Fox News just announced it replaced the host of this popular show

There are more changes at Fox News Channel.

The top rated cable news network made another big shakeup.

And now Fox News just announced it replaced the host of this popular show.

When Chris Wallace announced he was leaving Fox News for CNN last year, the network used a rotating panel of guest hosts on “Fox News Sunday.”

Many Fox News fans were thrilled to see Wallace quit and felt CNN was where the registered Democrat and reliable leftist belonged.

Wallace angered Donald Trump and his supporters with a biased performance as the moderator of the first Presidential debate in the 2020 campaign.

In that event, Wallace repeatedly interrupted Trump and jumped in on numerous occasions to bail out Joe Biden when it looked like he was on the ropes.

Now Fox News named a permanent host to its flagship Sunday interview program.

Fox named Shannon Bream – who previously hosted the midnight newscast – as the new host of “Fox News Sunday.”

The New York Times reports:

Fox News has selected its chief legal correspondent and late-night news anchor, Shannon Bream, to be the host of its signature political talk show, “Fox News Sunday,” elevating a woman to the role for the first time in the program’s 26-year history.

The job has been vacant since late last year, when Chris Wallace suddenly left after growing increasingly unnerved by the reduction of down-the-middle political programming at the network.

“Shannon is an outstanding journalist, reporter, and anchor who has cultivated a strong and enduring relationship with the FOX News Media audience,” Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott stated.

“It has been an honor to cover major news throughout Washington over the last 15 years at FOX News. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to host a Sunday show and look forward to this new role,” Bream declared in a network statement announcing her promotion.

Fox News Sunday is the one show where Americans can tune in to hear the views of actual Republicans.

The other Sunday shows refuse to put on supporters of Donald Trump and only interview Never-Trumpers and other opponents of the former President.

Chris Wallace decamping to CNN out of the blue stunned the media world.

Wallace served as Fox’s link to Washington, D.C.’s left-wing establishment.

And Fox News viewers hope Bream can restore balance to the program.

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