Even CNN was speechless when Beto O’Rourke let a new world order plot slip on national TV

Democrats don’t just have differing opinions than the rest of America.

They truly want to force America into a globalist new world order government.

But even CNN was speechless when Beto O’Rourke let a new world order plot slip on national TV.

In the most recent Democrat debate, CNN host Anderson Cooper seemed to try to talk Beto O’Rourke back from previous comments where he advocates for gun confiscation.

Cooper asked O’Rourke what the government should do if Americans don’t comply with his proposed gun confiscation plan.

And O’Rourke openly declared that they be forcibly “taken from them,” and that if a gun owner doesn’t turn over their weapons, “there will be other consequences from law enforcement.”

Breitbart News reports:

O’Rourke reiterated his plan to use a government-mandated buyback to confiscate privately-owned AR-15s and AK-47s. In so doing, he claimed that each AR-15 and AK-47 in private hands is a “potential instrument of terror.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper then asked O’Rourke how he plans to get people to hand over their rifles.

O’Rourke responded by explaining that he expects complains with the mandatory buybacks. He said, “I expect my fellow Americans to follow the law. The same way we enforce any provision, any law that we have right now, we don’t go door to door to do anything to enforce the law. I expect Republicans, Democrats, gun owners, non-gun owners alike, to follow the law.”

Cooper then followed up by asking what O’Rourke plans to do if Americans do not comply.

O’Rourke said, “If someone does not turn an AR-15 or an AK-47, one of these weapons of war, or brings it out in public and brandishes it, in an attempt to intimidate…then that weapon will be taken from them. If they persist, there will be other consequences from law enforcement.”

What O’Rourke is admitting is that his government will order police officers to shoot anybody who doesn’t turn over their guns when told to.

That is the only course of action when disarming somebody who doesn’t comply.

And once he is able to pick up every one of those guns, all other liberties can be trampled on.

The United States is the only holdout when it comes to firearms liberty, with virtually every other country in the world having none.

And there is no way to implement any sort of global governance as long as United States citizens have their firearm sovereignty.

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156 Responses

  1. ralph helm says:

    When you buy a gun from a licesened dealer & fillout the paperwork is by law registered!!!!!!!

  2. David Small says:

    Of course we can ignore any gun control mandates. Read the constitution! ANY law that infringes on the individual’s right to keep and bear arms is unconstitutional, and can legally be ignored. If the government is unwilling to accept that, then it is time for all patriots to load their weapons and defend themselves against illegal government oppression.

  3. Barry says:

    Beto is a communist sob. He needs an ar 15 stuck up his ass and the trigger pulled about 30 times…. then he needs to be hung……then he needs to be burnt and if there’s anything left……let the buzzards eat it.

  4. Will Triebel says:

    That sounds a lot like my family, hunters’ safety classes were big, and a good thing. And the kids that play their video games could easily be taught the difference, My own play some, but know the difference. Though it takes actual parenting, which is, sadly, lacking with too many nowadays.

  5. Ms. Munchkin says:

    Hey Vasu, for all your statistics, you forgot the most important one! 86% of all statistics are made up! The simple fact is you can NOT accurately calculate how much more likely someone is to be shot, commit suicide or really anything else, for that matter, simply because there is a gun in the house. There are far too many variables. Let us take, for example, your statement that a gun in one’s home is 22% more likely to be used in a criminal assault, attempted suicide, completed suicide, etcetera etcetera. Now I come from a very large family, 8 kids, who all have kids, who all have kids who all have kids. You get my point, we number in the hundreds. We all have guns. Our kids ALL grew up with guns in the home. Now buy your logic, we should have experienced at least SOME of these events, correct? Yet none of us have experienced anything even close to the things mentioned. What we have experienced are many family hunting trips, good times and laughter. We have experienced the security of knowing we can defend ourselves in a crisis. We have experienced our children’s complete and total understanding of exactly what a gun is capable of doing when they witnessed their first deer being shot. They learned from a young age guns weren’t toys, they weren’t to be played with. Unlike most kids today, who think life is like their video games or television, our children learned that guns actually do serious damage and they are a tool, not a toy. Now, those are just SOME of the variables from my family’s lives. I could to continue to give much more, I could go into actual scientific research that actually disproves your hypothesis, but this is already quite long and it is getting late. But if you are actually interested in an abundance of studies that show that children who grow up with guns in their homes are far less likely to commit violent crimes, commit suicide by gun and are generally more lawful citizens, I’ll be happy to disprove your hypothesis any time!

  6. Milton Wiseman says:

    My,my spouting government stats. Nice, but you miss excluded stats such as self defense gun use, and many times just the sight of a gun stops the crime. Cell phone cause more deaths and injuries when added to teen drivers. Add to that the adults that are killed or injured while driving and even walking. You are just a talking head and a sheep. I started shooting when I was 10 and I have never killed or injured another person, I love the shooting sports and hunting.. You meet the nicest people at the range and out in the field hunting.

  7. snark says:

    FYI: AR15 IS ” Arma-Lite” Rifle.
    NOT an ‘assualt weapon’. Beto (fraud name)
    Has No Clue re “ARMA-LITE.” eom.

  8. Will Penny says:

    Beto can wish in one hand and take a you know what in his other hand , see which one fills up first . That’s right Beto , what’s that smell bro , just what the hell have u been eating Beto . It must be your own crap in yoh hand you dumbass . You SIMPLETONS aren’t getting our guns today and as a matter of fact , not any other day . We are keeping our guns no matter what you fools think or do . Now if your feeling lucky please do give it a go , it’ll be our pleasure to help you poor Libby’s out with that idea !!!

  9. In response to Vasu. You were very long winded, many numbers and many assumtions. But like all Democrats lead away from ALL the FACTS. During the revaluation many militia men had better long arms than the British foot infrantry. Furthermore A militia is made up of non military civilians called up in a time of national emergancy. We the people NO longer have better arms than any military in the entire world.
    Another fact you fail to mention is that the vast majority of gun violence is by gangs trying to protect there drug sales turf. Yet you are in Faver of legalizing drug use. You fail to mention that 70000 people are killed due to drug every year, let alone those killed due to drug sales turf guarding. Are you smart enough to realize where much of the problem lies.
    If we Can’t keep tons of drugs out of our country, illegally posses how do we keep guns out of the hands of criminals. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that an unarmed law abiding citizenry would be at the mercy of the criminal minded. There is many factors involved in our nations excess violence toward one another these are what need to be addressed not the existance of a mechanical device!

  10. Bob says:

    There are more people killed by knives than guns every year.

  11. Will Triebel says:

    Hey O’Rourke! There are no illegal AR-15s . They’re just undocumented.

  12. Will Triebel says:

    He is actually from El Paso, which, IMO, just shows him to be an even bigger idiot.
    Had the displeasure of meeting him once, while he was in Austin. Wound up telling him to stick with milking his dead cow and walked off.

  13. Todd says:

    Does this idiot think that southerners are going to as ordered. I dont think he has been to the south if he is wanting to start a civil war bring it on. I dont think there is sheriffs office in the south that would even agree to do his dirty work I am just saying it would cause a lot of blood shed. This guy needs to be checked into a mental institution cause I dont think he knows fantasy from reality what an idiot. I dont know of any law abiding citizen that would just hand over their weapons I do believe it would turn a lot of people into criminals so if he is wanting stop mass shootings he is going about the wrong way because there will be a lot more mass shootings especially you come to my home and say you are forceing me to give up my guns we are going to have some issues.

  14. Martha says:

    I agree!

  15. Hanna says:

    This dirt eater needs to shut up and go away. He is going to get himself into a 6 ft hole and won’t be able too eat his way out of it.

  16. allen d osborne says:

    And I agree with you 100%

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