“F*** the NRA” politician tried to take on Tucker Carlson and immediately regretted it

A Democrat running for Congress in New Mexico just rolled out a controversial campaign ad.

Pat Davis started his ad with three simple words: “F*** the NRA.”

But then he dug his hole even deeper when he said the unthinkable on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Davis claims that the NRA has blood on its hands for supporting the Second Amendment.

He couldn’t give a straight answer when Tucker asked him this simple question: “how many NRA members have committed mass shootings?”

The real answer is zero.

But Davis refused to admit that and he looked like a total fool.

Then Tucker played a clip of Davis’ second campaign ad – which claimed that an AR-15 can fire off 150 rounds in just 15 seconds.

Davis was reduced to a stammering mess.

Just like the rest of the gun-grabbers he proved how little he truly knows about firearms.

Yet these are the folks that want to regulate our God-given rights.

Watch the full interview below:

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176 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Hey Pat Davis, you sissified puke, I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts in the Naval Amphibious Forces! I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and The Bill of Rights which includes the Second Amendment! So up yours! Get out America. Traitors like you don’t belong here!

  2. Jim says:

    You might be able to get away with this type of statement in Mass, NY, NJ, or other liberal state but NOT in a state that has lots of hunters and owners of an AR, they know the capabilities of the AR are not even close to that plus many of them are NRA Members and believe in the 2nd Amendment.
    The NRA is one of the BEST organizations going as they help the public with the importance of information and the safe use and possession of a firearm as well as showing and acting on the concerns of most US Citizens and especially it’s members. I remember attending a NRA Class on Firearms Safety around 60 yrs ago and it was well received even back then.

  3. True Believer says:

    No they would be speaking either German or Russian. Don’t you love people who don’t even live here telling us how to run our country whose country does not have a Constitution like ours and probably never will and we had to send our young men to free them because they couldn’t stop the stem of the Germans. I so hate us fighting everyone else’s wars with our boys blood, repair all the bombings with our tax payers money, only to have them tell us what to do. I am an isolationist and believe in a strong military so if they do strike us, wham they are annihilated. Look at all those young i\Islamic men moving into Europe, who should be home fighting for their freedoms like we did for ours.

  4. True Believer says:

    All you say is so eloquently stated however, you will never convince a liberal unfortunately. My mantra for the last 2 years has been “Never confuse a liberal with facts”. For some reason, they just have the thought process and can only be pall parrots of their friends which is a shame. I was taught to think for myself but yes, I am old (80) had good education and have lived in various countries during my husbands career. When we returned from Turkey, I said, every woman before she gets married, should have to live in Turkey for a couple of years and then she would love that she was an American. They have no rights what so ever, a man can diverse his wife by simply saying I divorce you 3 times in front of witnesses. If a woman has to serve a jail term for any reason, she is put in a compound in one of the major cities, like Istanbul, and has to work off her fine at (1959) 25 cents a throw. Out of the funds purchase her food etc. – it is horrible. I would love to send those women out protesting for this and that to have to live in one of the villages for a couple of years.

  5. Terry says:

    Probably the most important thing the ANTI GUN politicians, media, and others do not understand or think we do not is the REALITY OF WHAT A LAW IS AND DOES.

    What a law is and does is

    1) Define what IS a crime
    2) Outline the PUNISHMENT applicable for committing said crime.

    This is done in the HOPE the punishment will deter someone one the fence about committing a crime from doing so a DETERMINED criminal like the mass shooters WILL NEVER CARE what the punishment for their planned crime is because their mental issue prevents them from caring about what will happen to them.

    NO PAST, PRESENT, OR FUTURE gun laws will have any effect on mass shootings because.

    1) Mass shooters DO NOT CARE what happens to them.
    2) They can ILLEGALLY get guns or MAKE THEIR own to carry out their crime.

    With all the news about STOLEN FROM MILITARY or POLICE guns around the world, FOREIGN SOURCES smuggling guns INTO THE US, and guns they MADE THEMSELVES criminals obtain it is clear that even the 100% ban many of these anti constitutionals demand will fail to have any effect on CRIMINALS being armed.

    Even if the IMPOSSIBLE fantasy of these politicians is achieved and all 250+ million NEVER USED IN ANY CRIME by the legal owner guns and the UNKNOWN number of ILLEGALLY MADE by criminals who illegally sold them to other criminals guns somehow can be taken off the streets that still leaves KNIVES, BOMBS, and all the other Items used to cause MASS HARM or death to others for the CRIMINALS to use because they are FOCUSING ON INANIMATE OBJECTS rather than the actual cause of the crimes.

    while are media was decrying gun owners of a shooting of 9 people another nation was mourning the 22 stabbing victims in a virtually identical except for weapon and location crime.

    So to any who PAY ATTENTION to reality instead of propaganda it is obvious that THE TOOL CHOSEN by the criminal to MISUSE to harm others IS NOT THE CAUSE so focusing on the INANIMATE HARMLESS BY ITSELF tool instead of the CAUSE OF THE CRIME does not save anyone’s life.

    The NUMEROUS under-reported FAILED ATTEMPTED attacks has clearly proven the only valid solution is to have someone ARMED, TRAINED, AND WILLING to stop the criminal AT THE SCENE when the crime happens not 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 etc. minutes away IF the victims can get a call for help out during the attack.

    As long as the prosecutors continue to PLEA away the harsh sentences so they can get an easy confession so they do not have to do their job and prosecute criminals laws fail to work as a deterrent. When a criminal steals and hides thousands of more dollars even killing someone during the crime and only get 5 to 10 years criminals will still CHANCE IT hopping to not get caught because they feel the RISK is worth what they hope to acquire. The largest gap in “justice” I ever read about was years ago when a judge who on the same day sentenced one man to 20 years for bouncing a check then gave another man who MURDERED someone during a robbery a mere 5 to 10 years (the judge did not feel the criminal intended to harm the victim) as if the man who’s check bounced expected the bank to process Monday’s withdrawals before they processed Friday’s deposits.

    Remember the words of the majority of HOLOCAUST survivors after the war “NO MATTER THE EXCUSE THEY GIVE never allow them to take your guns”.

    For those who continue to ERRONIOUSLY claim the founders did not understand what kind of ARMS would exist in the future DO SOME RESEARCH even before the US existed there were MULTI fire weapons like the Puckle gun 1718 , Cookson Repeater 1750’s, the 16th century Kalthoffs,(a family of Danish gunsmiths) and the long list of other 1700s era MULTI-SHOT or Repeaters that existed before the second amendment was even written.

    The NRA is simply millions of US CITIZENS who got together for the purpose of PROTECTING their constitutional right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS as politicians began the same ramblings HITLER did about how ONLY THOSE THE GOVERNMENT grants the “PRIVILEGE” should be allowed to be armed.

  6. ROBERTW says:

    if I lived in new mexico, I can garuntee you that I would get every one I could to not vote this idiot in congress.

  7. FUZZY says:

    Jolindo Carrara,
    I find it Impossible to understand how anyone could stand as a Democrat with Hillary, Nancy P., Obama and all other Left Wing Dems. They all Hate the USA and they All Hate the Constitution of the USA.
    They have broken the laws of the Land over and over, YET you stand with them. You say NRA members may have broke the law, YET you know that the Dems in Congress and the Dem President DID so.
    I am NRA and do support Background checks on gun purchase. Your and my problem is that the government cant get its Sxxt together and set up a good Background check system. It can be done, yet it isn’t WHY?

  8. William Richards says:

    This guy does not belong in congress any more than Nancy Pelosi does. Or Maxine Waters…etc.

  9. Deborah says:

    He is the FACE of the democrat party.

  10. Joeyounger says:

    Actually George, a gun barrel firing that many rounds in a sustained situation (600/RPM)over a 3 minute duration, the barrel would “cook off” several rounds in that amount of time…a gun barrel(unless it is made of titanium steel, which is very cost ineffective)can and will become severely weakened with the continuous rounds being breeched…the main thing would be “warpage” where the gun would become jammed with bullets and actually explode!!! I think what Mr. Carlson was trying to say was it would be extremely dangerous to fire that many rounds at that speed. And he’s right.

  11. Rick says:

    Exactly why people need to arm, train, and protect themselves and family.

  12. Joeyounger says:

    Your comment is laughable at best young man…Europe has defended itself with guns, swords, pitchforks, pickaxes,etc. etc. for 2000 years, so why haven’t they advocated the revocation of theses items also? More people died last year in Europe as the result of cellphone uses, don’t hear no Prime Minister advocating the removal of iPhones from people…or cars..or for that matter the removal of bathtubs from your homes(more people died from injuries slipping in bathtubs, than died of gun violence)…you reckon Churchill was advocating gun control when Britain was being bombed into the Stone Age by Hitler? I as a Conservative, believe that putting God back in our schools, doing away with Liberalism(teaching hedonism, altruism, instead of Godliness, and self control), and allowing the American people to excersise their God-given right to protect themselves, would be more beneficial in the long run, than taking our guns and the means to protect ourselves away from us…Your right, Americans are by nature, insular, and we don’t need a lecture of the sort from someone who we inherited the horrors of WW1, and WW2..who were the recipients of some of the benefits of our 2nd Amendment right…without it, you’d probably be living in a regime, sort of on the order of the Soviet Union, post Cold War.

  13. Rick says:

    This comment is not true as cops have been guaranteed the right to carry after retirement provided they keep their quals current. Cops would stand with the 2nd amendment supporters because they know law enforcement cannot protect the people. They can only hope to help and support the law abiding citizens so the people’s right to own firearms is essential to keeping the public safe. Any cop that would argue against this is arrogant and unintelligent or a paid politician.

  14. Joeyounger says:

    Exactly Rick…thats what we have to be worried about!!!Vote them out, and get rid of these anti-American swamp rats. John McCain, Ryan, Flake, they need to be replaced by true Conservatives…they do not represent our Nations liberties or the Protection thereof.

  15. Joeyounger says:

    People, I don’t even know why we are commenting on this BS(sorry for my lack of candor!)cause we know why these lame brained, foul mouthed idiots are even able to say what they say.
    1. The absence of God, and prayer in our schools…they reform the generation, not the person, by shaping their moral, their intellectual, and personal growth, and character to suit their agendas…(brainwashing)…
    2. They teach their own form of “Spiritual” foolishness…hedonism(if it feels good), altruism(if it looks good), and their abject hatred of anything that is Godly, and of good report…
    3. Eliminating the “personal responsibility” form of ethics, and giving us abortion, euthenasia, and contraceptives, to replace it…
    4. They are “for” Free Speech, unless it goes against anything that they believe, or don’t believe, or sometimes both at the same time(here’s looking at you Hillary), then they need “safe zones” and personal spaces…so that they can try to find a way to accept anything that does not feel, or look good to them…
    5. Protest everything until the time comes that what they are protesting actually benefits their cause…(immigration, and slavery are 2 good examples of this)
    These are just the root causes of what is taking place in our country. The Liberal feels, and looks out for others only when they benefit their cause( racism is a good way to prevent those who disagree with them from ever really gaining a foothold)…I can think of no other reason that the Negro was not doing any better under Obama, than he is now. 89% of the Blacks voted for Hillary, and 91% voted for Obama, though. This guy isn’t really anti-gun…but his use of vile, bitter, and repulsive language appeals to the hurt, and anger of parents who’s children are suffering under the Liberal agendas. The Liberals were all for building a Wall along the border, until Trump proposed building it, and now even some Republicans are against allocating the very funds that they had given Clinton, Bush, and Obama…it doesn’t benefit them anymore in doing so, and it is a social hot topic!!!

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