Fani Willis accidentally revealed the one secret she didn’t want getting out

Photo by Engin Akyurt via Unsplash

Fani Willis suffered a brutal day in court.

The Fulton County DA struggled to answer questions about a sex scandal threatening to derail her prosecution of Donald Trump.

And Fani Willis accidentally revealed the one secret she didn’t want getting out.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took the stand in a hearing to determine if she created a conflict of interest by financially benefiting from hiring her lover onto the Trump 2020 Election witch hunt and if it should result in disqualifying Willis and her entire office from the case.

Willis faced allegations that her lover Nathan Wade used the money he billed the county after she brought him on as special prosecutor to pay for vacations and other gifts that resulted in a benefit to her.

Both Wade and Willis tried to claim that she paid him back for any airline or cruise ship tickets he purchased for the couple.

But Willis admitted she only paid Wade back using the mounds of untraceable cash she kept hidden in her house.

Willis said she didn’t use checks and when the defense lawyer asked Willis where the money she supposedly used to pay Wade back came from – if it was her salary as Fulton County DA or somewhere else.

 She gave an astounding answer that she never kept track of where her cash was traced back to.

“Cash is fungible. I’ve had cash for years in my house. So for me to tell you the source of where it comes from when you go to Publix and you buy something, you get $50, you throw it in there. It’s been my whole life,” Willis stated.

What came next was the biggest bombshell of the day.

Willis claimed she had cash lying around her home that she kept from her first campaign.

“When I took out a large amount of money on my first campaign, I kept some of the cash of that. Like, to tell you I just have cash in my house, I don’t have as much today as I would normally have, but I’m building back up now,” Willis stated.

HotAir’s Ed Morrisey wrote that this could turn into a serious legal matter for Willis if she didn’t report this income to the IRS and pay taxes on it.

“Even if Georgia law allows such personal conversions of campaign cash to personal use, it raises an issue about Willis’ income tax status. That cash would have to be reported to the IRS and Georgia’s revenue office as income. Did Willis report that cash and pay taxes on it? Maybe, but we also heard about a tax lien on Willis’ property that remained unresolved during the period that Willis claimed to be reimbursing Wade through her cash stash (or “hoard,” as one of the other defense attorneys put it),” Morrisey wrote.

Even if Willis survives this disqualification hearing the episode served to bolster Trump’s contention that his pursuers are corrupt and partisan hacks out to interfere in the 2024 Election as opposed to noble prosecutors in pursuit of justice.

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