Four top Democrats are in hot water after a racism scandal popped up to destroy them

The mainstream media wants you to believe that Republicans are racist.

But it is Democrats who continue to find themselves caught up in racism scandals.

And now four top Democrats are in hot water after a racism scandal popped up to destroy them.

Earlier this year, the Democrat Party was rocked with scandal when a leaked racist yearbook photo of Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam with a man in black face and one in Ku Klux Klan robes went viral.

Racist Ralph nearly had to resign after the photos came to light, but Democrats have allowed him to continue as governor to this day.

And while many Democrats are distancing themselves from him, four Democrat state legislators just got caught accepting $5,000 from his political action committee.

All four of them called for Northam’s resignation prior to receiving the money.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

Four Virginia Democrats disclosed that they received donations from Gov. Ralph Northam’s political action committee despite having called for his resignation earlier this year, according to campaign finance data from Virginia Public Access Project.

Northam faced calls to resign in January and February after a decades-old yearbook photo of Northam resurfaced and it showed two men, one in blackface and the other in Ku Klux Klan garb. At one point he acknowledged responsibility for the photo before eventually claiming it wasn’t him.

Despite joining those calls for Northam’s resignation, incumbent Democratic state delegates Kelly Fowler, Dawn Adams and Schuyler VanValkenburg all took $5,000 contributions Northam’s The Way Ahead PAC, which was first reported by The Washington Free Beacon.

This shows that Democrats, these four at least, clearly don’t care about the racist actions of Northam.

Immediately following the scandal, they were more than happy to demand his resignation.

But after the smoke settled a bit, they’ve been more than willing to take money from his political action committee.

The money they accepted from Northam may as well be called what it clearly appears to be — “hush money” to prevent them from making future calls for his resignation.


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70 Responses

  1. Maxx says:

    What I am really “sick and tired” of seeing are these “click bait” articles stating something about one of the democrat communists in Congress “THAT COULD END THIER CAREER”. I see these every damn day and not a single one has ever happened.

    • KatRob67 says:

      What I am sick of is racism is only aimed at White people. africans can be racist all day, make anti-White comments, write cRAP lyrics that are racist or even violent towards Whites and nobody blinks, but dare to say the slightest thing about blacks, which is usually true and your career is over!

  2. Karin says:

    My teeth grind when I see anyone calling the DEMOCRAT PARTY, Democratic. No less than 7 times in these responses. They are the Democrat Party. They do not believe in Democracy, it is just a word, that they throw about, like racist, misogynist, deplorable, insane, etc. As a true Democracy we are the bosses. (‘With Consent Of The Governed” Merriam Webster Dictionary).
    By sticking the “ic” onto the back of democrat, is saying they rule not us.
    Go look up HR1027 and see what they give us and what they give themselves.

  3. john todd says:

    But the media forgave then! If they were Republicans this would be headline news!

  4. Carl says:

    Democrats use racism as the number one excuse to just about any subject but in reality they are the most racist people in the country, after all the democrats are the ones who started the KKK.

  5. Mike Flanagan says:

    Democrat’s were the Slave Holder that voted to continue Slavery and then tried to seceded from the Union. Today they talk a different tune but in reality they are still trying to keep slavery alive and well. Alive and well just in a different way it called welfare … i.e. keep minority’s poor and complacently dependent on the government for every thing and make sure they stay on the dole to keep them selves in power. Now who are the Bigot Slave Holders of today.

    • Barry says:

      Yes, and they created Jim Crow Laws, created the KKK after they lost the Civil War, and even fought very hard to keep the Equal Rights Amendment from passing, and its hard to stomach that today after all that……………..they ask the Black man to vote for them……………………….go figure!

    • Mike , I very much agree.

  6. IrishEyes says:

    I’ve always found the democrats rhetoric to be hypocritical. Because of their use of Identity Politics, they don’t see people, they only see skin color, their income, a person’s sexuality and/or gender, these are the people whom they manipulate and exploit for their own self-interest. They clearly don’t see a person; they see only a voter because the are power junkies. They are so obsessed with power and privilege, their own. They are completely obsessed with labels.

  7. Moses says:

    The scandal in this country is the malignant mobster Trump getting elected. He asked for Russia’s help as did his campaign and he gladly accepted. He has been a dishonest businessman his whole life despite inheriting 225 million from his Daddy. He still managed 6 bankruptcies, and not paying any taxes for most of his years in business. He has ripped off contractors, employees and banks. He kisses Putin’s butt constantly as he adores all dictators. He has laundered money from the Russian oligarchs to buy units in his mostly empty condos. He has sexually assaulted numerous women and cheated on all his wives and lusts after his own daughter saying he wished he was not related so he could hit on her. His vengeance and racism are legendary, as is his bragging, lying, and insulting, even war heroes like McCain. You people can not believe this, make excuses for him, lie about anything that I have written but 1000 prosecutors state that he not only obstructed justice in the investigation openly and secretly, but it would be very easy to prove. Many of you don’t care that he had help from the Russians, there are many irregularities in counties, not one voting machine was checked for hacking despite all being vulnerable, and still are, yet Trump does nothing. Russia got into Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Youtube with countless thousands of fake accounts and millions of advertisements and comments. Yet none of you care because you aren’t patriots, you are also cowardly traitors like Trump, Barr and the rest of his crew and Republican congressmen and Senators. You have a controversial thug like Jim Jordan leading congressional Republicans in their tirades, although they all know the truth of Trump’s incompetence and chaos and petty quarrels with various new organizations and athletes and famous people who disagree with his abominable wreckage of American values and institutions like the FBI, CIA and Press.

    • Monitte Hull says:

      McCain was no hero. A lot of vietam vets might tell you the same thing or the families of the sailors on that aircraft carrier. But you don’t seem to know much history anyway. You just continue to listen to the mainstreem media’s lies.

    • Joecolt says:

      BraInwashed Idiot, do you not see the Democrats corruption?

    • Rene Rivera says:

      You express yourself, Moses as if you were on the CNN or MSNBC payroll.You’ve recited their every misguided and mal intentioned talking point. if you wish to point out corruption, incompetence, and yes, even evil intent towards our nation look no further than into the Democratic Party and its foul , manipulative, and racist history.Stop drinking the cool aide they’re serving you! it’s doing you no good!

      • Barry says:

        Moses is prob black. It is sad to say but most of them are easily manipulated. The Democrats made slaves of them and then fought a war to keep them in chains and lost that war. The Democrats after losing the Civil War than created the KKK to keep the black man in bondage. The Democrats created Jim Crow laws to keep the Black man in bondage . The Democrats embraced the Eugenics movement to try and keep black people from breeding. The Democrats fought fiercely to keep the Equal Rights Amendment from passing.

        The Democrats have done all these things to the black man and still have found a way to manipulate them into voting for the DNC despite all these terrible things they did to the black man.

        The Democrats even took a high ranking KKK Leader ” Robert Byrd” and made him the Leader of the Democrats in the Senate, and Hillary Clinton’s mentor and still Black People were yet manipulated again into voting Democrat

        I am so embarrassed for Black Americans that they are allowing themselves to be made fools of by the DNC

    • Retta says:

      You should probably take all that proof you have to those 1000 prosecutors,so they can get busy,with the impeachment. I mean,you can prove everything you just wrote,right. You’ll be the Democrats hero,forever! Sounds like a great life,good luck with that!

    • Milton Mort says:


    • So, We see you are a loser and know not anything about business. Sorry but you are a mad loser. I simply cannot where you make much sense at all . And one thing I may add I am American Indian 50%. I ,love Donald trump.I ,also am very well educated. I can also say,”My I.Q. is in high numbers”. I would guess you have made your life and you are miserable. Go Trump Go!!!!!!!! It is 2020 for you, again PRESIDENT TRUMP. We, are going to vote you back in. Better get a job, Moses. Welfare is wearing down.

    • Tony Bell says:

      Wow, you got it bad Moses. TDS is curable, just come to reality and cast off the MSM and democratic BS and you will soon be a normal happy person.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      If the Russians colluded in the 2016 campaign, they didn’t need the Trump campaign or any help as they would’ve done it anyway without any help from anyone. Foreign interference in these elections has been going on for many years. Russian interference if any would not have have changed the result of the 2016 by a single iota. There were many people who didn’t like Hillary Clinton’s ideas ie wide open borders etc. That is why she lost. And what about the Ukrainian government who admitted to collusion in support of her campaign which the Democrats have been silent about? How come the democrats are bringing up this collusion s**t now when it’s been going on for all of those years? Simple, to do anything and everything they can, even tell lies and make up these stories to get Trump thrown out of office is what their primary goal is. What a bunch of loosers that they are.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Your cheap two bit anti-Trump comments should be regarded as an obstruction of justice.

    • Joecolt says:

      Stop watching fake news CNN and MSNBC, try Fox news and see some truth.

  8. Monitte Hull says:

    When I was younger I was a Democrat. I belived in my youth that the Democrat party truly helped poor people and blacks. I was dirt poor as a child and grew up with lots of black kids. Never once did they appear to be anything other than what I myself was even though I was white. I was never taught to look down on anyone. So as I got older I started to see what the Dems were actually doing to poor people. Keeping them poor. No longer a Democrat now due to learning history, I am shocked that young people are being convinced by Dems that blacks are so stupid they cannot get ID to vote. This is what the Left is teaching our young. The Democrat party is not the party of the poor but they are the party of oppression.

    • Dennis says:

      I also was a Democrat and after the last two years of the dirty tricks they have pulled and the false Russian investigation and now it’s trumps taxes hey I had enough what have they done for me nothing Ian going to vote for every Republican running for election in 2020 had it with the dems for good

    • Barry says:


    • Gun Nuts of America says:

      You’re a liar as are the next few after you.

      • Ed Watts says:

        You’re an idiot, as were the last few generations before you and are all of those who descended from you. Like intelligence, stupidity is also hereditary.

        You might — MIGHT — have a gun (although I doubt that!); but I would wager that you don’t have any nuts, despite being one!

      • Monitte Hull says:

        Gun Nuts, so you call me a liar. How would you know how I was raised? How would you even know my childhood history? Why would you think I was a liar?
        I am not just su you know.

  9. Democrats mess everything up, and we fix what’s broken. It’s high time they accept
    to do nothing but the opposite of what’s right.
    Now we are facing investigations, threats of
    impeachment, open borders, shady dealings
    with the clintons, and the democratic candidates can’t even figure out what the liberals, other rats, anti America lunatics want
    because of the multiple opinions, and free loaders that’s within the organization that they call the democratic party.
    Is this civilized behavior?
    Historically the democratic party has enslaved us all with lies and deceptive practices that’s clearly out in the open, but
    We refuse to kick their butts to the curb.

    • Barry says:

      Historically what are the Democrats known for? Refusing to give up there slaves and fighting the Civil War to try and keep their slaves, Creating the KKK after they lost the Civil War to punish the black man, creating Jim Crow laws, and fiercely fighting to try and keep the Equal Rights Amendment from passing………..

      and…………..tricking black people into voting for the same party that did all these things to them!!

  10. Korean Callahan says:

    This is for all the unappreciative people that don’t have anything to say about the POTUS other than calling names like a bunch of bullies and mean people. He has done great things for this country, unemployment is at it’s lowest in years, imports are finally starting to be fair financially, our borders are going to be secured to protect us financially. This is all contrary to the previous president who; made it mandatory if health insurance wasn’t bought it became a mandatory fine ( sound a little like a oligarchy?) , dangerous terrorist were released from Gitmo prison, only to kill our soldiers again , millions of dollars was paid to Iran that supported terriorist, the press as well as President Trump was spied on by the FBI in his administration. I could go on but you get the picture. Why don’t you stick to facts instead of calling names like a child. It’s because that’s all you can do, NO FACTS. If Mr Mueller in two years couldn’t find anything, how dare you think you know this man that loves his country and it’s people. He doesn’t need to do this job. You are ungrateful and ignorant as to his accomplishments. Move if you don’t like him because it going to be another four years despite the Dem’s acting for their own benefit to keep their jobs. They don’t want all the unscrupulous dirty acts uncovered. Too late, they did it to themselves. They are not doing what they were elected to do for their people. This witch hunt needs to stop and let the president do his job. STICK TO THE FACTS!

    • John Redman says:

      You are incorrect in saying that Blacky Bulger found nothing during those 2 years. He found exactly what he sought and that was a way to control the outcome of the midterms, yes? Otherwise, good post.

    • Barry says:

      Absolutely on target! not to mention unemployment for Black people is at an all time low in the USA and Latino unemployment is lowest in history as well with unemployment for Women at a 66 year low, and Obama was the first President in USA History to not be able to bring GDP up above 3% , he couldn’t do it in 8 years!!!!!!!

      Obama was nothing more than a social experiment Blacks and Latinos should be running to the ballot box by the millions in 2020 to vote for President Trump, We will see if they are smart enough to do this

    • Monitte Hull says:

      Good facts. Well written post. I agree.

  11. Barry says:

    Its comical, lest we remember, it was the Democrats that fought the Civil War to keep the black man enslaved and lost. Democrats then created the KKK to keep the black man under their feet like modern day terrorists. The Democrats also created the Jim Crow Laws, and fought tooth and nail to try and keep the Equal Rights Amendment from passing. We ask democrats why they did these horrible things back then and all they can say is ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, they switched parties …… instead of just apologizing for these things.

    Democrats now ask the same people that they enslaved and persecuted to Please vote for them at the polls, and being that 90% of those who vote for them are the ultra poor uneducated welfare entitlement class who are easily manipulated………………they go to the polls like enslaved zombies and vote for the DNC

    • Dennis says:

      Free stuff ! everything free just don’t look at all the stuff they are stealing from the American people ! Look at all the dems in office how many are poor None !

  12. Gregory Sullivan says:

    If you’re a Republican or a concervative you are automatically born a racist unless you can prove it otherwise ie you are guilty until proven innocent but if you are a communist or a Democrat it’s the other way around. Dems should go to hell and take Hillary with them.

    • Korean Callahan says:

      That’s a pretty broad statement. Sounds like you are the racist & ignorant. Maybe I should call all the democrats dirty & underhanded until proven otherwise. Right now they are fighting to keep their dirt uncovered. TOO LATE!

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        Well I guess I’m a racist according to your sick way of thinking just because I’m a white male. I’m sure there’s a lot of dirt that should be uncovered as well on the other side. Remember I’m a racist unless I can prove it otherwise right!

    • Dennis says:

      Hey the Devil doesn’t want her ether!!!!!

  13. Eric says:

    Only brain deal lying right wing racist white supremacist conservative republican hypocrites could have written this article or believe that it means anything. But gee, since I’m obviously holding back, do you wonder how I really feel?

  14. Bonnie Wheeler says:

    I am not racist, however, as a child growing up, I attended Minstrel shows, which include whites painting their face blacks and pretending to be black. It was normal then and I saw nothing wrong with it. I still don’t see anything wrong with it – It was just a show. I would not see anything wrong with Blacks painting their faces white and pretending to be White. People are just too touch this day in time.

  15. Betty says:

    Like d trump AKA CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump with his entire supporting of group of Asshole Kissing republican Retards proving on a daily basis that MENTAL HEALTH isn’t certainly a presidential requirement. Since why else is there current.y a WACKED OUT LUNATIC in that position?

  16. Linda says:

    These four prove that democrats will sell themselves cheaply to the devil himself. They are alwasy spewing crap about their “values”, what values?

  17. J says:

    Let’s face it, the demoscum can be as racist as they want, violate numerous laws, spew hate and lies and just about anything else with impunity. Until someone grows a spine and start prosecuting these sleezeballs, or voting this garbage out of office they will continue to do whatever they want.

    With the propaganda puppets condoning and covering it up with their complicit ignorance by omission, they have been emboldened to continue. Additionally, their blind lemming followers are gullible enough to support whatever they want to do.

    • Janet says:

      I agree with you . I believe the demorats are so deep in the justice system that there is very little true Justice. Thats why even Trump can’t get them all out. They say and do what the hard working american person can’t. They are roaches in the pantry. The justice system needs an overhall, we all know how hard that is going to be.

  18. Grizz Mann says:

    Proof that Hypocrisy, Lying, Misleading, Stupidity, Deceiving, Obfuscating, Antisemitism, Provocateurs, Prevaricators , Perjurers, Pedophiles, Communists, Homophobic, Racist all Democrat résumé enhancements.

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