Every American is in danger after Obama forced Border Patrol to do one thing

During his eight years in office, Barack Obama refused to take any action on the border.

Thankfully, President Trump is working overtime to make up for his inaction.

But it may be too late, and every American is in danger because Obama forced Border Patrol to do this one thing.

Of all the dangerous border policies we have in the United States, catch and release is the worst.

It forced Border Patrol agents to release illegal immigrants that they arrest trying to get into the United States.

And as it turns out, many of those people are far from simply “innocent’ economic migrants and asylum seekers like the Left claims.

In fact, one of the men previously released from Border Patrol custody is about as dangerous as they can get.

Hector “La Mimi or M-22” Sanchez Rivera is the leading enforcer for the Gulf Cartel, and controls human smuggling from all of the Gulf Cartel’s territory in Mexico to South Texas.

A new report shows that he was caught on April 26, 2016, while Obama was in office, and released just 15 days later after he lied about who he was.

Breitbart reports:

One of the men suspected of controlling the smuggling of migrants for the Gulf Cartel was previously arrested by U.S. authorities and released 15 days later on a single immigration charge. The man is considered one of the cartel’s most violent enforcers in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

As Breitbart News exclusively reported, Hector “La Mimi or M-22” Sanchez Rivera is currently a leading enforcer for the Gulf Cartel along with his brother, Ernesto. They are directly responsible for controlling the smuggling of migrants from Gulf Cartel territory in Mexico to South Texas. The duo fostered a reputation for violence and is linked to numerous executions, kidnappings, carjacks, and extortion schemes in Reynosa.

Local authorities and U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested Sanchez Rivera in Rio Grande City on April 26, 2016, moments after he and a group of men crossed the border river via raft. Court documents revealed that Sanchez told federal agents he was a Mexican national without lawful presence in the U.S. Despite being a Gulf Cartel member, prosecutors only charged Sanchez Rivera with one count of illegal entry.

This is a man responsible for unknown numbers of deaths.

Him being on the streets puts Americans at danger every single day.

If it weren’t for the failed catch and release system, border enforcement would have been able to identify who he is and he’d likely still be in jail today.

Trump is working to do away with this failed policy, along with building a wall on the border.


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78 Responses

  1. Mark Hopkins says:

    This world is in deep trouble. Most don’t realize just how bad off it really is. You have the so called “Democrats” that want to RULE the world and be damned with any laws or even common sense that make us civilized and free. Then you have the sniveling, self righteous, semi educated morons that are too cowardly to take any responsibility for their own lives and WANT to be ruled. Those are the proponents of this false “Democracy” which is really just totalitarian communism any way you look at it. The “globalist” view is the belief that we would all be equal, there would be no crime because the “government” would take care of us by removing all weapons and totally protect us from ourselves. The reality is; the “government” would impose complete control over the populace including all companies and corporations, stifle production of anything they deemed unnecessary or dangerous which would in turn destroy any healthy economy and completely remove any incentive to excel. The middle class would be extinct. There would only by the elite ruling class and the “subjects” (peons or slaves). This has never worked for the good of the populace and never will. They (the elite) would decide what you can and can’t have and even when and how you should die. It has already gone too far in this country for far too long. We must decide soon if our freedom is worth fighting for. I believe it is.

    • Mama says:

      Thank you, Say ‘IT’, Mary Hopkins.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Thanks much Mama, but it’s Mark, not Mary. I’m 100% man. Home grown, patriotic and secure in my sexual identity.

        • Mama says:

          Geez, sorry MARK. Sometimes i can’t see too
          good w/dim lighting. Hey, i’m Glad you’re
          a MAN !!!

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            That’s ok Mama, lol. Absolutely no offense taken. I’ve actually had that happen once before. I’ve always been male though. But I do love the ladies… As long as they’re smart ladies. May you have a beautiful life Mama. God bless you.

          • Mama says:

            Hi Mark, So Glad you came back for my apology !. Geez, i’m bummed’ i was the 2nd ! LOL. GLAD YOU a Real MAN. THNX ! &
            NOT the ‘other’ ‘stuff’. Maybe i had a ‘brainflash’ of Sister Mary Mark in high school. haha. She looked at me w/
            ‘badio’ Eyes. I NO LIKEE her, & she ‘knew it. Anyway —-
            “May You Have a Beautiful Life, as well.
            Do you enjoy a ‘smart lady’ Companion ?
            God Bless.

    • Kath says:

      I hope and pray that this piece of crap affirmative action baboon and the rest of the demoRATs get some serious karma soon. Maybe a few of them or somebody they love will become the victim of a criminal illegal.

  2. Helene says:

    Obama is a liar a zMuslim he did so many thing to destroy America, he dtolen 2 trillions to give to the enemy Iran and not get one zAmerican was arrested many years ago , the enemy got our money but still shouted to kill all -metrics Obama is stupid and opened all borders to let all criminal Muslims invadecAmerica, He cut Military budget 50% . So we don’t have money to buy guns and exchange. Repair eauipment , every thing benefits only for zMuslims, never have celebration our military. He was vote to be our ptrsident by fraudulent fraud that the Democrats organizes

    • Justice for Trump says:

      Even you avid right wingers must admit Helene is one crazy lady.

      • Mama says:

        Pack it up J4T – Helene May be older 0r an ‘ immi’ not
        speaking or spelling English too good.
        Give Her ‘a break’. She IS expressing some True Thoughts.
        You ‘express’ Yours & Not too good & V. Unpatriotic &
        Not Thankful for what you have, so it appears.
        You a ‘humpback’. Know what that means ???

  3. B.A. Briggs says:

    Scott27, you’re right when you said, quote: “…you won’t find it wherever you’ve been getting your information.” – end quote.

    The reason? Islamomarxist-obama had his lawyers locked-up all damaging info about him – along with his university-records, et cetera. Moreover, obama-conniving MSM execs and journos manufacture news-reports in conformance with islamomarxists-obama-clinton-jarrett-brennan-et al. to make these traitorous buncha criminals smell like a rose [while hiding the toxic-stincks of treason] before the American-public and global audiences!

  4. Truckman says:

    What everybody needs to do is remember is that it is not Trump’s wall but THE PEOPLES WALL get it it,for the people to protect them that its being built

  5. canfieldr says:

    OBum will get his in the end

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Awake! Obama was America’s 1st Communist President and worked for the people that got Him elected TWICE (by seeing to it that Andrew Breightbart died). Andrew planned to VETT Barry and like a Woman that “outed” Mike Obama DIED.

      • SweetOlBob says:

        obama* may have acted like a communist,but he was much worse. He is a filthy muslim. He was responsible for installing pods of barley civilized Somalians in areas where they would soon become near majorities. That is where we get the filthy muslims in Congress now. He also gave a speech over seas about all the good things islam has done for America. ….. NOTHING ! He used our money to rebuild mosques over seas. But not one Christian church ! He even placed muslims in our Homeland Security Dept. ! He actually sent his lackeys to Israel to try and effect their elections !
        He has done everything he could to harm the United States . We are lucky we lived through his traitorous

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Nailed it Bob! Civil war is eminent because of this and other things the corrupt DemonRATS have done and are doing. We can’t vote ourselves out of this one.

        • B.A. Briggs says:

          I fully concur with your detailed assessment of islamomarxist traitor-obama, SweetOlBob.

        • John Wiggins says:

          “He actually sent his lackeys to Israel to try and effect their elections !”
          If the USA under the Obama administration tried to influence the election of a sovereign nation, how is it that any one should take the Democrats seriously when they complain about Russian influence costing them the 2016 election?

        • ROSE says:

          Agree all the way.We,as Americans are lucky to be alive after all the bs,that Muslim Bastard put America through.

  6. Justice for Trump says:

    These are more lies and conspiracy theories. Aren’t you folks skeptical all the time, asking money, always blaming Clinton and Obama but not the real criminal Trump. They are always saying someone’s life has been ruined, if it is liberal you are thrilled, if it is a right winger you are enraged and donate money. You think Soros is running the world, his power is nothing to the super powerful like the Koch Brothers, Heritage Foundation, all those far right “Think Evil Tanks.” You are all too stupid or brainwashed to understand the truth. Pick which one you are.

    • Sarah says:

      Trump 2020
      Champion and American Patriot

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Make America Hate Again ..
      The one promise Trump has kept.
      In the 1930s – 1940s bigots like Trump allowed millions of Jews to be murdered. The criminal cartels in Central and South America are no different than the Nazis. In fact the Nazis who escaped prosecution had fled to S. America.

      • Jack Handy says:

        U sick. Eat too much GMO fd. & Drink
        impure junko liquid. Your mind/dna Altered.
        Cannot ‘think Straight.
        Please Always STAY in Alaska (if u not
        lying re that’. ) Hope you live in Beautiful
        Anchorage. BTW: W/ Top 5 ‘CRIME rates’.

        • Justice for Trump says:

          Are you able to translate in English?

          • Jack Handy says:

            Yep, i translate Eng. V. Well & some ‘foreign languages. YOU, ‘Translate HATE. bucko.
            You also Sick. You Eat GMO food. Drink
            junko ‘liquid. YOUR DNA Altered /Wired W/& for Hate. But YOU, bucko, Cannot SEE ‘That’___
            Anything Else ?

          • Jack Handy says:

            ps. WHY SHOULD ‘i’ Translate Eng. To YOU
            You are So Smart, rite? lol
            You Would Fail Miserably w/ ‘Code’.
            J4T, YOU! are a ‘dumbus’, bucko. LOL.
            (Sad). ‘Scrap ‘me’ All you want, bottom line =
            You LOSE. Now, G0, Take Care of Your Soul ]]] Mind/Body WILL Follow ___

      • SweetOlBob says:

        Go stand in the snow, you stupid broad ! Trump is doing a great job and you know it !
        He has nothing to do with the cartels and is not responsible for the rampant corruption in Mexico.
        What have the Nazis to do with anything ?
        Get your ducks in a row before you comment with disjointed junk like this again !

    • Mark Hopkins says:

      Hmmm, more $hit for brains libretards on here I see. Soros is a billionaire and a well known globalist fascist/communist. All the false conspiracies have come from the leftist commie “think evil tanks”, including the FIB, oops I mean FBI, most of the House of Representing the communists, all of the rino’s and of course, all the ignorant, soulless moron constituents of the Neo Fascist Communist Party that call themselves “Democrats”. Too stupid or brainwashed to understand the truth… Both describe the DemonRATS perfectly.

      • John Wiggins says:

        There is one conspiracy that is not false and that is communism. Out of their own mouths they support making the entire world communist. That is why they support revolutions where ever they are able.

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      Justice for Trump. Are you as stupid as you sound?

      • B.A. Briggs says:

        Obviously he/she/it is!

        His/her/its politically-correct-sounding handle, “Justice For Trump”. . .that implies his/her/its supposedly pro-Trump stance… is totally the opposite of her libelous anti-Trump loudmouthings! He/she/it is the literal symbolism of the oxymoronic-phase “pretty ugly”! Haha…

      • Justice for Trump says:

        There once was an idiot named Glad
        A brain he must have had
        Then he fell in love with Trump
        Who eventually he wanted to dump
        So instead fell in love with Russia’s Vlad.

    • John Wiggins says:

      Trump got justice in 2016 and so did Hillary. He was elected president and Hillary was not. What is it that you do not understand about that the president is supposed to act in the best interest of the USA and not of globalism?

    • John Wiggins says:

      The Koch brothers provide a useful product to society. Soros, on the other hand makes his money by betting against the economy (hedge funds). No useful product provided

  7. bagster53 says:

    well for 8 years you watched the 1/2 black illegal kenyan terrorist bring 100’s of 1,000’s of illegals and muslims into the country in the middle of the night , and the media covering it up, when you have a low life running the country this is what you get , whats worse is we have the same low lifes running congress now , they don’t care about the country , they just want to keep filling their own pockets

    • William M says:

      Why isn’t this no good traitorous black bastard in prison for all the treason he committed against America? Really the people are sick and tired of reading updates on this thug. Enough, the next update we want to hear; his conviction, trial and imprisonment, ’nuff said on this waste of air. Move on.

      • B.A. Briggs says:

        Methinks that on the 2nd-term of POTUS Trump, this islamomarxist-obama. . .along with all his co-goonspirators such as the Clintons, Holder/Lynch, Moochelle & the multifarious Obamas’ czars, Brennan, Mueller, Comey, Jarrett, Emanuel, Pelosi, Reid, SCOTUS CJ Roberts, et al., would likely each-and-as-a-traitorous-group get charged with the capital crime of treason and other high crimes – and prosecuted en masse within the aegis of the federal RICO Act–that would hopefully result in their hangings!

  8. Leavon Z. Reeves says:

    President Donald Trump is doing his job in defending America, it’s People and there way of life.
    I do believe that it is a fact that Obama is the far worst that has ever happened to America and it’s People.
    I hope that The American People and the People of all countries have leaned a great lesson, that it has nothing to do with color, nationality, or religion, only the greedy against the needy all over the world.
    President Donald Trump did not sell use Americans out, but most of the others who were and or are entrusted with defending The American People did, how sad.
    So when election day comes again vote for President Donald J. Trump who put every thing on the line to save, defend his People, the American People, give him back the honor, love that he has show to American People with our vote please, thank you from my heart, or we my parish.

  9. Jack says:

    Robert since you seem to be an expert can you explain why you think Trump is a Marxist and all the Demo Crats are right.

  10. Robert says:

    These folks did not get into our country on their own. Obama let them in. Trump is working on getting them out. They are not just Mexicans. Somalis, Muslims, Africans etc. From Costa Rica, Nicaragua, etc. They come from many nations and they are give welfare, food stamps and medicaid when they get here. They are given housing and spending money as well. Enough is enough. Americans come first along with our Veterans and Active Duty Military.

  11. renato says:

    please, believe me when I say border wall do work because I will give you a very good example ( ISRAEL )
    border wall will stop everything from illegal alien/drugs/human trafficking/weapons crossing just about
    everything you can think off and that is why WALL are the best weapon that you can used humanely for
    this kinda problem. PLEASE SUPPORT AND VOTE FOR TRUMP/PENCE FOR 2020

  12. Dean Neesen says:

    Obama was a one term senator that never introduced a bill that got to be president because he was a good speaker. Be careful of these freshman senators who have backing from the far left they are setting one of these up for a 2024 run

    • Jo says:

      God forbid!!!!!!! And I think we should blame obama for any crime committed by people released because of his harmful policy.

  13. Robert Berger says:

    “Obama refused to do anything at the border ?” Huh ? This is a blatant lie ! In fact , he had an enormous number of illegals deported , but unlike the monstrously cruel and incompetent Trump, handled the situation without treating young children worse than animals , having them separated from their parents , and keeping thousands of innocent people fleeing of their lives in horrible conditions , without any chance to wash themselves etc .
    Trump HAS created concentration camps . No, the unfortunate people there are not being treated as horribly as the Nazis did the Jews in WW2 , but conditions there are still horrendous . Trump is guilty of crimes against humanity !

    • Cecil says:

      Robert you need to stop the fake news and tell the truth. It was Obama that put children in cages and locled up thousands, then when his party got upset he insisted on catch and release and thousands of criminal illegals were turned loose in America. These illegal criminals have been responsible for many murders, assaults and untold other criminal activities. If Obama had just tried a little to protect America, then we would not be in the mess we are in today. Put the blame where it should go on Obama and the Democraps.

      • Scott27 says:

        Cecil, Robert is correct. Obama deported 3 million illegals. When you believe one man (trump) over multiple intelligence agencies; over scores of military leaders and many attorneys general and even your own eyes… your indoctrination in the cult is complete and you apparently don’t have the ability to think for yourself. This article, like most on this and its sister sites, is full of nonsense and written for an audience of about 7th graders….

        • Madame0 says:

          LOL Scott, you are so right! Subscribing to these sites is my guilty pleasure. I enjoy plumbing the depths of the stupidity of humanity. On the other hand, though, it scares the crap out of me that these morons got this dangerous despot elected.

        • mike dar says:

          ‘multiple Intel Agencies was a faked paradigm. Three Agencies had everything, CIA, NSA and FBI… Obama, two weeks before leaving office, passed the reg hat all Agencies Share the ‘Russian Data’…. 14 other Agencies simply received the CIA, NSA, FbI data… their never was ‘multiple, just Brennan, Clapper and Comey. Each Signed off on ‘the data’ as being verified by the Wood’s Procedures.. which in part are confirmations provided by the ’14 others’.. when in truth Woods Procedures were not followed, FISA Court Judges were LIED TO.
          Much of Obama’s ‘deportation’s were counted in the people being refused entry at the ports of entry- normal procedure through out history where some are turned back, never seized, never escorted… just told no ><100 ft into America.. at…. ENTRY PORTS. Not caught crossing fences, not found in the desert, not gathered from cities and that should not be counted towards the 3 million brag point.
          We also remember Obama forcing out a couple score 'Military leaders', downsizing the entire military, fundings so low our front line units were at 50% ready Status, Fwiw, '50%' used to be what was a number indicating a definite time where Units are pulled off the Font line in war status conditions- they are below effective status= Trump corrected that.
          'Cults' do not depend on numbers, historical averages, resulting affects from policy… it is you with cultist tendencies.
          You also ignore 'multiple Attorny Generals', Eric Holder had his Fiascos, leaving with Directorship of OFA, used to be Acorn, OFA, BLM and LaRaza were illegally funded 1 billion dollars by Obama, under another AG Lynch, who lied about grandchildren and golf discussions on the tarmac with Bill Clinton just days before his wife's Investigation was to be settled.
          Perhaps you are '7th' grade, or imbecilic or 'indoctrinated… or just a whiner, perhaps simply partisan… but your claims are bogus regardless.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            100% true and correct Mike, but you’ll never get any of those indoctrinated communist morons to believe you. They’re far too steeped in communist crap, lacking in intelligence and soulless to ever understand truth, perceive logic or have the slightest notion of common sense. They operate solely on their limited range of emotions. Mostly just hate, anger and lust.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      PURE BS from s damage control troll.

    • James Chapman says:

      You can’t fix stupid. Your Obama traitor set up the cages you see on tv and yes he did deport in 8 years he had more illegals but his catch and release program brought in over 5 million illegals because of this policy dumb ass. Your all thats wrong with America. If an American citizen breaks the law, he or she is taken away from their family. Also illegals get better health care; welfare; housing and treatment then citizens living in the streets. Where do you think these illegals would be living if not get 3 squares a day dumb ass? In the desert and mooching off the taxpayer which I assume because of you position on the matter your doing the same. By the way your AOC dumbass was to dumb to even realize the drinking faucets were attached to the toilets and they weren’t drinking out of toilets and that she voted against the 4.5 billion to help these people you and she are complaining about. Get a job and pay taxes and see if you can make a difference. Or, maybe your an illegal.

    • Cliff says:

      OBUNGHOLE the gay MOOSLIME FRAUD put those children in the cages. NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP…
      Do a little research before you blab on.. This was “fake news” and the MORONS that posted it, got CAUGHT and called out.

      • Scott27 says:

        Cliff, you apparently limit your “research” to infowars, patriotpulse, and other juvenile irrelevant sites. Just because you don’t like something does not make it fake news… I suggest you expand your horizons a bit and pay attention to the truth and reality.

        • Jack Handy says:

          0h ‘smart 0ne – WHERE DO you ! get Your Info ?
          ‘Fess Up’ , Enlighten us. We Are Always Willing
          to Learn ___

    • Emma says:

      You might want to check the dates on those kids in cages.
      Your illegal alien , Muslim Kenyan squatter in Our WH did that.
      He still is not an American citizen.
      Eight long miserable years this Great Republic suffered that bastard.
      My Greatest joy will be to see him hang, along with killary & others.
      He did his level best to divide on every level.. Race, religion, economically, homosexuality, ..you name it. Killary was to finish what he didn’t get accomplished.
      Enough is enough.
      Since AG Barr took over, notice Obama has been on an extended vacation out of the country.
      Clinton’s are looking to run as well.
      POTUS TRUMP ???????????? ???????? MAGA ????????2020

    • Madame0 says:

      I agree with you, Robert. The conditions are deplorable. Trump is a do-nothing president so this will continue to get worse as he postures and continues to fool the fools who think they elected someone who is capable.

    • Alan Wright says:

      Not even close Robert, but whatever floats your boat!

    • Dan Dornack says:

      Those concentration camps you’re talkin about were built by Obama! As for separating the children, if they weren’t here illegally with their parents or whoever they are with, they would and should be seprated. When a citizen of the UNITED STATES gets arrested, they separate them from their children because they broke the law !!! It’s a problem createted by the Democrats that offer free everything for these people! Then when these people are separated they blame PRESIDENT TRUMP! Put the blame where belongs!
      The promises of the democrats for offering everything under the sun then tbe illegals for wanting what they offer.

    • Annie says:

      Invaders should be shot, period. If YOU think they are treated worse than animals, then maybe they should stay home. Go into any neighborhood here that they have invaded and yes they do live like animals and destroy everything around. Separated from their parents? Most of them are rent-a-kids. Innocent ,haha, fleeing horrible living conditions. Work their azz off and make their own country great. But why should they when they can come here for all the free sh!t stupid Americans will give them or they can steal. I just love working so they can have/take it. They don’t look too down trodden to me nice clothes, look to be well fed. You don’t get to be that fat from missing meals. Crimes against humanity, you’ve been listening to Camel Harris’ broken record talking point. Maybe if they acted human and would come in legally and then assimilate maybe just maybe they would/could fit into polite society. I won’t hold my breath.

    • William M says:

      By comparing the detainment centers at the southern border yo ‘concentration camps’, you’re way out of hand and have insulted all those who survived these hellholes, from nazi camps to soviet gulags. FYI; These invaders for the most part are ‘economic;’ refugees plain and simple. We ow them NADA, plain and simple. All public services that are taxpayer funded need to help US citizens, plain and simple and I’m not the only one here who resents these ‘invaders’ given a free ride at our expense.. They’ve heard about all the ‘freebies’ doled out to them when they get here. If you don’t believe this, take a look at los Angeles and San Francisco, the free for all continues and yet we have so many poor, homeless US citizens and military vets living on the streets. These ‘immigrants’ are pawns for the liberals and mean just one thing ‘new ‘democrap’ voters’. pure and simple. I’m a bit of an expert on this, living in California and having to deal with all the liberal BS foisted on the legal California citizens by these no good for America liberal liars and thieves

  14. Rodney says:

    Maybe, just maybe, the GOOD OLE BOYS need to take matters into THEIR hands ad take care of the CROOKS like they many, many years ago!!!!!!

    • Scott27 says:

      You mean like the Taliban and ISIS do, Rodney. Which do you identify most with?

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        No Scott, like antifa, blm, the Nazis, the North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong Un, you know, all the ones you fascist/communists identity most with.

  15. libra says:

    Obama and his judges make it almost impossible to stop the invasion from all over the world now. Justice Roberts –a huge disappointment stopped the citizen question on the census and Obama judges issued injunctions also to stop a question that had always been on the census until Obama removed the question. President Trump will now get the answer from the stats at Social Security –they pay out all the welfare the illegals all receive and the Dept of Agriculture etc. They will be truthful answers better than answers on a census form where an untruthful answer could be checked off. I have a hunch the TRUE FIGURES will be so shocking when those spread sheets are printed up and Americans see the carnage being performed on us , our country, our bank accounts, our taxes on homes to educate the illegal’s children –in Texas over 20% of all children in Tx Public schools are here illegally but must be educated by an edict from the supreme court. Anne Coulter wrote a book”Adios America” and that is how she got those stats.. The departments of gov. that shovel out tax dollars to illegals guard the figures because they know that if we the people find out there will be hell to pay.. MAGE GO TRUMP

  16. Lets face facts every thing Obama did was wrong for the country, he was out to destroy America as we know it and the democrats are still working in his foot steps.

  17. florence says:

    Steve, you are 100% correct.

  18. Rodney says:

    Between the communist Marxist congressional Dimwits, BarryO and the idiot judges who are in collusion with them all, we have a very screwed up immigration system. Until sanity is restored, we are just screwed.

    • Robert Berger says:

      You are an ignorant moron and there are no ” Marxists and communists “in congress or our government . And you don’t even know what Marxism and communism are, because you’re a typical clueless conservative American . Our alleged “president ” Trump, who was fraudulently elected , is a fascist dictator, not a president . He thinks he’s the emperor of America, not its president .

  19. Steve says:

    Well the “enemy president” / obama , supports ALL the criminals in the world , including HIS ISIS terrorists , with OUR stolen taxpayer funds , him being the lead top world criminal himself , being the worst , along with soros & the clintons .

    • Scott27 says:

      My word, Steve, how completely gullible can you be? Take some time and explore reality and truth… you won’t find it wherever you’ve been getting your information.

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