Fox News host asked a Democrat one question about Portland that left them stammering

The riots in Portland are horrifying millions of Americans.

Left-wing terrorists attacked federal buildings and tried to burn them to the ground as they lay siege to the city.

And a Fox News host asked a Democrat one question about Portland that left them stammering.

Outnumbered host Harris Faulkner grilled former Obama administration official Marie Harf on the riots in Portland and her contention that Donald Trump “politicized” the civil unrest by pointing out that the violence across the country took place in Democrat run cities.

“For many people, that he keeps saying he’s going after Democratic cities and Democrats feels like he is making a law enforcement issue a political one, which we should not be doing in this country,” Harf claimed.

Faulkner pressed Harf on that point asking her to name a Republican run city seeing the level of violence and mayhem like that in Democrat led cities such as Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New York.

“Marie, is there another Republican-led city that is having the kinds of problems that we are seeing in a Democratic-led city? Let me let you answer that. Is there?” Faulkner shot back.

Harf didn’t directly engage the question so Faulkner tried one more time.

“Is there a Republican-led city that is having the same type of violence and unrest on its streets the way a Democratic-led trail of cities is right now that we continue to talk about?” Faulkner asked.

Harf still could not answer the question claiming there Republican run areas seeing a spike in violence, but failing to cite a single one by name.

Violence is only breaking out in Democrats cities because Democrat Mayors embrace the riots and demonize the police.

Harf didn’t answer the question because she didn’t want to acknowledge that reality.

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