Fox News just confirmed Donald Trump’s worst nightmare about the FBI

Donald Trump blasted the FBI as biased against him.

The corporate-controlled media and Democrats launched a major counter offensive against Trump.

And now Fox News just confirmed Donald Trump’s worst nightmare about the FBI.

FBI agents escorted Special Agent in Charge Timothy Thibault out of the Washington, D.C. field office.

Thibault came under fire when Republican Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa revealed that whistleblowers had made damning allegations that he opened an investigation into Trump’s 2020 campaign by using “evidence” obtained from left-wing activists.

Thibault also worked to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the election.

Fox and Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade reacted to the news of the FBI dismissing Thibault over partisan meddling in investigations by saying it prooved anti-Trump bias was pervasive at the FBI.

Kilmeade explained to viewers that there is corruption and malfeasance in law enforcement – especially at the highest levels of the FBI – which is why conservatives should not reflexively defend the Bureau as “backing the blue.”

“Put him with Lisa Page and all those others that, if you are President Trump, how can you back the FBI? How can you not question the sanctity of the raid? That’s why you don’t blindly black the blue. That’s why is law enforcement right or wrong? It means you have no credibility if everything you think they do is correct. It means when you praise them, it means nothing. And which is 99 percent of the time. But you are going to tell me that this guy had just one bad year and one candidate just drove him over the top, Donald Trump? I’m sure that his record is checkered with a lot of dicey stuff…Are we next?” Kilmeade asked.

Kilmeade then pointed to the abuses of power carried out by the FBI against Trump associates as a slow escalation on the part of the Bureau building towards achieving the Democrat Party’s objective of ending Donald Trump’s political career and throwing him in jail.

“If you are President Trump and you know what’s going on with six agents who should have been fired, resigned, and living in disgrace, and now you find out this happens, and then you find out additional information leading up to the 2020 election, and you say to yourself ‘how can you trust anything?’ You do not blame him for wondering what is going on with the investigations and the scrutiny on him. How Paul Manafort ends up in solitary confinement. How Michael Flynn is ruined by FBI agents who happened to show up and, you know, Roger Stone on down. Life ruined, life ruined, life ruined, and they’re focusing now on what they consider their big guy and that’s President Trump,” Kilmeade concluded.

For six years, the FBI carried out witch hunt after witch hunt against Donald Trump.

The FBI raid over a document dispute was just the continuation of the Russian collusion hoax.

And the more FBI officials who are marched out of the building after getting caught red handed in their bias against Trump, the more obvious it becomes that the FBI works at the behest of the Democrat Party.

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