Fox News just made one major change everyone was waiting on

2021 has been a year of transition for Fox News Channel.

That trend continues.

And Fox News just made one major change everyone was waiting on.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell spent $50 million on advertising with Fox News Channel in 2020.

Lindell dropped another $19 million in advertising in 2021 when Fox News Channel refused to air an ad for Lindell’s three-day cyber symposium that Lindell claimed would show evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Lindell reacted angrily back in July to Fox refusing to air his ad by announcing MyPillow would no longer run commercials on Fox News.

“Shame on Fox News! Shame on them,” Lindell said in an interview with the Daily Beast, “When I was told they wouldn’t run the ad, I said to cut off advertising on Fox immediately and indefinitely.”

“MyPillow is done with them, MyPillow is done!” Lindell declared.

Lindell then declared Fox News was now part of cancel culture.

“I think Fox News has done more damage to the country than all the left-wing media have put together, by not talking about the issues and by choosing to censor what they talk about!” Lindell added. “Fox is being a part of the cancel culture!”

However, after a two month pause Lindell and Fox News appear to have made up.

Fox News Channel began airing a new commercial from Lindell for a $99 bundle for MyPillow where Lindell alluded to the feud with Fox News.

“Cancel culture has not only affected myself and MyPillow, but millions of you out there,” Lindell says in the commercial.

Liberals constantly pressure companies to boycott Fox News by not running ads on their commercials.

Lindell’s advertising is important to Fox News’ bottom line.

After Lindell claimed Trump won the 2020 election corporate department stores stopped carrying MyPillow in an attempt to cancel Lindell.

That’s why many Trump supporters were happy to see Fox and Lindell back on the same page.

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