The FBI just admitted a massive failure in the Parkland shooting

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  1. Joseph schlag says:

    The FBI could still turn this thing around. They could restore our faith in them as the real investigative branch that they were created to be. Do the right thing, prosecute all of those in the Obama administration that are involved in the Uranium 1 deal ! Reopen the case against the Clinton’s and thoroughly investigate the Clinton’s holdings ! There is a trail of corruption a mile long there. This would go a long way in restoring our faith in a once great agency! As of right now they appear to be an absolutely corrupt, and incompetent government stink hole.

  2. Jim says:

    this is the 3rd time in a row in mass shootings that the FBI has dropped the ball they were warned twice about this guy in fla and Comey said in July 2015 that the agency failed to stop the Charleston church shooter from purchasing a gun because of flaws in the FBI’s background check system — the shooter had been arrested for a felony in February, but the FBI didn’t enter it into the federal database.
    And in November 2017, we found out that the Air Force didn’t report the Texas church shooter’s domestic violence conviction to the FBI — a report that would have prevented him from purchasing weapons under current law. its starting to look like its a fed govt hit job to convince the sheep they need to give up their guns when in reality we dont need new gun laws we need new leadership in the FBI after what we now know these corrupt FBI leaders did to President Trump I wouldnt put anything past these corrupt communist bastards in the FBI

  3. Anne Latella says:

    The FBI spends too much time on witch hunts & not enough time on actual problems currently in progress. It certainly appears the FBI had enough time to investigate & prevent this very sad incident from happening. FBI do the preventative work instead of after the fact so called comforting. We need the FBI to keep us, particularly our youth in schools safe.

  4. Christiann says:

    I want to know who was the person or persons who heard the information on the tip line and why didn’t the person or persons notify the Miami Field Office & their superior? This reeks of a democrat NOT reporting the info so that there would be more calls to try to take our guns away!

  5. jim says:

    l can assure you if this was anyway at all connected to the GOP the democrats would be screaming for blood, but since it is their buds at the FBI not one democrat has spoke up or about what the feds didnt do and the clear and simple fact the feds cost the slaughter of 17 kids

  6. Jed A. Peeler says:

    We need to clean out the hierarchy of the FBI and also go back and put Eric Holder and them in jail for malfeasance and just plain dereliction of duty and violating the Constitution. Eric Holder got at least 700 Mexicans killed with his actions in “Fast and Furious”. The FBI is so absorbed with its’ hatred of our beloved Pres. Trump, that they can’t see straight. Most of us have never see such overt corruption of all government agencies. Everything that Hillary and Obama got near became contaminated with the filth of corruption and even murder! Clean it up, Republicans!

  7. Patrick Keating says:

    Plus, the FBI’s CIA reading & Deleting hundreds of my emails to the President because their all Democrat lovers and they don’t want Mr. Trump to receive any emails with info. for him. The are doing this to thousands of American’s, but I am on The Presidential Advisory Board and I have advised them they are Breaking our Laws, going against the Constitution, and the Federal Laws. You can’t read & delete emails to the President, Senate, or Congress—-A BIG NO NO!!!!!

  8. Aj says:

    As a retired law enforcement officer, I suggest upper management and those left leaning agents at the FBI stop playing politics and covering up the misdeeds of Obimbo and Hillary and focus on the job they were hired to do!

  9. Randy says:

    Tried to use your pulse poll and would not send out somebody afraid of the truth.

  10. Ginger says:

    More incompetence from the FBI. Too busy focusing on how to bring Trump down. Still waiting to hear about those responsible for these failures getting fired or charged criminally.

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