Everyone is asking one question about John Fetterman that makes Democrats uncomfortable

Senator John Fetterman keeps finding himself in new trouble.

This time it involves a woman.

And everyone is asking one question about John Fetterman that makes Democrats uncomfortable.

Fetterman suffered a near fatal stroke last May and has clearly never fully recovered.

It is likely that the stroke will impair Fetterman for life.

But there are no calls in the Democrat Party for Fetterman to resign from office.

And during the last election the press bent over backwards to not only hide the truth about Fetterman’s health, but to cast Fetterman as a champion of the disabled.

After a disastrous debate performance against Dr. Oz where Fetterman could not speak in coherent sentences the media circled the wagons around their candidate.

“One in four Americans has a disability, but disabled politicians are rarely on the national debate stage. That made John Fetterman’s appearance a powerful moment, but public reactions were painful,” The New York Times wrote about Fetterman.

“Fetterman debate reaction reveals stigma disabled candidates face,” a Washington Post headline blared.

“Disabled activists say persistent, ongoing jabs about Fetterman’s condition despite his perseverance on the campaign trail highlight the ways in which ableism turns a condition someone is experiencing into a weapon to be used against them to make assumptions about their abilities,” ABC News claimed.

The media’s coddling of Fetterman stood in stark contrast to how reporters treated California Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein.

Feinstein was out of the Senate for months with what was originally reported to be a case of shingles.

In reality, Feinstein suffered from complications stemming from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which affected her brain and face.

Feinstein’s absence meant Democrats could not push through Biden’s judicial nominees since without Feinstein’s vote they did not have a majority on the judiciary committee.

And the media erupted over the idea any aspect of Joe Biden’s agenda could slow down.

So-called “journalists” and editorial boards demanded Feinstein resign so Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom could appoint a replacement.

“If she cannot fulfill her obligations to the Senate and to her constituents, she should resign and turn over her responsibilities to an appointed successor,” The New York Times editorial board wrote.

“I mean, all due respect, sir. You and your fellow Democrats were very ginger and very polite when it came to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and not pushing her to retire when you had a Democratic majority in the Senate. How’d that work out for you? How’d that work out for Roe v. Wade?” Jake Tapper asked Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin about Feinstein resigning.

The media’s treatment of Fetterman and Feinstein boils down to one cold, hard fact.

Journalists view it as their job to help Democrats get elected and then to implement their agenda.

Feinstein’s health looked like an impediment to Joe Biden’s agenda so the press piled on with resignation demands.

Fetterman’s health looked like an impediment to Democrats gaining power in the Senate so the press covered up his impairment Fetterman suffered from his stroke.

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