Fox News just got hit with an attack that could shut them down for good

Liberals believe in never letting a crisis go to waste.

And the Left finally found the opportunity it was waiting for to go after Fox News.

And now Fox News just got hit with an attack that could shut them down for good.

A 21-year-old Texas man shot and killed 20 innocents at an El Paso Walmart and wounded 26 others.

The shooter allegedly posted a manifesto online expressing racist beliefs.

Democrat Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren licked her chops at the chance to exploit this tragedy for political gain.

Warren used the shooting to attack Fox News as “hate-for-profit” in an effort to silence the network.

Whenever Donald Trump calls the so-called “mainstream” media fake news or the enemy of the people, journalists claim any criticism of the media is un-American and a call for violence.

But reporters were noticeably quiet when Warren went after Fox News.

That’s because reporters’ only objection to Trump attacking CNN, The New York Times, and other Left-wing outlets is they want those sources to be the only avenues of information available to the American people.

Reporters hate Fox News for ideological reasons.

They are all too happy to see Warren lie about Fox News in an effort to see Fox News shut down or change their programming to be more like CNN.

Liberal journalists believe they should set the agenda and frame events for the American people on the most favorable terms for Democrats.

And Fox News is the biggest threat to the Democrat Media Complex.


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178 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    “Dizzy Lizzy” can stick it in her ear. She can CLAIM anything she wants but doing so does not make it true. If anyone is to blame for the violence in this country they better start looking at the democrats who urge their half witted followers to harass Conservatives at public events, in restaurants and in their homes. Among the biggest of instigators is “Slappy Maxie” who tells crowds, “If you see any of these people, (Republican Officials, White House Employees, Those with “MAGA” Hats) go round up a crowd and chase them out of stores, Restaurants, etc. So Lizzy better get ready for a real surprise come November, 2020.

  2. Richard Parker says:

    Fox news kicks ass with facts. And that’s why the are #1. Lick your wounds Dems.. You will never beat President Trump. He is way to smart for you and all your BS that you put out there. All this party has done is piss a lot of our money away because they lost the election. The end of your party is coming to an end. And I do hope that all involved with this crap goes to prison and has to pay back all the millions of the American money they have pissed away.

  3. Joyce says:

    I truly believe that the dems have totally lost their flipping minds. They don’t live in the real world. They are so filled with hate and and vengeance they can’t even stand themselves.

  4. Gail says:

    It’s the Demonrats that are spreading hatred. They have shown the whole world how much they hate our President. They will do anything, legally or not to try to get rid of him.

  5. John Bazen says:

    Each of the leftist running for President, I call the WATER-MELONS green on the outside Commie red, mush i n the inside! They want a total power-grab for the Federal Government. They consider this a democracy , BUT THEY INSIST O N RUNNING IT!

    • KeKe67r says:

      Speaking as a White woman, I can honestly say there is not one politician in this country that speaks for me. They’re all too busy kowtowing to the never happy african community, illegal aliens and gays that need to get back in the closet, to be bothered with appeasing the White voter. A country founded and intended to be a melting pot for Europeans and a White nation has turned into a Crap Stew. Pathetic. I am by no means excusing what happened in El Paso but it’s a sign that the White population is fed up.

  6. Chilidog1947 says:

    I think this site intentionally puts my posts somewhere that I didn’t intend for them to be!! The last three or four of my posts were planted in places that they shouldn’t have been!! ARRRGGGHHH!

  7. Chilidog1947 says:

    Truthsayer – You obviously have no idea what you are talking about . You stated: You and Ratto simply cannot see what is going on with the right wing of the republican Party which today comprises by far the largest majority of the party. (There are TWO parties, you are repeating yourself here! WHICH party are you referring to? I think your own, actually!) You are so enamoured (you can’t spell) with the hateful garbage spewed by our president (I listen to his speeches and he never “spews”) that you cannot even recall the country we were be for he (“be for he”??? Get real and get a REAL education!) , with the undeniable help of our enemy, Russia, (Got any proof of this, other than your own befuddled mind?) befouled (befouled? no such word) the minds of a good and moral party and a relatively level headed mass of voters. (If you are referring to the Left, you are obviously a robot to the party and “can’t see the water for the ocean”) With the help of sickos like Rush Limbaugh and the truly fake news network that is FoxNews your minds have been poisoned and reinforced with rhetoric of hate every time Trump speaks or tweets. (I still say you can’t be over 12 years old! Either that or education in your school system has forgotten how to spell and write. Don’t know if you can actually speak correctly, but it is doubtful) Sadly, time has proven, that once headed down the road to perdition (Do you even know what “Perdition” means? It certainly has nothing to do with politics!) there is little beyond and out and out war or revolution the turn a country back into the light.o idea what you are talking about. You stated on Aug. 6th, 3:45pm that ” My suggestion is that you go back to school and learn how to read and write, then maybe, just maybe, you will get a brain in the process!

    • Proud trump supporter says:

      Hey magna cum stupid Sorry were not as edumacated as you we don’t have the time to sit in Starbucks all day with the rest of the libtards commies discussing treason nor are we sitting in college classrooms getting brainwashed or committing rape we are the deplorables that stormed normandy,defeated Nazi Germany and the japs that bombed pearl harbor in 4 years killed bin laden ,Saddam hussein,kadafy, thousands of Muslim terrorists,defeated communism build the bridges,highways,dams protect the nation . your the losers that work for google, refusing to help our military but all too willing to help China’s rot in he’ll POTUS TRUMP 2020 BABY

  8. Chilidog1947 says:

    My last post was directed to “Truth Sayer”. Geez what a name. She/he needs to do some real thinking instead of swallowing the Left whole! Everyone knows that the public school systems, including their “teachers,” are completely owned by the Left! The only thing you have ever heard in your life is Communist bull “spit”!

  9. Chilidog1947 says:

    Leftist hate rhetoric reminds me VERY MUCH of Hitler’s pre-WW2 hatred speeches!

    • Linda M. says:

      Chilidog1947; It’s strange you brought up WW2. Yes indeed Hitler was known for his hate filled speeches. So much like The Democratic party. But if you watched any documentaries on WW2, after the war started, do you remember Tokyo Rose? How she would broadcast her propaganda everyday. Well, now we have the internet and we are bombarded by the hate and ignorance from the Leftists, CONSTANTLY !! Aren’t we lucky?? NOT….

      • sherri says:

        To Linda M. We love you dearly & our Pres. but Tokyo Rose was an America Spy & was sending our military messages with her daily stories. She was disclosed at end of war.

  10. Linda M. says:

    Both mayors were on fox news this morning and neither one of them what President Trump to come to their cities. Especially the Dayton Ohio mayor that is a Democrat . She was openly disrespectful.So my question is , how can you possibly blame our President for these tragic shootings? It has nothing to do with what political party these shooters supported.And there was mass shootings before Trump was President. So now we supposedly need tougher gun laws? I don’t care WHAT kind of law you pass, it will not help!! Any criminal or deranged person will always be able to get weapons!And even if they can’t, if they are hell bent in killing people , they WILL find another avenue to accomplish their sick goal!! Has everyone forgotten 911 as an example? Did anyone ever imagine those sickos would use airliners to fly into buildings? No!! I really don’t understand about this present bill they are trying to force the government to pass. I had to have a background check and was fingerprinted before I was able to get a gun permit. Plus, in my state, you can not walk into a gun shop and just walk away with a gun. There is waiting period. As for gun shows, I can not speak for that avenue.. I’ve never been to one. But regardless, if someone wants a weapon, they will always find a way..But the long and short of it is, this whole world has become much more violent, and we will always have very mentally disturbed people that will act out. No matter what kind of law you pass. But on the other side of the coin, I obtained my weapons legally and no one will tell me I can not protect myself and my family and remove my guns……

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      I like people who can actually reason out the situation! If I met you, I think I would probably like you and want to be your friend. We are so overwhelmed by leftist idiot rhetoric these days that it makes me sick. What were these people taught in school?! All I can say is “not much”! LOL!

      • Linda M. says:

        Chilidog1947; Thank you! I have enjoyed many of your posts as well. And I’m quite sure we would be friends. Let’s just hope we reasonable and sane people with the gift of common sense can stand tall against this wave of ignorance and hate from these Leftists. Before I discovered these sites, I never imagined how dangerous these radical Leftists are!
        And you are correct. One can only imagine what they were taught in school and at home for that matter. Thank GOD we were fortunate enough to have much better teachers !!!

    • Sarah says:

      Linda, i am completely with you on all of that!

      As for Fox News, for the most part, they give clear cut journalism. They don’t incite hate or violence. Fox News does not twist the words or narrative to a political advantage.
      They don’t tell their views what to think.

      President Trump 2020

      • Linda M. says:

        Sarah: Thank you for your kind comment. But with each event, with every story that is sopken, I am truly worried for this country and it’s true American citizens. These radical Leftists have infiltrated into every media outlet they can. Even shutting down people’s Twitter and Goggle accounts for speaking the truth ! I have NEVER witnessing such hate and treasonous actions such as the Democrats have been doing since President Trump has been elected!!! We must get them all out of congress and whatever position they hold of importance, soon.
        Let’s pray Trump WILL succeed in 2020.

  11. chief1937 says:

    As it turns out the shooter was a Warren supporter according to reports. Wonder how she feels about that?

    • Judianne says:

      She’s trying to divert everyone’s attention from the fact that this 24 year old idiot was ANTIFA’s first mass murderer and that her rhetoric , the hateful rhetoric of the leftist mainstream media a,, and the rest of the communist wannabes help to radicalize him. This disgusting, disturbed jagaloon had been violent and a huge problem for society since high school, but, since he never wore a MAGA hat, our left leaning educational system did nothing about it. Like most easily triggered, I need a safe space Peter Pan, he still lived at home with his parents. How the could let him bring an arsenal of weapons and ammunition into their home, knowing full well that he was lunatic who hated his own sister, is beyond me.

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      The truth begins to come out!!

    • John Galt says:

      She is probably very proud if that.

  12. Patricia says:

    When some people no longer feel safe they act out. I once felt safe in America. Today, few people can say that. We watch Congress lie like dogs to slime the other side and cover up what they are doing or want to do. Nothing is done about it even when called out by the other side. We see politicians actually commit crimes and still walk free. It makes the ground shift beneath our feet, what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is ignored. Congress has not protected America for several, several years. They lie, deny, and do not do their work but still draw pay and get reelected. They work for Party and Reelection only. How can anyone feel safe with the enemies of the people running the Government?

  13. William EARL Brown Jr. says:

    Warren like the rest of the A??holes on the demacraps ticket for POTUSA are all behind what’s happening now in the USA. All of them should be kicked out of America.Doesn’t the oath of office mean anything to the S.O.B.’S are they so GREEDY for POWER over the People of the U.S.A. that they forget why they are there. Do they forget that HAY A??hole you all of you work for us. Pay back is on the way VOTE TRUMP 2020 PURGE CONGRESS,BUILD THE WALL AND DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  14. Dale says:

    Dam Democrats just can’t handle the truth. How about the lies and cover ups they put out by way of c n n conspiracy news network

    • sherri says:

      Dale, doesn’t Nadlers son work for CNN. I think Nadler is the govt. leak & has to get rid of our Pres. before the world finds out he is part of the Clinton corruption.

  15. manuel govea says:

    History repeats it self the Democrat Party is now the Nazi Party to the 30’s they are the ones who are instigating all this hate against the Americans that love this country….

  16. Judy Stinger says:

    Elizabeth Warren, from what was reported, is using the tragedy in El Paso to fund raise for her campaign and for other Democrats. She is clearly walking on the graves of those slaughtered people and has no empathy and sympathy for them, their families and those who are fighting for their lives. She clearly is using this as an opportunity to advance her own political career. Wonder why she is so silent over the fact that the maniac who slaughtered all the people in Ohio is a registered Democrat who s an avowed supporter of her. From her way of thinking in which she’s blaming, along with all the Democrats, the El Paso crisis on President Trump, she obviously has to take the responsibility for what the maniac did in Ohio.

  17. AN says:

    Elizabeth Warren is a LIAR, FIBBER, FAKER, CHEAT who will do anything to get what she wants. Americans need to defend themselves, in any way they can, from the Hateful Democrats who threaten to stab them. We need Democrats-Control and BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR THE “VIOLENT DEMOCRAT PARTY MEMBERS”!!!!!

    • John Galt says:

      All need to remember that Pocahontas stole the Native American culture for her own personal benefit and lied about it..

  18. Good Christian says:

    Both shootings were tragedies. The families need our prayers. These two shooters had a lack of respect for human life which comes from a lack of morals and religion. As a Christian, I have morals and respect for life. The Ten Commandments say thou shall not kill. When this country was more conservative and religious and moral things like mass shootings did not occur. As the morals and respect for human life and each other has withered away and deviant behavior has become the accepted norm our country has become less safe. The liberal ideas of not disciplining children in school has lead to children growing up knowing that they can cause harm without consequences. That mindset is why these young men picked up those guns and killed those people. Respect for each other needs to be brought back into society. Respect for different opinions, different ideas, and different ways of doing things. Our society has become so angry with each other that you are called names or attacked in public because you done agree with the lefts views. I will never agree with their views because most of it is morally bankrupt. However, I don’t say I want harm to come to them, and I would like those people to act the same way. Many of the followers of the Democratic Party need to go back and read the United States constitution and learn American history.

  19. Timothy Toroian says:

    That guy was nuts before he listened to FOX a or any other network. What the Sam Hill is the matter with Poco. Is she sure it wasn’t is opposition to something she said rather than in favor of something someone else said?

  20. Eric Granberg says:

    When there is a very serious issue, Fox presents it. Which is why lil dee trump and his supporters slam Fox a lot.

  21. Jan says:

    So why aren’t mainstream media stations any different? They are truly the profit for hate media, and it’s been made patently clear that they HATE AMERICA’S BEST PRESIDENT SINCE AMERICA WAS BORN.

  22. Cat says:

    Why would anyone believe a known liar, like Elizabeth Warren?

  23. Mark says:

    Funny both shooters were deranged DemonRAT Thugs who were propagandatized by the leftist FAKE NEWS MSM of lies and hate!

    • Joe Jancuska says:

      You’re right. The Dayton shooter was a Liz Whoren or Pocahontas supporter.

      What these stupid, idiotic , liberal dirtbaggs don’t realize is that their sickle and hammer loving and crescent moon loving presidential candidates want power and control over their very souls. Now’s the time to prepare for civil war, because it’s coming. Faster than I ever thought! Anyone claiming to be conservative will be accused of a crime and their new red flag laws will be used to railroad them to prison under the guise of protecting the people! It’s coming.

      • 2004done says:

        Joe Jancuska: I wish I could say I don’t know you’re right, but the reality is “sickle and hammer loving and crescent moon loving presidential candidates want power and control over (OUR) very souls” is already happening, .

  24. AN-INDIVIDUAL says:

    I believe in the rule of law as laid out nicely by the Constitution. I guess that makes me a conservative. Right or Left means nothing to me. And, as a Christian who believes in morals, virtue, sanity, and the sanctity of human life. I pray that I would never have a need to use any self-defense weapons that I own against any human being. I am so tired of the hate, hate, hateful, speech we hear every day and long for loving messages, and conversational discourse, that would lead us as intelligent people to a better understanding of all of our countries problems. God has blessed this country with an abundance of gratifying worldly things BUT we have taken these gifts to an immoral status where only selfishness resides and love of neighbor is no longer important. When our ability to have a conversation with others is no longer available because a differing opinion is met with violent acts of discourse, then this country that I have grown up in , law abiding citizens living together in harmony, will cease to exist. Government does not solve problems, government is the problem. Trump is not a politician and is hated by them. The media does not report news anymore, it is the instigator of hate. Fox news channels are the only media support given to the President. So of course much hatred is spewed towards them. We live in the USA and as such we should be allowed to be an individual. Think for ourselves and own our opinions based on life experiences and the rule of law. Not selfishness. I don’t judge others, even if I disagree with their opinions or lifestyles. I KNOW WHO THE JUDGE IS!

    • Aileen K Douglas says:

      Beautifully Spoken;-)

    • Archie Bunker says:

      Correct, and they will use the law and liberal liberty hating judges to punish moral, conservative, law abiding christians. Armageddon may actually be upon us. The Antichrist…..could be anyone of the 20 commie democrat presidential candidates are all threatening to steal our guns and freedom! Are we prepared?

    • Faith says:

      So well said, “Individual”! You hit the nail on the head. Our country has turned their back on God, and the things that happen these days, are the result of that. According to Scripture, it doesn’t look as though things will get better, so we need to try to help people know the Lord, and try ourselves to live for Him and show love to others. It is a very discouraging time in which we live.

  25. Helga says:

    This high cheekbone wannabe Indian makes me so furious that I want to put a bet on her never seeing the inside of the WH! BTW, my cheekbones are higher than hers and I have Zero Indian blood. The American Indians should not give a single vote to this Pretender!

  26. Toni McCarty says:

    It’s ok when the Democrats like Maxine Waters tells her people to go get in the faces of Trump supporters and have us thrown out of restaurants when we have children with us. Or when Democrats make remarks against Jewish people we are suppose to take it. Nancy sits on her Throne and does nothing yet when a Republican Congressman did something wrong they immediately removed him two different standards

    • USMC0352 says:

      That’s because Maxine Waters, and the overwhelming and vast majority of the left have chosen to COMPLETELY abandon integrity and FULLY embrace hypocrisy. And the “lame-stream” media, the propaganda machine, naturally stays silent.

      • Faus says:

        Her turkey neck and flappy jowls are disgusting. Horrifying actually. She shou be a Halloween mask

        • KATH says:


  27. Rowdy says:

    The only ones that are truly liable for the Elpaso shooting are the liberals and their crap. They are allowing illegals to overrun our country. That brings in drugs, gangs, and human trafficking. The liberals are thee ones that are destroying our country and the person that committed the crime, which was in the wrong way, showing every one how feed up he is with the Liberal bull S*** and the illegal stamped that is distroying our country and taking every thing away from the people that are true citizens of this country. The liberals only want power and money (your money) and do no care about any one that they were elected to represent.

  28. Polly Ester says:

    No one on the left will admit to the Dayton killer’s reasoning because libs are stupid. The left will scream till they shut down those that oppose them. It’s a waste of time to explain anything to those on the left. They will use violence against the opposition at any cost and blame Conservatives.

    • Gene H says:

      No matter what you do, or how hard you try, you just can’t fix STUPID. There is nothing Democratic about the Democrap party. They should just change the name of the party to simply STUPID.

  29. Jeffrey Schubert says:

    All of you are missing the big picture, society and lack of honest adults in these young people’s lives are the problem, and all of you should start watching One America News.

  30. Bob Sexton says:

    Only would an idiot blame anyone for any shooting. GUNS DON’T COMMIT CRIMES PROPLE DO. I don’t like FOX I changed to OANN but I don’t need opinions.

  31. Bobby Sexton says:

    I don’t like FOX I changed to OANN.

  32. Joe Connor says:

    It seems that the blame game is on. I feel that it’s time to realize that we must all share some responsibility in these terrible slayings. These murderers had hate planted earlier in their lives. Likely being mistreated and abused by others. This does not excuse their terrible actions by any means. However we must reach out to our younger folks and show that by praising them and spending more quality time and share and pass on love to those that have a need. Often a pat on the back gets positive results rather than a spanking or worse. And when discipline is in order one should take the time to explain so the recipient understands why, and most importantly the lesson. Be sure to shake hands and hug this youngster and tell them that you LOVE them always. We must show our youth that they are loved and admired. Babies are not born with Hate, they learn it from Us adults. Please take better care of youth, they are a product of all of us.

  33. David Muench says:

    William Barr Was ordered several months ago to investigate and bring these criminal democrats to justice , to me this is taking way too much time . These Democrats must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the justice system . They are all far guilty of crimes against America then they say Donald Trump is accuse of doing as our President.

    • StevieRay says:

      What so-called “criminal democrats” ???? Please cite facts that support this “claim” ! Can you?
      Do you “think” that reporting Donald Trump’s inexcusable bigotry and despicable calls for racist violence VER BATIM is somehow against the law?

      • Steve Hogue says:

        Yea I guess Maxine Waters don’t call for violence. “Call a crowd and get in their face and tell them they aren’t welcome here anymore. “ That certainly doesn’t entice Violence…

      • Rich says:

        The FACTS are being discovered and assembled by AG Barr and his Investigatore and these FACTS will be based on reality rather than the ignorance of Demented-Dems . . . . . like nadler, sheriff woody, swallowell, comey, brennan, clapper and their associated henchmen and women.

        All you have to do is wait awhile . . . the reason it is taking so long is every rock AG Barr and his Investigators turn over dozens of “new corruptions and linkages” scurry out. ????

      • Dan says:

        I can quote democrats ver barium. AOC and her saying all white are not Americans and either need Togo or be shot. The squad is Isis and Muslim lovers and hate. American per all 4 of them. Then there was this one guy a white democratethe other day saying he hates American people. Then there is the democrats hating our flag and calling it racist and evil. How can anyone who lives in America say that after all the people who have lost their lives fighting for this country and that flag.

      • USMC0352 says:

        James Comey, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Trashida Taliab and the list goes ON and ON and ON. They are the biggest collection of collusion delusional, criminally corrupt democrats ALL of them with an absolutely UNLIMITED CAPACITY for hypocrisy. And hypocrisy and integrity cannot coexist. They have chosen to embrace hypocrisy and completely abandon integrity.

      • DSC says:

        Give me an example that President Trump said or did that is racist? You can’t! I’m so sick of the ignorance of people. Check your facts! Then get back to us. We will be waiting.

  34. Bobby Sexton says:

    GUNS DON’T COMMIT CRIMES PEOPLE DO. I don’t like FOX NEWS but it is the ignorance of the liberals to accuse anyone
    Other than the shooter for the act. I have changed to OANN. I can do my own opinion.

  35. Joyce Fitzgerald says:

    The only ones responsible for these horrible events are the two lunatics who pulled the triggers. Based on photos, ec, it looks like they just fired at anyone who happened to be around. The guy in Dayton killed his own sister and the killer in El Paso didn’t seem to care who he killed. Based on early reports seems to me both of these guys should have been in mental institutions from an early age.

  36. Peggy says:

    Everytime we have a mass shooting you’ll find a democrat with a gun. This is no exception. The far leftists don’t like losing even when they commit voter fraud they try to rig the election after the fact. They’re such poor losers in Congress they’ve spent the last two years doing nothing productive in Congress.

    • StevieRay says:

      Then please explain WHY the El Paso Shooter was a Republican White Supremacist who posted racist hatred in the form of Donald Trump QUOTES!???

      • debbie says:

        StevieRay…You’re Telling On Yourself…Hey Idiot..Who do YOU Think IS To BLAME Then for the DAYTON Shooter or the BASEBALL FIELD SHOOTER OR A LIST OF OTHERS?? Turn About IS Fair Play But Of course You Brainless PUPPETS Cannot Think on Your Own so So Sorry..I Forgot, You’re All Minions..& Not the KIND that actually ever LEARNS or Does ANY Good for ANY One other than Yourselves..Of course..All Hypocrites & Total Narcissists..Unable to THINK For Yourselves or Rationalize a Damned thing..let alone have one Iota of Common Sense..Just Far TOO…Common!

      • DSC says:

        First, he was a registered Democrat! Second,white supremacist are democrats. Read history! It doesn’t matter what party the President is Republican or Democrat when someone kills another they have serious mental problems. They put the guns in their own hands.

  37. Patti says:

    I no longer watch any other station other than FOX. The only one that tells you the truth and hear from both sides. They don’t lie and repeat the same thing over and over again. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC way to bias to Liberals, never any truth. never have any thing good to say about our President and what he is doing for our country, can’t watch any of these any more. FOX is the best.

    • File says:

      I totally agree with her. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC They are all lie.
      They never tell the truth. I hope God has no pity on them and they
      suffer for all their wrong .

    • Dewey says:

      Fox news is the best of the bunch. I would not watch CNN. They have a bunch of jerks Warren ,in fact the whole Democratic hates President Trump and Christians so much until they just walk around in a stupor.

      • USMC0352 says:

        CNN has lower ratings than Nick at Nite AND HGTV. CNN and MSNBC are nothing more than liberal propaganda machines. They have completely embraced hypocrisy and completely abandoned integrity and objectivity. Fox News leads them both in ratings…no surprise there, none whatsoever.

  38. NOT PARANOID says:

    What you guys aren’t facing is that FOX is NOT a News Channel. They were taken to court for telling lies to the public, and defended themselves by arguing (successfully) that they were not NEWS but rather ENTERTAINMENT, and therefore had no restraints as far as truth was involved. Look in your TV Guide and you’ll see they are listed under Entertainment, not News.
    So they lie with impunity, and you suckers buy it, hook, line, and sinker! Do any of you actually try thinking for yourselves, instead of going by what friends/family think from watching FOX?
    Can’t you tell that today, the Republican Party exists for one and only one purpose: to pass tax cuts for the rich and regulatory rollbacks for corporations. They accomplish this using one and only one method: unapologetically racist and bigoted appeals to win the votes of the heartland riff-raff they otherwise treat as mere money machines for their endless mail-order cons.
    Yes, I am calling you riff-raff, and will continue to do so until you start thinking for yourselves!
    Also, do you ever happen to notice that we have many many more shootings than any other (so-called) civilized country? It’s not because our people are crazier, it’s not because they play violent video games more, it’s MOSTLY due to Trump making being violent and racist OKAY. Yes, some shooters are not right-wing White Nationalists & Immigrant haters, but by far the MAJORITY are!

    Start trying to find REAL FACTS instead of going by FOX Entertainment!!!!

    • Trump 2020 says:

      Drink more of the Kool Aid ‘NOT PARANOID’ , talk about an idiot not thinking for themselves your little spew there was verbatim what the Libtards say everyday. WOW, so drunk with Left bs you can’t see your hypocrisy. Go back and suckle your Pelosi, Warren and Schummer little one.

      • Jonathan Conover says:

        Fox news is no worse than Joseph Goebels.

      • StevieRay says:

        Not Paranoid is 100% correct!
        Fox viewers would not recognize a word of truth if it bit them in the azz!
        Guess what? You sad ignorance of truth and facts are indeed biting you in the azz !
        Does it hurt to be so uninformed and clueless?

      • debbie says:

        AMEN! Trump 2020 to NOT paranoid..Sure & Crazy POS Stevie Rays also Not One of those NOT Paranoid..More Like NOT Able to Think for themselves..So Many Trolls..Probably Only Thing They Do FOR A Living..other than WELFARE or Living off their Parents, Grands or Some One else..

    • bill says:

      You are another of those “blind bats” who think the broadcast FOX channel is FOXNEWS. It is not. I can’t stand the regular broadcast FOX but prefer FOXNEWS over any of your news sources CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC or CBS

    • Wanda says:

      very well said. the only 3 journalists on fox is Bret Beir, Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, everyone else are commentators not journalists.

    • DC says:

      MSNBC and CNN are left-wing-Democrat propaganda machines that for eight years during the Obama administration, ran White House press releases as “news”. Fox News ALWAYS gives two sides of the story/
      If your theory of mass shootings is correct, Barack Obama was responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre and several others, to paraphrase your remarks “MOSTLY due to Obama making racist accusations against white Americans, particularly American police, and accusing white Americans of benefiting from white supremacy and privilege”.
      You can’t find REAL FACTS on MSNBC or CNN because you prefer leftist ideology.

    • The Real M says:

      NOT PARANOID, Shut Up, DIANE you lying troll! You wouldn’t know the truth if it knocked your teeth down your throat!

    • Gene H says:

      All I can say to that rant is this. You need to get your head out of your A$$ before before you suffocate.

    • Will says:

      riff -raff Hmmmmmmm???? What happened to the all loving face of the far left ?? People like you are sooo lame . You will regret your statement , when standing in front of the one and only judge . Have a nice day you PC pecker head

    • Philip says:

      You know you are one crazy POS. When the PRESIDENT gets reelected what else are you going to lose, you have already lost your mine. Take care my fellow AMERICAN

    • Janice says:

      Maybe not but I find out more FACTS from them. They have both sides there to listen to. Not just a moderator giving their opinion. Very poor. And more important we need to clean up this mess that power and greediness have made. This country is not longer safe. Our children cannot go out and play. And the hatred that those opposed to Trump in our leadership positions do not help at all. Time to stop with the reindeer games already. I live in a sactuary state and sometimes wonder how our world ever got so bad…but then listen to and look at our politicians. Shameful. Instead of working together for the best of this country they are in their own Dem and Repl. War. They need to think about the people here in America and do their jobs instead of spread their hate. This country was not founded on hate. And no one should be allowed to alter the consitution. It worked for years…it was put there for protection. Hope you have a good day people.

  39. Mary Johnson says:

    Why should Fox news be censured for freedom of speech but let every other lie and do nothing?

  40. hondo1046 says:

    I have a question for Fox News about the definition of a “White Supremist” That seems to be the new language that the Democrats are throwing around in their tantrums.

    I found some information that I will share and I would like to know if Joe Biden is a “White Supremist” or not.

    Is Joe Biden a “White Supremist”?

    Joe Biden’s long history of friendships with segregationists in the U.S. Senate is suddenly emerging as a political issue after the presidential candidate this week fondly recalled working with two racists who were his fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill in the 1970s.
    Through his nearly five decades in politics, Biden, 76, has praised or reminisced about working cordially with every major segregationist who served alongside him in the Senate, according to a Washington Examiner analysis based on a list of key segregation proponents compiled by the Equal Justice Initiative. In all, Biden has spoken warmly of or boasted about his ability to work with six men on the list.
    He has lauded South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond — who Biden called “one of my closest friends” — and Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina, who Biden worked with on legislation to prevent court-ordered desegregation busing. He has also expressed admiration for Sens. John Stennis, James O. Eastland and Herman Talmadge. He has even praised George Wallace, an Alabama governor and segregationist presidential candidate.

    • The Real M says:

      hondo1046, I know I am suspicious that Biden is a “White Supremist”, have been for some time! After these reminders of yours, I am now sure of it! Listen……….did I just hear a Democrat say Joe Biden is a white supremist? Well, I knew it all along! Hey Dems, just don’t accuse Biden of being a conservative Republican!
      Gawk! :-(>

  41. Arthur Jurczak says:

    Everyone forgets the dems confess by blaming the repubs for their doings.

  42. M says:

    CNN wants all news to lie like they do. CNN has lied from back in the 60’s an have not changes

    • Han Solo says:

      Now this IS interesting. I didn’t know that CNN started lying 20 years before it was founded in 1980. Of course most of the media has been lying to the American people for far longer. The New York Slime and Washington Compost still don’t want people to believe that the holocaust happened in WWII.

  43. Terry L Earl says:

    This is a raving mad woman that needs to be removed from office. Crazy people like that are only destroying the country!!!

  44. Dave says:

    The shooter was a democrat doing what they wanted him to do.

  45. Aline says:

    Fox News is the only ones that tell the truth. The others only help the liberals, the squad, the dems. They have a very difficult time hearing the truth and the reality of this is, I do not watch any other newscasts because they are always ready to lie. I’ll turn one of them on to compare what they are saying vs what Fox News tells us, and they are the only ones that tell it like it is. I wish there was a way to get through to our citizens that believe the crap they hear, to let them know how brainwashed they are becoming. I pray each day for our President and to be re-elected, and somebody like him to follow because if we do not get somebody that makes sense, were doomed. Of course if medicare for all were to happen, there would be a lot of deaths, Mmmm, maybe that’s why the dems want medicare for all, who knows. JMHO, and I’m entitled.

    • debbie says:

      TO Aline, You Are SO Correct. We’ve had a Solid Decade now between 8 Long Years under the Obummer Regime & The last two+ under the demonrats Rule by Resisting, Obstructing & Outright Planning & Conspiring of One Insurance “Policy” after Another & the Attempted COUP once Our President was ELECTED, Not Instilled Like Obummer was …Twice. The Deep State & Shadow Government, better known as the Swamp, has been Entrenched now for some time. Our Government is Truly a Den of Political PIMPS…All IN IT For Themselves & Theirs. None other..It’s why we’ve had Millions now Imported over the last Ten years, for a More Compliant, Dependent Citizenry…Dems & Globalists want NO Opposition & NO Competition. They’ve Enjoyed the Fruits of Their Treasonous Labors for too long. MILLIONS & Billions of Dollars have been Made off of the Selling Out of Our Country & We the People, in More ways than One.

  46. Mary Lee Rooney says:

    Thanks FOX News for truth reporting. Not like fake news reporting!!!

  47. Douglas LaRose says:

    lets clean up old unamerican threats like the mess brought on by the Clintons and Obama before we start looking for anything that we can bash Trump with. the nut case gunmen ,how does anyone know when they go off track . if you know how please let us all know. at this point we are all the blame!! Wake up America Fix what you can and stop blaming one man. we are all to blame Clean the swamp starting with the Clintons enforce rules already in place ,get rid of the finger pointing and help with the answer

    • becky says:

      totally agree but this probably is another Mr soros thing! this man needs taken down he is vile & full of hate and wants to rule the world wake up world!!!

  48. Will says:

    This is a bit off subject but , there are mentally ill out there , and the drug Co`s putting out all of these new drugs are using people as test patients ,are adding to the mix . If they are wanting to do something about these killings , why don`t they look at that , but you never hear a word about the drugs . WHY IS THAT ???

  49. vinnie says:

    I heard that the shooter was a Democrat and was inspired to commit this dastardly attack by the Rhetoric that Alexandra Ocasio Cortez spews out every chance she gets !

  50. ABC says:

    While I don’t agree with Warren, I hope to live long enough that Trump and his followers would ever except ANY responsibility for their actions. Trump’s often hateful statements are continually stirring up things as he attacks and vilifies others.

    Once we had a president, Harry Truman, that had a sign on his desk that said “the buck stops HERE!” Now we have a president with arrows that point everywhere else – – and lives a “the blame goes elsewhere!”

    • Vicki S says:

      Once we had an electorate with mostly informed voters. Now we have a ????show party, that can’t tell the truth about anything, with the mainstream media as cheerleaders. They have lied or twisted the truth so often even they believe it. Trump has not said anything that most sane Americans don’t agree with. The truth is the truth. A lot of immigrants from south of our border are either criminals, members of cartels or gangs or coming here for nefarious purposes. It’s unfortunate that immigrants who really need asylum, are mixed in with them.

    • Charles March says:

      The problem is that Trump does not have a decent, moral Congress to back him like Truman did.
      If Congress would get off their dead lazy asses and do the job they were elected and are paid to do then this country will start to get straightened out and the hate talk will stop. LISTEN UP WASHINGTON SWAMP RATS. WE THE PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTED WITH YOUR LACK OF PERFORMANCE, SO GET TO WORK!!

    • norm havlish says:

      Pull your dimwitted head your out of your dumb ass!!!!

    • Jo Tamnr says:


    • David says:

      The phrase – “The Buck Stops Here” was not referring to all of the lies that were told about Harry – and there were many – but only the things that were true. This phrase refers to things that he actually did or said – not simply the things that people wanted to make him responsible for – whether he did them or not! You need to do the same for Trump. For example, the Tariff situation with China – now that is a real issue that was initiated by Trump. And he owns it! Furthermore, he has said as much and has tried to explain his reasoning. If you’re going to rip Trump for anything – be sure it’s things that Trump has actually done, and not the garbage that he is continually blamed for. By the way, that statement about the buck, should go both ways. For example, while the statistics tell us that the unemployment rate is the lowest in 50 years, and the Stock Market is the highest in history, and the economy is booming under Trump, where should the “Buck Stop” on these matters? Shouldn’t the “Good Buck” also stop at Trump’s desk? All I ever hear from Trump-Haters is the NEGATIVE and FAKE stuff. Sure, the buck should stop where Trump has made mistakes – but also”The Good Buck” should stop at his desk when good things are happening. But I don’t really expect any “Good Buck Stopping” from Trump-haters like you!!

    • File says:

      I don’t agree with her . President Trump is is a great president. The
      country would not be where it is if we did not have a great president.
      I am sick of all the lying democrats . They are most hateful. They are evil and wicked. What happened in ELPSO repsents the democrats.
      Maybe God will step in and wake up the democrats like he did in Bible times. They should get what they deserve.

    • AC says:


  51. daniel says:

    Fox News Thank You for putting the real truth out there for all of us to hear.The ones to blame is the democrats they keep telling people that you dont like something is to riot an cause destruction.Stop blaming Trump an get off your ass an start working as a team an Make America Great Again

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      Daniel – That is the way the Bolsheviks have always done this type of thing. It is nothing new. They lie, lie, lie. They keep lying until ignorant people believe them. The next thing you know those followers are fire bombing houses and attacking old people (or anyone who is weaker than they are). Then their “great leader” will get them into uniforms and send them to die somewhere for nothing other than a lunatic’s insanity. Exactly like Hitler and Mussolini did it in WW2. Everyone needs to read about the history of WW2. In this case I’m afraid that the Hitler or Mussolini is a woman who is currently and very visible in office. (It isn’t “AOC” but she isn’t very bright and might be talked into doing something stupid.)

  52. Tim Harding says:

    Where there is no Jesus there is murder. ( Phil Robertson) AMEN

  53. howiej says:

    The Dayton shooter was registered Democrat and a supporter of Warren. Wonder why there was very little in the news about his political leanings. Media bias?

    • Shepherd says:

      Same reason you quit hearing anything about the CA shooter – IRANIAN – NOT WHITE. Didn’t hear anything about how many people were killed in ny, baltimore, or chicago over the weekend either. Doesn’t fit the left’s crazy narrative.

    • Bill says:

      What you are witnessing, howiej, is definitely media bias. In their minds it is okay to attack Trump for the mass killings in El Paso because the shooter apparently supported Trump’s idea of how to handle border security and limiting immigration to our country. However, the Dayton shooter was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren and it was necessary for the media to hide this fact because it doesn’t fit with their objective which is to take down President Trump by hook or by crook.

      • Chilidog1947 says:

        The Left owns the tv air time! Have you ever noticed how much air time on the alphabet news is devoted to patting the Left on the back? As a matter of fact those stupid daytime tv shows do the same thing! It’s a total miracle that we can get a decent person/leader into office.

    • Edith says:

      I,think it is a shame warren and the rest,of the den.are using,this tragedy to cut her their own agenda what a rotten thing to do but I am not surprised

    • The Real M says:

      howiej, Uuuuuuu, could be that the MSM is the same as the Democrat party and they don’t kiss and tell on one of their own!

    • Nanny G says:

      Keep up the great work,FOX News! You are my sanity in this crazy world. There is a difference between journalists and pundits. The journalists that report the news on Fox are doing just that …reporting the news. Not twisting and editing the truth as other outlets do.

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      howieg- Duh! What else?

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      Ya think? :0)

  54. Jorg says:

    Why should military assault weapons even be available at all in the public sector, – while Fox News and Republicans in Congress tend to defend the nonsense of “self defense”.

    • Will says:

      How can you claim that self defense is NONSENSE ??????
      If you truly believe that you are a fool

    • Bill says:

      AR15 or AK47 in legal to own semi-auto are not “weapons of war” or military assault weapons. You have been listening to the main stream media too much.

    • jd says:

      Why shouldn’t they be available…. because you don’t like them. I dont like stupid Demo Communists, let’s get rid of them.

    • Neill says:

      Military Assault Weapons ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Further more they haven’t been for many years. An AR-15 IS NOT a Military Assault Weapon. If you think they are the same then you never served in the military and you don’t know your arse from a hole in the ground.

    • Hank Foster says:

      They aren’t you uneducated ass!

    • Shepherd says:

      Our Constitution allows us to be as well armed as the government. Read it. You might learn something. You might also check out the dog whistle aoc put out July31. Three days before the shootings she was telling those who feel marginalized to rise up – looks like someone answered her call.

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      Jorg – There are some on Fox News who are NOT Republicans! They have to have those mental midgets on their news show to be “fair and balanced.” But, at least most of the air time on Fox News is Right.

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      Jorg – When someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night, armed to the teeth, you’ll wish you were, too! But, since you are anti-protection and anti-gun, we’ll see how you respond to someone breaking into your home, carrying heavy duty artillery! All you can do is hide under your bed, and when the intruders find you they’ll probably kill you because they can and they will not be identified! No one will know who killed the unarmed guy in the neighborhood. That’s the way it works, bud.

  55. The Real M says:

    Balderdash, Elizabeth Warren criticizing Fox News for ANYTHING is pure malarkey! She was out begging for campaign contributions before the people killed in the mass shootings were removed from the scene, she and the rest of the Dems! I would like to have been a fly on the wall when she found out one of HER SUPPORTERS did the mass murders in Ohio! Wouldn’t all of you like to have seen her face when she was informed? Guess she now knows how it feels to be accused of something she had no control over! What about it lying Pocahontas, kind of messed on your parade didn’t it?

  56. libra says:

    Both Shooters were MENTALLY ILL. Stop the Blame game crap. Until the laws concerning those among us who suffer mental illness are changed–these shootings and bombings will continue. Even the police will tell folks who report dangerous behavior—they cannot do anything until the subject does something illegal and then they can take action. The demomarxists are now blaming our president but then again –it is Primary time and they will say or do anything to regain power. Congress–pass some laws to help keep the violent mentally ill away from society–help clear out major cities with hundreds of mentally ill living on the streets and get them into treatment.

  57. Robert Ratto says:

    As far as Fox news is concerned, they should be allowed the same freedom of press as any other any other network. Trump should allowed the same coverage as the democrats. All this does is show who the democrats really are. This shows how the democrats what to control the available information and keep the general population in the dark. Huh, there was a time in our history that was like that, ” It was called the DARK AGES”.

  58. Robert Ratto says:

    Typical democrat. They advocate violence and blame the republicans when it happens. Democrats seem to always make political hay out other people pain and try to blame conservatives for the disaster or any disaster as far as that goes. All a person has to do is look at the highest crime rate and the highest murder rates and you will find those areas have been controlled be the liberals for years. As long as we allow the illegal emigration to this country and allow foreign law within our borders. It is only going to get worse. The politicians who advocate violence should be prosecuted and removed from office. As long as the Antifa group and other groups like it are allowed to hide their faces and remain unchecked it is going get worse. It is time to put a stop to this evil before any more people get killed. Politicians should condemn this violence and not try to turn it into a political event.

    • Linda M. says:

      Robert Ratto; Thank you for both posts. What I found so inappropriate was the Democratic hopefuls using these tragic stories to sling more mud at President Trump, blaming him. Just to try and promote their agenda. Disrespectful and disgusting!We can’t get any truthful news from the other channels, so now they are trying to shut down Fox news? I don’t think it’s ever going to happen..

      • Truthsayer says:

        Linda, you and Ratto simply cannot see what is going on with the right wing of the republican Party which today comprises by far the largest majority of the party. You are so enamoured with the hateful garbage spewed by our president that you cannot even recall the country we were be for he , with the undeniable help of our enemy, Russia, befouled the minds of a good and moral party and a relatively level headed mass of voters. With the help of sickos like Rush Limbaugh and the truly fake news network that is FoxNews your minds have been poisoned and reinforced with rhetoric of hate every time Trump speaks or tweets. Sadly, time has proven, that once headed down the road to perdition there is little beyond and out and out war or revolution the turn a country back into the light.

        • Bill says:

          From where do you get your “Truth”, TruthSayer? CNN and MSNBC?

        • Kilemal says:

          truthsayer, your name should be fecalsayer or even fecalcaster. They’d be far closer to the truth that you so diligently eschew.

        • Vicki S says:

          Well from your post I would say YOU would not know the truth if it walked up & slapped you in the face! And if you are dumb enough to believe CNN & MSNBC & the other 3 letter networks are not lying, but FOX is, you have a serious problem. I don’t know where you got the idea the far right is the majority of the Republican Party, (oh wait, fake news told you) but there are many more conservatives than far right.

        • Jack says:

          You would know the truth if it smacked you in the face. If you wish to in a 3rd world country just elect any of the crazies from the demoncrat party and enjoy poverty.

        • Linda M. says:

          Truthsayer; Oh I can recall what our country was before President Trump. First we had the corrupt, liar Clinton. Then we got Obama the Muslim that hated our country and then he brought in over 100, 000 Muslims into our country, for his own agenda.And did nothing but cause chaos his entire 8 years. Are these the fond memories you want me to reflect back on??The Democrats care about two things; power and control. Nothing else. Alright Rick?

        • Chilidog1947 says:

          You are a bot. You only say what you are programmed to say.
          How old are you? 12? You are obviously not old enough to think and reason for yourself. When you grow up you can discuss with adults, but until then you need to research and learn what is really going on.

        • Chilidog1947 says:

          Well, Truthsayer, I think you need to step back from the Alphabet channels for a little while and find out exactly what is REALLY going on in the world! The Left News is a sham, nothing more! Yeah they have their one “feel good” story every day in their agenda, which is designed to convince YOU, and others like you (and they have), that they are really good guys who wouldn’t lie to you. But they LIE, they LIE and they LIE some more! They are insulting with their lies against anyone who doesn’t agree with their bull—-! They are Communists leading you down the “Yellow Brick Road”! Good luck when those leftists talk over the country! You think you don’t like it now, just wait until the Left gets into control! I’d rather be dead than having to live under a Leftist regime, and Lord help you if you are Jewish!

      • Chilidog1947 says:

        Hey Linda M! I’m back. I have to agree 100%! I see the exact same thing. The Left throws mud and try to seem like they are the epitome of righteousness, but they are absolutely the opposite! I wonder if anyone on the Left was raised to be respectful, and I’ve come to the conclusion that they weren’t! All of the Alphabet channels are 100% crooked as a snake. They spew out the exact same script evvveerryyy single day! “Trump bad. Hillary good.” That’s the only thing they have to say. They are totally boring! I can’t figure out why their sponsors don’t drop them like a hot rock.

  59. KatahdinView says:

    That would be great but the LEFT does not want to hear anything about themselves.

    • Chilidog1947 says:

      My last post was intended to the Lefty know it all, but this site placed it where it appeared to be for someone else.

  60. ANI4ANI says:

    Might want spread the word about EW & the OHIO shooter, he was a DEVOUT Warren follower & radical SOCOM.

    • Robert B says:

      If that turns out to be true, you can be sure the MSM will bury that info because it doesn’t further the Leftist Agenda. Most such perps have mental issues, and that is a major problem than no one addresses. Add to that the destruction of the two-parent family, and you have all the ingredients for disaster.

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