Everyone is starting to talk about the one thing Kamala Harris refuses to do

Kamala Harris was hoping no one would notice this mistake.

But it’s too late for that.

Everyone is starting to talk about the one thing Kamala Harris refuses to do.

Over two weeks ago, Joe Biden tapped Kamala Harris to manage the crisis at the border.

In the month of March, agents encountered 170,000 illegal aliens at the southern border with an untold number more evading apprehension.

This catastrophe is a direct result of Joe Biden’s open borders policies and rhetoric.

Harris and her team immediately knew they had been handed a task where Harris was set up for failure, and immediately began to try and evade responsibility claiming Harris’ only task was to manage the root causes of illegal immigration from Central American countries.

If it wasn’t clear Harris was doing everything in her power to duck the responsibility for the border, her lack of press availability made it clear.

Fox News reported:

Vice President Kamala Harris continued to draw criticism Wednesday about her absence from the U.S.-Mexico border region — and for not facing reporters about her role as President Biden’s border czar.

Her most recent detractors included former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who called Harris “missing in action” on Wednesday and said, “God help us if she ever becomes President.”

The Vice President has so far avoided a border visit — or a news conference about her border-related duties — despite having visited Southern California over Easter weekend. She has now gone 15 days without holding a news conference about the border since taking on her new role.

Border Patrol officials expect the surge of illegal aliens could last another seven months.

At this point it’s obvious that Kamala Harris’ only strategy to dealing with this crisis is to ignore the unfolding catastrophe and hope everyone forgets Joe Biden put her in charge.

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