Fox News just got hit with an attack that could shut them down for good

Liberals believe in never letting a crisis go to waste.

And the Left finally found the opportunity it was waiting for to go after Fox News.

And now Fox News just got hit with an attack that could shut them down for good.

A 21-year-old Texas man shot and killed 20 innocents at an El Paso Walmart and wounded 26 others.

The shooter allegedly posted a manifesto online expressing racist beliefs.

Democrat Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren licked her chops at the chance to exploit this tragedy for political gain.

Warren used the shooting to attack Fox News as “hate-for-profit” in an effort to silence the network.

Whenever Donald Trump calls the so-called “mainstream” media fake news or the enemy of the people, journalists claim any criticism of the media is un-American and a call for violence.

But reporters were noticeably quiet when Warren went after Fox News.

That’s because reporters’ only objection to Trump attacking CNN, The New York Times, and other Left-wing outlets is they want those sources to be the only avenues of information available to the American people.

Reporters hate Fox News for ideological reasons.

They are all too happy to see Warren lie about Fox News in an effort to see Fox News shut down or change their programming to be more like CNN.

Liberal journalists believe they should set the agenda and frame events for the American people on the most favorable terms for Democrats.

And Fox News is the biggest threat to the Democrat Media Complex.

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