Fox News had a surprising response to this attempt to cancel Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson remains under attack from all sides by the corporate-controlled media.

The Left desperately wants Fox News off the air.

And now Fox News had a surprising response to this attempt to cancel Tucker Carlson.

MSNBC shill Nicole Wallace used a recent show to repeatedly attack Tucker Carlson over his insistence that the United States should not go to war with Russia.

All of Wallace’s guests attacked Carlson for being insufficiently supportive of confronting Russia over Ukraine.

But former failed talk show host Donny Deutsch went over the top slamming Carlson – who is the top rated show on cable news – as a “ratings whore” who doesn’t believe anything he says.

“He’s a ratings whore. That’s it. It’s a game. Let’s stop saying – performance art. That’s what it is. By the same way, last week, he said that doing, making kids wear masks in schools is no different than experiments the Nazis did on the Jews, the medical experiments, and it’s the same kind of mandate situation. He’s a ratings whore. That’s what this is. Period,” Deutsch ranted.

Deutsch’s profane and personal attack on Tucker Carlson prompted a rare response from Fox News.

Fox News usually refuses to comment on left-wing activists in the corporate-controlled media attacking their hosts or else it would never be able to get programming on the air as the network would be consumed with responding to the unending smears and lies.

Fox’s statement ridiculed Deutsh’s failed career as a talk show host.

“Donny Deutsch’s descent into irrelevance along with having all of his shows canceled due to abysmal ratings clearly hasn’t provoked any level of self awareness,” the statement read.

In 2003, the establishment corporate-controlled media, led by The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC, helped march America into war with Iraq.

Donald Trump opposed that war.

Now nearly 20 years later the corporate-controlled media is itching for another war – this time with Russia.

And the establishment talking heads and stenographers in the corporate-controlled press are trying to smear Tucker Carlson for opposing Joe Biden making another foolish mistake and escalating tensions with Russia until the point that war is unavoidable.

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