Fox News fired two hosts after they turned down a bribe to betray Donald Trump

Fox News continues to take criticism for how it treats Trump supporters.

The latest bombshell will not make the network look good.

And that’s because Fox News fired two hosts after they turned down a bribe to betray Donald Trump.

Last spring, Fox News fired the popular pro-Trump duo of Diamond and Silk after left-wing critics falsely claimed they said the coronavirus was a hoax.

The decision upset many Trump supporters as Diamond and Silk built a massive following because their support for Donald Trump was proof that the Fake News Media lies about Trump being a racist were falling flat with black Americans.

In their new book Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can’t Ditch and Switch?—The Awakening of Diamond and Silk, the pair revealed how they were offered $150,000 to stop supporting Donald Trump.

“It’s the stereotype that if a black person is doing something, they must be getting paid for it. What they didn’t realize is that we knew what the Democrats were about. We knew how the Left operated. We weren’t accepting any of it,” Diamond wrote.

“None of it. We didn’t tell anybody about this. We didn’t make it public. We’re talking about it right now in our book so that y’all will know what Diamond and Silk have gone through and all of the different things that have come our way, but we continue to stand strong,” Silk continued.

Fox News firing Diamond and Silk did not sit well with many of its viewers.

Their support for President Trump was genuine and their enthusiasm for his administration was the canary in the coal mine for the past election where President Trump won the highest support among nonwhite voters of any Republican since 1960.

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