obama been arrested and charged with invasion of privacy, conspiracy against a presidential candidate, and for forging documents to aid him in becoming an illegal president? Obama for Prison.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Apparently too many corrupt holdovers from past 5 presidents still inside the federal government fighting against being held accountable for a crime that usually carries a penalty that surpasses prison!
      Remember Hillary’s 2016 post debate meltdown, when she ranted “we’ll all be swinging from the gallows if that f’n b…..d wins”! Those terrified INSIDERS no longer on the federal payroll are still working hand in hand with those still on the federal payroll & both are still working hand in hand with the one world global government, aka the new world order, to destroy our country from within, as their only way to save their selves from being held accountable!

  5. Barack Obama was the head of the mob in the corruption, involving the Russians and Hillary Clinton in trying to derail president Trump’s elections in 2016. A group of government employees from the FBI and others were also involved in the act.

  6. Katie says:

    This imposter was born and raised in a third world banana republic and knows nothing else. I still think he thought he could become dictator, just like where he came from. Why else would he say “I am being kicked out”, after his eight years were up.

    THANK GOD our country made at rule of two terms after the lieing, crooked, fooler FDR. Even Demorats saw the danger back then. Today we would not be able to get that law passed/

    Because Obambi thought he shouldn’t have to leave, and he wanted Hitlary to continue taking this country under, I beleive he would do ANTHING.

    It is time for this imposter, evil man to be held accountable and I am sick and tired of him being able to get away with anything b/c of the color of his skin. THAT needs to stop right now, and I think the American people see who and what he is and are clamoring for someone to step up and hold him accountable regardless of the color of THEIR skin . He and his cronies have committed treason and shoudl be held acccountable. His actions are the only thing to be considered. IMHO, his actions are punishable by death TREASON!!!!!

  7. Alcira says:

    It has been more than 3 years since the Russian Collusion started, still no end results or prosecutions of those involved. ” A lot talk , no action” In reality how truthful & accurate will the report be??? As corrupted Treasonous, Racist, Fraudulent, Evil the Obama-Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Nader & rest of democrats MAFIA are and some Republicans who hate President Trump, they WILL Never be Prosecuted nor punished for their crimes, there is no JUSTICE. “The billions of money they have stolen from the Honest, Hard working taxpayers, will be use to buy the JUDGES” & will end up living in Mansions instead of behind bars…. Eventually they will end up in the Black House ( Purgatory/ Hell)
    I Congratulate President Trump for his courage to stand up to those who are trying to Impeach him. !!!Mr. President, please watch out for your & family safety!!!

  8. TOM says:

    T Bell
    Yeah call for the assassination of an ex POTUS.
    Anyone out there monitoring this site looking for terrorists I just found one T BELL openly calling for the murder of a POTUS.
    He needs the FBI or Police too pay him/her a visit this freak sure sounds armed and dangerous approach with caution.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Is that like the play in Central Park portraying the assassination of POTUS??

      Or Johnny Depp saying it’s long over due 4 an actor to assassinate a Pres. —– referring to the killing of Lincoln by actor Booth?

      Or maybe the washed up d-lister in Hollywood holding up a mock severed head of Trump?

      How about the other barely-clinging-to-a -career- has been, Madonna saying she has felt like blowing up the White House??

      U really r twisted!

      • Katie says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for the “reality check” for TOM. Shows how really ignorant of the facts he is. OR mightily approves of killing Trump?

        And he wants the FBI to investigate this? I think they and the CIA were the very agencies involved in killing JFK.

      • Will Penny says:

        But Eileen , don’t you know the liberals are allowed to say and do such things , that the conservatives aren’t allowed to say or even think . I say to hell with the entitled liberal Idoits . If your offended , well , that’s just tuff you know what ,
        ” S “

  9. Will Penny says:

    Obammur , Killary , Holder , Nancy , Adam
    ” S ” , Chucky , Lynch , Mad Max / Muddy Waters , The Squad of communist / Muslim bitch’s , RINO’S , Comey and Joe n Hunter , and all of the CNN Fake news network crew . They all deserve a walk up the steps to the Gallows , for a date with The Old Hangman , for HIGH Treasonous crimes , against our Country , the USA and We The People OF THE USA . The DEMOCRAITS are THE Party of Stupidity and Traitorous Swamp Rats . That’s a fact !!

  10. Leon says:

    The demoncrap party has been trying to weaken America in order for the U.N. new world order to remove any forces capable of resisting demonic rule of the world.

  11. Murpy says:

    Two unarmed sources, because they aren’t authorized to leak, leaked to me that this report will result in indictments for criminal actions in obtaining fisa warrants. Those charges carry 10 years to 20 years in federal penitentiary!!!

  12. Dave says:

    I am ashamed to say, as an Independent, I voted for OBOZO twice “beacause I did not like Romney or McCain who were the Republicans running at the time. And I did vote for Trump in 2016 and it was the best thing I ever did, and I will vote for him in 2020 and 2024 if he gets to run because of the criminal acts of the Demwitts in 2016 thru 2020 that tried to stop him! I hope other Independents and Democrats will look “past” the party lines and vote for the best candidate and I believe that to be Trump!

  13. Ray says:

    Someone once told me to ‘crap’ in one hand and ‘want or wish’ in the other then see which one gets full the fastest. Well, here you have it and maybe someday people will figure it out. You can wish and want all you want to. NONE of the major players of the cabal will ever be touched by law of any kind. I know people hate to think that they live in a country where there is a two teared justice system, but that is exactly where you live! Trump proves this everyday but people are so distracted by the lies and corruption that they don’t see the reality of it. Folks, you live in a country ruled by an OLIGARCHY and nothing less than that! The big question is, are you willing to do what it takes to regain control of your own government? I have my doubts because if you were willing it would have happened by now and it hasn’t. Good luck explaining to your children why they had all their liberty and freedom taken away from them while you stood by and watched.

  14. John J says:

    Of course they broke the law, that’s what demo maggots do

  15. phantom says:

    why does anyone read most of this crap, the spying part was because of Russian intervention which was proven by Stone and 13 Russian hackers all being charged. then you have these guys saying it was Ukraine not Russia but that’s the hope so people might be stupid enough to believe trumps lies that he was working with Russian and now for 2020 hes trying to get Ukraine and China to inter fear so he can win again

    • Eileen Trent says:

      The so called 13 Russian hackers was a phony charge by Rosenstien before he summarily left the DOJ., since he discovered that Trump was having him surveilled by the military.

      Ohhhhh, he’s in so much trouble……he’s now pointing the finger of blame at HUSSEIN!

      All the rats are turning on each other.

      And ur a moron!!

    • George says:

      You forgot what Obama to the Russians, wait till after the election I will be able to do more, so the dems. started working with the Russians but upset Putin when they interfered in his election!!!!! Putin never forgets those that betrayed him. So Obama and Clinton lost and Putin won. Putin was not helping Trump, but getting even with Obama/Clinton.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Stone was only targeted cuz of his association w/Trump.

      Same with Manaforte, which his lawyer is now demanding exculpatory evidence that —surprise—-Weisman deliberately withheld from the Defense—typical Weisman dirty tactics!! Prosecutorial abuse to be revealed……

      The so called 13 Russian hackers, which of course cud NEVER be proved, was an imaginary charge by Rosenstien, who himself learned he too was under surveillance by the Military!

      LOL—-the rat that wanted to wear a wire to spy on Trump found out he too was being spied on!!!

      Better than ANY spy movie Hollywood production!

      BTW, is ‘inter fear’ a ‘THING’??? 😂

      TRUMP 2Q2Q

  16. Jan says:

    “No one is above the law” is a tired, worn out cliche. Some people are in fact, above the law. Hillary, Obama, Loretta Lynch et al, are above the law. They will never go to jail and they will never be punished for their transgressions. And they know it.

  17. John says:

    History of news started with political parties taking over newspapers to advocate for there party candidate! At least there was laws covering libel.
    Since TV and electronics there is a blurred line on this, so that is why our news is bias , lies. Now since the Democratic Party controls 90% of Media they are emboldened to just outright to decieve everyone!
    We soon will have a state controlled Media!
    I have lived under state controlled Media outside the USA !
    So I guess my perspective is that I have the bad experience of state controlled Media!

    • D.A.N. says:

      John, we too have lived outside the US where the media was controlled. On the Island of Cyprus when it was still undr British control in the late 50s and when it became an independent country in 1960. We have pictures of our paperboy being stopped in front of our home for carrying anti -gov’t papers. One of which was rolled up in our newspaper. Evidently he knew he was being watched as when they searched him, there were no more on him. 🙂 Our copy was quickly flown out of the country in a consulate courier pouch.

  18. dale says:

    if the republicans ever controlled all three branches of government again. The very first bill that should be introduced .Is one that would make the the press accountable for lies. Fake reporting and unnamed sources outlawed ,punishable by jail time for the reporter,heavy fines for the reporting agency and liability fines awards to the person smeared. . Perhaps that would help pull the teeth out of the deep state and the press . right now they are not held accountable .It would never get by any branch the democrats have any sort of majority in. That is their favorite tool .

    • marty says:

      I absolutely agree with you. Hopefully all of them will be voted out of office. Or have all of their privileges, their committees they are on taken away. Quite frankly I think they need to give back the salaries they have been given thus far and any future salaries not be paid until they actually do some work. If they worked for a real company, they would have been fired immediately.

    • TOM says:

      What is with you’re fanatic call for fascism, communism.
      Why do you hate the free press.
      Why are you so afraid of the truth.
      Why are you calling for a dictatorship.
      Why are you willing to denounce God for Cheeto Bandido.
      What part of freedom do you hate the most, free speech, freedom to vote, freedom to assimilate, freedom to form a union, freedom of travel, freedom from war, freedom from slavery, freedom of all you’re rights put forth in the Constitution.
      Why are you willing to give up everything America stands for because of just one man, why would you want that for everybody including you’re very own family.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Why do you think that you are the only one that is right? The press lies. The Democrats running the sham show lie. They both need to be held accountable. So should Andrew Weismann. He cost a US senator an election and possibly his life, and others their life or time in prison when he knew there was exculpatory evidence that would have cleared then on day one. And yet he was on the Mueller team and may actually have been the one that wrote the report. Because we know that Mueller didn’t. Holding people accountable for their actions is not fascism in fact it is just the opposite.

  19. Leftshot says:

    The standards of journalism never allow publishing the one-sided account of the criminally accused. This is an ongoing scandal of the media on top of the scandals in our government.

  20. Phillip Owens SFC Ret says:

    One can be fairly assured that the denials of actions are in fact just the opposite, after all if nothing was done then there would be no need for a denial!
    It appears to me that these people think the American public is stupid and cannot see the reality and the truth!
    Sorry but we see quite well and very clearly!!

  21. Well I read the other comments and some of them are worst then mine and I really don’t see anything offensive about them !

  22. Here we go again what was wrong with my previous post? This is getting ridiculous!! If you’re not going to honor the 1st amendment don’t bother asking people for their comments!!

    • jack stone says:

      Relax…The “so called”moderators are just a pack of commies who don’t think they are commies ! There are plenty of openings at the kgb for all of them !

      • TOM says:

        News alert for the miss informed P/P is a radical right media site, but even they have to follow certain standards and one of them is extreme hate speech, just another true fact for you simpletons to deny, and now let the denial begin.

    • wil delito says:

      yes, odd site for comments. now you see them ,now you don’t. I asked no reply.

    • Moe says:

      Their actually working for the left on this sight, honestly, they print their hatred interruptions, and bad nasty not profanity counter attacks. They censor conservatives on this website.

  23. DC says:

    Question: Will the NYT and other mainstream fake news media outlets ever be trusted again? Will they ever start telling the truth? Will they ever actually give the American People the entire story, not just the doctored version that fits into and supports the Democrats narrative? Will they ever refuse to support and knowingly deliver to the American People, a message driven by the Democrat Party, that they are aware of exculpatory information being omitted that significantly changes the actual facts and integrity of the message? Is the “FREE PRESS” a thing of the past? Or, is it on life support and can still be revived? If we look at these last three years, it would be fair to say that as long as the media remains totally biased, and loyal only to the Democrats and their narrative, the once proud, once respected free press is gone… For good? Only men and women of integrity, with a passion for the truth and fairness can change that. One can only hope… 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  24. Obama is the reason for the problems.. His Muslim belief and his Sexual agenda .. We are not allow to speak the truth .. Big Mile will hate the truth coming out .. Spying is bad.. but Obama crimes are many ….

    • TOM says:

      Yes Obama is the problem for everything no matter how far back you can go.
      Assassination of JFK Obama.
      Assassination attempt on Reagen Obama.
      The attacks on 9/11 Obama.
      Slavery Obama.
      Busting unions Obama.
      The assassination of MLK Obama.
      The rise of the KKK Obama.
      White Supremacy oh yeah Obama.
      Racism of all but whites for sure all Obama.
      Cheeto Bandido’s great economy oh yeah deffintly Obama.
      Becoming POTUS free and clear no electoral college vote oh yeah that was Obama twice as a matter of fact.
      Drastically lowering unemployment far more then Cheeto Bandido oh yeah that was Obama.
      The most beloved POTUS of the 21’st century oh yeah that is Obama.
      The most scandal free POTUS of the 21’st century oh yeah that’s Obama.
      Nobody in his administration in jail unlike Cheeto Bandido with multiple crooks already in jail or awaiting sentencing oh yeah that’s Obama.
      The most popular flotus that never posed nude or wears see through clothing in public oh yeah that’s Mrs. Obama.
      I guess that’s why RETARDicans hate Obama so much because they know all to well that Cheeto Bandido will never amount to anything but corruption and scandals and jail time, sad but true.
      RETARDicans are just jealous.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        The most scandal free POTUS of the 21st. century?!!

        Oh, no u dinint!!

        R u talking about big Mike?? Former flotus!???


        U really r a clown!!

  25. marty armstrong says:

    It’s about time, ok, well way past time Obama was investigated for spying on Donald Trumps campaign in 2016. They need to look further to get the hole of everyone doing the same, such as Hillary Clinton. It’s unforgivable that what they did, they actually thought they would get away with. To throw their words right back at Pelosi, et al is ‘NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW’!!!!! Hopefully, this will start the investigaitions of Shift, Nadler, Comy, Schummer and Pencil Neck Bug-Eyed Shifty Shift and their gang of outlaws. It’s absolutely ludicrist of what these people (if you want to call them that) have done need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Cliff Young says:

      Every damn one of them need to swing from a tree on the White House lawn

    • Avatar666 says:

      As much as I would like to see your suggestions followed Marty, I don’t think we’ll see a lot of justice being done. Reason being, there’s too many corrupt politicians in the government, and powerful bureaucracy’s as well as the liberal media.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        U’ve forgotten DURHAM, he didn’t hire 3-dozen additional attorneys to his staff to investigate NOTHING!!

        He and Barr have been inverviewing Steele, Halper, Misfud, Downer, all the Russian spy hoax players, and even talked to Assange…..Assange has the evidence that the DNC server wasn’t a hack, but a download by Seth Rich.

        Huber report: Evidence the Clinton Foundation is a front for child sex trafficking….he brought on an additional 2-dozen attorneys as well.

        Don’t trust Obama appointee Horrowitz with anything substantial, or of import, since he has no subpoena power. no legal authority what-so-ever except to make recommendations for prosecutions. That’s it!

        I’m waiting for the other reports……

        W W G 1 W G A

        • TOM says:

          Still cookoo cookoo cookoo.
          Always will be cookoo cookoo cookoo.
          The conspiracy queen cookoo cookoo cookoo.
          Forever cookoo cookoo cookoo.
          Look at me I’m Eileen I’m cookoo cookoo cookoo.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            U just can’t handle the truth.

            Hang on the reports r coming soooon.

            Don’t believe thecClinton Foundation is a front 4 sex trafficking of children…..r u a moron!

            Did u figure out how to spell winning yet? I told u it’s with 2 n’s not 1.


        • D.A.N. says:

          Eileen, tom is more of a maroon if you get my drift. Need to send him to get a ID10t examine. 😉

      • marty armstrong says:

        Avatar 666. I understand what you are saying and yes there is many corrupt politicians. This time, however, Horowitz has put forth that the FBI attorney for a criminal investigation.That is just a starter for what I believe (hope) will follow to file criminal charges against them all. I also think Barr is out for blood as well, as he should be. But that being said, it’s still a wait and see time.

        • Eileen Trent says:

          That attorney he recommended for criminal investigation is low-level. It means nothing……we’ll see if he goes further up the chain of command.

          Remember, it was Horrowitz that determined that the DOJ and FBI had no animous toward Trump…..and the investigations were not partisan.

          Still trust Horrowitz????

    • Frank2525 says:

      I remember Barack Obama making statement early in his Administrations, that he wanted a “Civilian Force’ equal to USA Military Forces. And he started removing warriors from the Military, based on “he said, she said” complaints make by females about male Officers and Enlisted Supervisors. He got the reactions that he wanted, and also was hiring more Civilian Employees.
      ——- And he sent Mr. Lopez with FBI to any city, where there was conflict between minorities, and government. And they found the city government and police were terrorizing the minorities. Even in cases that where the minority was a criminal, and had attacked police, or other city officials. So he left a deep state in cities, civil service ranks at all levels of government. Don’t forget FBI, CIA, and others were in contact with many individuals, long before 2015, when Donald Trump announced for Presidency. Obama saw early on, that Donald Trump was going to campaign sometime in future years. And I for one, do not believe those recorded tapes by Donald Trump JUST HAPPENED to be recorded and held for years, “until needed”. And they were surprised the tapes did not kill off campaign by Donald Trump. And do you have any problem now, in seeing who some of those authors contacted in Trump Administration, to find negative stuff or made-up stories? Pretty clear to me, that Presidential Advisor folks were not really supportive, now where they?

  26. David says:

    Can dems impeach ?? 250 house dems can’t walk n chew gum at the same time. Evil will continue. Trump 2020, Prez. Eric Trump 2024, Prez. Ivanka Trump 2032. Liberals saying Prez. Trump for the next 2 decades Plus !! PRICELESS 😊

    • TOM says:

      Yay dictatorships and communism for decades to come I can’t wait next comes the Russian flag just what America wants and needs.

  27. Cliff says:

    It is long overdue to round up, arrest and throw the whole cabal of TRAITORS in a cell to await their trials for sedition and TREASON. (after all we KNOW who the “players” are because they are openly committing these crimes.) I am very tired of the corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS “declaring” President Trump is “acting like a king”. The One that was acting like a “king” was the last FRAUD “occupant” of the oval office. “MR. pen and Phone”, that took PRIDE on IGNORING, stomping our U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights (and that should never had been there if the first place)

  28. Carl Bujan says:

    Every one that was involved in the Justice department should serve time.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      My understanding is former DOJ official Andrew McCabe is squeeling like a PIG…..haven’t heard ANYTHING from him since he dropped his lawsuit against DOJ…..Rosenstien and Loretta Lynch also talking!

      It was rumored that McCabe said, “If I go down, you’ll ALL go down!”

  29. Cindy Murphy says:

    One way ticket to GITMO & no Get out of Jail Free card. Or Military Tribunal would be better for Treason. How many would get Capital Punishment for this Coup de’tat?

  30. T. Bell says:

    Hope someone kills the half breed muslim kniger soon !

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