“F*** the NRA” politician tried to take on Tucker Carlson and immediately regretted it

A Democrat running for Congress in New Mexico just rolled out a controversial campaign ad.

Pat Davis started his ad with three simple words: “F*** the NRA.”

But then he dug his hole even deeper when he said the unthinkable on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Davis claims that the NRA has blood on its hands for supporting the Second Amendment.

He couldn’t give a straight answer when Tucker asked him this simple question: “how many NRA members have committed mass shootings?”

The real answer is zero.

But Davis refused to admit that and he looked like a total fool.

Then Tucker played a clip of Davis’ second campaign ad – which claimed that an AR-15 can fire off 150 rounds in just 15 seconds.

Davis was reduced to a stammering mess.

Just like the rest of the gun-grabbers he proved how little he truly knows about firearms.

Yet these are the folks that want to regulate our God-given rights.

Watch the full interview below:


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176 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Hey Pat Davis, you sissified puke, I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts in the Naval Amphibious Forces! I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and The Bill of Rights which includes the Second Amendment! So up yours! Get out America. Traitors like you don’t belong here!

  2. Jim says:

    You might be able to get away with this type of statement in Mass, NY, NJ, or other liberal state but NOT in a state that has lots of hunters and owners of an AR, they know the capabilities of the AR are not even close to that plus many of them are NRA Members and believe in the 2nd Amendment.
    The NRA is one of the BEST organizations going as they help the public with the importance of information and the safe use and possession of a firearm as well as showing and acting on the concerns of most US Citizens and especially it’s members. I remember attending a NRA Class on Firearms Safety around 60 yrs ago and it was well received even back then.

  3. Terry says:

    Probably the most important thing the ANTI GUN politicians, media, and others do not understand or think we do not is the REALITY OF WHAT A LAW IS AND DOES.

    What a law is and does is

    1) Define what IS a crime
    2) Outline the PUNISHMENT applicable for committing said crime.

    This is done in the HOPE the punishment will deter someone one the fence about committing a crime from doing so a DETERMINED criminal like the mass shooters WILL NEVER CARE what the punishment for their planned crime is because their mental issue prevents them from caring about what will happen to them.

    NO PAST, PRESENT, OR FUTURE gun laws will have any effect on mass shootings because.

    1) Mass shooters DO NOT CARE what happens to them.
    2) They can ILLEGALLY get guns or MAKE THEIR own to carry out their crime.

    With all the news about STOLEN FROM MILITARY or POLICE guns around the world, FOREIGN SOURCES smuggling guns INTO THE US, and guns they MADE THEMSELVES criminals obtain it is clear that even the 100% ban many of these anti constitutionals demand will fail to have any effect on CRIMINALS being armed.

    Even if the IMPOSSIBLE fantasy of these politicians is achieved and all 250+ million NEVER USED IN ANY CRIME by the legal owner guns and the UNKNOWN number of ILLEGALLY MADE by criminals who illegally sold them to other criminals guns somehow can be taken off the streets that still leaves KNIVES, BOMBS, and all the other Items used to cause MASS HARM or death to others for the CRIMINALS to use because they are FOCUSING ON INANIMATE OBJECTS rather than the actual cause of the crimes.

    while are media was decrying gun owners of a shooting of 9 people another nation was mourning the 22 stabbing victims in a virtually identical except for weapon and location crime.

    So to any who PAY ATTENTION to reality instead of propaganda it is obvious that THE TOOL CHOSEN by the criminal to MISUSE to harm others IS NOT THE CAUSE so focusing on the INANIMATE HARMLESS BY ITSELF tool instead of the CAUSE OF THE CRIME does not save anyone’s life.

    The NUMEROUS under-reported FAILED ATTEMPTED attacks has clearly proven the only valid solution is to have someone ARMED, TRAINED, AND WILLING to stop the criminal AT THE SCENE when the crime happens not 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 etc. minutes away IF the victims can get a call for help out during the attack.

    As long as the prosecutors continue to PLEA away the harsh sentences so they can get an easy confession so they do not have to do their job and prosecute criminals laws fail to work as a deterrent. When a criminal steals and hides thousands of more dollars even killing someone during the crime and only get 5 to 10 years criminals will still CHANCE IT hopping to not get caught because they feel the RISK is worth what they hope to acquire. The largest gap in “justice” I ever read about was years ago when a judge who on the same day sentenced one man to 20 years for bouncing a check then gave another man who MURDERED someone during a robbery a mere 5 to 10 years (the judge did not feel the criminal intended to harm the victim) as if the man who’s check bounced expected the bank to process Monday’s withdrawals before they processed Friday’s deposits.

    Remember the words of the majority of HOLOCAUST survivors after the war “NO MATTER THE EXCUSE THEY GIVE never allow them to take your guns”.

    For those who continue to ERRONIOUSLY claim the founders did not understand what kind of ARMS would exist in the future DO SOME RESEARCH even before the US existed there were MULTI fire weapons like the Puckle gun 1718 , Cookson Repeater 1750’s, the 16th century Kalthoffs,(a family of Danish gunsmiths) and the long list of other 1700s era MULTI-SHOT or Repeaters that existed before the second amendment was even written.

    The NRA is simply millions of US CITIZENS who got together for the purpose of PROTECTING their constitutional right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS as politicians began the same ramblings HITLER did about how ONLY THOSE THE GOVERNMENT grants the “PRIVILEGE” should be allowed to be armed.

    • True Believer says:

      All you say is so eloquently stated however, you will never convince a liberal unfortunately. My mantra for the last 2 years has been “Never confuse a liberal with facts”. For some reason, they just have the thought process and can only be pall parrots of their friends which is a shame. I was taught to think for myself but yes, I am old (80) had good education and have lived in various countries during my husbands career. When we returned from Turkey, I said, every woman before she gets married, should have to live in Turkey for a couple of years and then she would love that she was an American. They have no rights what so ever, a man can diverse his wife by simply saying I divorce you 3 times in front of witnesses. If a woman has to serve a jail term for any reason, she is put in a compound in one of the major cities, like Istanbul, and has to work off her fine at (1959) 25 cents a throw. Out of the funds purchase her food etc. – it is horrible. I would love to send those women out protesting for this and that to have to live in one of the villages for a couple of years.

  4. William Richards says:

    This guy does not belong in congress any more than Nancy Pelosi does. Or Maxine Waters…etc.

    • ROBERTW says:

      if I lived in new mexico, I can garuntee you that I would get every one I could to not vote this idiot in congress.

  5. He should never have gone on FOX new and especially on Tucker’s show! That just proves how stupid he is, but to not answer the question is even dumber. Is that the best the DemocRATs can come up with in New Mexico? If so, you will not be seeing anything like a blue wave, you won’t even see a blue ripple.

  6. Harold says:

    Anyone who has to use foul words to express himself isn’t smart enough to be a congressman or a senator. We already have enough fools in both of these bodies already.

    • Jimmy Tucker says:

      Harold, I agree with you, If this scumbag was ever a cop ,I can see why he is not one now. I am surprised that he is not already been shot, and am glad he was never one in my town.He talks just like all the other left wingers and he will go down in flames. Never trust a person who will not shut his pie hole and wait his turn to talk and when he does he will not answer and question.

  7. STEVE FLOWERS says:


  8. STEVE FLOWERS says:


  9. Grampa says:

    he admits to betraying the oath of office he took that included supporting the 2nd Amendment. does it apply to Republicans only? clearly, the left thinks that it is no longer under the control of the constitution

  10. David says:

    I think he is going to try and blab his way into congress. I wonder what the average New Mexican thinks of him.

    • Michael says:

      He’s garbage. I’ve lived in New Mexico since leaving the Navy in 2001 and a few years back and forth from Texas. I’d never heard of this guy until his idiotic remarks. Maybe no one else did either which is probably why he said what did. He’s a nobody who thinks trashing the NRA and it’s members and lying on national tv about the AR-15 is going to be enough to become a congressman. I’m an NRA member and own an AR-15 and no Democrat will ever get my vote.

  11. Ray Giammarco says:

    Pat Davis just another liberal Demorat AH how do these jerkoffs ever get to be our lawmakers.

  12. Reuben says:

    Can you imagine another loonie like this in congress Heaven Forbid?

  13. Jolindo Carrara says:

    First of all; I am a “demon”crat who believes that we have basic rights to own and use with reason guns! I support the 2nd amendment; but I don’t understand this obsession to own an AK-47 or an AR-15. Perhaps nobody actually in the NRA has ever been responsible for the mayhem that has been perpetrated around this world; but to claim that nobody in the NRA has ever committed a crime is absolutely ridiculous! The only way that might even come close to our reality is that if an NRA member commits a crime; they are immediately dropped from membership; but how could this be the reality? I am quite sure that someone in the NRA has committed a crime! Probability just screams it! In so far as what Pat Davis stated about an AR-15 shooting off 150 rounds in 15 seconds; a quick search on our “beloved” Internet told me that he actually underestimated the total by 25 rounds! The consistent information that I found was about 175 rounds for 15 seconds; but most of the numbers that I found on the search was per minute! An average of 700-800 rounds per minute! So I think that Tucker Carlson was just another ignorant republican confronting a democrat as he would an enemy and what is really wrong with people that can’t have a civil disagreement anymore? He complained about Mr. Davis not checking his facts; but I must ponder the fact that Mr. Carlson didn’t do his own “fact checking”. Check this out: https://search.yahoo.com/search?p=how+many+rounds+can+an+ar-15+shoot+in+a+minute&fr=yset_widemail_chr_win&type=default

    • Dennis Diggett says:

      Instead of continuing as an ignoramus that believes other ignoramuses on the internet, why don’t you pick up a gun (any gun will do) and see how many times you can pull the trigger in a minute. Since only one round is fired each time the trigger is pulled, the number of rounds that can be fired through an AR-15 is equal to the number of times you can pull the trigger. Although you will be able to pull the trigger more frequently in an unloaded gun than if the gun was actually firing every time you pulled the trigger, you will pull it about 30 times before your finger becomes fatigued and will end up “shooting” about about 50-100 rounds in a minute, depending on how in-shape your hand muscles are. After doing this, re-read the nonsense you posted and apologize.

      • cowboy541 says:

        Dennis you hit the nail on the head. But there is one point (I think) you missed, have you ever heard of a 150 round magazine made for the AR-15 or AK 47?

    • James Williams says:


    • FUZZY says:

      Jolindo Carrara,
      I find it Impossible to understand how anyone could stand as a Democrat with Hillary, Nancy P., Obama and all other Left Wing Dems. They all Hate the USA and they All Hate the Constitution of the USA.
      They have broken the laws of the Land over and over, YET you stand with them. You say NRA members may have broke the law, YET you know that the Dems in Congress and the Dem President DID so.
      I am NRA and do support Background checks on gun purchase. Your and my problem is that the government cant get its Sxxt together and set up a good Background check system. It can be done, yet it isn’t WHY?

  14. GRIZZ MANN says:

    Facts are never necessary for Democrats. Alinsky’s rules must be followed. Democrats support, Antifa, BLM, MS13, KKK, etc.. Speaks volumes on their morality. While Planned Parent hood Murders 3000,000 babies a year and sells off parts, while getting $500,000,00 of your tax dollars.

    • Michael Hughes says:

      Indeed, the Alinsky method is first to create the CHAOS, then, when the populace has finally had enough and demands that the government DO SOMETHING the government “reluctantly” declares martial law, thus negating ALL of the Bill of Rights. All weapons would be confiscated, thus leaving the populace defenseless against a rogue government! All hail the Fourth Reich!!

  15. Joe Baricev says:

    He may not like the NRA or guns but he sure as hell knows how to shoot off his mouth!

  16. William Hopkins says:

    Wow that guy is a Moran,how many more dumb liberals think like that ,wow


  18. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Does dumbass democrat Pat Davis deserve to be in the U.S. Congress?
    yes @ (0%)=100 voters
    NO @ (100%)=303,999,292 US voters


  20. frank says:

    how can that idiot live in New Mexico

  21. elwin h page says:

    Regards James comments who lives in Europe. James, the reason Japan did not invade the US, after decimating our Navy at Pearl Harbor, was because ADMIRAL YAMAMOTO, who was educated at Harvard new almost every American at the time had a weapon. I believe he said something to effect, you will find a rifleman behind every blade of grass. James, PLEASE STAY IN EUROPE.

  22. Ron Peterson says:

    IF, I was Tucker Carson I would have had the this INSANE IDIOT, on his knees and asking forgiveness… Tucker
    take a lot of CRAP from a lot of INSANE PIG$… And FNC have lot of weirdos on the shows that don’t have
    a BRAIN that the Lord give pies ant !

  23. elwin h page says:

    I bought my first rifle, in the city of NEW YORK, at age 14. I have been a NRA member all my life. I have never committed a crime, in fact I have prevented serious crimes, being permitted to carry a hand gun for over 20 years in the city of NEW YORK, I am now 83 hard to believe years of age.

    • Jw says:

      I also hunted at the age o 14 , we also , my brother and I carried a legal semiauto matic forhunting on occasion I’m 84 yrs old , the weapon I can be sure of that had any restriction was a pump action shotgun if you were duck hunting it had to have plug in it as to only load two shells !

  24. Bill says:

    It would be a shame if some nut shot your wife or kids while someone that was a member of the NRA and a card carrying CCW just stood there. (GOD FORBID THAT WOULD HAPPEN)

    • truckman says:

      A NRA member with a CCW would never allow that even knowing he or she would carry the guilt of taking a life for the resr of theres

  25. Leighton Cavendish says:

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The chair of the Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers and executive director of a progressive advocacy group was arrested early Saturday morning under suspicion of drunken driving.
    Sheriff’s deputies arrested Pat Davis, 35, around 12:30 a.m. on the 1300 block of Broadway. He’s facing an aggravated DWI charge.

    Davis was heading south on Broadway near Cesar Chavez when he rear-ended another vehicle, according to Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Cpt. Sid Covington. Deputies arrived at the minor accident to find that Davis appeared drunk, and he failed field sobriety tests, Covington said.

  26. Leighton Cavendish says:

    Isn’t this the same guy that blew a .16 on the breathalyzer when he was pulled over?
    Is he PRO DUI?

  27. Dave says:


  28. Michael says:

    What an idiot he is can’t give facts against Americas constitution who stupid enough to vote for him even cops are against everything he said. Cops no once retired if they could change are 2nd amendment cops would stand against it because they would lose there rights after retirement.

    • Rick says:

      This comment is not true as cops have been guaranteed the right to carry after retirement provided they keep their quals current. Cops would stand with the 2nd amendment supporters because they know law enforcement cannot protect the people. They can only hope to help and support the law abiding citizens so the people’s right to own firearms is essential to keeping the public safe. Any cop that would argue against this is arrogant and unintelligent or a paid politician.

  29. Nick says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  30. Gater says:

    Guns are dumb physical objects.
    It is always the person handling the gun that is the problem.
    Why does this fact get lost in heat of the results?

    NO THOUGHT IS GIVEN TO THE DAILY GAMES AND TV SHOWS that persons that have done these acts are doing constantly in their lives. OUTLAW THESE ACTIVTIES
    Monitor persons that are showing tendencies of this type of activity and provide training to stop this activity before it happens.
    Go back a couple of generation. People always were using guns to obtain meat and planted gardens for their vegetables. No violent TV shows or games to corrupt persons minds. No shooting of many persons was happining.

    • mousekiller says:

      You forgot ,NO LIBERALS to speak of a couple generations ago either. The real problem is not just politics. It is the removal of the ability to parent your children. The inability to decide what your sex is. Teachers and professors being allowed to preach their own personal beliefs instead of the curriculum to our kids. The worst is duct tape cannot fix stupid.

    • Jw says:

      Hey Gater , you forget Davis’scarcause the Accident!

  31. Dianna says:

    Never vote for any Democrat!!!! They spew lies. Hillary, Obama, Holder led about Benghazi and got people killed because those three gave guns to the terrorists, and drug lords in Mexico, South America and Benghazi.
    They couldn’t recover them from “fast and furious”. Now all those illegal guns are being used by gangs to kill our people, and they want to take our guns away? Don’t EVER vote a Democrat into any office!!

  32. John Kenny says:

    The Communists know the following but the poor Snowflakes do not…..

    “In the land of the gunless, the Gunsmith is King”

    John E Kenny

  33. Paul E says:

    The reason this will never get fixed is because it is a mental issue and too many Democrats fit in that category. 🤔

  34. Cheryl Southerland says:

    I’ve fired an M16 and I know what full auto of 20 rounds feels like, and that politician thinks someone could fire off 150 in 15 seconds?! Physically impossible for rifle and shooter. My shoulder and chest hurts just thinking about it. Someone needs to take Mr. Davis to a military firing range and fire a M16 or an AR15. I’d love to watch him try. When he falls over from the pain, we all can laugh at him. Who wants to go? (Diabolical laughter ensues)

    • Paul E says:

      He doesn’t want to be informed about AR-15s he doesn’t want to learn the difference between an AR-15 and M16 all he wants us to take away your AR-15 they think taking away something is going to fix it until they fix mental health and bullying and Harden schools and get rid of gun-free zones that do nothing but say I’m a Target it’s not going to stop how many children are going to have to die before they get it it’s not the gun it’s the idiot with the gun or the idiot with the hammer or the axe or the baseball bat or the knife they need to fix the system Mental Health listen to the red flags come on people get it before somebody else dies

    • Paul E says:

      I agree

    • Johne Simpson says:

      Sorry but have you heard of the m60 machine gun 600 rounds in one minute..

      • Juanito Ibanez says:

        “Sorry but have you heard of the m60 machine gun 600 rounds in one minute..”

        You won’t.

        “600 rounds per minute” is the machine gun’s theoritical “cyclic rate,” which 1) would require a continuous belt of 600 cartridges and 100 is the longest in NSN stock, so there would have to be five reloads in that “600 rounds” — each taking no less than ten seconds, and, 2) the barrel would melt before the last cartridge made it into the breech.

        Try studying up, Simpson:

        United States Army training manual for the M60, M122 and M60D machine guns. US Government training manual# TM 9-1005-224-10. OPERATOR’S MANUAL FOR MACHINE GUN, 7.62-MM, M60 W/E (1005-00-605-7710) MOUNT, TRIPOD, MACHINE GUN, 7.62-MM, M166 (1005-00-710-5599) AND MACHINE GUN, 7.62-MM, M60D W/E (1005-00-909-3002). Published July 1985. Pin: 026382-000

        • Juanito Ibanez says:


          M60 Machine Gun Rates of Fire:
          Sustained: 100 rounds per minute (4 to 6 seconds between bursts) Recommend barrel change every 10 minutes.
          Rapid: 200 rounds per minute (2 to 3 seconds between bursts) Recommend barrel change every 2 minutes.
          Cyclic: 550 rounds per minute (approx) Recommend barrel change every minute.

    • Joeyounger says:

      Cheryl, I was a US Marine Corps, L. Cpl. In Iraq, in 1991… When the DOD was informed, that they needed to eliminate appx. 7 tons(14,000 lbs.) of live round ammunition, they gave orders for Bravo Co. to “live fire” the complete haul…it took us 9 days to live fire these “rounds” (appx. 7 million rounds) of M16 bullets…it took 46 M16 rifles firing full-auto to expend this haul…needless to say these weapons had to be repeatedly loaded, (3.5 seconds) and were required a “down” time of 18 minutes…furthermore, after 9 days of constant full-auto firing that weapon was absolutely, useless…the “rifling in the barrels was worn down after about 8 hours of continuous use, the barrels were severely weakened, and had to be exchanged with others. The firing pins had to be exchanged at equal intervals, also. This dude was never a cop in the full sense of the word…he probably had a desk job at some precinct,and sat around sexually harassing the female cops, and gorging his privileged face on pizza, and donuts..I’ve never heard a cop say, F— the NRA, nor a Veteran, nor a normal American…if you disagree with the NRA, fine…but using ” vulgar, and repulsive” language on TV, with a family audience, should be against the law in every State. The point of my story though, was after 9 days of continuous firing, our shoulders, arm muscles, and wrists, had to be rested, and lots of ibuprofen had to be administered for pain, and we were all in the very best shapes of our lives.IT HURT LIKE HELL!!!

  35. Paul E says:

    Well it looks like he’s another one of those liberal Democrats that like to change the Constitution to suit their fancy get rid of the Second Amendment talk crap about the NRA freedom of speech well we don’t need him either we need to get rid of all of them if you can’t stand up for the Constitution and the first and second amendment well to put it in your words go f#ck yourself….

    • Michael says:

      Seems like someone trying to be a politician should automatically have to swear to uphold are constitutional rights to a point where they disagree there out of office.

  36. Cliff says:

    Typical uniformed liberal idiot. It seems like the more stupid these people get the more we hear about it. We should just ignore them.

    • Paul E says:

      That sounds like a great idea Cliff but if we ignore them they will change every law that we have on the books in their favor it will change the Constitution it will ruin everything so we have to keep a very close eye on thim sadly

  37. Krymson says:

    I am at a loss as to how one can classify the “liberal” mind. Every time a shooting occurs, libertards blame the NRA, GOP or “gun” owners (in general): never the shooter! From Hollywood to Congress, liberals scream for more “gun” control; completely missing the point that “people” control is needed: not “gun” control. Chelsea Handler even chimed in with her two cents worth demanding total firearms elimination; ignoring she has armed guards with her every where she travels. That Davis would issue such a remark is testament to his ignorance and incompetence. These people (libertards) want only to have police and military armed and seem to have no knowledge of history and how European civilizations suffered under just such conditions. Were it not for an “armed citizenry”, we would still be paying taxes to the British Royal Family!

  38. Nick says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi, Baldwin, Beck, Waters, mcShame and Griffin are the poster girls!!!Just more liberal useful idiots on display !

  39. Eyesonyouj says:

    “F*** the NRA”


  40. William L. Horvath says:

    The NRA has tried in the past to have civil conversations in the past. The only result that came about is that we have more restrictions on gun rights that do little or nothing at all to reduce crime and violence. I’m through trying to reason with so-called and progressives.

  41. Bob Higginbotham says:

    This clown represents a district in a state that outdoor sports, especially those involving firearms, are very popular. I don’t know how many of the 6 million NRA members are in New Mexico but Davis just alienated everyone of them along with every hunter and firearm enthusiast in the state. Davis is completely clueless about the NRA and registered responsible firearm owners.

    • TooLateNow says:

      Davis may have alienated the NRA members in New Mexico; however, he in Congress for another nefarious reason. The destruction of the United States. He remains in office because, smart and loyal as NRA members are, Davis is throwing around money to stay in office. Davis may be clueless about the NRA (I think he knows the NRA very well)but he does know how to redistribute wealth to stay in office.

  42. Mott says:

    These IDIOTS are coming out of the cracks, YES it is time to change Congress BUT not with him.

  43. JohnGaltTexas says:

    These vermin shouldn’t be allowed to run around unsupervised, for damn sure not put in charge of anything.

    • Rod says:

      Maybe that’s why this idiot became a politician and quit being a police officer. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. As of this date, no NRA member has been a mass shooter/murderer.

  44. GySgt Lew says:

    Pat Davis does not deserve to be in the U.S. Congress – his comment was out of line – a true Patriot would not disrespect the NRA who has protected the USA against Gun control for years… it’s not the GUNS that are the problem – It’s the Politicians who are causing the problem with gun control — it’s the policies (Applications & Background checks) that_they have – Backgrounds are to short and do not cover the legal end mental condition of the person.

    • Ted Wissler says:

      with Davis’s thought process we shud then ban cars …. all these people do is play to the FAR LEFT who mindset is mindless for openers ….. typical rant from a liberal and remember as Mark Levin always sez….. Liberalism is a sickness…..

  45. Gordon says:

    No, we’ve already reached the quota on both morons and jackasses.

  46. Leighton Cavendish says:

    This same politician blew a .16 on a DUI stop…and you KNOW that it was not his first time drunk behind the wheel.
    Come on people…do NOT elect folks like this to office.

  47. Rick says:

    Pat Davis is a complete idiot. As a police officer myself, I will tell you without a doubt, I cannot protect you. I work diligently to keep my community safe but I can only assist you in keeping you safe as I am not with you 24/7. If you are being victimized, you will first need to call the police and then wait for an officer to get there. An average response time is 4-5 minutes barring no other emergency is occurring. In that amount of time, you will need to ask yourself what you can endure during that time frame. If the criminal is armed upon our arrival, you will be stuck with him during the standoff as well. Arm yourself well and train with your weapons so that you are proficient under stress. I am also a veteran and can tell you an M-4 does not shoot 150 rounds/second much less an “AR15 w/ a bump stock. This guy is an a$$hole looking for a gimmick the weak minded followers will grab onto because they have been told to by the media/Hollywood.

    • Rick says:

      Two things I should point out: I work in a small town of about 5500 people which is why the response times are fairly quick for emergency calls and I meant to say 150 rounds/15 seconds. Sorry, need to proof read better.

    • Juanito Ibanez says:

      “An average [police] response time is 4-5 minutes barring no other emergency is occurring.”

      ‘When seconds count, the police are minutes away.’

  48. Bob Haun says:

    Any of these f!?krs that suggest taking guns and f$:kng with the 2nd should be dealt with accordingly.

    • I AGREE WITH YOU Bob, and they WILL BE WHEN THE SHTF, because THEY are the ones PUSHING IT.
      and this guy is a total IDIOT.

  49. Gwyllm says:

    So, he’s clearly not old enough to retire, so why is he a ‘former’ police officer?

  50. mike bev says:

    As far as i,m concerned demercraps are out of there minds.How can anybody with common scene honestly vote there agenda .they must be mad,This is unbelievable ,never saw nothing like it,the demacrap party have lost there way. SAD.

    • Hambone says:

      Until voter fraud gets under control, demon rats will continue to win elections. That is the only way they can win. The only reason why president Trump won was because there was a big enough movement to counteract the illegal votes and the fraudulent tactics used by the democrats. State and local elections normally don’t turn out a large enough base to counteract the fraud which is why these turds keep winning. It is also why these same turds screamed bloody murder when vp pence was going to investigate voter fraud. No surprise on why.

  51. Ronald Ericson says:

    Pat Davis a IDIOT !!!!!

  52. ronald fischer says:

    You can always tell who is a SS Democrat they always use there filthy mouths to show there true colors,will i have 2 words for this PUNK Davis DROP DEAD.And if i ever see you getting your ASS kicked by someone and being ROBBED or even being knife to death and i have a weapon on me i would just walk away like nothing happened and nothing lost.

  53. Mike Baumgartner says:

    I don’t think he gives a f**k about anything except getting elected, moving to DC & becoming rich.

  54. Marlene says:

    This guy seems to have no clue about guns. He claims to have been a cop, had to have been a desk cop because no one with any brains would trust him near a gun. Ah, why is he no longer a cop?

    • Clair says:

      He didn’t do so well in MATH class either!😂

    • Nonna says:

      This democrat doesn’t know what he’s talking about…he’s nothing but another stupid liberal democrat who is following his own agenda not the agenda of the American people….I don’t trust democrats given what has been going on since the Clinton administration….they have been proven to be corrupt, liars n traitors..I may not be in total agreement w/the Republican Party but I am sure about the democrats n would not vote for any of them

      • Laura Combs says:

        The American people should recall every Democrat who goes against the Constitution, who have gone against American rights to protect themselves, and get educated on the real facts. Guns cannot fire themselves, they need a human to pull the trigger. Robbers who were able to keep and bear arms after is due to bad attorney’s. Time to stop that rule.

        • Laura Combs says:

          Not all the Democrats are responsible, some of the GOP are part of this scandal too. Ignorance is a poor excuse, if you take a position you should know everything that is involved. Ignorance does not make you less accountable. Makes you look more stupid… No one can say Clinton did not know what she was doing. All her books show her discontent for Americans in general. Tired of the swamp creeps. They make my skin crawl for what they have done. Comey is the worst for letting her not be charged and put in jail
          Worse miscarriage of justice in American history.. shame on all of you who contributed in this scandal.

    • Gwyllm says:

      I just asked the ‘former’ cop question too. Wonder what happened?

    • Joeyounger says:

      EXACTLY!!!Any cop who is worth his salt would know(like Rick above said) that a person who is being a victim of a crime, must be the “first responder” not the cop. Only those cops who were never out on the beat, would say such “vile and repulsive” words about gun ownership. My gut tells me that this guy doesn’t have much to offer in the way of service!!!Let’s hope(I’m not ready to say I wouldn’t do anything to help a person who is being victimized, if I can)that this man never has to experience the “victims” ordeal.

  55. You cannot reason with a liberal. They listen to and believe the warped media.

  56. Patricia Hudman says:

    Idiot total incompetent jackass

  57. Bob Knapp says:

    As a semi-automatic weapon fires once per trigger pull, I wonder how he believes anyone could pull the trigger 10 times per second.

  58. Terre says:

    And THIS is what’s running for U.S. govt! Frankly this piece of work should be fined a dollar amount that’ll break him financially & be banned – permanently – from be able to run for or accept ANY job, no matter how menial, with the govt. He’s shown where his heart & mind are – & it’s assuredly NOT with/for the American people. Spread the word & get him black listed.

  59. jim hunt says:

    It would be physically be impossible to fire and change out five magazines in fifteen seconds even if everything went perfectly and you had no trouble changing one out,plus the barrel would not melt,although it could get hot enough to deform,and that is, if it were possible to fire an AR-15 that fast with a bump stock,and when was the last time an NHRA member shot anyone other than for their own protection,most have their heads screwed on straight and are not a danger to others.

  60. Parduc says:

    F*** Pat Davis !!!
    Gun control is a Hate Crime.

  61. Douglas Guy says:

    I’d like to know ehay law rnforcememt trainimg he completed. if this idiot was a commission police officer Lord help us all!!

  62. Ron Fillmore says:

    There are several realities most Americans are unaware of. The first is the Constitution and what it really is, and why it was written the way it is. The Founding Fathers totally understood ALL forms of government trend toward suppression of liberties. They did their level best to give us a government subservient to the people, not the normal kind of government seen in the world. They also included a Bill of Rights that listed those liberties the government was supposed to keep its cotton pickin’ hands off of. One of those rights to be left alone was the right of the citizens to possess weapons. That right was intended to be a last line of defense against the tyranny of government the Founding Fathers knew would eventually develop. That government is now here, and is the real reason so many politicians want to do way with ALL protected liberties, starting with the one that protects the others. When the 2nd Amendment has been rendered null and void all other supposedly protected liberties will quickly follow.

  63. LOLA COLLINS says:

    Sorry, but this puppet needs to come up with a new team for his campaign. He seems to be stuck with one idea, He may think he’s ”cool”, but mostly he sounds juvenile and unprofessional! Sorry, BUB!

    • jay hurst says:

      They are actually doing a great job for him. Even within Albuquerque, few knew he was now the nation knows. Since most voters vote by party then name recognition he has got what he needed at least for the primaries. When the general election comes along if he makes it far this may hurt him.

    • Jyrine says:

      Excellent post-ing Ron Fillmore.

  64. Shern Kier says:

    Such a shame, a potential rep for the state of New Mexico and such a dumb a$$. I cannot for the life of me understand the attempt at logic in the defense of “gun control.” Years back, gun laws were less confining… LESS… you could order through the mail firearms including handguns. Less law and yet we had less mass violence… with the exception of the Mob thing….. Why is it we overlook the issues of dysfunctional families… lack of moral fiber and role models… high public assistance $ in many states… service organizations on the decline (Lodges, scouts, Grange, Odd Fellows, etc.), the willingness to do the time in apprenticeships and the time on job to achieve up the ladder has all but disappeared …. Life Member of the NRA and proud of it. I know many members.. also do not know ONE that has murdered anyone… NRA a the defender of the 2nd!!! Thank God!

    • Stephen Potts says:

      NRA embers would be the 1st people who would try to STOP a mass shooting.Personally I’m very sick of these lying gun grabbing ” experts”. I hope they do ban “assault rifles”.The gangs and criminals will start shooting at everybody and the schools will be kill zones.THEN AND ONLY THEN will these sick left wing nutjobs will understand WHY weNEED the 2nd AMENDMENT!! TThey will never stop until they face a society where the criminals are the only ones that still have guns, and are shooting at everyone.Well get our guns back then!!! Thank God for the MRA Opt we wouldn’t have our freedomsNOW!!;

      • Rick says:

        Doubt it because it is probably those same criminals being used to intimidate voters who would vote for a candidate who supports the Constitution. Don’t forget, it is politicians, especially the crooked, and criminals who prefer unarmed subjects.

  65. Patrick says:

    Fools like that doesn’t belong is Congress. His attitude is exactly why the Country is in the state it’s in. Politicians don’t believe in the Constitution any more.

  66. johnw1120 says:

    I will say that the mans ad is very effective, as soon as I close this site I am going to look for the sane person running against this fool and donate to their campaign. That person, Janice Arnold-Jones, a Republican, https://www.janiceforcongress2018.com/ has a much better position on guns than this idiot above. Needless to say I will never vote for any democrat, regardless of office, they simply do not stand for anything that I believe in.

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      If the Demorats didn’t have a double standard, they would have no standards at all.

      • johnw1120 says:

        You are correct on that, even if they talk a good story, when the chips are down the constitution goes out the door and ALL will follow the party line, if they don’t, the party will throw them under the bus and put someone in who will, they have no choice. As stated in my post above, I have made my donation to the sensible candidate, if you can, step up and lets put this idiot in his place, all it takes is a bunch of small donations to help accomplish that.

  67. Rodger Shull says:

    just another unskilled idiot, trying to get on the government DOLE, paid for not working, welfare an congress an the senate have a lot in common, just one pay more that the other, for doing NOTHING but TALKING about doing something , F*** STUPID PAT DAVIS

  68. Dianne says:

    According to Tom Kehoe, Lifelong shooter and fire arms instructor “For an average shooter, you’re talking about a top speed of about two shots per second, which means you’re emptying a mag in 15 seconds. Reloading takes maybe four seconds, so it’s 19 seconds to empty a mag and recharge. So the effective rate is about 90 rounds per minute, not counting the time it takes to aim.” . Who would vote for someone that doesn’t even get his facts strait. Oh the Liberals that’s who.

    • Joeyounger says:

      People, I don’t even know why we are commenting on this BS(sorry for my lack of candor!)cause we know why these lame brained, foul mouthed idiots are even able to say what they say.
      1. The absence of God, and prayer in our schools…they reform the generation, not the person, by shaping their moral, their intellectual, and personal growth, and character to suit their agendas…(brainwashing)…
      2. They teach their own form of “Spiritual” foolishness…hedonism(if it feels good), altruism(if it looks good), and their abject hatred of anything that is Godly, and of good report…
      3. Eliminating the “personal responsibility” form of ethics, and giving us abortion, euthenasia, and contraceptives, to replace it…
      4. They are “for” Free Speech, unless it goes against anything that they believe, or don’t believe, or sometimes both at the same time(here’s looking at you Hillary), then they need “safe zones” and personal spaces…so that they can try to find a way to accept anything that does not feel, or look good to them…
      5. Protest everything until the time comes that what they are protesting actually benefits their cause…(immigration, and slavery are 2 good examples of this)
      These are just the root causes of what is taking place in our country. The Liberal feels, and looks out for others only when they benefit their cause( racism is a good way to prevent those who disagree with them from ever really gaining a foothold)…I can think of no other reason that the Negro was not doing any better under Obama, than he is now. 89% of the Blacks voted for Hillary, and 91% voted for Obama, though. This guy isn’t really anti-gun…but his use of vile, bitter, and repulsive language appeals to the hurt, and anger of parents who’s children are suffering under the Liberal agendas. The Liberals were all for building a Wall along the border, until Trump proposed building it, and now even some Republicans are against allocating the very funds that they had given Clinton, Bush, and Obama…it doesn’t benefit them anymore in doing so, and it is a social hot topic!!!

  69. Don King says:

    Just another poorly brought up crackpot running for office.

  70. just another bumbling/babbling liberal fool.

  71. You almost make sense. If anti gunners wanted to stop the slaughter as you put it, why do they not try to ban or take away cell phones, or automobiles. why not fight the war on criminals, not taking away the rights that millions of us enjoy everyday. There are many more deaths or as you say slaughters by automobiles per year than guns. In 9-11 planes were the cause for the largest mass murder to date, but no one tried to ban air planes which is a privilege, not one of our constitutional right. I get it we are from different places and am not trying to argue with you, but it is our constitution. I don’t see the media supporting lets say taking away the 1st amendment(Freedom of speech).

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      You touched on a point, Daniel. What few people realize is if ONE supposedly constitutionally protected liberty can be legislated or otherwise done away with so can and so WILL all others, including Freedom of Speech. religion, Due Process, (which are already under assault, ) Freedom of the Press, and the right to assemble. All such rights will quickly follow. What is really at stake here is whether the Constitution and Bill or Rights are still the law of the land, or meaningless words written on worthless scraps of paper! If the people of this nation really want to do away with the 2nd Amendment there is one way and one way only to to that Constitutionally! With a Constitutional Amendment! Any other method destroys what little remains of the Constitution! I don’t see any of these self serving, hand wringing politicians advocating such an amendment because they know the majority of Americans would never support it.

    • Rick says:

      Here you are wrong. The media does everything it can to stop the freedom of speech when it goes against the agendas they are trying to push. If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, numerous colleges, universities, and even communities are censoring who can speak and what can be said.

      • Joeyounger says:

        Exactly Rick…thats what we have to be worried about!!!Vote them out, and get rid of these anti-American swamp rats. John McCain, Ryan, Flake, they need to be replaced by true Conservatives…they do not represent our Nations liberties or the Protection thereof.

  72. James says:


    So many Americans feel strongly on this subject to send in their comments, utterances, logic, insults etc – and this exchanges are good – but does reason and logic suffer?

    I’m a conservative Trump fan, looking in from the outside, but what makes me different is I live in Europe – where gun ownership is strictly controlled and trust in our government is sufficiently high that our citizens do not want guns to defend themselves against our fellow citizens or our government.

    “Courage is getting up and speaking…or sitting down and listening!”

    You’re not going to like me saying this but insularity is a problem in America! Statistics show that only about 8% of Americans have passports i.e. have been outside America. There’s a great,big, wide world out there that, in many ways, is very different from America.Have the pro-gun lobby the ability to calmly sit down and listen to the world – yes, the world – which tells Americans that they are crazy. Do Americans not realise that the No 1 reason why outsiders think Americans are crazy is their attitude to guns?

    America leads the world in so many ways; is it conceivable that it could lead the world in showing how it is able to change so drastically and abolish its 2nd Amendment by disarming everybody through an amnesty and incentives? Can you imagine how the rest of the world would laud and admire America for doing so?

    It’s a flawed argument to suggest that its citizenry need guns to defend themselves against their government – they need guns to defend themselves against their own crazies and, in my opinion, the easy availability of weaponry makes it easier to be crazy! American young men are increasingly nihilistic and given to malfeasance and are turning against their sources of authority which, in many cases, are schools; this increasing social problem is not being addressed by society and civil authorities!

    How many Americans would acknowledge that in their lifetimes, at least once, they were angry, raged and irrational enough that if they had a knife or gun they would have used it? Trouble is that, presently in America, it’s just too easy to get guns and vent your anger!

    Surely the Pro-2nd Amendment supporters should ask themselves why do the anti-gun lobby want to restrict/eliminate guns from American society? They’ve no hidden agenda, I suggest – they only want the slaughter to stop. Surely the solution is to offer an amnesty to gun owners to hand up their guns, with incentives or not, and if they don’t they’ll get horrific jail terms.

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      Then mind your own business! If you remove the statistics from places like Chicago, Washington, DC, and other such places with strict gun control laws you will find America has one of the lowest percapita firearms related deaths in the world. So buzz off!

    • Robert Taylor says:

      Evidently you are a young person that did not even give your country. But, ask an older person that can recall WW2 and how it took the bad US to keep you from speaking German. OH and it happened in WW1 also. No even today you would already be taken over by Russia if it were not for the United States and our crazy way of NOT being run by others. Our freedoms are precious to us and not up for giving away to you or anyone.

    • jay hurst says:

      Not enough jails to hold us. States and Feds are releasing violent criminals back on the street every day due to overcrowding.
      Violent crimes rates are on the rise in places like Sweden (rapes up 30% per London times) and higher than the USA in Britain.
      Clean up your mess and stay out of our business.

    • Dianne says:

      You are so messed up in your thinking. If a person wants to hurt or kill someone they will find a way to do it. If you got rid of every gun in America criminals would have a hay day, and how would we protect ourselves with a knife? You are living in a fantasy world if you think getting rid of guns would make us safer it would only make us targets. Really I don’t give a dam what the world thinks about America, they sure come around when they want something from us. There are a lot of reasons young men are turning against authority, one is they aren’t taught respect nor are they taught there are consequences for their actions. So maybe you should stick to worrying about Europe and not try to tell us what we should be doing. It really doesn’t look like you guys are all that great. I have never even wanted to visit Europe because your just not that important. Just look at American History of 1776 to see what we think of Europe.

      • True Believer says:

        Yep, you are so right but unfortunately again we will have to bail their sorry asses out for letting in all of those Muslims. I too have connections not only in Germany but also Austria, UK, and Sweden. What a sorry bunch of nincompoops!

    • Well, WELL, Well, LOOK who is “talking” a EUROPEAN who apparently DOESN’T get the REAL news over there…..!!!! Your’s all countries are being OVERRUN by NOT refugees BUT people from all kinds of countries who just want to be FED, CLOTHED, getting WELFARE checks “UNDESERVED/UNEARNED” as well as MEDICAL CARE and YOU dumbed DOWN Europeans are all putting up with the STEALING of YOUR Tax payers MONEY, and NOT only THAT, I have a STRAIGHT line to Europe and am hearing about the endless, or I should say COMMON PRACTICE of women getting RAPED, people getting STABBED with KNIVES, because YOU are all DEFENSELESS – YOU have NO guns to PROTECT yourselves or your WOMEN, and your’s all so called “politicians” just do WHATEVER they WANT or did they ASK the PEOPLE if it’s OKAY to let THEM all come and OVERRUN your’s ALL countries…NO, I DIDN’T think so….!!!! NOW, the SAME is going on here with these BANANA, so called “democratic” party as their MEMBERS “think” that they can just do WHATEVER they WANT, well, NO SO FAST, THANK GOD for President TRUMP fighting all of THIS NON-SENSE and the American people are doing RIGHT by INSISTING not to be made DEFENSELESS, after all, NOBODY can “TRUST” their Governments or those so called “politicians” in the Government to PROTECT and SERVE the PEOPLE for which they have taken an OATH to do and those BANANA, so called democratic party members DON’T do THAT at all NOWADAYS by wanting OPEN borders letting ANYBODY and EVERYBODY just come running ACROSS the border as it is going on in EUROPE – well, I say “NO THANKS” to THAT, and if/when the time comes that the American CITIZENS have to PROTECT themselves, well, at least then they will have the MEANS to do just THAT….PERIOD….!!!!!

    • Mikey says:

      With respect, I and millions of other Americans could care less what the rest of the world thinks of us; that is why we hired Trump. And anyone coming for my guns gets the bullets first.

    • SEABEETOM says:

      James, First off I do not really care how other people see me. If people do not like what they see, I could not care less. I am good to myself. I am retired Military (34 years) I trained with all type of weapons. These are things that are not unlearned. You say that you live in Europe, but did not say where in Europe. Is it really safe there?? Admiral Yamamoto IJN said during WW11 that he would not invade the U.S. because there was a gun behind every blade of grass. If it were not for the number of guns in the UNITED STATES we would be speaking Japanese on the west coast and German on the east coast. Something for you too think about.

    • Albert Witte says:

      James, you have no reason and/or logic. You are simply regurgitating the anti gun lobbies talking points. Now I don’t give a rats ass what the europeons think about practically anything. They can’t even save their own populations from the conquering Muslim hoards, think back in history when the muslims attempted to control Europe and did conquer a good part of it. Neither Europe nor ex-American patriots have anything to say about what happens here! There is no way in hell that you are a conservative! Your as much of a flaming liberal as Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham are. So, you just never mind what is taking place over here and worry about your little ass over there.

    • Joeyounger says:

      Your comment is laughable at best young man…Europe has defended itself with guns, swords, pitchforks, pickaxes,etc. etc. for 2000 years, so why haven’t they advocated the revocation of theses items also? More people died last year in Europe as the result of cellphone uses, don’t hear no Prime Minister advocating the removal of iPhones from people…or cars..or for that matter the removal of bathtubs from your homes(more people died from injuries slipping in bathtubs, than died of gun violence)…you reckon Churchill was advocating gun control when Britain was being bombed into the Stone Age by Hitler? I as a Conservative, believe that putting God back in our schools, doing away with Liberalism(teaching hedonism, altruism, instead of Godliness, and self control), and allowing the American people to excersise their God-given right to protect themselves, would be more beneficial in the long run, than taking our guns and the means to protect ourselves away from us…Your right, Americans are by nature, insular, and we don’t need a lecture of the sort from someone who we inherited the horrors of WW1, and WW2..who were the recipients of some of the benefits of our 2nd Amendment right…without it, you’d probably be living in a regime, sort of on the order of the Soviet Union, post Cold War.

      • True Believer says:

        No they would be speaking either German or Russian. Don’t you love people who don’t even live here telling us how to run our country whose country does not have a Constitution like ours and probably never will and we had to send our young men to free them because they couldn’t stop the stem of the Germans. I so hate us fighting everyone else’s wars with our boys blood, repair all the bombings with our tax payers money, only to have them tell us what to do. I am an isolationist and believe in a strong military so if they do strike us, wham they are annihilated. Look at all those young i\Islamic men moving into Europe, who should be home fighting for their freedoms like we did for ours.

  73. I am a member of the NRA I have a 9 mm it has sit on my stand by my side for two years and it has not shot any one in fact that two years it has not been fired will some one please tell me why people think by putting a bump,stock on a semi automatic rifle it will make a automatic rifle I carried a semi automatic M1 Grand for ten years in the Marine Corps and I had to pull the trigger each time I fired it Pat Davis is brain dead I don’t see how you can fire a semi automatic rifle 150 rounds in 15 seconds by pulling the trigger each time you fire it

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      The problem is jerks like this Davis character rely on the ignorance of most Americans concerning firearms. They can make asinine statements like that knowing most brain dead fools will believe it.

  74. James Johnson says:

    This guy is the same kind of IDIOT we have in Washington now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. I think the NRA needs to enlighten people on who the NRA is. They have the power and resources they have because we “The NRA ” are millions of everyday people that belong to a group that protects our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Which ( the 2nd amendment) has stood trial multiple times to our supreme court and has been determined as WE the people have the right to bear arms. So I ” the NRA ” and all the law abiding NRA members across the great nation should take offense to this add and all other attacks we face. Let us ( millions of members) stand strong and defend once again the rights people gave there live for . Once the 2nd amendment is taken away , how can we defend against the rest of them being taken!

  76. Roy Carter says:

    I guess what bothers me equally as much as this guy’s unmitigated hypocrisy is the fact that voters in Albuquerque elected him to their city council. Now to me that either indicates a striking lack of legitimately qualified candidates or an equally striking lack of intelligence on the part of those Albuquerque citizens that voted for him. Were I one of them (which thankfully I am not) I would be horribly embarrassed to have to admit that I even know who he is!

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      The truth is the vast majority of voters vote for either a “D” or a “R” after the name. They have no idea who or what a candidate really is. You can bet this cretin will get votes just because he has a “D” after his name. Every campaign season we see millions of yard signs telling us the vote for this name or that name. All we really know is if they are Demorat or Republican. most of the rest vote name recognition.

  77. Dianne says:

    The sad thing about this is the Liberals don’t care about the truth, they will stand behind anyone who pushes their agenda.

  78. Gary Barton says:

    This kid of language is offensive to me, I do talk using four letter words and above all don’t like to see it. Clean up your language.

  79. jerry palmitessa says:

    iam life member of the NRA and I never shot anybody I would say the opposite many in
    and and the executive branch of our government and state and local members of government have blood on their hands by allowing criminal aliens into this country who have commited heinous crimes of murder and slavery aka san francisco

  80. George says:

    On the flip side – Tucker needs some education also. A barrel does not melt at 600 rounds per minute(150 in 15 second rate)

    • Rick says:

      you can warp it is what he ment geniud

    • Lawrence Wise says:

      They sure do get hot and have you ever experienced a cook off . you sure would not forget it and once you have gone through that , you might as well have a melted barrel

    • Clair says:

      No, but it would probably cook off a few rounds with no need to pull the trigger. But ya gotta admit, as a former police officer, he sure doesn’t know much about guns!

    • Joeyounger says:

      Actually George, a gun barrel firing that many rounds in a sustained situation (600/RPM)over a 3 minute duration, the barrel would “cook off” several rounds in that amount of time…a gun barrel(unless it is made of titanium steel, which is very cost ineffective)can and will become severely weakened with the continuous rounds being breeched…the main thing would be “warpage” where the gun would become jammed with bullets and actually explode!!! I think what Mr. Carlson was trying to say was it would be extremely dangerous to fire that many rounds at that speed. And he’s right.

  81. Mo says:

    A typical Liberal IDIOT spewing their HATE without know one single fact about what their taking about. If this IDIOT ever gets to DC, he would be a yes man to Nazi Piglosi and Chuckie Scumbag, total ANTI AMERICAN POS! No wonder he is an EX Police officer, hasn’t a clue about firearms. I bet the first time a criminal pointed a gn in his direction, his pissed himself and quit the force. Typical Liberal WIMP!!!!!!

  82. radman414 says:

    Don’t you love it when liberals publicly emphasize their ignorance. I hope that all New Mexico voters saw this…and that his Republican opponent “pounds him” in campaign ads with Davis’s own words.

  83. Jaron says:

    I wonder if he Liked Being-“RUDE”-After you Kicked him off your Interview ??LOL

  84. Richard says:

    Another bleeding heart liberal that doesn’t know his a from a hole in the ground. All liberals should be banned from holding any office above dog catcher

  85. John says:

    More people die from drunk drivers than a gun any given year. How come the liberals don’t go after the AAA? What about the people who are getting stabbed? I can walk into Walmart or any grocery store and get a knife right from an aisle with out getting a back ground check. NRA members don’t run around shooting people so why attack them? Next time someone kills another person, lets go after his grandparents.

  86. Texas Belle says:

    It would be difficult to stymie Tucker; he is sharp enough to always have an answer and to show just how stupid some of these people are.

  87. Steve says:


  88. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Not only does HE not deserve a seat in Congress, we the American citizens do not deserve to have another such fool in our Congress, allegedly “representing” us, when he’s NOT!

  89. Rick says:

    This guy is giving a whole new meaning to Mew Mexico as the Land of Enchantment.
    He would have gone down 1st at the OK Coral. Friar Tuck wins again .
    We’ve got enough loons in DC.

  90. Joanna says:

    Dems are ignorant and uneducated but this jack a– most likely owns guns which a lot of people due..including celeb..Quit drinking and smoking whatever it is their smoking and focus on the fact their are kids who are committing suicide and killing because they are harrassed and bullied at school.

  91. True Believer says:

    Don’t you love it when they get on Fox and make complete a$$holes of themselves. You would think they would know better but then when does any demoncrap know better. I guess they feel that any publicity is good.

  92. Tim Toroian says:

    The NEA has blood on ITS hands for resisting the arming of certain teachers!!! Why people think outlawing guns will keep idiots from being idiots is beyond me. The Santa Fe guy had pipe bombs and pressure cookers. Any explosive in a pressure cooker is dangerous!!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      The NEA, and those who posted that school as a “target rich zone”, so the local or state pols too. Whenever you ban guns from any site, and so post it, you INVITE catastrophe, and sooner or later it will come to that door.

    • Lawrence Wise says:

      amen to that

  93. john says:

    As an NM resident and voter, he will not be getting my vote.

  94. Donald K says:

    This man is a complete asshole and should not be representing the people of the U.S.

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