Every American is in danger after Obama forced Border Patrol to do one thing

During his eight years in office, Barack Obama refused to take any action on the border.

Thankfully, President Trump is working overtime to make up for his inaction.

But it may be too late, and every American is in danger because Obama forced Border Patrol to do this one thing.

Of all the dangerous border policies we have in the United States, catch and release is the worst.

It forced Border Patrol agents to release illegal immigrants that they arrest trying to get into the United States.

And as it turns out, many of those people are far from simply “innocent’ economic migrants and asylum seekers like the Left claims.

In fact, one of the men previously released from Border Patrol custody is about as dangerous as they can get.

Hector “La Mimi or M-22” Sanchez Rivera is the leading enforcer for the Gulf Cartel, and controls human smuggling from all of the Gulf Cartel’s territory in Mexico to South Texas.

A new report shows that he was caught on April 26, 2016, while Obama was in office, and released just 15 days later after he lied about who he was.

Breitbart reports:

One of the men suspected of controlling the smuggling of migrants for the Gulf Cartel was previously arrested by U.S. authorities and released 15 days later on a single immigration charge. The man is considered one of the cartel’s most violent enforcers in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

As Breitbart News exclusively reported, Hector “La Mimi or M-22” Sanchez Rivera is currently a leading enforcer for the Gulf Cartel along with his brother, Ernesto. They are directly responsible for controlling the smuggling of migrants from Gulf Cartel territory in Mexico to South Texas. The duo fostered a reputation for violence and is linked to numerous executions, kidnappings, carjacks, and extortion schemes in Reynosa.

Local authorities and U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested Sanchez Rivera in Rio Grande City on April 26, 2016, moments after he and a group of men crossed the border river via raft. Court documents revealed that Sanchez told federal agents he was a Mexican national without lawful presence in the U.S. Despite being a Gulf Cartel member, prosecutors only charged Sanchez Rivera with one count of illegal entry.

This is a man responsible for unknown numbers of deaths.

Him being on the streets puts Americans at danger every single day.

If it weren’t for the failed catch and release system, border enforcement would have been able to identify who he is and he’d likely still be in jail today.

Trump is working to do away with this failed policy, along with building a wall on the border.

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78 Responses

  1. Kath says:

    I hope and pray that this piece of crap affirmative action baboon and the rest of the demoRATs get some serious karma soon. Maybe a few of them or somebody they love will become the victim of a criminal illegal.

  2. Mama says:

    Hi Mark, So Glad you came back for my apology !. Geez, i’m bummed’ i was the 2nd ! LOL. GLAD YOU a Real MAN. THNX ! &
    NOT the ‘other’ ‘stuff’. Maybe i had a ‘brainflash’ of Sister Mary Mark in high school. haha. She looked at me w/
    ‘badio’ Eyes. I NO LIKEE her, & she ‘knew it. Anyway —-
    “May You Have a Beautiful Life, as well.
    Do you enjoy a ‘smart lady’ Companion ?
    God Bless.

  3. Mark Hopkins says:

    That’s ok Mama, lol. Absolutely no offense taken. I’ve actually had that happen once before. I’ve always been male though. But I do love the ladies… As long as they’re smart ladies. May you have a beautiful life Mama. God bless you.

  4. Mama says:

    Geez, sorry MARK. Sometimes i can’t see too
    good w/dim lighting. Hey, i’m Glad you’re
    a MAN !!!

  5. Mark Hopkins says:

    Thanks much Mama, but it’s Mark, not Mary. I’m 100% man. Home grown, patriotic and secure in my sexual identity.

  6. Mama says:

    Thank you, Say ‘IT’, Mary Hopkins.

  7. Mark Hopkins says:

    This world is in deep trouble. Most don’t realize just how bad off it really is. You have the so called “Democrats” that want to RULE the world and be damned with any laws or even common sense that make us civilized and free. Then you have the sniveling, self righteous, semi educated morons that are too cowardly to take any responsibility for their own lives and WANT to be ruled. Those are the proponents of this false “Democracy” which is really just totalitarian communism any way you look at it. The “globalist” view is the belief that we would all be equal, there would be no crime because the “government” would take care of us by removing all weapons and totally protect us from ourselves. The reality is; the “government” would impose complete control over the populace including all companies and corporations, stifle production of anything they deemed unnecessary or dangerous which would in turn destroy any healthy economy and completely remove any incentive to excel. The middle class would be extinct. There would only by the elite ruling class and the “subjects” (peons or slaves). This has never worked for the good of the populace and never will. They (the elite) would decide what you can and can’t have and even when and how you should die. It has already gone too far in this country for far too long. We must decide soon if our freedom is worth fighting for. I believe it is.

  8. Mark Hopkins says:

    No Scott, like antifa, blm, the Nazis, the North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong Un, you know, all the ones you fascist/communists identity most with.

  9. Jack Handy says:

    0h ‘smart 0ne – WHERE DO you ! get Your Info ?
    ‘Fess Up’ , Enlighten us. We Are Always Willing
    to Learn ___

  10. Jack Handy says:

    ps. WHY SHOULD ‘i’ Translate Eng. To YOU
    You are So Smart, rite? lol
    You Would Fail Miserably w/ ‘Code’.
    J4T, YOU! are a ‘dumbus’, bucko. LOL.
    (Sad). ‘Scrap ‘me’ All you want, bottom line =
    You LOSE. Now, G0, Take Care of Your Soul ]]] Mind/Body WILL Follow ___

  11. Jack Handy says:

    Yep, i translate Eng. V. Well & some ‘foreign languages. YOU, ‘Translate HATE. bucko.
    You also Sick. You Eat GMO food. Drink
    junko ‘liquid. YOUR DNA Altered /Wired W/& for Hate. But YOU, bucko, Cannot SEE ‘That’___
    Anything Else ?

  12. Mama says:

    Pack it up J4T – Helene May be older 0r an ‘ immi’ not
    speaking or spelling English too good.
    Give Her ‘a break’. She IS expressing some True Thoughts.
    You ‘express’ Yours & Not too good & V. Unpatriotic &
    Not Thankful for what you have, so it appears.
    You a ‘humpback’. Know what that means ???

  13. ROSE says:

    Agree all the way.We,as Americans are lucky to be alive after all the bs,that Muslim Bastard put America through.

  14. Justice for Trump says:

    There once was an idiot named Glad
    A brain he must have had
    Then he fell in love with Trump
    Who eventually he wanted to dump
    So instead fell in love with Russia’s Vlad.

  15. Justice for Trump says:

    Are you able to translate in English?

  16. Justice for Trump says:

    Even you avid right wingers must admit Helene is one crazy lady.

  17. John Wiggins says:

    The Koch brothers provide a useful product to society. Soros, on the other hand makes his money by betting against the economy (hedge funds). No useful product provided

  18. John Wiggins says:

    There is one conspiracy that is not false and that is communism. Out of their own mouths they support making the entire world communist. That is why they support revolutions where ever they are able.

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