Fox News just removed one popular host off the air for this strange reason

With just days remaining until the November 3 election, Fox News made a major programming change.

And it involved a Trump supporting host.

Now Fox News just removed one popular host off the air for this strange reason.

Melissa Francis was a co-host of Fox News Channel’s popular Outnumbered program.

Francis was also an outspoken Trump supporter.

But Francis has not been on the air for two weeks and it could mean her six year run at Fox News is over.

The Los Angeles Times reported, “Melissa Francis, regularly seen on the popular Fox News midday talk show Outnumbered, has been off the air for two weeks and is probably at the end of her six-year run at the network, according to people familiar with the matter who were not authorized to comment and requested anonymity.

“Francis, 47 has not been seen on the program since Oct. 7. A Fox News representative did not comment on her status, saying only that she is still an employee and its daytime programming is being revamped.”

Some reports indicated that Francis got involved in a dispute over what men and women make at Fox News.

Mediaite reported:

Journalist Yashar Ali also reported in his newsletter on Thursday that Francis claimed that Dianne Brandi — the former general counsel for Fox News who now does consulting for the network — told her men at the network “make more than women do, that’s just the way it works.”

Ali also reported that a source said “they don’t believe Brandi would have said anything like this and that it doesn’t sound like something she would say.”

But other conservatives wonder if Fox News – where Paul Ryan sits on the board – wants to expunge personalities from the network that supported Trump so Ryan and his allies like Mitt Romney can reassert control over the Republican Party after the election.

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