Fox News host dropped this giant bombshell about Senate Republicans impeaching Trump

There is one big questioning hovering over Washington, D.C. right now.

And it has to do with if enough Senate Republicans will join the Democrats to remove President Trump from office.

And now one Fox News host dropped this giant bombshell about Senate Republicans impeaching Trump.

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney sat for an interview with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace.

Wallace is the emerging face of Fox News Channel’s anti-Trump programming, and during the interview Wallace told Mulvaney that a “well connected” Republican told him there was a 20 percent chance enough Republican Senators would join the Democrats to vote to remove Donald Trump from office over articles of impeachment.

Breitbart reports:

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” anchor Chris Wallace said a “well-connected” Washington Republican told him that there is a 20% chance Republicans will vote to remove President Donald Trump in an impeachment trial.

Wallace said, “I talked to a very well-connected Republican in Washington this week, someone whose name you would know well, who says that if the House votes to impeach and it gets to a trial in the Senate, there’s now a 20 percent chance, he believes —obviously that just an estimate — now a 20% chance enough Republicans would vote with Democrats to impeach the president.”

Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said, “That’s just absurd.”

He continued, “The comment about the 20 percent is just a person who clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

There is no doubt many in the Washington Establishment would like to see Donald Trump gone.

Some of them may even be Republican Senators.

But the strong likelihood is that any Republican Senator who votes to remove Donald Trump from office based on the fake Ukraine scandal would be signing their own political career’s death warrant.


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315 Responses

  1. James Riddick says:

    Crooked Donna is disaster for your network. Remember how she was aiding Crooked Hillary during the last election?

  2. bob jones says:

    if you watch fox news do not tune in to chris wallace,donna brazille or neil cavuto. if you watch them you are giving them ratings. boycott these 3 and soon fox will have to release them.

  3. Carol says:

    Fox is a great station, just a few bad apples in the barrel that they should throw out, If they don’t other channels will take over, ( beware FOX NEWS), I watch FOX & OAN!!!!!!

  4. Tony says:

    Has anyone noticed the Fox weekend bias against president Trump? Wallace and Neville are leaning so far left they could fall over any minute. Bad strategy Fox, American patriots notice.

  5. Fox News you are disgusting, ignorant and a disgrace to this country which is the greatest country in this world!!! I am a legal immigrant and my husband gave his life for creeps like you!!!!! I will never watch Fox News again, you were my last hope.

    • Bob says:

      You are correct Chantal Benjamin. Fox news has joined CNN because of who has been hired there; you know the RINO Paul Ryan who hates President Trump and wants to ruin FOX the way he ruined the House of Representatives when he was Speaker of the House. Chris Wallace is just another anti-Trumper and every Sunday that is all we get from him. Fox is fast becoming known as another “fake news organization” with people such as Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Napolitano, Neil Cavuto, and the female who gave Hillary Clinton the questions before the presidential debate in 2016 (Donna Brazile)working there.

  6. Alan says:

    Give me a break….Chris Wallace is a never Trumper……..of course his sources said so…LOL

  7. VGF says:


    • Dr. J.D. says:

      wow, VGF, you need to start viewing some other sources than just right wing propaganda. The country where they are fighting the aggression with Russia is the UKRAINE, and Trump’s withholding of Congress’ vital military aid (to get his campaign dirt on Bidens) – — -their soldiers were DYING without that aid. And you clearly have not seen that in many polls, like this one last month, has Biden beating Trump by 15 percentage points!
      Biden…………55%…(plus 15%)……………….40%
      Sanders………52%…(plus 9%)………………..43%
      Warren………51%…(plus 7%)…………………44%
      Harris…………50%…(plus 7%)………………..43%
      Buttigieg…….47%…(plus 4%)…………………43%

      Your first remark is inaccurate – – I have seen legions of racist remarks made on this blog without any Dems using the racist card. Check the one on Michelle Obama where they pretty much call her every name inthe book, and use racist terms common back in the 1920s. They do the same for Barack. I have even seen the lest intelligent remarks on this post that even use the “N” word with provocation. I repeat, I don’t think most republications are racists – – but some are. To be honest, I know some democrats that are also, but far less.

      • cookie cutter says:

        The only person I’ve seen on here that uses the “N” word is your sidekick The RedMan.
        He is definitely a partisan democrat like you.

        • Jack Handy says:

          ‘cookie’ – on RR site, jd supported ‘redman’.
          Unbelieveable. jd. taught in college somewhere.
          1 Course was : “How to Lie W/ Statistics.”
          jd is a ‘mere puppet/ & Repeats All day long
          (of which BTW when i see jd/vasu/ ‘red’ – i Do Not
          Read & keep on scrolling) Anyway – jd Totally
          Ignores 1 of TOP WorldWide Projections &
          ‘that’ IS “Moody’s Analytics”.
          >>> Read Moody’s___ Ev’ry 0ne, Read Moody’s.

          • Jack Handy says:

            > 1 more tidbit. IF You All ‘brief’
            yourselves re “Moody’s Analytics”
            the crap You see on jd poll repeats 0r
            ANY ‘other’ MSM crap polls. Will NOT
            ‘Upset’ you. Good luck? & God Bless.
            SAVE USA. SUPPORT POTUS___

      • Martin Michaels says:

        Sure those are the results when the people being asked are 90% Democrats…
        …But this should SCARE you. 90% Democrats and STILL Trump get 43% of the “votes”…chew on THAT one for a while, J.D…

        • Jack Handy says:

          Martin. Somehow, jd thinks PPL Here are Stupid.
          I guess jd thinks No 0ne Else Can Read ‘Sources’
          other than him.
          > Thnx for commenting. Important.

      • ron kessinger says:

        What a bunch of excrement!

  8. Jack Handy says:

    To. WWG1 etc. Eileen Trent /& All
    EVILE Podesta IS Totally ‘V. Bad news. & Under cover
    from Bezos at WAPO. You know ‘that’, Rite ?

  9. Shirley says:

    I knew who the Fox host was before I even saw it. What a chip off his father, Mike Wallace, block. It’s true, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Chris Wallace is the reincarnation of his father. Get wise Fox, time to eject Wallace once and for all. Your (Fox) future will depend on your partisan actions.

    • Ugly says:

      I agree, Chris Wallace needs to go and Fox, while you are at it, get rid of the demowit Donna Brazill!

      • Judy Nolin says:


      • Wondering Woman says:

        You forgot to add Popinjay Judge Napolitano!

      • Daniel from TN says:

        Donna Brazill MUST stay. She is living proof of the Democrats anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian attitudes and actions.

      • Paulo wilson Rosario says:

        Wallace should go and The republican who vote against our president by legal vote,! We will not vote for theses falses Democrats in the party! We stand by the president if necessary by any way possible! Age do not matter !we don’t want communism ! By any means! …don’t treat us bunch !….

      • vgf says:


    • Judy Nolin says:

      Agree….can’t stand the Rino Wallace. I turn him off. Love my President!

  10. Thomas Spiering says:


    • Judy Nolin says:

      This fair and balanced nonsense is ruining FOX. I miss the old Fox..
      A show for Republicans only.
      Thank God for Hannity and the Judge ????????

      • Angela Harper says:

        I agree! Fox has taken “fair and balanced” way too far and they are now shoving Democrats down our throat right and left. I am SICK of hearing so much anti-Trump bias coming from my favorite media outlet! Democrats have multitudes of support from ALL media outlets, so why couldn’t Fox continue to be the outlet for Conservative/Republicans that has made them Number One in the ratings? If they keep going at this rate, Fox is going to lose their Conservative/Republican viewing base. And they will not be able to entice the far Left/Democrats to come aboard because this group HATES Fox; they constantly make fun of Fox viewers and consider the network a joke. So, the end result of Fox’s new “left-turn” will be a network whose base has abandoned them, and a very large group of left-wingers who would cut their throats before they would start watching Fox. Fox is digging its own grave, and I really hate to see that happen. I also hate the way Paul Ryan turned traitor to his party, and now he is about to cause the downfall of a once-great television network.

  11. Cliff Zipnick says:

    Any republican that votes anti Trump will be voted out of office and will have just served their last term!!!!!!!!!

    • Angela says:

      I agree. For those Senators who won in Red, Pro-
      Trump states, they had best remember who put them in office. If any such Senator votes to impeach, may he say Good-bye to any chances of re-election. It will be political suicide. But there may actually be Senators who would rather risk their political careers than to keep Trump in office. Nancy Pelosi actually said that she would give up the House if it meant removing Trump from office.
      That is how DESPERATE the Democrat party has become. They have gone rogue!

  12. Eileen Trent says:

    WOW!! Talk about high drama. I really rattled the leftists on this site.

    By informing u that Hussein planned, ordered and exucuted the “spy-whistle-blower coup against Pres. Trump, they all went off the deep end!!!!

    Hussein can still organize a scif…..and that would be…….

    I told u he organized a scif and Nancy Pelosi attended to get her “script” she was to follow to the letter.

    Hussein might have thought it was all in secret, but there is an agency that can still collect data.

    Conspiracy they railed! Write a children’s book was the oft -mentioned rant. U need meds. they wailed! LOL!!

    I knew I would get an adverse reaction but, they all jumped off the cliff!!

    Doesn’t matter cuz Hussein is still controlling and manipulating everything.

    I think when I said maybe Trump could sue Pelosi cuz she lied about Schiff’s fabricated transcript of Trump’s Ukraine phone call , is when the left lost it!
    It sounded like something from the Mafia!!! TOTALLY MADE UP!

    Oh, well…..POTUS continues to release wave after wave of info., until like Pharoah in the Red Sea, they eventually will all drown in a sea of their own making!

    Now Trump is asking about Weiner’s laptop and the emails between Huma and Hillary. Uh, oh…….everyone forgot about that. OH, NO!!
    BTW,, where is Podesta? Where is Huma? Just sayin…..

    Too bad. POTUS has it all.

    TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A

    • Jack Handy says:

      EVILE Podesta IS Totally ‘V. Bad news. & Under cover
      from Bezos at WAPO. You know ‘that’, Rite ?

    • Judy Nolin says:

      Yessssssss love you and every word you said!!! Love my President!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Keep rattling what little brain they have left! You know when John Brennan, former director of the CIA, aka as the central hub of the new world order’s “shadow government” goes on TV begging for more whistle blowers to come forth, they are all in fear of “swinging on Hillary’s feared gallows since our OUTSIDER PRESIDENT Trump won. IMO, her frightened rant was a confession of treason & crimes against humanity & probably the first time sshe told us the truth!

  13. Jack Handy says:

    Slow Down Folks. Way Dawn. ‘High Drama’
    #1. NO “INQUIRY” VOTE. ( Which ‘PRECEDES’
    Articles of Impeach. Ok? 0K !
    #2. IF “Articles of Impeach Drawn & Voted, ONLY
    #3. Guess ‘WHO’ Does NOT Want > Subpoenas. ____
    ~ PP ‘blocked 1st explanation. Hope this goes thru.

    • Jack Handy says:

      Well, thank you PP.

    • AlexB says:

      Read the constitution first before pontificate about the impeachment process. By the way Republicans wrote the rules for the impeachment process.

      • ship says:

        And the democrats are using impeachment as a political weapon because they know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot.

        • Dennis says:


        • Angela says:

          Precisely! Rep. Al Green outright admitted this when he said in an interview “We’re concerned that if we don’t impeach this President, he will be re-elected”. This is how they ALL feel, and they are so very desperate for any little thing they can sniff out. They are making and breaking any rule they can to take him down. This is DISGUSTING! And Congress has not done ONE DAMNED THING for the betterment of Americans (because the Democrats have NO desire to help anyone who voted for Trump). They are too busy ducking into closed-door, basement meetings/hearings in order to gather dirt on our President and to UNDO THE 2016 ELECTION RESULTS!!! Our vote means NOTHING to them, since they didn’t like the results!

  14. Mother Theresa's daughter says:

    I love trump so much I can hardly breathe; he is such a good and honest man what more could we ever want to run our country?

    • veritas says:

      A thinking person with a great temperment who follows the laws and is willing to work hard at the job instead of playing a record number of golf days at his own resorts? A guy who would not betray our allies or ask for foreign interference in our elections; someone who puts the good of the country first, rather than financial deals in Turkey and Russia?

      • Martin Michaels says:

        There you go,you’re talking about Trump. You are CERTAINLY not talking about Biden or Hillary Clinton. And you forgot the Ukraine…

      • Dennis says:

        It’s amazing how you people can throw out all these crap CNN talking points and at the same time unremember the previous eight years that almost turned us into Amerizuela! We remember, never again.

        • Fred C says:

          Dennis, you are stuck in the past, and every time some one brings up what Trump is engaged with currently, the Trumpers whine and complain and make excuses or what you THINK (did not prove, no evidence, just your conspiracies) about what others did. it would be like if we Dems say win in 2020, and we would overlook what that president did by blaming all that Trump did. We are accountable for what we do; we are told that we reap what WE SEW.

          • Dennis says:

            Big problem….you were never forced to reap what you SOWED! That’s what most people remembered in 2016, and will again in 2020.

      • Wondering Woman says:

        That is got them panicked. He is not letting the CIA operate the government while he plays golf & he is undoing much of the damage the past 5 presidents did to this country & it wasn’t out of stupidity = but TREASON! The last one who tried to buck them paid with his life & Trump knew this when he said he was running because he didn’t like what they were doing to our country!
        They definitely don’t like seeing law, order & justice being done to end the corruption.

    • Smarter than you says:


    • Judy Nolin says:

      Me tooooo. Bless his heart. He works so hard for us. Just makes me sick to see him abused. Terrible abuse. I love him and pray for his health. He’s a lion…

    • AlexB says:

      You and Mother Theresa are antipodes. How can a religious person love an adulterer, layer, a crook, draft dodger, slum lord, and tax evader, insurance fraud, etc.

      • Angela says:

        Well, how can a religious person claim to be a Democrat when that party advocates partial-birth abortions, and even executing a newborn baby who, by God’s will, survived a botched abortion; a party that has all but BANNED the name of “God” in every aspect of life, and has practically outlawed the bible and Christianity (unless you’re a Muslim). So, you need to get your facts straight and stop watching so much CNN. You are spouting off lie after lie about our President. You are completely clueless!

  15. James Fleming, Jr says:

    The Republican Party is about to destroy itself. I am not a Republican and to prove it I voted for Ross Perot when Bush Sr. Lied to me. I mostly vote for Republicans because I honestly believe Democrats are Evil. I also think folks like Romney,Kaisch McCain and now even the Bush Clan are also.
    I have no problem with a Civil War the way we are headed because what we have ruling us intil Trump came along are pute Demons and just run as a certain party to enhance their chances.

    • John E. says:

      I think you are right, James about the GOP about to destroy itself. It is a party split in factions and many never-Trumpers are ready for Trump to stumble. Picture this scenario – – Trump is impeached, and while the Senate does not remove him, Trump is greatly damaged by all the evidence against him that has been presented. Next summer, Trump has his people running the poll numbers, and the damage is too great, and Trump is way behind in both the popular voting and in electoral votes. Trump is great worried, because he has cases against him in both federal and state level, and, knowing he will lose, seek to cut a deal with Mike Pence to take over after Trump resigns and for Mike to pardon him of his federal crimes. In Nov. 2020, the elections give the control of both houses to the Democrats along with the presidency. The GOP is in shreds.

      • Martin Michaels says:

        Trump is not worried at all…It is not Democrats who have raised $300 million THIS year alone – more than ALL the Democrats combined. But you keep thinking that way. I love it. I can’t wait to put together “Crocodile Tears of 2020”

        • Martin Michaels says:

          Crocodile Tears of 2016 was a 45 minute laugh-fest featuring all the MSM reporters and talking heads, as well as Democrats and their analysts faces as they slowly realized Trump was going to beat Hillary’s huge ass in the election that she was so sure she would win…

        • Judy Nolin says:


      • Eileen Trent says:

        WOW!!! Talk about an imagination!!

        Won’t happen though…..POTUS has all the evidence on all of th.em.

        And Hussein planned, ordered and exucuted the spy-gate hoax.

        He even tried covering the windows in the scif….didn’t help. All conversation inside was captured by the NSA.

        Why can an ex-president still be able to organize a scif? And who payed for all those people to stay in hotels? Taxpayers?!

        This is just starting to get good!


        TRUMP 2Q2Q

      • Pat says:

        What have you been smoking, John E.? It has definitely destroyed your brain cells.

  16. Joz Lee says:

    But it was leaked to the Axios – and the memo clearly admits that this entire impeachment scam is purely political. As Trump said: A Lynching!

  17. TOM says:


    • Judy Nolin says:

      Hate Wallace. He is not on our side..
      I complain to Fox constantly about the RINO….he makes me sick. He is definitely a Trump hater. Bless our President!!!

  18. chief1937 says:

    Given the present situation any Republican that votes to impeach will be signing his unemployment statement. They best think very carefully before voting to impeach our duly elected president. Thus far charges have been made up and changed by democrats with some holding high positions. Trump has committed nothing close to what his predecessor did without any questions from their side.

    • Judy Nolin says:

      Yes and why isn’t killary not in prison. She has been a crook all her adult life. Oh she loved 14 yr old girls too. Bill got them high on coke and delivered them to his slut. True….I’ve done my homework on that sicko for 15 yrs. Might write a book. Murders as well. Many murders.

  19. Martin Michaels says:

    Red man only ever talks about bubba gumpa….Are you referring to your dick Redman? Is that ALL you ever think about? How about contributing something useful for a change…since it is obvious you haven’t gotten laid in a while – a LONG while.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      Whoa Martin Michaels! Why in the world are you so vulgar????

      • Debbie Downer says:

        Martin is vulgar just like the RedMan. They are cut from the same cloth.

        • Dave says:

          You are absolutely right, Debbie. Martin claims to be educated, just doesn’t show it in his posts most of the time.

          • Martin Michaels says:

            …Don’t you mean “indoctrinated”…Sorry, love, I have a good deal more EDUCATION than you…

      • chief1937 says:

        If he has a point it would be destroyed by his language it is evident he is uneducated and has little to no vocabulary. Never ceases to amaze me how some people think by using profanity it carries more weight when in fact it does exactly the reverse.

        • Martin Michaels says:

          As for you ‘chief’, I speak five languages, and have two Masters degrees. I don’t believe in “profanity” normally…Neither Korean nor Japanese have “curse” words. It is in my nature to use the words which best fit the situation. Moreover, a man I knew (much smarter than you) named George Carlin used to say “There are no bad words – bad thoughts, bad intentions…and words…”

          I agree.

      • Martin Michaels says:

        I am not the one being vulgar…Go talk to Redman…

  20. While there may be a few who would think about voting against Trump, they understand that would be the last vote they did as senators. Americans would destroy them at the polls.

  21. Bill says:

    If the House of Representatives brings impeachment charges against President Trump and enough Republican Senators vote to convict him that will end, forever, my association with the Republican party. I speak only for myself but I hope that millions of others feel the same way. All I have seen thus far in this witch hunt by the Democrats are lies and innuendo. If Republican Senators fall into that trap they aren’t smart enough to represent me and I will never vote Republican again.

  22. Eileen Trent says:

    Read my comment to Rhodeislander….it explains EVERYTHING!!

  23. h8aliar says:

    When Graham starts attacking the president, you’ll know it is a possibility. OH, he already did that. Bye, bye, Trump.

    • Dave says:

      Good point!!! I had not thought about that.

      • Dennis says:

        Seriously? Graham has been attacking Trump since before the election, he pretends to support him when he knows he’d look stupid to disagree. You make it sound like Grahamnesty is relevant!

      • Martin Michaels says:

        Graham spoke out last week when Trump announced the pullout form Syria. THEN, he spoke with Trump and now supports the plan. Get current people…

    • Anchor Baby says:

      You do realize that if Trump is removed from office you don’t get Hillary?

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        We get Pence as President and dummy Pelosi as VP. America doesn’t need Pelosi as VP of anything… it’s bad enough she is Speaker of the House………. that is when she can remember what she is saying…. need TERM LIMITS for CONGRESS. WE THE PEOPLE must DEMAND IT>

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Actually, Pelosi would NOT move up to V.P. – – Pence would probably have someone nominated, like Ford was nominated because it was Nixon with Agnew. Agnew was a total crook, and had to resign and was convicted. Because of him, all modern presidents, except for Trump has produced their tax returns to verify no conflicts of interests.

          • Debbie Downer says:

            I think Trump won’t release his tax returns because he knows the democrats are just on a fishing expedition to find anything they can pin on him.
            They’ve been talking about impeachment even before he took office according to Wiki.
            Stormy Daniels backfired.
            Grabbing women’s crotches backfired.
            Family separation backfired.
            Russian Collusion backfired.
            Security clearances were a dud.
            Emoluments another dud.
            Ukraine call backfired.
            They desperately want something substantial they can impeach him on and get a floor vote I reckon.

          • Amen says:

            Debbie, those issues did not backfire, because Trump is the ONLY modern American president that has N E V E R, not once, reached 50% approval in the polls. Right now 56% or more strongly disapprove of Trump, as they should!

          • Eileen Trent says:

            The only place Pelosi is “moving” to is prison…..or maybe GITMO!!!

          • Eileen Trent says:

            Guaranteed, doc. Trump will release his tax returns—–when all the Dems. least expect it.

            I believe it was Admiral Rodgers that went to Trump Tower to plead with him to enter the Presidential race in 2015.

            WHY??? He believed, from all the empirical data Hussein was actively and systematically destroying our military, not to mention, the COUNTRY!! I believe they were contemplating a

            Trust me, no candidate for Pres. has EVER been as thoro6ghly investigated as was Trump!! With Admiral Rodgers at ur side, and he is, do u seriously beiieve that no ‘STONE’ was left unturned?! (pun intended).

            All his business dealings, taxes, personal and professional history, etc. was all investigated and he came up clean.

            He’s a self-made billionaire so they knew he cud not be bought, influenced or bribed, by the Cabal which they know is all too real!!

            Hang on, doc. Pres. Trump is playing rope-a-dope with all the dopes.

            When u least expect it, he will produce them….he’s enjoying all the stupidity……as am I!!!

            And BTW, HUSSEIN did plan organize and execute the Ukraine spy-gate-whistleblower hoax.

            There is an agency, ask Admiral Rodgers, that can still collect data, Hussein might have thought he was covertly planning everything behind closed doors in a SCIF……not so much!!! LOL!!!

            They have it ALL!!!

            TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A

      • goyaathle says:

        I didn’t think this up. Saw it on a t-shirt. Trump is impeached and Pence becomes President. Pence pardons Trump and makes Trump his VP. Pence resigns and Trump becomes President and Pence is made VP. Liberals heads explode. Could happen.

  24. John Boanerges Redman says:

    NO-body in the Senate will vote to remove UNTIL a trial takes place. POTUS and his team have UNLIMITED time and resources (wait until you see the funds that will pour in for this) and Demoncrap heads will be so completely bloodied that there won’t be 20 persons that would vote (actually, then, zero) to convict DJT. I can’t wait, a REAL draining of the swamp.

  25. Joan Johnson says:

    By Washington Establishment do you mean those in DC that are threatened with loss of power and the generous perks that go along with their positions of power? Sounds like a no brainer to me. Get rid of the threat at all costs to our Country, to our Constitution. Of course we are too important than to allow an outsider to come to DC and dare to change the status quo. Who the hell does this duly elected POTUS think he is.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      A very smart man compared to the past Presidents over the last 20 years who belong the the Deep State and Establishment. Thank you President Trump for standing up for the American people.

      • Martin Michaels says:

        I agree. I have worked DIRECTLY for Donald Trump. He is a very kind and generous man. And he is extremely smart – much, MUCH smarter than he is given credit for…

  26. Pastor Stronghold says:

    Expect the worst and hope for the best. I think enough Republicans hate Trump b/c he is not establishment Republican. To Hell with his results, HE IS AN OUTSIDER. I believe the next step would be the SCOTUS would consider if the impeachment fair and impartial. But with John Roberts anything can happen. If the Senate votes to impeach, I will consider the Republic to be dead. We are living through historic times.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Democrats are setting a bad precedent.
      Democrats have turned a constitutional impeachment process into a kangaroo court where anything goes and we can impeach any president we don’t like for any arbitrary reason we can think off.

      • marida binsted says:

        I agree. Personally, I think Chris Wallace is egging them on. I hope Fox does not replace Smith with Wallace. I always liked his father but not Chris. I think he is an agitator.

        • Pastor Stronghold says:

          Chris Wallace has turned to the dark side just like his dad.

          • Verily says:

            Excu-u-u-u–u-u-u–se me, Pastor! One thing I find ultra disgusting and unChristian is how you CLAIM to be able to see, assess and judge a person’s spiritual standing. I thought the Lord said “judge not, lest you be judged”! Saint Thomas More when asked the spiritual state of others, said at his trial “there are no windows into another person’s soul, I do not claim to judge their spiritual state.” Even the Holy Father of RC church when asked about gay marriages, said (on a plane) “who am I to judge?”!!!

            Yes, you right wingers have put yourselves in place of God, and think for some reason you are the judge. You claim you know the Wallace;s spiritual state, and many of these judgmental Pharisee types, playing the “Holier-than-thou” paragons, say all Democrats are demons, going to hell, and all people, whether independents or RINOs who don’t agree EXACTLY with your political views are bad or evil. Doesn’t this seem unChristian and hypocritical to you, because it certainly does to many Christian ministers. Who died and made you God?!?!

          • Redtrumpet says:

            Well it seem as though Verily has their Roman Catholic panties in a wedgie. Take a breath and relax this is a comment forum, not a church pulpit. Oh, and bye the way, ease up on the pressure, the wedgie will disappear.

          • Pat says:

            I agree. He’s a snake.

      • Will says:

        Steve…all TRUE and very SAD!

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        How about impeaching Congress. They are paid $174,000/yr to resolve issues and represent their constituents which they haven’t been doing. Why can’t we DEMAND TERM LIMITS in Congress. Constituents should say, ” If you wish to hold your position, you will vote for TERM LIMITS.”

  27. Ernst says:

    Chris Wallace is being his silly little self again – telling lies. He just cannot help himself.

  28. Reads&Writes English! says:

    In four words, the nauseating subtext of MAGA is:
    Fight change and return to an era when Women, People of Color, any Non-Anglo Ethnicity, non-Christian religions and the LQBTQ community were completely powerless in our society.

    • Dennis says:

      Hello!!!!! What color’s the sky in your little world?

    • Ernst says:

      “Reads&Writes English” absolutely has it WRONG! This is not about individual rights, this is about economic opportunity for all in America. Trump has never attacked or discriminated against any minority or any women. You have been seeing too much fake news. Take a look at reality – appointments, laws and regulations. Democrats and the media are throwing miserable lies, and too many weak-minded people are not looking through the fog to see truth.

    • ship says:

      No that’s so silly and ignorant. MAGA does not mean back to Jim Crow and stuff like that. Can’t you people on the left even try to be honest once in a while?

    • Pastor Stronghold says:

      I believe it is more simple than that. It is Communism vs Capitalism. It is your God given rights vs state imposed restrictions. Marx invented the term bourgeoise as the Middle Class and up. He saw it as the haves vs the have nots. And he foresaw the death of the bourgeoise via a grinding between high taxation and high inflation.

      I believe your groups are artificial. What you seek is to divide Americans and give those special groups greater power than traditional Americans instead of equal rights. Correct me if I am wrong.

      • Fred C says:

        did you graduate college or just a seminary school . . . . or neither?

        • Anchor Baby says:

          Why do care? This is all above your intellect so why don’t you find something simple to get involved with?

          • Fred C says:

            Because in some faiths, you do not have to attend a school to become a preacher, and this Pastor has a lack of understanding of economics and the changes in political forms. He has a surface understanding of a few points, but misses that most economies are a mixture of capitalism and social programs, and they have shown to be more successful and better places for citizens as established by the research. It is most often the less educated that make things about either one or the other – – missing the picture altogether.

        • Anchor Baby says:

          Yes but the democrats want to keep taking us in the direction of more social stuff and less capitalism. Some of the current candidates are quite honest about it.
          It’s all about who can out do their counterparts by promising more handouts.

    • Don says:

      that’s were you people are totally confused , you want power in groups how about growing a set and stand up for yourself if you want respect from others instead of strong arming to get your way

  29. RhodeIslander says:

    At least you do’t have to worry about giving money to help re-election; the Russians have that covered!

    Adam Schiff was right – One thing that will never change is that the president withheld beyond the agreed delivery date, Congressionally approved money and military support from our ally, the Ukraine, involved in a war with Russia, our enemy, and when the Ukraine’s new president mentioned U.S. support and the need for it, the president then immediately said “I want you to do me a favor, though.” Then our president asked the president of the Ukraine to use his government resources to investigate the president’s highest polling opponent vs. him, political opponent, Joe Biden.
    No distraction or actions or words from anyone else changes those facts. No opinions. No corruption from any Democrat. Nothing changes these facts and these behaviors.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      U R hyperventilating! Let me expain it to u so even the simplest of minds will grasp it.

      The whole spy-gate-whistleblower operation was planned, ordered and carried out by Barack Hussein Obama—-a CIA agent, along with that other guy he’s married to Michael—-another CIA agent.

      Barack held a meeting in a Skif, which he believes to be sound-proof and leak-proof. That’s where Schiff and Pelosi et al. are holding their super-secretive meeting for impeachment. GOT IT?

      Barack called them together for their planned coup and Pelosi and Schiff et al attended. They were given “scripts” by Barack and everyone is playing their part.

      The whistleblower-spy is a CIA agent that worked for Hussein . Specialty? All things Ukraine! The Trump administration fired him, but he was a “plant” by Hussein. He never heard the phone call to the Pres. of Ukraine.

      Unfortunately for Barack and Schiff their “plan” fell apart when Trump released the transcript of the call. They never thought he would do that. So Schiff had to fabricate his own story—-completely made up. Sounds like something from the Mafia!!

      And just as unfortunate for Hussein, there is an agency that can still capture
      everything…..even in a Skif!

      Trump has it all.

      Pelosi lied on national tv, when George Stephenopolous asked her if Schiff lied about the transcript of Trump’s phone call. She said he didn’t fabricate the trancript HUH??

      QUESTION: Can Pres. Trump sue Pelosi?

      That would be one heck of a court proceeding for all the country to see..
      Pres. Trump could then present ALL his evidence…..can’t wait!!!

      TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A!!

  30. Ernest Lane says:

    If the House impeaches the President, if it’s clearly unjust, the Senate doesn’t have to hold a trial. The Constitution gives the power of a trial solely to the Senate, but it does _not_ say it must do it. Also, while it says it need a 2/3 to convict, it says nothing about finding him not guilty. I think the Senate can either dismiss the impeachment charge(s), or find him not guilty, by a simple majority vote — and the 60-vote cloture rule would not even apply, as that applies to _legislation_.

  31. Eileen Trent says:

    The whole Ukrainian-spy-gate-operation was planned and ordered by Barack Hussein Obama. They were given scripts to read and they all are playing their part.

    Thank God POTUS was aware of Hussein’s treasonous plan and it was all cuz the NSA was monitoring Bolton! Pres. Trump brings in people he knows are working for the Cabal and monitors them.

    These people are STUPID!!!

    GITMO for all.

    Enjoy the show and thanx for playing.

    TRUMP 2Q2Q

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Wow, Eileen, your mind must be empty, creating a vacuum so that dumb conspiracy poison leaks in. Or perhaps it caused your brain to rot and be prone to pathetic, erroneous conspiracy crap. Funny that the Democrats don’t have those Deep State, some dumb CABAL (where’s the evidence?) — and the idea that Ukraine was related to Obama is purely G A R B A G E !!! If you can listen and critically assess, this whole request (and you can download the transcripts of the call of Trump and Zelensky, was for the server related to 2016 and getting dirt on Biden, Trump’s political adversary. All that did not occur until AFTER Obama was out of the presidency.

      I don’t know the sick source of your dumb conspiracy ideas, maybe Alex “nutcase” Jones, but it is so absurd and filled with holes that you would help yourself by getting great variety in your reading material.

      • ih8reps says:

        They all get their material for this site in the same place IT’S CALLED THE CRAPPER.

        • Steve Scoutaris says:

          Why can’t you people just drop the impeachment nonsense and beat Trump at the ballot?
          You know Trump will not be removed from office so why get so upset about it?
          Tell your fellow democrats to just chill out and go vote next year.
          What do you think? Sound like a plan?

          • Adam says:

            Because that is THE LAW, Steve. Every ONE of those congressmen, senators and executive branch takes an OATH TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. When some one violates the laws, then impeachment is the constitutional procedure outlined. And when Trump keeps violating the laws, interfering in elections like he did with the Ukraine, you can’t trust him not to steal an election.

      • Debbie Downer says:

        Dr. J.D. I’ve read many of your posts and I’ve noticed you’re a fraud.
        You call Trump supporters racist and call Trump a racist too because some KKK and neo nazis supported him while conveniently ignoring all the racists that supported your president Obama.
        When you get confronted with your hypocrisy you have nothing to say. No defense.
        Do you remember Jeremiah Wright? Maybe you should go read about him.

        • Dr. J. D. says:

          I said in many of my posts, CLEARLY, numerous times, that I do NOT consider Trump supporters to be racists, I consider SOME Trump reporters by their postings to be racists. I also consider some independents and some Democrats to be racists if they express any idea of the inferiority of another race. I did not say also, that Trump was a racist, I said, if you would READ my posts, is that most KKK and neo-Nazis consider Trump to be a racist and their candidate. Did you not see film of Charlottesville groups that saluted: Sieg Heil and Heil Trump, giving the Nazi arm symbol. I will say that many of the things that Trump has said about Hispanics is racist because he lumps all Mexicans into the same negative categories of being bad or criminal.

          I am sure some racists supported president Obama. Not neo-Nazis, KKK or white supremacists I would imagine. Oh, and Debbie, I do not spend all my time going back to certain topic sites to make sure I have addresses new comments. I view a LOT of news sources, both conservative and liberal websites, so don’t have the time to spend just on one or two.

          By the way, got some questions for you since you posted on another topic the (false) statement that public schools INDOCTRINATE. Does chemistry, biology or any of the sciences have indoctrination – – which courses? What indoctrination is in math, geometry and calculus? How is art and music classes “indoctrination” – – do they force those students to paint pictures of Karl Marx of sing communist chants? Is geograhy, history indoctrination, civics? Please give us the courses of indoctrination by the public schools. BTW, college courses are voluntary . . . if you don’t like how a course is taught, you can drop the course and take it with another faculty member – – so how can that be “indoctrination.”? Sometimes faculty take the role of “Devil’s Advocate” to stimulate thinking of students . . . but they are just trying to develop critical assessment, not indoctrination. If a student can’t handle it, take someone else.
          I think most conservatives don’t like their young family members coming back and being able to question and think about things they do not wish them to question.

          • Debbie Downer says:

            OK Dr, I will try to keep my response shorter than yours.
            First off, Trump never lumped all Mexicans in with criminals and racists. What Trump said was that criminals, rapist, MS-13 gang members, and cartel people are sneaking over the border along with the rest of the illegals emphasizing the necessity of border security, (the wall). Many women are raped before they even reach the border.
            As for the indoctrination part; I believe there are many places children are indoctrinated into leftist thinking in public schools. It occurs in sex education classes. And when students are told the first amendment doesn’t apply in public schools. I believe common core is part of the indoctrination process. Teaching kids about environmentalism (climate change) is more indoctrination. Teaching kids about alternate lifestyles (homosexuality & transgender stuff), etc.
            I could go on and on with more examples but I don’t want my response to be verbose.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            You are outdated, Debbie . . . most of those courses and curriculum were part of the past, and sex education is voluntary IF it exists, and students do not have to take it. And environmental science is rarely taught and based upon the research collected on natural and biological sciences – -how is that indoctrination. In all that you said, you did preface it as “I believe” and mostly does not happen. You are making things up and no idea how these courses are handled is doing any indoctrination, except for scientific research that has been done. You take one rare cause of one teacher and make it the norm, that is like saying “I saw a steer that was black, so all steers are black.

            Why do you persist in defaming and lying about teachers and the teaching profession? Have you ever been a teacher, because I have and know you are wrong.

          • Debbie Downer says:

            No doctor it is you that is lying and making stuff up.
            I work with two female coworkers who have children. One has a 7 and a 10 year old daughters and the other a 15 years old son. They are the ones that told me about the classes their children have had to endure. They complain about it quite a bit at the PTA meetings. I have to hear about it quite a bit.
            Unlike you, I don’t make things up. I am not a troll like you that frequents conservative websites looking to pick fights with people.
            We all know you’re left bent so you shouldn’t even be here.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Why do u think Trump is not worried….about anything?

        He has all the evidence……nothing is ever truly deleted.

        Hurl ur insults all u want, but it does not change the facts. Hussein planned, ordered and carried out the Ukraine spy-whistleblower impeachment hoax.

        What agency can recover everything…even in a leak-proof, sound-proof (he thought)) super secret scif???

        And btw, do not listen to Alex Jones. Apparently, u do.

        My info. comes from someone much more connected to the Pres.

        Just hang on and it will all be revealed in due time!!

        TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A!!!

        • Charles says:

          A great deal of evidence shows Trump is indeed QUITE worried, or else why break the law to get dirt on the Bidens? If not worried, why did the White House people immediate move to restrict the phone call of Trump to the super secret codeword server? if not worried, why did Trump seek to remove certain long standing individuals from their post and seek to prohibit them from testifying? If not worried, why don’t you RELEASE the documents Congress has requested rather than refusing to cooperate with Congress’ role of oversight?!

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Eileen, you have a wonderful imagination. You should stop with the political nonsense and try writing books for children.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Seems I have REALLY rattled the cages of all u leftist loons!! That’s good…..keep reading u might learn something!!

        Hussein planned, ordered and executed the spy-gate hoax.

        And Bolton was the leaker in the White House. ALL his coms. were monitored by the NSA and the military.

        u people really are stupid!!!

        • Amen says:

          Eileen’s imagination is most accurately named “PARANOIA” and blaming others instead of accepting responsibility.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            And that would be responsibility forrrrrrr????
            Blaming others for forrrrrrr????

            Your comment makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever!!

            I’m just trying to educate u leftists.

            Was Bolton fired?
            Was the NSA monitoring Bolton coms.?
            Was Boton compromised and being blackmailed by the Cabal because they had damaging info. on him?

            That would be a yes on all points.

            Was HUSSEIN orchestrating and manipulating everything?

            That would be a resounding YESSSS!!!

            Not to worry. The data has been collected and no one can delete this!!!

            It’s being preserved until……OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!

            TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A

  32. Randy131 says:

    I have voted in every election since I was old enough as a Marine in the Vietnam War, but as a Christian I can’t vote for any Democrat because of their evil policies and agendas, so I have always voted for only Republicans as an Independent voter, not giving my loyalty to any political party, but only to GOD, family, and country, and in that order of importance.

    If the Republicans impeach President Trump, I will never vote for any Republican again, but will just stop voting at all, since an impeachment of President Trump will show just how corrupt our political system has become, and doesn’t deserve the participation of honest and loyal Americans that hold integrity and honor as their highest standards of character.

    • flyingcoyote says:

      I absolutely agree with you, Sir.

    • Gijanedoe says:

      I wish every conservative would support GOOOH, and get rid of the party system of choosing candidates! at this time I would NEVER vote for any Democrat, however I will never support, financially, the Republican Party! I could not vote for Trump in the primary, because I thought he was a Democrat running as a Republican! Now, I totally support President Trump and now believe him to be equal or better than Reagan as President!

    • Julia says:

      We can’t stop fighting for our freedoms. That is also ungodly… Prayer is the most effective against the enemy!!!

      • ih8reps says:

        Please explain how Prayer works!
        I know for a fact that over 11 million Jews prayed like heck during WW2 and yet no sign of A So Called God!
        And don’t tell me it’s a test of faith or that he wants us to suffer that’s pathetic.
        The Bible is a story book told by story tellers over thousands of years nothing more. Every story in the Bible can be proven by scientific proof.
        You trying to tell me stone age man made giant stone walls and structures like the pyramids in Egypt or Stonehenge by Prayer some of these stones weigh millions of pounds, and here we are today with all our advancements in technology we can’t come close to what they accomplished.
        There’s proof in civilizations across the world that their God’s came from the sky’s even pointing out what star formation they came from and the flying ships they arrived in there called UFO’S THEY’RE ALIENS THAT’S WHO YOUR GOD IS LITTLE GREEN MEN FROM MARS.
        Religion was formed to oppress the masses to keep order to make you fear a fake world like H### telling you will burn in H### and the made up devil is your BOOGIE MAN just as Bush kept you in control with Osama bin laden that was Bush’s BOOGIE MAN.
        The BOOGIE MAN we face today is no less then TRUMPZILLA believe me all us Democrats have been praying like you can’t believe and we’re still waiting like the Jews for God to save us.
        Our God is the Constitution and in it is written the IMPEACHMENT OF A TRAITOR WE’RE SIMPLY EXERCISING ARE DIVINE RIGHTS.
        The Bible is a story book the Constitution and Bill Of Rights are written LAW not some FAIRYTALE.

        • Steve Scoutaris says:

          ih8reps, I agree with you that parts of the bible sound like silly children’s bedtime stories but there’s a reason why it’s written like that.

          1st Corinthians, 1:27; But God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the mighty.

          But does your religion sound any less foolish and fairy tale like?
          The universe popped into existence 13 billion years ago from a singularity, and life just happened by accident in a gooey puddle of slime millions of years ago and evolved into what we have today???
          Can you honestly defend the premise of your religion?

        • ih8reps says:

          Just need to prove that what Bush couldn’t do in 8 years Obama accomplished and that was to get rid of Bush’s Boogie man that’s what great leaders do they make things happen.
          And in 2020 we Americans will elect a Democrat to once again fix what your BOOGIE MAN TRUMPZILLA HAS CREATED A TOTAL MESS.

          • Steve Scoutaris says:

            ih8reps, I agree with you that parts of the bible sound like silly children’s bedtime stories but there’s a reason why it’s written like that.

            1st Corinthians, 1:27; But God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the mighty.

            But does your religion sound any less foolish and fairy tale like?
            The universe popped into existence 13 billion years ago from a singularity, and life just happened by accident in a gooey puddle of slime millions of years ago and evolved into what we have today???
            Can you honestly defend the premise of your religion?

          • Dennis says:

            Be real interested to know where you get your historical facts! Obummer saved us?! Given two more years of him, we’d be battling Venezuela for last place! The guy you irrationally hate brought us back to first in three short years. Trump 2020!!!

          • Eileen Trent says:

            With all the Dems. that will be going to prison, or GITMO, or executed for treason, there won’t be enough left for whom u will be able to vote!

            In fact, ur party will be decimated for, hopefully, the next 40 years

            TRUMP 2Q2Q

        • Pat says:

          ih8reps, you need a mental health assessment desperately.

        • Kiki says:

          Your religion is being a democrat. I believe in Ancient Aliens while still believing in God. They are not mutually exclusive. I think because most democrats are agnostics, they become so violent and hateful to those who do not think the same way, politically. They become completely intolerant which is so ironic when they preach intolerance!

          • Steve Scoutaris says:

            Aliens are mutually exclusive to the bible.
            Maybe not your god, which is not the God of the bible.

          • Lola says:

            wow, Kiki and Steve – – seems one of you is wrong and the other person knows the mind of God. Which is it?

  33. Paul Kalmanek says:

    Let the Dem’s start an inquiry into Pence being impeached for insurance. I guess Schiff could fake something maybe use Steele. I would hate to be the next person in line for a Catholic confession with Schiff ahead of me. I would have to wait a very long time for him to ask for forgiveness for his made up stories.

  34. William says:

    I don’t know if it’s 20 % or not but I believe there is about the same probability that pigs can fly whatever that is!!!!!

  35. xtinmover says:

    Republicans who support this Democrat impeachment hoax better have their retirement plan all laid out.

    • flyingcoyote says:

      Their “funereal” plan, too!

    • C W says:

      Amen, brother!!! If they all just because it is so trendy to join the bandwagon with all the others blaming everything on Trump, support impeachment, and if it were to happen–America is “gone with the wind.”

  36. Eileen Trent says:

    Schiffe is ‘terrified’ of the evidence Trump has on him–ICUMI—STANDARD HOTEL!!! Just sayin

    TRUMP 2Q2Q

    • Lola says:

      You need some meds, Eileen, to help with your paranoia and perhaps delusions. You are seriously paranoid and need some help.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        The STANDARD HOTEL incidence is VERY real!! A witness was there and has already given the info. to the investigators!!

        WOW are u leftists CLUELESS!!!

        • Eileen Trent says:

          Ca n u say Allison Mack?

        • Lola says:

          Because they don’t listen to the same right wing conspiracy nutcases that obviously you do. We admit, you are much more of an expert on right wing BS conspiracy crap than Democrats – – why is it so many Trumpers respond to false conspiracies?! Even Trump admitted in his 1st year that Obama was born in America – – but he used the Kenya thing to play others. The Uranium One has even been debunked by fox News.

          BTWay, it was covered very little in the news, but in the last 48 house, the Republican lead Senate Intelligence Committee after months of investigation, put to rest the whole conspiracy on Hillary Clinton’s emails and said nothing there worth attention.
          Yet, I bet most right wingnuts will keep repeating it for decades. Bengazi investigation, produced nothing. Now you make up stuff on Obama. Sad. Produce the evidence or get some meds.

          • Dennis says:

            “Produce the evidence”? We’d love to, if it wasn’t buried under many layers of D.C. slime and zealously guarded by all the Obummer holdovers!

          • Eileen Trent says:

            Trump has the witch’s emails and the server.

            He has the DNC server as well. Too bad, wasn’t hacked by the RUSSIANS!

            We’ll all find out about Seth Rich murder, when Assange is brought back to the U.S., ICUMI, he gave the emails to Assange, cuz he was furious that the witch rigged the primary to shut out his candidate, Bernie!! That’s why Assange had to be protected. The old witch suggested they cud drop a drone on him!!! She wasn’t jk!

            Oh, what is all going to be revealed very soon.

            Great time to be alive.

            Everything of which we have all been waiting, is coming to pass, shortly.—– dark to light.

            TRUMP 2Q2Q

          • Lola says:

            Eileen, you have produced NOTHING, which says you are going on just stories with nothing to back it up. What witches emails? We know the Senate Intell. Comm., led by GOP, concluded that there was no breeches with the emails from Hillary . . . so that is a dead end.

            You keep saying “we will know” – – which means it is all about BELIEF THAN FACTS. You keep saying we will “know soon” – – is this like Trump’s tax returns he failed to deliver as promised when he got elected, or when the Mexicans are going to pay for the border wall, or when months ago, Trump promised the GOP medical plan which would “be so good” and nothing came from it? You are drinking the cult Kool Aid!!!

  37. Carol says:

    Fox News- dump Wallace, you’re losing viewers because of him, he’s a traitor to the conservative cause !!!!!!!

    • flyingcoyote says:

      walass needs to stick with what he does best; suckin” poles, and lickin” holes, and quit blowin” smoke on t.v.

    • marida binsted says:

      you are so right Let him go to another channel/

    • yeah says:

      Yes – – we need to get rid of all people who express anything but the party line – – fair and balanced means only Trumper propaganda. We, Trumpers, can’t stand it when someone expresses a different idea, and we have to call them “evil” and “bad” and “traitors” (even though that word makes no sense outside of a declared war) and advocate for exile if not capital punishment on them. The constitution clearly says that freedom of speech is for conservatives only. Our little brain capacity cannot handle the complications of life and so we get headaches and IBS when we hear a new idea, or the real facts, or scientific evidence, or different music . . . and so we always want to take America back to the older days when life was simple (or our simple ideas were less challenged).

  38. Jack Handy says:

    NAME the 20% & we’ll Go from there.
    & Take care of ‘that’ 20 %. ___

  39. julie kemp says:

    Don’t like the way, Chris does SOFT interviews on liberals (and sometimes even gushes over them) and does tough interviews on conservatives, and won’t let go of the boneuntil they agree with him. Boring.

  40. I don’t believe a word out of this POS’s mouth.

    • Bob says:

      I agree. Wallace is a snake in the grass Democrat and hates Republicans. Just listen to how he conducts his interviews; they are very bias against Republicans, which qualified him to be a member in good standing with the very fake news CNN. This “well know” Republican Wallace was referring to is none other than that very weak and wimpy new senator from Utah; Mitt Romney.

  41. Sandor Balogh says:

    How come the Democrats can stick together, the Republicans cannot? But this will put some Democrats into a hard position from swing state, so now I would not be surprised is some democrats vote against impeachment so close to the election.

    • robert says:

      Yup x The DemocRATs vote in Lockstep like Donkeys with Blinders x As for the Repubs – there are some who for some reason or another think that they are doing themselves a Favor by being Independently Minded – Guess what if the Democrats win – they will just be relegated to Nothing ( No Input ) – just look at the Impeachment Inquiries of Schiff n Pelosi- these Democrats will be well entrenched and any other Political party will be just for Optics but NO Say and as to the the Population – Good Luck to you All

  42. Dennis says:

    Can’t help remembering all the drama, suicidal thoughts and delusion in 2016. Can you even imagine how bad it’s gonna be next year when it happens again?????

  43. Don says:

    This, if it should happen, will have a lot of Republican, Independents, and Democrats moving int the next election to the Independent party ! We will not stand for “any” Republican who will join the DIMWITTS on this rediculous vote!

    • Doug says:

      We need to have a party for Benedict Arnold aka French Republicans like that Pu$$y coward Rooney and his fudge packing boyfriend Back stabbing Romney. Both probably got their a$$es beat by classmates as kids. Only an a$$hole coward would use a yellow belly Twitter handle of Pierre De Lecto or should we say pee air defecto. So let’s have a nice blanket party for both. Bring a couple good broomsticks or bats!

  44. Russell E. Fowler says:

    The anti Trump and RINO trying make a name for themselves will soon find out who is running the country.
    It won’t be them.

  45. Eileen Trent says:

    What happened to the whistle blower? Whistle blower1 much less 2?

    When the traitor Boton was fired, the CIA spoooks were activated by Hussein.

    Remember, the NSA and the military were monitoring all Bolton’s coms. They knew with whom Bolton was contacting. They knew what he was being told to do.

    Bolton was to sabotage Pres. Trump’s immigration policies—-his border wall.—-remember, the shouting match Bolton and Kelly got into over immigration?

    He was to protect the Cabals assets on the judiciary and the Supreme Court. Think Roberts.

    He was to protect Planned Parenthood, and protect the blood supply lines. What is that? Bolton knows.

    Soooo…… POTUS knew about the “spy” BEFORE his phone call with the Pres. of Ukraine. He knew that Hussein was controlling everything, Because the NSA was monitoring Bolton.

    POTUS is genius!!

    Remember there are former CIA in both the House and Senate. Rats everywhere, spooks everywhere! Both sides of the aisle!

    Trump is one step ahead of the Cabal!!

    TRUMP 2Q2Q

    • Susan Meyer says:

      Very well written Post Eileen Trent. I don’t know of anyone who could have said it better. You did your homework and it shows. Thank you Eileen for posting this. TRUMP 2020.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Alright, to be fair, please give us the sources of the information you gave above, and I will do my best to read it. For fairness, I read some of Jerome Corsi’s books for information about the conservative view of the “Deep State.” Who knows, you might win over some Democrats? I tend to try to read a variety of sources, that is one reason I started reading from some conservative websites.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Still waiting, Eilieen. Where did you get all this materials that you claim about Bolton and jhis alleged conspiracy and the “blood supply lines”!!!!! Give me a source for this Cabal and perhaps some names that might represent it. Did you get this stuff from Breitbart or InfoWars – – – because those are NOT credible sources in the least and are classically known for their inaccuracies and spreading conspiracy BS. I will serious look at your sources if you provide some.

  46. Shelba says:

    Any republican that votes to impeach the best president we have had in a long time will be cutting his own throat, the people who elected Trump believe in him, all he has done ever since he took office is fight for Americans first, he doesn’t put illegals ahead of the US citizen like the democRATS do, so why would the republicans vote to impeach him, Ryan is a RINO and he wants the old political machine back, the one that lets politicians steal from the taxpayers and not be held responsible for their theft

    • Doug says:

      As Mark Levin has promoted, we need a convention of the states to amend the constitution and impose term limits on congress, senate and Supreme Court justices, so we can take power back from these a$$holes.

  47. Arlene R Gray says:

    What a waste of money these Democrates are being paid. So far they have not even attempted to do what they said they were going to when running for office. Because of their obsession with Trump he has a yard time doing his job. Shane in all if them.

    • Gerald Vincent says:

      Chris Wallace is a “has been”! He is being paid far more than he is worth! His tenure at Fox has been too long already. I think he should try for work in Utah where a RINO might hold him up!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      The Democrats are wasting money on impeachment. Trump has another year as current President and if re-elected he would have 4 more years. Let the people speak…..

      • Debbie Downer says:

        Democrats don’t want to let the people speak. Democrats know the people are going to reelect Trump for another 4 years of prosperity and they can’t stand it.

        • Adam says:

          You are assigning motives again, Debbie. The Democrats are quite confident, especially after 2018 solid blue tsunami, and the fact that many traditionally “red” states are now turning purple and moving to being Democratic, like TEXAS. If so, with Texas and California and the northeast states, it is VERY unlikely the GOP will will any more electoral votes for years to come. Have you not read about the concern about how many red states are becoming purple, like Texas?

          • Debbie Downer says:

            Adam, what 2018 blue tsunami are you talking about? Didn’t the republicans pick up senate seats in 2018?
            By contrast Obama lost 12 senate seats and 64 house seats under his reign.
            What kind of tsunami would you call that?
            Adam, I don’t think you are terribly bright.

          • Adam says:

            Debbie, you oblivious or just refusing to see that the Democrats took back the House by overturning more seats than they did since 1974. Granted, Rep picked up a couple of Senate seats, but few GOP were running in 2018, it was mostly Dems up for re-election – – in 2020 it will be the opposite.

            Oh, I would call that Obama loss a huge red tsunami — a shellacking, and even Obama came out publicly and admitted it. I don’t think you are being honest and can’t admit it when GOP loses. Typical Trumper who lives in a fantasy world of their own creation.

          • Debbie Downer says:

            Adam, go review history. Congress is almost always flipped to the other party of the sitting president.
            You are the one that called it a blue tsunami when it was more like a good surfing wave.

  48. Walt Bates says:

    Take Wallace off the air….maybe he could room with Shep.

  49. Richard OLDFIELD says:

    Chris Wallace is a spineless maggot. Put him and Juan in a blender you could not seperate the ignorant pieces. Remember Juan at CNN saying Angry white men running through the woods with guns?

  50. columbus says:

    how many TRUMPS can run for President ? oh yeah !

  51. enubus18 says:

    Fox ha become a new CNN and Wallace is a rotten voice of the Left, Just like his psycho father Mike Wallace. This has been happening since Rupert Murdoch retired and his crazy sons took over.

    • Susan Meyer says:

      Murdoch’s sons are trying to make a name for themselves. All it takes is to follow the leader. Too bad they are so stupid, they can’t figure out the consequences.

  52. dstudie says:

    Chris Wallace is as big of a liar and propagandist as his stupid crooked father was. I don’t believe anything this loser anti-American has to say.

    • Arlene R Gray says:

      What a waste of money these Democrates are being paid. So far they have not even attempted to do what they said they were going to when running for office. Because of their obsession with Trump he has a yard time doing his job. Shane in all if them.

  53. James Hackett says:

    When they impeach Trump, the politicians will be hung from the light post in Washington like the Christian’s were in Rome. You will see an uprising of the people like never seen before. They had better be careful.

  54. GHD says:

    I know Trumpers will . . . . . not . . . listen, because most of you have closed and atrophied minds. However, I posted quite awhile ago that there are many more “never Trumpers” out there than you think, and they are ready and waiting to dump this cancer of Trump and his nasty followers.

    • White Beard says:

      well, I don’t appreciate what you said about our “attrophied minds, but I did post a few weeks ago that I did hear from some people in my home state that there were many more RINOs and people ready, like Ryan, to take back the party from Trump. They stay fairly quiet except among themselves . . . and they believe like Ryan told Fox, “this is the end of the Trump era.”

      • Herbert C Lubitz says:

        Well, if you don’t read what the Bible states that the last day will be the last Trump. If you don’t take that from the word of God you will see that if he is the last trump, it will bring WW3, so keep on playing Politics with Impeaching a President that God has allowed and starting the end of society as we know it.

        • Ann says:

          Herbert, just where in the Bible does it mention Trump”???????? Your posting is BIZARRE, what do you mean by the “last Trump”??? Have you even been diagnosed with a mental issue or a learning disorder? Impeachment is a legal process and who said God has not taken away the mandate from someone who blatantly violates the laws of the country?!?

          • Kathe Gilbert says:

            Ann, Don’t show your ignorance as to the “Trump” for it is mentioned in Revelations-the last Book of the Bible. He is talking about the 7th Trumpet sounding when Christ comes. There are 7 Trumpets in all. Herbert no more has a mental issue or learning disorder. You do him an injustice. Yes, Impeachment is a legal process but unfortunately the Democrats in the House of Representatives have not called for Impeachment but are holding their own ‘court’ to the extent of barring Republican Representatives from attending their “closed door” meeting. This is not a legal step toward Impeachment. This is a hi-jacking of the Democrats to control the government. The Legal Impeachment requires All Representatives to be a part of the process as well as allowing President Trump a Defense and receiving all documents as to the charges as well as to having the chance to face his accusers. So Far the Democrat Representatives have denied all access and doing everything in secret. This is Illegal. Now tell me how is it President Trump has blatantly violated the Laws of the Country? You really owe Herbert an apology even if you may not agree with him.

        • ih8reps says:

          It also says a man shall come before to lead the way for the coming of the ANTICHRIST!
          Thank your good Lord for giving us that man.

          • ship says:

            Where does it say that? Show us.
            What verse?

          • ABC says:

            While you are at it, ih8reps, would you find the verse that mentions Trump as Herbert discussed – – because I would not find it in the index. And certainly with all the taxpayer money (over $111 million or more) Trump has lined his pockets with, and with all the 10 obstructions of justice as outlined in the Mueller Report, with all the scams like Trump (fake) “university, with all his sexual assaults of women, of all his infidelities, of all the crimes Trump committed with Cohen, and with three violations of SOLICITING 3 countries to interfere in our elections (which is illegal), Trump is certainly more like an antichrist than any president I have ever seen or read about in history.

          • Anchor Baby says:

            if8reps, both you and ABC are twits. You actually claim there are bible passages pertaining to Donald Trump. Why is it that it’s always the non-christians that pretend to be experts on scripture?

          • ABC says:

            Anchor baby, you are showing your ignorance again and your judgement. How do you know that 9ih8resps and I are non-Christians? Second, I would think that many jewish scholars and rabbis are good at scripture — much better at what Christians call the “Old Testament” than even Christians. And Anchor baby, do you understand there is a lot of scripture that is Hindu, Buddhist, Daoist, Confucian . . . that I would gather they are leagues ahead of you on understanding. Fact is, many of you so-called “Christians” should compare the Maharatta to Revelations to get a better understanding of that chapter.

    • Herb says:

      There is something wrong with your brain GHD

  55. John says:

    You can tell the journo that wrote the piece of nothing , had me curious as to who the turn coats where so I won’t send my campaign donation to them. I unknowingly in the past sent a donation to a pretend deceptive Republican aka Rino and can’t forgive myself.

    • Roy Sutton says:

      The future life of the Republican party hinges on solidarity. Trumps doing a great job for not being a professional politician. The future of our Constitution is on the line. Any Republicans who fail to support Trump may need to find a real job that doesn’t pay as well, their political science degree will become worthless.

      • Herbert Lubitz says:

        A professional Politician is a bad Politician for the People. Trump did not need to run the age-old scam on America to get wealthy, he came wealthy and lost money and even gave up his right to an income but how many Politicians do you know that would even give up the money they stole from the poor and middle class?

        • Alas says:

          Trump is making T O N S of money from being president and diverting taxpayer funds into his own pockets. He may have given away his salary, but diverted at least $102 million of our money into his own Mar-O-Lago (why can’t he play golf on courses he does not own?), tried to divert millions more into next year’s G-7 meeting, but other republicans criticized this; gets all kinds of business and foreign influence money for his Wash DC hotel, and promotes all his properties when he stays at them, driving up membership costs, greens fees (no small amount) and has government employees stay at his resorts. Trump called his run for presidency “one big infomercial!”

          • ih8reps says:

            What’s the world’s most expensive GOLF CART?
            AIR FORCE #1.
            NUFF SAID!

          • Debbie Downer says:

            Is there anything bad that Trump is not?

          • Verily says:

            Debbie, Trump is a master conman, salesman for himself, and a perfect narcissist. Anyone who has the audacity to claim he has “UNMATCHED WISDOM” has not even reached the first step to true learning – – which is to know what you do not know.

          • Martin Michaels says:

            And Obama DIDN’T? Please. Trump separated himself from his businesses, so he does NOT make any money from being President. In fact, he gives his salary away every quarterly paycheck.

            Obama, well, he didn’t HAVE a business – ’cause he’s never run a business or held a REAL job. He and man-wife have suckled at the public teat their entire lives.

          • Alas says:

            Martin has to remain low class and vulgar .. . one cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. What is interesting, Martin, is that you did not, perhaps cannot, defend Trump and his history, so you Trumpers always divert and point other directions. Trump is making money right now and he can draw that money whenever he wants. He has added over $110 million to his golf courses and revenues, and gotten millions of dollars of publicity – – – Trump is SO greedy he tried to manipulate both foreign and domestic money to go into his pockets by having next year’s G-7 at his FAILING Doral Golf Course. It looked SO badly that even fellow Republicans had to intervene to talk him out of that one!!! He . . . has . . . . NO . . . . . respect for the law!!! Typical rich spoiled brat.

        • Sharon Jenkins says:


  56. jason says:

    Wallace and the other Idiot Rhinos are just Soros, Lackies also, boot lickers of the media monies supported by the Soros, Clinton Crime Families, Obumers, Muslim’s traitor’s and Russian Commies for the news Media.

    • Well stated Jason, and lets not forget ROMNEY, the gutless one who tweets and uses a fake name…There is no one that can beat TRUMP, he is committed and loves this country, and takes no salary. Unlike Obama who made enough to purchase a $25M home, he did not have money when he became president, made it all in the Whitehouse.. President Trump will continue to clean up the SWAMP, and that is the reason the DEMORats don’t want him winning because they are all going to JAIL. TRUMP2020. VOTE AND PRAY.

  57. Helen says:

    Chris Wallace and Adam Shiff could be brothers by the way they argue with whomever they are interviewing who does not answer with the words they want to hear. Both are typical Dems and dummer than stumps with their comments about what will or will not happen after their interviews. They ask questions, but do not hear what is being answered, and how. We the People who voted for Trump have faith that it will work out regardless of what the Dems, including Pelosi, think should happen. Trump is much smarter than any Dem official in DC and you will never make us doubt him, even if idiots think they know it all and think we honor their stupid opinions. When Wallace starts talking on Fox, I change channels…

    • Kathe Gilbert says:

      Wallace feels more empowered now with Paul Ryan on the Board of Fox News. Fox News is no longer the “Fair and Balanced” they use to be…they have begun to lean Left. What a Time we are living in, watching a Corrupt Democrat Party as well as a Corrupt Democrat Congress and a Deep State doing all they can to destroy the United States and it Republic Constitution. They have a real firm hold on California, getting a strong hold on New York State, Washington D.C. has been for sometime a Leftist Democrat Party They are trying to change Arizona, Texas, and other Red States to turn Blue. The Democrats have become so corrupt, so immoral; hard to believe that almost half America have swallowed the Democrats Lies and Deceits-but they have. How terribly sad for our Nation.

      • LOL says:

        Yeah, Kathe, “fair and balanced” should mean only right wing propaganda. We only SAID it was to be “fair and balanced” but we did not mean it!! And with all these things you have said going on, think that in only 3 years, Trump has turned our support into a real decline.


    We need sunlight to get the truth out, democrapt will soon taste their own medicine.

    • Allen Morgan says:

      My Senator said ” A snowball’s chance in hell” is the chance the U.S. Senate will concur with the lying Peloisi, Schiff, Nadler, and Democrats in the House.

      • anniedawn says:

        Bet any Republican Senator that votes to impeach Trump will lose the next election he is in.

      • Will says:

        Even if you think your senator is in favor of beating this coup..
        PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact them and let them know how you feel about voting against any impeachment

        • Allen Morgan says:

          We have. Both are very aggravated at Pelosi/Schiff’s illegal Star Chamber/Kangaroo Court hearings.

          • RWB says:

            Wife and I will contact the house and Senate members of our state and let them know how we feel. How we feel about Pelosi Shiff and all liars it’s kind of like the book of Revelations says You Know Lake of Fire etc.

          • SGT Preston says:

            That’s exactly what Pitiful Pelosi is trying to pull, an illegal “Star Chamber”. Because she has not impaneled a real “Impeachment panel” to this point, since the Constitution states that the President can only be given an impeachment charge by the WHOLE House. This means that a rougue bunch of democrabs cannot impeach President Trump. If they try, there is a good chance it will start the 2nd Civil War.

    • Sick of snowflakes says:

      Are there any news outlets that aren’t corrupt?? This is crazy!! We can’t let them get away with this crap!! Ban the liberals to hell!! TRUMP 2020

      • ih8reps says:

        The best way to destroy a Republic is to attack Education!
        Starting in 1980 and continuing today RETARDicanism has been front and center on this agenda.
        That’s Betsy DeVos’s job to attack and defund Education in America.
        In order to keep RETARDican control and keep the masses OPPRESSED you must keep them UNEDUCATED!
        That’s the basic IDEOLOGY for slavery and wage control for all of human history.
        They won’t be smart enough to figure out that their basically getting F##### Over.

        • Debbie Downer says:

          Not uneducated but indoctrinated. They must indoctrinate the kids into thinking the way they want them to think. That’s why they oppose charter schools, and private schools, and home schooling because they can’t gain access to those kids to brainwash them.
          They only have the public schools to do that but they’re working on shutting other schools down.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            What a pathetically ignorant thing to say. Most teachers are dedicated, caring and educated people that do their best (yes, and at times it falls short) at low wages to teach the next generation of Americans. Many have to take a cut from retail jobs and pay to be teachers, and then pay for many of the school supplies that don’t come. TEACHERS DO NOT INDOCTRINATE – – they actively encourage students to THINK, to question, to seek solid and reliable sources of information. The only place I saw “indoctrination” taking place was in religious schools that stopped students from questioning and demanded they memorized either catechism lessons or religious propaganda.

            Were you ever a teacher, Debbie? Did you even get a college degree? What is your expertise to judge education in America? Your username is very appropriate . . . why do conservatives have to spend so much time tearing others down, like dedicated public servants?

        • Dennis says:

          Correct, but dumbing them down is only step one. Step two-make and keep them dependent on big gov for everything. Step three- keep them unarmed, so if they ever do remove their heads from their asses, they can’t rebel!

          • Debbie Downer says:

            And Step 2A, legalize drugs so they are less likely to figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.

        • Martin Michaels says:

          No, it started with Woodrow Wilson and his buddies when they took over education. They split college into to two groups; one for the Haves (the Ivy League) and one for the Have-Nots. Every President save three since Wilson attended either Harvard, Princeton or Yale. The three were Eisenhower (West Point), Nixon (Duke) and surprisingly Truman (none).

  59. dlmstl says:

    Classic click bait to drive ratings = amassing eyeballs = huge advertising revenue. POTUS Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to the MSM and chattering classes. Imagine these people trying to gin up interest is a dry-ball Hunchback of Chappaqua regime. In the mean time sit back, relax and enjoy the winning. In fact, forsake the ongoing nonsense for the next 6 week. Guarantee you’l;l not miss anything of substance and find your mental disposition greatly improved.

  60. Bobi says:

    Is there any doubt that “well connected” republican that Sh#t #ss Wallace spoke with was Mit Romney?

  61. Sue says:

    Snowball chance in hell. I’m so sick of Demoncraps. Really? Are you FREAKING kidding me?

  62. Martin Michaels says:

    Chris Wallace is an ASSHAT Liberal – JUST like the one who just left FoxNews – I won’t even say his name. And ANY Senator that votes to remove Trump WILL be voted out. I guarantee it.

  63. Martin Michaels says:

    They won’t if they are smart. Anyone who votes that way WILL be voted out, I guarantee it.

  64. Dennis says:

    Rhetorical question … there any loyalty or honor left in that shi*hole we call the capital, anymore? Bring on term limits someone, please!

  65. Dwight says:

    If their gets enough votes in the Senate to Help the Democrats Impeach Trump, then I will never Vote Republican in My life time’ As I worked hard to get Trump in office and I want Him to stay their for the eight years.

  66. Lyudmila says:

    There is no doubt that the Washington establishment really would like to Donald Trump left .  But “I really would like” is not at all the reason for impeachment of the president, even if this is what some Republican senators would really like. They must be 100% sure that any movement towards causeless impeachment is the end of their career.

    • Monitte says:

      70 million or more voters would be vedy mad. I was a Democrat and voted for Trump. There are thpusands of walkaway Fems like me as well. There are no high crimes. NO IMPEACHMENT

      • Amen says:

        1st – – only 63 million voted for Trump, whereas 66 million voted for Hillary. I can see where this embarrasses Trump and he lies about it. 2nd, how come Trump only has the support of one in three women? 2/3 of females disapprove or strongly disapprove of Trump.

        3rd, pull your head out of the sand, Trump has committed three crimes of soliciting foreign help on an election. 10 counts of obstruction of justice are outlined in Part II of the Mueller Report, and several campaign FELONIES with his lawyer Cohen, who is spending time in PRISON for his part in them. And TRUMP has violated taking taxpayer money numerous times to make himself richer. One can only say “no high crimes” if you are a Stepford wife.

        • Debbie Downer says:

          Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump since before he took office.
          Don’t take my word for it go read about Trump impeachment on Wiki.
          Go educate yourself. Look it up.

        • Martin Michaels says:

          MORE than 3 Million of those votes were FRAUDULENT…And if you want to trot out numbers, try these…

          There are 3142 counties/parishes in the U.S. Hillary won only 57 of them. Trump won ALL of the rest – more than 3000 of 3142…better than 98% of the counties. So piss off with your numbers.

          • Dennis says:

            It’s pretty sad when you complain about losing an election where used millions of fraudulent votes! Have no fear, they have plans for lots more dead folks and illegals voting next year!

          • ABC says:

            OMG, can’t believe you people are so weak that you constantly have to making stuff up and not accepting any, and I mean, ANY responsibility at all. You LOST the popular vote, and Hillary LOST the electoral vote! There were several voting commissions (mostly by states) and found virtually NO evidence of voter fraud whatsoever, and at most a dozen investigations concluded that it is less than 1/10th of one percent.

            Martin, your numbers are meaningless – – many parishes barely have people in them, and some parishes, mostly in urban areas have millions of people. Los Angeles alone has more population than most of the central states combined. Sure Trump won the rural areas, but the populated areas are where Hillary won big.

        • smarter than you says:

          That proves right there that there was massive voter fraud in 2016.
          Nobody liked Hillary, including democrats. And none of the Bernie bros voted for Hillary.
          There is no way 66 million Americans voted for that her.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            In a way, you make a good point. There were lots of Democrats who did not like Hillary, including the Bernie supporters. However, you are missing THE biggest thing – – people are more likely to vote AGAINST someone than for someone. of 66 million votes, only some voted for Hillary, while many voted against a person they considered a conman, an inexperienced and arrogant narcissist who has little to no impulse controls (he tweets whatever he feels at the moment).

  67. phantom says:

    last poll i heard was 59% favor impeachment and making comments from Mulroney is reason for them to impeach why does any senator want to be known as to afraid to stand up to trump when even the people are getting tired of the three ring circus known as Washington lies keep coming out and was 13000 lies and falsified facts.
    they going by trumps recreation of the phone call isn’t grounds to impeach, well let me ask this you says that is grounds i beg to differ because prove that i say is prove its a true recreation, you can’t just like any senator can’t because here is the best question prove that document is true you cant because trump purposely hide the proof and i don’t think he will because unless there was something to hide why hide it in the first place along with other none classified calls?
    then you have the story that democrats want roll back the election to take over the white house. how do you expect them to do that it is impossible, if trump was removed from office Pence would be president. i can see impeachment of trump but Pence don’t see happening sorry so why try and push false information

    • Truckman says:

      I don’t know where you come up with your numbers from everything I have heard it had about a snowball’s chance in hell of making it through the Senate if it even gets there

      • Will says:

        If it does get that far it can be voted down with one vote before it even begins

        • Scott27 says:

          And they will be abdicating their responsibility and duty to the Constitution and to this nation.

          • Will says:

            Snotty Scotty,,, FO FO FO FO

          • w.B. says:

            Good lord, grow UP Will!

            Your posts are like those that would come from a person whose mind is stuck at the grade school level.

          • Will says:

            WB,, I would have typed it out for you ,, but you my friend are just not worth it .. If it helps you can look it up and when you do consider it goes for you as well , you stupid left wing spastic

          • w.B. says:

            “Spastic”??!! Who talks this way anymore?!?!? I mean back in the 1950s was the last time I heard anyone use that term – – – are you sure your mind is not stuck back in that era? “Snotty Scotty” is a grade school level chant. Will, did you get a high school education or less? GED?

          • Will says:

            OK wb,,, I will up date, my speech for you ,, you ZEKA CRACK BABY ,, snow flake moron … You are the one that needs to grow up ,, all you are on here for is insult anyone that supports Trump ..

          • Doug says:

            We are going to silence snotty 27 soon. Permanently.

          • Will says:

            Doug I just wish we could send them to a country that does not have the rights that this country has .. and let them see how well they supports that govt.. these people are wishing for something they have no idea about .. freedom is not free that`s why we are fighting so hard now for it ,,, sometimes once it is lost it is lost forever .. and then we are all sunk … They just can`t see past the end of their noses

          • Debbie Downer says:

            You need a legitimate reason to impeach a sitting president.
            You can’t do it for political reasons or because you HATE the guy and are still angry your candidate lost. Maybe you should read the constitution and educate yourself.

          • w.B. says:

            Debbie, again you are lacking in your ability to admit, that Trump HAS violated numerous laws, like emoluments violations (over $100 million), 10 obstruction of justice incidences from the Mueller report, three crimes of soliciting foreign aid to interfere in USA elections, multiple crimes with his lawyer Cohen, and possibly bribery or extortion of an ally, Ukraine, to withhold needed military aid unless Trump got his dirt on Biden.

        • Martin Michaels says:

          Pelosi will NEVER let that vote happen. She knows she would lose…and then her Majority in the House would be even MORE doomed than it is.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Martin, read other sources. Even Trump has admitted it is a foregone conclusion he WILL be impeached, the votes are there. This is especially true since the testimony of some of the state dept. officials who served in the Ukraine that have testified and given evidence, like Ambassador Taylor, that Trump withheld the military aid from Ukraine – – and it would not be coming until Zelenskyy PUBLICLY agreed to dig up dirt on Biden.

    • Will says:

      The three ring circus is brought to you and all america
      by the ::: dumb A** Democrat party ..
      So it looks to me as if we should get rid of the has been clowns
      instead of going after the only one there trying to make things better

      • ih8reps says:

        Will if your SO smart why do you Obfuscate?
        Why do you speak Hokum?
        Why are you so Mendacious?
        Everything you say is Otiose!
        Everytime you post it’s Abominable!
        Your Bellicose!
        Your Irascible!
        Chew on that for a while you MORON I know you understand that word as for the rest you have to be smarter than a fifth grader!

        • The RedMan says:

          Yo momma love the bubba gumpa shrimpo cream on her face, smell like fish, and the humpty dumpty butt pumpin all night long ahahahahahahahahahahaha

  68. The RedMan says:

    It be the rich racist white folk in Washington that keep black folks in poverty on the plantation tellin them they can’t make it alone without whitey HELP to give them free handouts and sayin’ you better vote for whitey or you get nothin’ and you all gonna die from global warming.
    Trump must be impeached HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • KatahdinView says:

      It would be the racist black folk who are to stupid to stop when any police man orders them to, and then wonder why they got shot, Hello you dumb F###. Stop means stop, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      • Tennessee Hawk says:

        I wish they’d put a like button on here. I’d click it a dozens times for your spot on remark. :))

        • ih8reps says:

          T huk
          They have plenty of COLORING BOOKS for people like you with little to no EDUCATION I’m sure you’d enjoy that more then coming here to show you’re IGNORANCE.

      • smarter than you says:

        That’s why they should replace police sirens with the national anthem on a PA so black folk would take a knee instead of running.

        • Martin Michaels says:

          YOU are the Racist, Mr. Banta. BTW, how many welfare checks are you collecting?

          • smarter than you says:

            Martin, I’ve never collected a welfare check in my life.
            But you are wrong about me being a racist. I’m pragmatic.
            The real racists are the democrats that favor abortion because they know most abortions are with single black mothers. I guess they want to kill those black babies before they grow up and rob liquor stores and gas stations.

          • Martin Michaels says:

            smarter than you – I was speaking to “Mr. Banta” – it is IN the comment.

        • Martin says:

          THAT could work. OR you could just issue pants the hang down below their asses…without belts (They don’t use them anyway in the hood)…

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Uh, that’s thevDems……..

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Wealthy black and white politicians —–. all Dems.—– keep black people on the “plantation”. Sad. ????

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Wealthy politicians black and white—-all Dems.—-keep black people on the “plantation”, which is now the Dem. Party. Sad ????

        POTUS has done more for black people than any Pres.—-even Obama.

        Pres. Trump will not be impeached.

        RRUMP 2Q2Q

        • Aha! says:

          You are right on that spelling Eileen, the prez has a YUGE RUMP – – have you seen that thing when he goes golfing!?!? Did you not realize today that even Prez RUMP has admitted today that his impeachment is a foregone conclusion. His people did the math and know the votes. Now what they do NOT KNOW is how many Republicans will stick with Rump if he stands to pull them down for their next election. Sink Titanic RUMP!

          • Eileen Trent says:

            sorry typo—-read my last post and u will see Trump has it all under control. Playing the Cabal. Enjoy the show and thanx for playing

            TRUMP 2Q2Q W W G 1 W G A

          • Dave says:

            Aha, isn’t that what you told your mother when you sodomized her. You wanted to sink it in her rump while you looked at pics of your butt buddy appropriately named Schit.

          • ih8reps says:

            Let’s debunk his claim that he is a genius.
            The Emoluments Clause is written in the US Constitution as law.
            He claims it to be PHONY!
            So please tell me how he’s not a TRAITOR against Constitutional Law.
            Because when he said that it proved to all Americans that yes indeed he is a TRAITOR.
            Remember he swore on a BIBLE no less or was it the Islamic Quran he swore on.

        • ih8reps says:

          Because you use emojis and make typo errors buy some Coloring Books practice staying within the lines then come back and show us you became proficient in Coloring.

        • Debbie Downer says:

          And that’s why democrats favor abortion so they can kill the undesirable black babies before they grow up to rob liquor stores and gas stations.
          Most abortion are of black babies.

          • ABC says:

            You are not only a continual criticizer, but a LIAR as well. What venom, what malice. And to think the supposed founder of the GOP was Lincoln who said “with malice towards none, with charity to all . . . . “! Boy would Lincoln be ashamed of what the Trumpers have done to the GOP!

    • Rich says:

      Red man you should change your name to nostrodumass you will live and die in the ghetto no future for you get out from under the rock you live in and see the lite.

    • Dennis says:

      Keep talkin lak dat, yo git a job on da View or da DNC!

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