Eric Holder bought a plane ticket that revealed his plans for 2020

The horse race for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination is on.

Democrats are desperate to find an alternative to Hillary Clinton to take on Trump.

And Eric Holder just tipped his hand on his intentions with this move.

Eric Holder will be traveling to Des Moines, Iowa for political events.

Obama’s Former Attorney General landed himself in hot water with his comments on the campaign trail this fall.

Holder said “when they go low, we kick ‘em.”

But since Trump’s election Democrats like Holder and Maxine Waters have ramped up their violent rhetoric.

The radical Democrat base is eating it up, so Holder thinks he could get enough votes to win the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder will be visiting Iowa next year — a potential indicator he’s seriously considering a run for president in 2020.

In February, Holder will discuss redistricting, voting rights, and national law enforcement in Des Moines at an event hosted by the Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement at Drake University.

Although the event isn’t overtly political, the appearance in Iowa, which is home to the nation’s first caucus, could be an early sign of someone seeking out the Democratic nomination.

Holder is open to the idea, and during a June visit to New Hampshire, another early-voting state, he remarked on what it would be like to face off against President Trump in two years. “Two guys from Queens. That would be interesting. New Yorkers know how to talk to other New Yorkers,” Holder said. “The idea of a challenge, yeah that kind of appeals to me.”

Iowa is the first-in-the-nation caucus state.

So every candidate who is testing the waters will be showing up there in the next few months.

But Holder’s candidacy could be dead on arrival.

His term as attorney general was mired by one scandal after another

The infamous “Fast and Furious” gunwalking scandal led to Holder being held in contempt of Congress.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date with any more 2020 developments.

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