Fox News host dropped this giant bombshell about Senate Republicans impeaching Trump

There is one big questioning hovering over Washington, D.C. right now.

And it has to do with if enough Senate Republicans will join the Democrats to remove President Trump from office.

And now one Fox News host dropped this giant bombshell about Senate Republicans impeaching Trump.

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney sat for an interview with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace.

Wallace is the emerging face of Fox News Channel’s anti-Trump programming, and during the interview Wallace told Mulvaney that a “well connected” Republican told him there was a 20 percent chance enough Republican Senators would join the Democrats to vote to remove Donald Trump from office over articles of impeachment.

Breitbart reports:

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” anchor Chris Wallace said a “well-connected” Washington Republican told him that there is a 20% chance Republicans will vote to remove President Donald Trump in an impeachment trial.

Wallace said, “I talked to a very well-connected Republican in Washington this week, someone whose name you would know well, who says that if the House votes to impeach and it gets to a trial in the Senate, there’s now a 20 percent chance, he believes —obviously that just an estimate — now a 20% chance enough Republicans would vote with Democrats to impeach the president.”

Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said, “That’s just absurd.”

He continued, “The comment about the 20 percent is just a person who clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

There is no doubt many in the Washington Establishment would like to see Donald Trump gone.

Some of them may even be Republican Senators.

But the strong likelihood is that any Republican Senator who votes to remove Donald Trump from office based on the fake Ukraine scandal would be signing their own political career’s death warrant.

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319 Responses

  1. Alviin Hooper says:

    Are we sure Chris Wallace didn’t make all that up. We need a fact check on everything he sez.

  2. gorge jones says:

    I used to like Chris Wallace, . I thought he was truthful, honest and a good newman , but now he has changed colors and became a blue stated democrat who is beginning to spill the gossip around like it was grass seed.
    He should be taken off the air. Who in their right mind can ever believe anything he says anymore. Who bought him off and made him turn around. Hillary probably leads the parade, followed by Obama, and the rest of the democratic politicians.

  3. Timothy John Hall says:

    Never trusted that guy! He’s been bought. Lots of big money being thrown around by the elites.

  4. George says:

    I agree Fox listeners and watchers should stop watching Chris Wallace who used to be half decent but now a leftist! Did Soros get to all of the left leaning Napolitano, Wallace and Cavuto?Money can cause minds to change but thankfully common sense is still present with some of Fox News hosts. I hope it will continue! Those I mentioned have started thinking with Soros wallet! They are not listening with the American people who voted in Mr. Trump! I just hope Mitch McConnell has something up his sleeve to put those Democrats in their place. I hope in the 2020 vote that everyone will go down their ballot voting just Republican! If enough of us voters does that the Dems will loose both houses leaving a smart business man as Mr. Trump the President to continue bringing United States the power to control Radical Islamists here and abroad! However in Revelation it predicts a one world government in the last days! You can see that happening now if the leftists have their way! The United Nations want their gun control worldwide so only the powerful have the guns and the rest of us bowing down to all their commands. You all reading this should get Revelation translated so you all know where you are heading! It’s not a pretty picture for true Christians!!! Seventh Day Adventist’s have it interpreted vey well so you can understand where we are headed in the future days! I am 80 and not likely to see it! You young people need to know what is coming! I just you all give President Trump and Republicans the 2020 vote. Please use your mind to think carefully what the Democrats are really saying to you. It really is not good!! Think independently exactly what they say. The government can’t give you things without someone paying!

  5. Angela says:

    Well, how can a religious person claim to be a Democrat when that party advocates partial-birth abortions, and even executing a newborn baby who, by God’s will, survived a botched abortion; a party that has all but BANNED the name of “God” in every aspect of life, and has practically outlawed the bible and Christianity (unless you’re a Muslim). So, you need to get your facts straight and stop watching so much CNN. You are spouting off lie after lie about our President. You are completely clueless!

  6. Charles Lepowsky says:

    I cant stand chris wallace

  7. James Riddick says:

    Crooked Donna is disaster for your network. Remember how she was aiding Crooked Hillary during the last election?

  8. Angela says:

    I agree. For those Senators who won in Red, Pro-
    Trump states, they had best remember who put them in office. If any such Senator votes to impeach, may he say Good-bye to any chances of re-election. It will be political suicide. But there may actually be Senators who would rather risk their political careers than to keep Trump in office. Nancy Pelosi actually said that she would give up the House if it meant removing Trump from office.
    That is how DESPERATE the Democrat party has become. They have gone rogue!

  9. bob jones says:

    if you watch fox news do not tune in to chris wallace,donna brazille or neil cavuto. if you watch them you are giving them ratings. boycott these 3 and soon fox will have to release them.

  10. Carol says:

    Fox is a great station, just a few bad apples in the barrel that they should throw out, If they don’t other channels will take over, ( beware FOX NEWS), I watch FOX & OAN!!!!!!

  11. Angela says:

    Precisely! Rep. Al Green outright admitted this when he said in an interview “We’re concerned that if we don’t impeach this President, he will be re-elected”. This is how they ALL feel, and they are so very desperate for any little thing they can sniff out. They are making and breaking any rule they can to take him down. This is DISGUSTING! And Congress has not done ONE DAMNED THING for the betterment of Americans (because the Democrats have NO desire to help anyone who voted for Trump). They are too busy ducking into closed-door, basement meetings/hearings in order to gather dirt on our President and to UNDO THE 2016 ELECTION RESULTS!!! Our vote means NOTHING to them, since they didn’t like the results!

  12. Angela Harper says:

    I agree! Fox has taken “fair and balanced” way too far and they are now shoving Democrats down our throat right and left. I am SICK of hearing so much anti-Trump bias coming from my favorite media outlet! Democrats have multitudes of support from ALL media outlets, so why couldn’t Fox continue to be the outlet for Conservative/Republicans that has made them Number One in the ratings? If they keep going at this rate, Fox is going to lose their Conservative/Republican viewing base. And they will not be able to entice the far Left/Democrats to come aboard because this group HATES Fox; they constantly make fun of Fox viewers and consider the network a joke. So, the end result of Fox’s new “left-turn” will be a network whose base has abandoned them, and a very large group of left-wingers who would cut their throats before they would start watching Fox. Fox is digging its own grave, and I really hate to see that happen. I also hate the way Paul Ryan turned traitor to his party, and now he is about to cause the downfall of a once-great television network.

  13. Tony says:

    Has anyone noticed the Fox weekend bias against president Trump? Wallace and Neville are leaning so far left they could fall over any minute. Bad strategy Fox, American patriots notice.

  14. Dennis says:


  15. ship says:

    And the democrats are using impeachment as a political weapon because they know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot.

  16. Bob says:

    You are correct Chantal Benjamin. Fox news has joined CNN because of who has been hired there; you know the RINO Paul Ryan who hates President Trump and wants to ruin FOX the way he ruined the House of Representatives when he was Speaker of the House. Chris Wallace is just another anti-Trumper and every Sunday that is all we get from him. Fox is fast becoming known as another “fake news organization” with people such as Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Napolitano, Neil Cavuto, and the female who gave Hillary Clinton the questions before the presidential debate in 2016 (Donna Brazile)working there.

  17. AlexB says:

    You and Mother Theresa are antipodes. How can a religious person love an adulterer, layer, a crook, draft dodger, slum lord, and tax evader, insurance fraud, etc.

  18. AlexB says:

    Read the constitution first before pontificate about the impeachment process. By the way Republicans wrote the rules for the impeachment process.

  19. Fox News you are disgusting, ignorant and a disgrace to this country which is the greatest country in this world!!! I am a legal immigrant and my husband gave his life for creeps like you!!!!! I will never watch Fox News again, you were my last hope.

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