Even CNN was speechless when Beto O’Rourke let a new world order plot slip on national TV

Democrats don’t just have differing opinions than the rest of America.

They truly want to force America into a globalist new world order government.

But even CNN was speechless when Beto O’Rourke let a new world order plot slip on national TV.

In the most recent Democrat debate, CNN host Anderson Cooper seemed to try to talk Beto O’Rourke back from previous comments where he advocates for gun confiscation.

Cooper asked O’Rourke what the government should do if Americans don’t comply with his proposed gun confiscation plan.

And O’Rourke openly declared that they be forcibly “taken from them,” and that if a gun owner doesn’t turn over their weapons, “there will be other consequences from law enforcement.”

Breitbart News reports:

O’Rourke reiterated his plan to use a government-mandated buyback to confiscate privately-owned AR-15s and AK-47s. In so doing, he claimed that each AR-15 and AK-47 in private hands is a “potential instrument of terror.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper then asked O’Rourke how he plans to get people to hand over their rifles.

O’Rourke responded by explaining that he expects complains with the mandatory buybacks. He said, “I expect my fellow Americans to follow the law. The same way we enforce any provision, any law that we have right now, we don’t go door to door to do anything to enforce the law. I expect Republicans, Democrats, gun owners, non-gun owners alike, to follow the law.”

Cooper then followed up by asking what O’Rourke plans to do if Americans do not comply.

O’Rourke said, “If someone does not turn an AR-15 or an AK-47, one of these weapons of war, or brings it out in public and brandishes it, in an attempt to intimidate…then that weapon will be taken from them. If they persist, there will be other consequences from law enforcement.”

What O’Rourke is admitting is that his government will order police officers to shoot anybody who doesn’t turn over their guns when told to.

That is the only course of action when disarming somebody who doesn’t comply.

And once he is able to pick up every one of those guns, all other liberties can be trampled on.

The United States is the only holdout when it comes to firearms liberty, with virtually every other country in the world having none.

And there is no way to implement any sort of global governance as long as United States citizens have their firearm sovereignty.


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153 Responses

  1. snark says:

    FYI: AR15 IS ” Arma-Lite” Rifle.
    NOT an ‘assualt weapon’. Beto (fraud name)
    Has No Clue re “ARMA-LITE.” eom.

  2. Will Penny says:

    Beto can wish in one hand and take a you know what in his other hand , see which one fills up first . That’s right Beto , what’s that smell bro , just what the hell have u been eating Beto . It must be your own crap in yoh hand you dumbass . You SIMPLETONS aren’t getting our guns today and as a matter of fact , not any other day . We are keeping our guns no matter what you fools think or do . Now if your feeling lucky please do give it a go , it’ll be our pleasure to help you poor Libby’s out with that idea !!!

  3. Will Triebel says:

    Hey O’Rourke! There are no illegal AR-15s . They’re just undocumented.

  4. Todd says:

    Does this idiot think that southerners are going to as ordered. I dont think he has been to the south if he is wanting to start a civil war bring it on. I dont think there is sheriffs office in the south that would even agree to do his dirty work I am just saying it would cause a lot of blood shed. This guy needs to be checked into a mental institution cause I dont think he knows fantasy from reality what an idiot. I dont know of any law abiding citizen that would just hand over their weapons I do believe it would turn a lot of people into criminals so if he is wanting stop mass shootings he is going about the wrong way because there will be a lot more mass shootings especially you come to my home and say you are forceing me to give up my guns we are going to have some issues.

    • Will Triebel says:

      He is actually from El Paso, which, IMO, just shows him to be an even bigger idiot.
      Had the displeasure of meeting him once, while he was in Austin. Wound up telling him to stick with milking his dead cow and walked off.

  5. Hanna says:

    This dirt eater needs to shut up and go away. He is going to get himself into a 6 ft hole and won’t be able too eat his way out of it.

  6. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    potential instrument of terror….Really?!!!…O’Rourke typifies what is WRONG with the US today. There are MANY more JUST LIKE HIM. A soft and fruity Nancy Boy with a rose colored view and naive outlook of what the US future should be. Just spewing oral diarrhea saying anything to gain votes. A dodger, weaver and schemer who has been at it since child birth. These people are TODAYS CAREER POLITICIANS………..LOSERS……………….I saw these BRATS years ago when they were toddlers, to teenagers and one could see they were products of parents who were exactly the SAME…….Baby BOOMER BRATS themselves. We need a good world war to put these MFers on the first wave into an invasion as cannon fodder

  7. Bill says:

    A few months ago the Democratic party and the mainstream news media practically dubbed old Beto as the next savior of the country. Then, he proceeded to open his mouth and started spouting his insane ideas and suddenly his approval ratings have dropped faster than a lead balloon.

    Many of us who have actually studied some history have seen his scenario played out before, as in Russia. First, the government controls the entire news media. Then, they confiscate weapons. Then, they take control of all the wealth. Then, they enslave the people. Maybe this might ring a bell with those who slept through these lessons in school. But, that is exactly what these Democrats are proposing to do to us and it is scary because many Americans are actually buying into their b/s.

  8. Tim Shepperson says:

    Maybe he and the NBA should move to the Peoples Republic of China and see how that goes.

  9. Gerard says:

    Let’s skewer Beto and have a pig roast. The only problem with that is no matter how long you roast him he’ll still taste bad.

  10. 2WarAbnVet says:

    While the ARs and AKs in civilian hands do not approximate “weapons of war” since they are semi-auto only, it should be noted that if our forebears did not possess “weapons of war” we would still be British subjects.

  11. jozef jorik says:


    • Robert says:

      people that are sworn into office swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States… so if they’re going against the second amendment… that is notupholding the Constitution they are going against it, therefore they should be taken out of office or never be put into office.

  12. Loren Clobes says:

    And TURD BETO is running for POTUS???
    Is he so stupid that he is unaware of OUR FREEDOMS which are given to us under the constution?
    Will it be necessary for us to call THE DICTATOR IN CHARGE when nature calls and we have to urinae or deficate? Hey BETO, get realistic.

  13. VGF says:

    HAVEN~T YOU got the Message..YET”””Beto ?? No one Has the LEAST regard for Anything YOU SPOUT Off ABOUT. YOU ARE Merely A Piece of Nothing that Just Doesn`t know IT. KEEP that kind of Rhetoric UP In THIS USA..AND Eventually YOU MIGHT EARN YOURSELF A ONE_WAY RIDE OUT OF OUR COUNTRY tied ON A GREASED RAIL >>

  14. Dan Winright says:

    Well mr odork I think you just shot your mouth off. The end mr odork.

  15. an says:

    We’ve watched this LITTLE BOY on his first trip to the dentist, his first haircut, his first shave, & I guess his first Colonoscopy that is “backfiring” at us. WHO THE HELL WANTS A SPOILED LITTLE CHILD AS PRESIDENT ……. THIS KID IS JUST PLAIN STUPID, he needs a good “spanking”. SOMEONE, PLEASE TAKE THIS CRYBABY’S SKATEBOARD AWAY! He needs a time out! STUPID, period!

  16. Amy F Lewis says:

    All they want to do is take away people’s guns so they can control us. we will not be able to defend ourselves or our families. This country is being destroyed from within by those who want a one-world government.

    • Rani says:

      I agree with what you’ve said and have said the same thing. We are watching the destruction of our Constitution by these crazy politicians who have got to go. We’ve got to take control and get these commiunists out of Congress and shut them up. They take our Freedom of Speech Right and use it against us by smearing this President. This impeachment crap they’ve got going has to stop and I can’t see why people can’t fire them. This is a dangerous thing that Schiff and Pelosi are doing behind closed doors. What the hell are they plotting? We, the people, can’t allow anymore of this. We don’t want a new world order government. It would be insanity.

  17. Vasu Murti says:

    Gun violence IS a sanctity-of-life issue!

    A gun in one’s home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill or injure in a criminal assault or homicide, an attempted or completed suicide, or unintentional shooting than to kill or injure in self-defense. (Kellermann, et al, 1998 Journal of Trauma, 42:263-67)

    In the U.S., 8 children and teenagers are killed, and more than 47 are injured, by a firearm every day. (CDC, NCHS, December 2006)

    The risk of homicide in the home is three times greater in households with guns. (Kellermann, et al, New England Journal of Medicine, 1993)

    The risk of suicide is five times greater in households with guns. (Kellermann et al, New England Journal of Medicine, 1992)

    A 1990 law banning the sale of “Saturday Night Special” handguns in Maryland was associated with reduced use of these guns by criminals, and a 9% lower rate of firearm homicides in the state between 1990-1998 than would have been expected had there been no law.

    Policies that deny handgun purchases to individuals with prior misdemeanor or felony convictions are associated with a decreased risk of subsequent convictions. Misdemeanants who had allowed to purchase handguns prior to the passage of a California state law prohibiting such purchases had a rate of criminal offending 29% higher than that among misdemeanants who were denied handgun purchases after the law took effect.

    Every day in the U.S., 8 children and teenagers are killed and more than 47 are injured by a firearm.

    In 2005, 595 California children and youth under age 21 were killed with firearms and 1,554 California children and youth under 21 were hospitalized with nonfatal firerarms injuries.

    One-third of U.S. children live in homes with firearms. Almost half of homes with children and firearms keep a gun unlocked.

    68% of the attackers in school shootings obtained the gun(s) from their own home or that of a relative. 61% of the attackers used handguns.

    Many young children, including children as young as three years old, are strong enough to fire a handgun.

    In 2004, guns were used to kill:

    5 people in New Zealand
    37 in Sweden
    56 in Australia
    73 in England and Wales
    184 in Canada

    and 11,344 in the United States. God bless America.

    Gun control advocate Junling Hu writes:

    “A gun is a consumer product, sold for cash and purchased by individuals. While all other consumer products including teddy bears are subject to strict federal laws, guns are given a free pass. There are no safety regulation on guns thanks to the NRA’s lobbying efforts. Unsafe guns lead to accidents and death of adults and children at home. The ones who suffer are the gun owners.

    “A gun is also a lethal weapon. Falling into the wrong hand, it enables a criminal to kill, a gang member to fight, and a teenager to seek revenge. Guns are deadlier than tobacco, alcohol or gambling combined. While all of these are off limits to youngsters, and although a 20-year-old can be arrested for drinking a beer, he can go scot-free for buying a gun.

    “The debate over gun laws is muffled by the slogan, ‘We need less government regulation.’ It is as if government regulation is always wrong. These people ignore the fact that the government regulates every aspect of our life today. From water to air, to drugs and toys, everything touching us is regulated by law. Without the Clean Air Act, we would be breathing dirty air emissions from power plants; we would be drinking unsafe water. Without government regulation, medicines with fatal side effects would not be pulled off shelves and toys with lead poison would still be on the market. Government regulation affects our housing safety, our food quality, our driving safety (through speed limits and safety belt laws). As we live in a civilized society, the government serves as a mediator and enforcer as no individual can do.

    “The freedom of owning a gun has virtually nothing to do with abiding gun laws. Anyone can own an automobile, but they still need to register and get licenses for their cars. Everyone has the freedom of owning a house, but they still have to watch for zoning regulation and fire safety requirements.

    “Sensible gun laws govern manufacturing standard, product safety, and accessible by minors and criminals. Sensible gun laws govern the safety of our street, our school, and most importantly, the safety of our home.

    “Common sense gun laws such as closing gun show loophole, assault weapon ban, and child-lock are fundamentally needed to be sure guns do not fall into wrong hands. Yet all these basic laws are fought against by the NRA lobby. How far can we go in this extremist view of so-called ‘individual freedom’? The consequence of suffering is demonstrated by deadly shooting every day, in every corner of America. Each day, over 80 people die from gun shooting, from accidents at home, to disputes with one’s neighbor, to random shootings on the street. The deadly consequence of ‘gun freedom’ are the death of a young four-year-old–shot while playing with guns, a 15-year-old while in heat of argument, and a 19-year-old walking out of a nightclub.

    “America does not have to be a society soaked in blood, because the bloody consequences were caused by a powerful gun lobby that stripped away our basic protection from the law. Let’s work to enact sensible gun laws. We ask for sensible regulation on guns, as we ask for regulation on food and drugs. The gun issue is no longer a private matter but a public safety issue. It affects all of us. Let’s pass sensible gun laws now.”

    The logic of gun control can best be understood by considering the analogy of the automobile. A car is a potentially lethal weapon. To drive a car, one must be trained, licensed, and have that license periodically renewed. And a car is designed solely as a means of transportation. Guns, on the other hand, are deliberately designed to kill people. It is not unreasonable to demand their regulation.

    Guns are the second deadliest consumer product (after cars) on the market. By the end of the 1990s, firearms will likely supplant automobiles as the leading cause of product-related deaths throughout the United States. In 1990, American guns claimed an estimated 37,000 lives. There are no federal safety standards for the domestic manufacture of guns. There are no voluntary, industry-wide safety standards for the manufacture of guns.

    Every two minutes, somebody somewhere in the United States is shot. Every 14 minutes, somebody dies from a gunshot wound. Each gun injury involving hospitalization costs $33,159. A license to sell a gun costs 83 cents per month.

    A gun rolls off the assembly line in America every 10 seconds. America imports another gun every 11 seconds. There are 246,984 gun dealers in the United States, but only 240 inspectors to keep an eye on them.

    There is a popular myth that handgun ownership makes people safer. In reality, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that a handgun in the home is 43 times more likely to kill the owner, a family member, or a friend than it is to kill an intruder. Over 75 percent of firearm deaths in a typical year involve handguns. The FBI Uniform Crime Statistics Report says that nationally, there were 38,317 firearm deaths in 1992, but fewer than 300 justifiable homicides.

    Another myth is that gun control laws don t make a difference. In reality, strict handgun regulation saves lives. In Washington, DC, a tougher gun law actually reduced homicides by 25 percent through the mid-1980s. Again, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that 47 lives were saved in Washington, DC, in a typical year studied, because of that city’s handgun ban.

    Most other industrialized nations have virtual bans on handgun sales. In 1990, handguns were used in the homicides of 13 people in Sweden, 91 in Switzerland, 87 in Japan, 22 in Great Britain, and 68 in Canada, compared to 10,567 in the United States.

    Is gun control constitutional? The Second Amendment refers to “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” Roger Tatarian, professor emeritus of journalism at California State University, Fresno, notes, however, that “things can change over time” with regards to the original intent of the founders.

    The Third Amendment, for example, protects citizens against compulsory quartering of troops in private homes. Technology has also made obsolete the constitutional provision giving Congress the right to declare war. “No president who is warned that a hostile missile is en route…has time nowadays to ask Congress for a declaration of war before responding,” states Tartarian. “He can commit the country to an all-out war simply by pressing a button.”

    Tartarian observes: “The Constitution certainly does not ban private ownership of weapons; that would have been unthinkable for a people still living in an often hostile natural environment and where many depended on hunting for a livelihood. But a tradition of owning arms is one thing and a constitutional guarantee is quite another. They ought not be confused

    According to Tatarian: “The Second Amendment as it now exists evolved from a draft offered by James Madison on June 8, 1789. His intent very clearly was to tie the constitutional right to own arms to service in official militias regulated by state governments.” Madison’s original proposal reads:

    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country: but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person.”

    The final version of the amendment which emerged from a House-Senate conference on September 25, 1789, also tied the constitutional right to bear arms to service in a militia, and stated that such militias are to be “well regulated”:

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    Handgun control is constitutional. The courts have repeatedly ruled that the Second Amendment does not apply to individuals outside the context of “a well regulated militia.” A handgun control ordinance was upheld by the U.S. Seventh Court of Appeals in 1982, which issued the following statement: “We conclude that the right to keep and bear handguns is not guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”

    The Supreme Court let the decision stand by refusing to hear the appeal of the handgun lobby. The Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Cruikshank that the Second Amendment doesn’t mean anything except “(the right to keep and bear arms) shall not be infringed by Congress.”

    This 1876 ruling established that states and localities are not prevented from enacting their own gun control laws–and they remain free to do so to this day. In 1980, the Supreme Court reconfirmed that “these legislative restrictions on the use of firearms do not trench upon any constitutionally protected liberties.”

    Guns should be regulated like other consumer products. Handguns and assault rifles should be banned, and ammunition should be taxed heavily.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • Patti Patterson says:

      So since after all that talking, you state that guns are second after cars for deaths, AFTER you have banned and confiscated all cars and trucks and all other vehicles; THEN you can come for my gun.

      • Gary Von Neida says:

        ALL DESPOTS REQUIRE TWO THINGS ABOVE ALL ELSE: a population that has been brain washed and saturated with propaganda, and , and un-armed population–so , once becoming aware of what the government is about, cannot mount a defence.

    • Tumbleweed says:

      You are so full of BS you bag of hot air.. You are a threat to or climate due to the hot air you spew, we need to sick the EPAon you.

    • Parker Corprew says:

      You sir are a complete and utter idiot! My family helped found this nation I understand the cost I understand a whole lot more than you think and there’s a whole lot more of us that understand your kind. I would suggest that you reread the Constitution the Declaration and the Bill of Rights I don’t know where you got your information from accept the fact that your demon Craddock party has been skewing numbers for years I would suggest you rethink your position very quickly!

    • markle laws says:

      Your 1st amendment rights should be the first right to go. Then you will have to quit preaching about something which you have no knowledge of..

    • Stan says:

      Try admitting that 60 percent of gun deaths are suicides

    • Benjamin C Talmadge says:

      Who ever you are your nutty as a fruit cake just like all the Democrats dummer than a box of rocks

    • Benjamin C Talmadge says:

      Who ever you are your nutty as a fruit cake just like all the Democrats Y’all need to get some new material

    • Johnny says:

      Hey gasoline I could spout crap like you but I would be lying like you!!

    • John S Dressler says:

      Dear Vasu, while there are many of us who beg to differ with you and your monumental and slightly biased assemblage of statistics, my challenge to your very lengthy argument is brief and simple.

      Gun violence in this country is not a sanctity of life issue. It is a crime. It is perpetrated in most cases by people in varying degrees of mental dysfunction who also happen to be in possession of a firearm at the same time, especially mass murderers. NONE of that describes any of the law abiding gun owners in this country.

      If you and your organization want the violence to end then may I suggest you devote your time, money and effort to re-opening most of the mental institutions that have been closed across this country. Healthcare officials learned long ago that there is no profit in caring for the those who are insane. The only patients you can make money treating are those that are admitted to hospitals that the healthcare insurance companies will pay for. They won’t pay for more than 30 days of care for someone who is mentally ill if they will pay that anymore. They have become very good lately at just saying “no.” Even to people with insurance coverage.

      While you are busy doing that, the American gun owners will finally find some measure of relief from those who believe what you do and since their weapons are only for sport and self defense, peace will be restored. With the insane where they should be and firearms owned by law abiding citizens where they have always been, gun violence will plummet.

    • Jake says:

      I am glad you enjoy writing these long responses that no one reads. Are you for real or are you a nut case?

    • Freddie says:

      So Vasu,what’s your point?

      • The Real M says:

        I sometimes get a little verbos with my comments but not like Vasu!

    • Will says:

      AND that my friends is the world according to Vasu
      They use to lock people like him up ,, because they were deranged ,,, but now they let them register as Democrats and put them out in public

    • 2004done says:

      VsuMurti: You left out almost ALL of the “6 Factors for Homicide in the Home” from your quoted Kellerman article:

      Illicit drug use 5.7
      Home rented 4.4
      Any household member hit or 4.4
      hurt in a fight in the home
      Case subject or control 3.7
      lived alone
      Gun or guns kept in the home 2.7
      Any household member arrested 2.5

    • JoPaul says:

      It is estimated that a quarter million people die each year and the hand of medical malpractice. Of the people killed buy guns. How many are from illegally obtained guns in the hand of gangs, how many from self defense, how many by police ? A gun is a tool, just like a gun, hammer etc all can kill. More people die from being stabbed to death than from guns. So lets follow England who are now banning knives. We have a 2nd amendment which is for the people to defend against tyranny both foreign and domestic.

      The Demon-rat agenda: Animal Rights (take away meet), Defending the Affordable Care Act (Raise taxes, should fix it) (Ending Free Speech) Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition =Raising drug use and abuse), Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, not necessary liberal scare tactic to disarm Americans so they cant protect themselves from tyranny Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour (force business out of business, recession), Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming (FAKE Consensus, we were supposed to be dead and out of oil by now, it’s been predicted for decades and we’re still here) and a Sustainable Energy Policy, (Wow something I can support).

    • Paul Aldredge says:

      If you’re truly a “Democrat for America,” QUIT going along with destroying our God-given rights to defend ourselves. Just because Pakistanis aren’t allowed guns, doesn’t mean real Americans should ever give up guns.

      • The Real M says:

        Paul A., Vasu and the Dems are touting “guns” as a sanctity of life issue. Might I add that gun deaths pale in comparison with the untold millions of babies who have been murdered by means of abortion!
        The Dems don’t agree that abortion is murder but, I do and most important of all, God states it in the Bible! Babies are not just a blob of matter aka fetus! God states it again and again in His word, Don’t take my word for it, read it in the Bible, don’t have a Bible find a pastor, father, rabbi, etc. to explain and show the scripture to anyone who does not believe!

    • Mike Lee says:

      Vasu, you not only speak like an Idiot, you are a Idiot

    • mike says:

      You failed to mention that we are to protect our country from threats, foreign and domestic. A government intent on taking away our rights and liberties is a domestic threat. The fact that there are over 300,000,000 guns in households in the US is the reason the government hasn’t pushed farther. The Chinese, Russians, Japanese and Germans all avoided trying to invade the US because not only would they h had to face our armed forces, but also our armed population. There are documented statements from their leaders stating this. Most gun violence in this country occurs in gun free or gun restricted areas. Children who are hurt or killed by guns most likely haven’t been taught gun safety. This is the fault of irresponsible parents, not guns. I grew up in a house where guns were not locked and nothing happened because we were taught at an early age how to shoot and to respect the gun. I notice you didn’t mention all the knife attacks happening in Europe, so much that the Mayor of London wants to outlaw certain knives. Knife attacks are also up in Asia and Australia. A politician in Australia in fact made a statement not long ago that removing guns from law abiding citizens have created a situation where only the criminals have guns. By the way, criminals don’t care about gun laws.

    • Will Triebel says:

      Vasubot, around 200,000 people die each year from medical mistakes and prescription drugs, far more that from guns and vehicles combined. So should we ban modern medicine?

    • Bob says:

      There are more people killed by knives than guns every year.

    • In response to Vasu. You were very long winded, many numbers and many assumtions. But like all Democrats lead away from ALL the FACTS. During the revaluation many militia men had better long arms than the British foot infrantry. Furthermore A militia is made up of non military civilians called up in a time of national emergancy. We the people NO longer have better arms than any military in the entire world.
      Another fact you fail to mention is that the vast majority of gun violence is by gangs trying to protect there drug sales turf. Yet you are in Faver of legalizing drug use. You fail to mention that 70000 people are killed due to drug every year, let alone those killed due to drug sales turf guarding. Are you smart enough to realize where much of the problem lies.
      If we Can’t keep tons of drugs out of our country, illegally posses how do we keep guns out of the hands of criminals. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that an unarmed law abiding citizenry would be at the mercy of the criminal minded. There is many factors involved in our nations excess violence toward one another these are what need to be addressed not the existance of a mechanical device!

    • Milton Wiseman says:

      My,my spouting government stats. Nice, but you miss excluded stats such as self defense gun use, and many times just the sight of a gun stops the crime. Cell phone cause more deaths and injuries when added to teen drivers. Add to that the adults that are killed or injured while driving and even walking. You are just a talking head and a sheep. I started shooting when I was 10 and I have never killed or injured another person, I love the shooting sports and hunting.. You meet the nicest people at the range and out in the field hunting.

    • Ms. Munchkin says:

      Hey Vasu, for all your statistics, you forgot the most important one! 86% of all statistics are made up! The simple fact is you can NOT accurately calculate how much more likely someone is to be shot, commit suicide or really anything else, for that matter, simply because there is a gun in the house. There are far too many variables. Let us take, for example, your statement that a gun in one’s home is 22% more likely to be used in a criminal assault, attempted suicide, completed suicide, etcetera etcetera. Now I come from a very large family, 8 kids, who all have kids, who all have kids who all have kids. You get my point, we number in the hundreds. We all have guns. Our kids ALL grew up with guns in the home. Now buy your logic, we should have experienced at least SOME of these events, correct? Yet none of us have experienced anything even close to the things mentioned. What we have experienced are many family hunting trips, good times and laughter. We have experienced the security of knowing we can defend ourselves in a crisis. We have experienced our children’s complete and total understanding of exactly what a gun is capable of doing when they witnessed their first deer being shot. They learned from a young age guns weren’t toys, they weren’t to be played with. Unlike most kids today, who think life is like their video games or television, our children learned that guns actually do serious damage and they are a tool, not a toy. Now, those are just SOME of the variables from my family’s lives. I could to continue to give much more, I could go into actual scientific research that actually disproves your hypothesis, but this is already quite long and it is getting late. But if you are actually interested in an abundance of studies that show that children who grow up with guns in their homes are far less likely to commit violent crimes, commit suicide by gun and are generally more lawful citizens, I’ll be happy to disprove your hypothesis any time!

      • Will Triebel says:

        That sounds a lot like my family, hunters’ safety classes were big, and a good thing. And the kids that play their video games could easily be taught the difference, My own play some, but know the difference. Though it takes actual parenting, which is, sadly, lacking with too many nowadays.

  18. Mongo says:

    Mongo says, hey beto, my AR-15 is ready for you. Locked, cocked, and ready to rock doc.

  19. Dr. J. D. says:

    I am puzzled. Why would anyone be paying attention to Beto because he has NO chance of winning, and some of his statements are just meant to get him some attention in a field of 12. NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS!!! That is just a scare tactic used every few years to manipulate voters. I am a Democrat, I have a gun and I don’t believe in gun confiscation or registering of current rifles or handguns. I would LOVE to see an efficient and computerized registry of people who should not be sold guns, like the mentally ill, felons and so forth . . . and would LOVE to see new gun owners need to take a safety and information class from say a police officer and/or military experts.

    Don’t forget, many independents and Democrats are gun owners and supporters also!

    • The Real M says:

      JD, That’s good to know since we may all have to stand and fight together for our second amendment rights!

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      We pay attention because Beto is honest about what Democrats want, where the rest waffle. Even Hillary said she would like to look into what Australia did. And Beto said he would like to punish churches that don’t perform gay marriages by cutting their tax-exempt status. Again Beto is being honest about what your party wants.

    • A. Wilk says:

      Oh my friend, taking away our guns is exactly what all the candidates/dem party intend on doing if they gain power! Our 2nd Amendment is the only reason we have any freedom and rights left. It’s been proven in every country that when people give up their right to protect themselves by owning firearms, their freedom is over. That’s when the true intention of government manifests – absolute, corrupt, and murderous evil dictatorship. We can no longer willfully ignore the past and now the current actions of evilness in every government. Stop buying into all this idiot political correctness (which is stripping us of 1st Amendment rights, thinking we are all equal and so we must spread our wealth around (but the elites won’t be joining us), and the right to think for ourselves and create the life we want and make it better if we so choose. Government officials are not our forever parents (who’re abusive) and we are not responsible for everyone in the nation or planet. The people who’ve bought into the false idea that mankind can’t think for themselves or make good decisions and that government is our answer need to grow up and take responsibility for themselves. Government officials are not our God – we must get back to our true nature and higher source, our God and dump these fallen ones. They are the ones who’ve corrupted and destroyed earth. They’ve created situations to manipulate us into believing and accepting their evil world of their absolute power.

    • Lt. Robert Polans USMC, Special OPS., ret. says:

      Don’tforget this Beto tranny tyrant wo was never spanked has burglary and DUI charges against him. I don’t know how he’s running for anything. I have his pictures in dresses.

  20. Leftshot says:

    Interesting…Deport 11 million illegal aliens? LEFTISTS: You must be crazy! Can’t be done. Confiscate 16 million guns? LEFTISTS: No problem.

    • Will says:

      EXACTLY !!!!
      It`s only crazy if they are behind it

    • dprato says:

      Try 150 millijon firearm owners and 300 + million guns. Estimates one gun for every man , woman and child in usa 329 milion and 40% of population roughly
      130 million gun owners. Total military and police 3 million including only those trained to actually fight which is far less. No one is taking your guns . Comments from police, I would call in sick, Lots of cops will be shot, I am not getting killed over some stupid law. All swear to uphold constitution. No one is taking your guns and going to survive.

  21. ralph helm says:

    All 12b of the dumbocrats on last night need to go read the National firearm act of 1934 & learn what an assault weapon is— but they never want their issues confused with any F—ING facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I own several firearms & am very proud to tell them I am a LIFE member of the NRA!!!!!

  22. Randi says:

    Didn’t you hear him say, there was no way the citizens will go along with anew world government if we are still armed, and we where one of the few countries who’s citizens are still armed!! My God, there up to having a new world order!!that’s why they want Trump out!! Folks this is getting down right scary

    • Lynn says:

      Robert Francis O’Rourke-use his real name. What he said was admitting that only LAW-ABIDING Americans follow the law-meaning he knows those who own those guns illegally under current laws won’t turn them in.

      • Will Triebel says:

        I call him Francis the talking wannabe Mexican. The majority of legal Hispanic Americans here in Texas despise him, it is mostly white Regressives and refugees from Cacafornia that supported his Congressional run.

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        I appreciate Robert’s honesty. He is telling everyone what all the democrats want but don’t have the guts to say. Robert knows he has no chance so he’s just letting it all hang out.
        Good for him. We need more honest democrats. I used to think they were like the Easter bunny.

  23. NOBODY says:

    my only regret will be that he won’t be at my door for me to rid one less worthless pollution to try to steel our rights, homes, cars , and our lives, + dictate if we can have children.


    when that day comes they’ll pry my gun from my death grip and then can clean up their bodies
    from my kill shots before they get me, but till then I’m going to stay a law abiding citizen

    communists sucks and are not want near me if they want it so bad go to a land that already is, but you worthless chicken sh** won’t do that because you won’t be the soured cream of the crop. and be the boss.

    so you Demarcate communist of the house and congress, won’t, because you cowards thieves, sex offenders, and Government raiders (YES RAIDERS) for voting for impeachment i WILL SUMMON EVERYONE I CAN TO EITHER RECALL, VOTE OUT OR IMPEACH THEM, IF THEY CAN BY PASS US VOTERS WE CAN KICK THEM OUT LIKE THEY ARE TRYING TO KICK TRUMP.


  24. Steve Earle says:

    As a follow up, never register your guns. If your in a state where they are registered find a way to get an unregistered one or two.

  25. IrishEyes says:

    I’m just curious, will they demand gang members, criminals and generic thugs turn in their weapons too? Something tells me NO. I’m sure the authorities won’t be knocking on their doors to turn them in either.

    • BOTA KING says:

      LOL – I mean – what a complete an utter moron he is. That is a perfect statement. All the discussion of rights aside…. Why doesn’t Beto the moron start with the criminals – TODAY. He/she’s a complete panty waste.

    • Will Triebel says:

      No, they are what’s left of the Dems’ voter base. They just want to take our weapons to keep them alive and voting, much easier then resurrecting the dead to vote, I suppose.

  26. George says:

    He has no chance, as in hell freezing over to see the oval office, unless on a tour or kissing someones rear end or other, lunacy is rife in his idiotic head, where his brain is supposed to be.

  27. Steve Earle says:

    Beto is background noise but does represent leftist thinking. The danger here is if they should seize power a civil war would be inevitable. There my be 70 million veterans and legal gun owners who would revolt and very few active military that would act to stop them.

    • Dr. J. D. says:

      No, Steve, Beto is background noise but does NOT represent leftist thinking. And, I would HOPE you don’t mean if say, Democrats win in 2020 that there would be a civil war, and that the right wing would not resort to violence. Frankly, I read and hear many more threats of violence coming from conservative blogs than I ever do from leftist websites. There is too much talk of killing and civil wars!

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        Beto does represent leftist thinking or you haven’t been listening to the debates.
        Beto is just a clown and nobody takes him seriously but his message isn’t much different than Warren or Sanders.

  28. Save babies from dem terrorists says:

    Odork the terrorist will never see the inside of the wh, ever. All the dems are terrorists and they would kill most of us if they took our guns, which will never happen cause we are stronger and better than they are. At least we are true Americans. They murder babies every day because they cant defend themselves. They indoctrinate our kids and students because they cant defend themselves. They want total control and they cant do that when we are armed so they attack and destroy what they can.

  29. lzib says:

    So ADHD Beto believes Americans will simply comply with his dictatorial decrees and turn over their rifles… If it were to become law- which it will not as the Supreme court would rule it unconstitutional to confiscate guns of citizens who have committed no crime, but let’s say it did- most Am, probably would comply —But the Criminals Would NOT and they would rejoice for the fool in Office.
    Maybe Beto is going for that voting block…it would explain his moronic idea.

    Of course like all good little hitleresqe Dems once he gets your rifles he will come after your handguns as he stated there are over 40k gun deaths a year which he used to justify his tyranny and as few of those actually are via these rifles – handguns will have to go to- he is just progressing slowly to his ultimate goal of Total Totalitarian Control over the Masses!

    Thank goodness this 1%er will never be president!

    • Steve Earle says:

      Can’t believe Americans would comply in any serious numbers. I have not met or known any gun owner who said they would.

      • VGF says:

        THIS POOR facsimile of a man has to be ALSO Born Brainless. In the FIRST Place..HIS opinions Don`t matter AT ALL…For HE will never GET any HIGHER than THE CORNER Street Box He Stands on to ..Do his Spoutings OFF >> He IS SO>>Totally Ridiculous.. Why AM I even Bothering TO SAY this..When Everyone Feels The SAME WAY ??He is A WASTE of mankind.

  30. Charles says:

    Cain killed Abel with a rock. God blamed Cain, not the rock. Let’s give Democrats our approval to try any measures they can think of to one of the cities where they have total control . After one year, if there’s any improvement, we will consider implementing them in other cities.

  31. Truckman says:

    I hope Beto O’Rourke himself would come to take a gun of mine he would come away with a new about the 2nd amendment

  32. Little Betty’s all done.

  33. Among the many things O’Rourk and those many like him have either forgotten or never knew, is that the 2nd amendment to the Constitution exists for a purpose. This purpose was crystal clear to the framers of the Constitution because they were the beneficiaries of the need for it to exist in the first place. For without the benefit of American settlers armed with the long rifles that augmented the forces of the American Military at that time, we could all be speaking with a British accent.

    If I hear another misinformed Liberal call the AR15 or AK47 rifles among others which are now in the law abiding hands of American people “weapons of war” again because they know the term polls against the interests of the American people instead of calling them civilian rifles I’m absolutely going to burst! No soldier of the American Military has ever been sent to war with a single shot semi-automatic rifle since the weapons were first adopted by the military. Ask any soldier and he will tell you that he carried a fully automatic rifle which have been illegal for citizens of this country to own without special Federal authorization since they were adopted by the military.

    The semi-automatic rifles of our day are some of what we own and seek to be proficient in the use of, among others. The Constitution makes no distinction about how many rounds of ammunition it holds. And just so we don’t forget WHY the second amendment exists in our Constitution, I refer you to a quote from Japanese Admiral Yamamoto shortly after the fateful bombing of Pearl Harbor amid serious discussion in Japan about invading the American mainland. His answer to the notion that Japan invade the US mainland quashed any future plans of the Japanese for such an invasion when he said “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

    • joy says:

      Yea, with Soros in charge Does he think the american people are stupid? If he thinks he would be in charge he will be saddly mistaken so would the rest of our politicians. Soros is pushing this with his money. He is paying people to show Hate and discontnent soros and his son are behind it. He thinks he can take over the world WE CANNOT LET THEM

      • Frank2525 says:

        And you do realize he was born of Jewish Family, but was 14 (?) and adopted by German individual during the war. When war ended, he attended college level training in finances, and learned how to control areas, then countries. Almost bankrupted U.K. in playing the different values of money, but has been very anti-government. All governments. He knows that money, is POWER. AND THAT IS WHAT HE FUNDS.

  34. Viet Vet says:

    The democommunists are cruising for a bruising!

  35. John says:

    Come on now Beto have another helping of “avocado”. It’ll make you strong. And video it while you eat it.

  36. Jane says:

    Like all the demonRATS, Low Life brain dead scumbags

  37. J Harvey says:

    Is it not pure irony that the party that flaunts their disobedience of the law by allowing illegal immigrants to stream into our country with no penalty, would have a presidential candidate say “I expect my fellow Americans to follow the law.”? They are pure evil.

    • Silver Fox says:

      They are part of the devils minions and will burn in an unquenchable fire ????!

    • USMC0352 says:

      Unlike the ENTIRE criminally corrupt arrogant hypocrite democratic party, who willfully flaunts the law with their sanctuary city’s, he expects the rest of us to follow the law! These arrogant hypocrites truly feel that they are above the law. They are the most clear and present danger this country faces. They will stop at nothing in their quest to destroy the United States of America.

  38. Johns says:

    Killing Americans !! what nice guy and they call my man Trump a dictator.Will he’s kills new born babies so makes since Sick!!

  39. renato says:

    the guy is plain lunatic and that is the reason why you will never win the ( WHITE HOUSE ) because
    of that narrative and it is better for him to stay home with his family and for that reason PRESIDENT

  40. Gretchen says:

    Steve, It has already started. Just try to get ammunition for a 22.

  41. Frank2525 says:

    BETO does not know the difference between AR-15 and R 16, or AK-o447. Never been in military, but was Judge’s son. If he had not been born into a wealthy or controlling family, he would have been in jail, or prison for the tricks he did in his youth. ———– I first became acquainted with the rifle in 1946, that fired the same bullet as the AR-15. Only difference was it had standard rifle stock, and held about 13 bullets in tubular part of the stock, and fired semi-automatic (one pull on trigger, fired one bullet). AR-15 just has a different stock (military appearing) but was sold as VARMINT RIFLE, to hunt squirrel, turtle, ground hogs, and was a very good defensive weapon, inside house, where bullets would not go through house walls, and kill neighbors. Came with 30 bullet clips, as standard equipment. I would not vote for BETO to be dog catcher, and definitely not want him as a game warden.

    • Frank2525 says:

      Not AK-447. I do know the difference between AR 16 and AK 47. Those are military weapons, and I fired the AR-16 during my 26 years in service, for annual qualification. (1950 to 1976). And I would not want any one of those 12 people on stage last night, as Commander in Chief. Even though the Military I served in, was nothing like what we have now. But we Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) filled commissioned positions during the Cold War between Korea and Vietnam. And we got the job done;. 20th Century changed USA from speed of horse, to speed of Space Craft, and opened Space Exploration-Education levels.

    • Mikey says:

      He don’t know the difference between his ass and ice cream.

    • Viet Vet says:

      Bullets are a component part of a cartridge.

  42. Gregory says:

    Beto come get My Gun Personally betcha can’t and won’t get My Gun You Sorry Pu**y B*tch I’ll smack You so hard in Your mouth You’ll be eating Your Own teeth B*tch

  43. PDW645 says:

    I wonder how many police, sheriffs and deputies, national guard, etc., etc., will refuse to confiscate firearms if ordered to do so. As a U.S. military veteran, I took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC! There WILL be countless armed brothers and sisters standing with me.

    • Frank2525 says:

      You are so right. And about half of the Sheriffs in Colorado have openly stated they will not enforce the Red Flag (Confiscataion) Law. I believe in 2nd Amendment, is reason at 90 years of age, I am member of National Rifle Association of America. I no longer hunt, or fish, but if someone breaks (or is breaking) into my home, He/she will not have to guess if I am armed. I can still hit, what I aim at. And I never have used a weapon to shoot or kill humans, even in 26 years military, but have displayed on 4 occasions, over my 90 years, and THE BAD GUYS WENT LOOKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO TERRORIZE. Wife and I have traveled or lived in 44 of the 50 states, and I carried weapons in vehicles in all 44 of them. Just as any sensible person would, in prior years. Now we have too many people who sissify their children, and expect them to be law abiding, when parents do not know the laws.

  44. Steve Scoutaris says:

    Beto is just an idiot crying for attention. There are much stealthier ways the democrats will remove guns.
    They will attack the gun manufacturers with frivolous lawsuits and put them out of business.
    No more guns and no more ammunition.

  45. Nobody says:

    Mark Strom. Yes, he did say that. Just today on a website, he distinctly said he wiyld use military and police force to confiscate these guns and shoot them if need be.

  46. Gretcen says:

    Well.. I guess everyone better get more guns. We may have to stand up for our freedom and constitution.

  47. Chuck says:

    When I was in the Marine Corp we were given a shovel. Should they confiscate those too?
    Can kill ya with a spoon, bucket of water, my hands, tell me something that can not kill. Out law them all!
    Along with the green new deal we might as well act like we moved to Ethiopia.

    • Ra Sutton says:

      Semper Fi. Two tour Vietnam Marine.
      When you come for my weapons, come HEAVY.
      BETO BOOB hasn’t the slightest idea what he’s talking about.
      No police officer or military person would open fire under orders from a complete MORON.

  48. ridge runner says:

    When they pry it from my cold dead hands.

    C. Heston

  49. Michael Flanagan says:

    Deport this Commie to Russia or China that’s the way he thinks send him Packing. By BY O’roki-commie.

    • ANI4ANI says:

      Those countries have 2much money obtained from capitalist style enterprises. Somalia/Venezuela/NK would B a much better destination. B2 needs 2 appreciate his present circumstances.

  50. Michael Flanagan says:

    Everything O’Rourke says drips of communism.

  51. Mark Strom says:

    He didn’t say he’d shoot them. Come on, report the news accurately or don’t report it at all. We don’t need anymore reporters opinions… Just the truth. O’Rourke is out of line here, so you don’t need to embellish for us to understand! Wow!

  52. Eldridge says:

    After guns it doesn’t it doesn’t take a genius to see what they will take next.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      The democrats ultimately want to eliminate all guns, private health insurance, private schools, conservative talk radio, churches, free speech, home schooling, fossil fuels, private farms, jails, and the southern border.

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        Not so. Many democrats support private health insurance and do not agree with medicare for all. We have no problems with private schools, and often send our kids and grandkids to them. We do tend to dislike taking taxpayer money to support a religious school . .. I went to parochial schools through high school and never used a taxpayer dollars – -but taxpayers should not be asked to support any religion. We have no problem with most of the things you mentioned.

        And Steve, I began giving lectures against southern immigration back in the 1980s. My position was, after showing the Demographics – – is with Mexico’s uncontrolled birth rate, why should the USA be ask to fix a situation they created for themselves?!? I have no problem with legally controlling immigration, but the key is HOW – – there are some cruel and violent means I would not support.

        You have created a “straw man” argument about Democrats and try then to argue how “bad” we are . . . . often calling us “demons.” May I remind you of what Lincoln said: “woith malice towards none, and charity for all . . . . .”?

        • Steve Scoutaris says:

          You are correct Doc that there is no single Democrat that says they all want those things but as a whole, I have heard then say all those things. Even the ones campaigning for POTUS have said they want a good chunk of them. And Doc, I never called Democrats demons.

        • John S Dressler says:

          Outstanding! Two men engaged in CIVIL discourse regarding an important topic. You have each just elevated the quality of what can be learned here by those who seek to know. And I’ll bet you weren’t even trying. Imagine what we could solve singularly if we were able to have discussions like this here collectively.

  53. Shirley Harris says:

    O’Rourke is a dangerous idiot.



  55. Lyudmila says:

    If O’Rourke expects that citizens will abide by the law as O’Rourke himself abides by the law, then he must accept that citizens legally own weapons, according to the 1st amendment. But if he and his government ordered the police to shoot anyone who is not ready to give them their weapons, then this will be a crime against the people, followed by a very heavy punishment for him and his government.

    • Debbie says:

      Not to mention just plain murder.

    • Joe says:

      All dems are as loony as he is!

      • That right we are the biggest standing army in the world he is nuts if he thinks they can take our guns that way our for Father’s did this is because we the people fight for our freedom an the Dems don’t want us to fight so they can make you a slave is exactly what they want a slave to the new world order lol you young kids better look really hard an see what they want to control you an make you a slave we are free get it an you are in a fight to keep it right now it’s us here you better see it for what it is a take over if our freedom vote everybody start fighting are kiss your ass good by so come together here an we most make it so they can do this vote to end the left bull be for you are a slave

    • Will says:

      Well,, Not to sure ,,,but BUSH ??? I think changed this and made it ok for our Govt. CAN take up arms against the people of the US.. Can`t really see it happen but stranger things have .. Also,, this may involve the UN ,, so they can bring in foreign people to do this … NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE THEIR SLOW PROGRESSIVE CREEP INTO OUR NATION`s laws . Think agenda 21 and beyond ,, its all there to read if you take the time ..

  56. Timothy Toroian says:

    The boy JUST doesn’t understand, it’s the philosophy, not the implements!! He keeps begging for a demonstration. The colonists were loyal Brits until somebody started messing with them.

  57. Kenn Talbot says:

    Relax criminals! Beto is not after your guns, he is only looking to seize legally held firearms. There are already many laws on the books that would allow law enforcement to seize guns. “stop and frisk” was working but had to stop because we were trampling on the rights of those illegally armed. We might as well go ahead and disarm the police as well. Do that and there will be about eleven people left alive in Chicago within a year.

    • Phil says:

      Beto clearly doesnt know about a very importan document called the Constitution or doesnt care! There is an amendment I believe its the 2nd one that states something about the right of the people to bear arms or something to that effect.

  58. T. Bell says:

    Neither will I. PHUK THE DUMPACRAPS !

    • travis says:


    • Phil says:

      Beto clearly doesnt know about a very importan document called the Constitution or doesnt care! There is an amendment I believe its the 2nd one that states something about the right of the people to bear arms or something to that effect.

  59. T. Bell says:

    Are ALL DUMPACRAPS complete idiot asshole/ ??????????? I believe they are !

  60. Boarland says:

    Beto is acting like a wannabe king telling us what he would do if he were president regardless of the other two branches.

  61. Cat says:

    Well, “Beto” will be guilty of murder after murder and can be taken to jail and court by thousands of citizens. This man is so derranged and is a lowlife scum.

  62. David Small says:

    Robert Francis is WAY off base if he thinks that people are going to comply with a mandatory confiscation of their means of protecting themselves and their families from attack, by either other individuals, or an out of control oppressive government. And the idea that the police, or even the military would be successful in accomplishing any such confiscation is totally ludicrous.

  63. Vince says:

    o rouke the FOOL is really looking for a fight ….. and we AMERICANS DID THIS ONCE BEFORE. It is called the WAR for INDEPENDENCE….and we will do it again if pushed to it…..

  64. Denis says:

    Let this “GIRLY MAN” go house to house!

  65. BootsOnGround says:

    O’Rourke might as well be in the middle of mainland China trying to grow rice because that’s how far he is from becoming president of the United States. What a waste of energy!

  66. Steve Scoutaris says:

    Isn’t the 2nd amendment considered the law?

    • Rodney says:

      Not in the eyes of these dim wits!!!!! The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not the LAW of the land, just a piece of paper that was written by a bunch of Rebels!!!!! And before anyone goes after me for what I have just said here, I AM a true RED, WHITE AND BLUE PATROIT!!!!!!! I fought for MY “COUNTRY” during ‘Nam and I would do it again!!!!!!

  67. KatahdinView says:

    We are not giving up our guns PERIOD.

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