Fake News America’s Enemy Poll Results

PULSE POLL: Do you agree with President Trump that Fake News is America's biggest enemy?

Agree with the results? Let us know in the comments:

315 Responses

  1. jkeaera says:

    You define the word idiot

  2. Sonny Silock says:

    Check out the USA TODAY….just as anti Trump as the others..perhaps worse…

    Used to buy it regularly…but haven’t for a long time…picked up a used copy off an airport chair last week but things haven’t changed…favorable Dem. articles 12…GOP 1 …and that 1 GOP was boarderline….but they do have good crossword puzzles.

  3. Sonny Silock says:

    Term limits would be a good start…
    Why the president and not Congress?
    These people start out working for their constituents and end up working for themselves.

  4. Terry Conrad says:

    I believe that the media has lost the true meaning of journalism. And when I was a youngster we wore taught to respect the President of the USA even if we didn’t agree with them, to respect the military, to respect the police officers and to obey the law. We have to ask ourselves “what happened”. Our world is upside down. What is bad is good, what is wrong is right. Lord help us all.

  5. T-pac says:

    THE PROBLEM IS THEY AIN’t journalists……… they r the mouth piece of the Gloom and Doom Democraps who hate America and need to be terminated
    WE NEED TO RID OUR COUNTRY of theses pieces of trash

  6. BRUCE says:

    President Trump is the first real president we have had since Ronald Regan.

  7. Mary Westrom says:

    Hi,. There is a evil spirit going amidst the Dems, lefts, news media. They are causing problem s for our God appointed President Trump. This evil spirit is called Leviathan. He twisting what people say. Bible says, resist the devil and he will flee from you.
    Please pray for President Trump and leaders of our country.

  8. Cecil Simmons says:


  9. Rosemarie says:

    I have been around since 15 Presidents have been in office, I am here to tell my fellow AMERICANS that Ronald R. was a good and loving AMERICAN President, but OUR GREAT AMERICAN President TRUMP , TOPS Ronnie. He is going threw h–l for all our TRUE AMERICANS GOD BLESS THAT MAN, long may he live !!! There is so much evil in our beautiful country now, and it seems like it’s never ending…but it will we just need to pray and hang in there…we’ll beat them down and send them back down there….GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL TRUE AMERICANS FOREVER AND A DAY! OH and I did love that ”give em hell Harry, he was another true American President.

  10. Donna says:

    Trump is still winning in spite of fake news, democrats, and never Trumpers thanks to FOX News and a few others because this is a God thing.

  11. Lucy More says:

    Bad journalists are the enemy of the people. They are supposed to be the watchdog of our country with an unbiased reporting but these losers are forgetting to do their job for the country instead of
    self serving for the ratings.

  12. Wylena says:

    We need to get rid of all the Politicians by voting them out. We need to began electing individuals that are Honest and with “Common Sense”. We need Business Inclined individuals like our “Founding Fathers. Just because you have Money, does not make you qualified to be in the House or Senate of Congress. Wanting to make the United States to be even Greater than it is now and willing to do your Part is the right direction.

  13. Jane says:

    YOU are a LIAR and CHEATING scammer; probably an illegal getting WELFARE and freebies. LEAVE AMERICA NOW, or be SORRY!

  14. Debra says:

    Thank you for posting that. I hope many will read it and understand what you are telling them. Sometimes the truth is hard for some to swallow.

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