Fox News destroyed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for telling this sick lie

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez excels at making a fool out of herself.

The New York Congresswoman never fails to create a mess every time she opens her mouth.

And now Fox News destroyed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for telling this sick lie.

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show, Ocasio-Cortez made the bonkers claim that crime is down in New York City.

“A lot of people think that crime is up, when we actually see that shootings are down, when we see that huge indicators on the most violent crime in New York City is down,” Ocasio-Cortez declared.

Even though Ocasio-Cortez acceded to a bit of reality in acknowledging that subway crime was up, she absurdly claimed that the rise in crime meant putting more cops on the platforms was a delusional strategy.

“Subway crime is up. But let’s also note that subway crime is up after they committed so many more officers to the subway system. So that also tells us from a policy perspective, adding more cops to the subway isn’t solving this problem,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

On the Fox News Channel show Outnumbered, co-host Lisa Kennedy slammed Ocasio-Cortez’s foolishness.

“She’s delusional,” Kennedy stated. “She’s flat-out wrong. If she believes it, she’s not fit to serve.”

The numbers back up Kennedy’s assertion.

A New York City government report from August of 2022 showed the crime index up 26 percent year-over-year with five categories of major crimes increasing.

“Overall index crime in New York City increased in August 2022 by 26% compared with August 2021 (11,357 v. 9,014). Five of the seven major index-crime categories saw increases, driven by a 38% increase in robbery (1,630 v. 1,181), a 34.7% increase in grand larceny (4,687 v. 3,480), and a 31.1% rise in burglary (1,356 v. 1,034),” the report read.

Voters in Ocasio-Cortez’s own home state of New York clearly disagree with her as well.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin came within five points of defeating incumbent Democrat Kathy Hochul.

Zeldin’s strong performance led to Republicans flipping four Congressional seats and winning ten seats statewide.

One of the states – besides Ron DeSantis’ Florida – where the Red wave actually hit was New York.

If the GOP hangs on and wins the majority in the House of Representatives, it will be because voters in the Empire State strongly disagree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that rising crime is a figment of their imagination.

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