“F*** the NRA” politician tried to take on Tucker Carlson and immediately regretted it

A Democrat running for Congress in New Mexico just rolled out a controversial campaign ad.

Pat Davis started his ad with three simple words: “F*** the NRA.”

But then he dug his hole even deeper when he said the unthinkable on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Davis claims that the NRA has blood on its hands for supporting the Second Amendment.

He couldn’t give a straight answer when Tucker asked him this simple question: “how many NRA members have committed mass shootings?”

The real answer is zero.

But Davis refused to admit that and he looked like a total fool.

Then Tucker played a clip of Davis’ second campaign ad – which claimed that an AR-15 can fire off 150 rounds in just 15 seconds.

Davis was reduced to a stammering mess.

Just like the rest of the gun-grabbers he proved how little he truly knows about firearms.

Yet these are the folks that want to regulate our God-given rights.

Watch the full interview below:

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