Fox News made one dramatic turn on impeachment that no one saw coming

Democrats see Fox News Channel as a gauge of whether or not Republican support for President Trump will break.

And some prominent hosts on the network stand firmly in the Never-Trump column.

Now Fox News made one dramatic turn on impeachment that no one saw coming.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace is the one host Fox executives use to brush back the Fake News Media claims that Fox is “state TV.”

Wallace is a supposed “straight news” journalist right out of the Washington, D.C. establishment.

And in recent months, Wallace’s coverage of President Trump and impeachment was so biased and one-sided that even Rush Limbaugh slammed Fox as turning into the “Never-Trump Network.”

But on the second day of the impeachment trial Wallace pivoted to attacking Adam Schiff and the Democrats.

Wallace noted that Schiff completely lied about Mick Mulvaney’s press conference where the acting Chief of Staff told the Fake News Media to “get over it.”

Schiff falsely claimed Mulvaney meant everyone should “get over” the fact there was a quid pro quo involving Ukrainian military aid and investigating the Bidens.

Wallace noted that this was a lie.

In fact, Mulvaney made the obvious point that there was always going to be politics involved in foreign policy decisions.

Wallace is a figurehead for the Washington, D.C. establishment.

If even Chris Wallace is calling out Schiff for his lies and misstatements, the Democrats’ impeachment case is proceeding at an even more disastrous pace than anyone imagined.

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63 Responses

  1. DUANE says:


  2. Katie says:

    I will be swtiching from robber Spectrum to Direct TV tommorow. With Direct, I will be getting in the basic package of 155 channels(and for a little over 50% of what Spectrum is charging): FoxNews, Fox Business News, One America, and Newsmax
    One America is making strides in the conservative market and I predict that if Fox keeps up what they have been recently doing, that within a couple of years, One America will surpass them and the healiners on Fox right now(Inghran\m, Hannity and Carlson) will jump to One America as soon as their contracts are up.

  3. Susan Landin says:

    I don’t watch Fox like I used to.It was a news channel I could believe in not any more. I was an Out numbered watcher but not anymore. When they start yelling and talking over each other it drives me insane and I turn off the t.v.

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