Eric Holder bought a plane ticket that revealed his plans for 2020

The horse race for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination is on.

Democrats are desperate to find an alternative to Hillary Clinton to take on Trump.

And Eric Holder just tipped his hand on his intentions with this move.

Eric Holder will be traveling to Des Moines, Iowa for political events.

Obama’s Former Attorney General landed himself in hot water with his comments on the campaign trail this fall.

Holder said “when they go low, we kick ‘em.”

But since Trump’s election Democrats like Holder and Maxine Waters have ramped up their violent rhetoric.

The radical Democrat base is eating it up, so Holder thinks he could get enough votes to win the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder will be visiting Iowa next year — a potential indicator he’s seriously considering a run for president in 2020.

In February, Holder will discuss redistricting, voting rights, and national law enforcement in Des Moines at an event hosted by the Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement at Drake University.

Although the event isn’t overtly political, the appearance in Iowa, which is home to the nation’s first caucus, could be an early sign of someone seeking out the Democratic nomination.

Holder is open to the idea, and during a June visit to New Hampshire, another early-voting state, he remarked on what it would be like to face off against President Trump in two years. “Two guys from Queens. That would be interesting. New Yorkers know how to talk to other New Yorkers,” Holder said. “The idea of a challenge, yeah that kind of appeals to me.”

Iowa is the first-in-the-nation caucus state.

So every candidate who is testing the waters will be showing up there in the next few months.

But Holder’s candidacy could be dead on arrival.

His term as attorney general was mired by one scandal after another

The infamous “Fast and Furious” gunwalking scandal led to Holder being held in contempt of Congress.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date with any more 2020 developments.


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112 Responses

  1. Ernst says:

    In lieu of running for President, Eric Holder should be defending himself against prosecution for his criminal actions as Attorney General.

  2. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Hey Holder, you stupid bungle junny, we have a REPUBLIC, not mob rule. Please stop breathing.

  3. xtinmover says:

    Great… that’s what we need. Another uninsured crook running on the Democratic ticket.

  4. Craig Murphy says:

    I was hoping Elon Musk had sold him a one way ticket.

  5. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Holder should be in prison with all the other treasonous Dem scum. You know who they are.

  6. joseph g says:

    typical dnc nomination. they have alot of garbage to pick from

  7. Harry says:

    Let’s see, he failed to respond to a congressional subpena, he organized fast and furious and covered for Obama crimes. Yup qualifies as a Democrat.

  8. And we thought Hillary was a crook. Holder brings a whole new meaning to being crooked. Who in their right minds would vote for this character?

  9. Mork Jungle says:

    Let that POS run so he can get his black ass kicked. He should run as a team with Mad Max Waters. Aint got enough ni**ers to vote them in

    • Fr Tom Martin says:

      He committed enough illegal acts for Obama to not win anything. Why resort to using racist words and possibly help him win. You fools did that before election in Nov. and we lost.

      • M says:

        Fr Tom Martin, I agree, we should not use racist language when making a point. We are adults and don’t need to go there. We have more black/brown people agreeing with us than at any time in history and I don’t want to lose even one of them! Hey, they are a lot more like us than the liberals are!
        We, Republicans need every vote we can get in the attempt to win back the House of Representatives, maintain control of the Senate and Whitehouse. Instead of using racist remarks let’s call these yahoos like Holder, Waters, and Harris what they are, liberals!

        • zee* says:

          Inter-Action W/ ‘Brothers & Sisters’ IS Better than it Has
          Ever Been, SINCE POTUS DJT. ( in my work area). WAS V. STRAINED
          Last 8! YRS!!!. NOW , There IS a Total Sense of Relief !!! &&&
          ‘we’ , All of us ARE So Glad.

    • Mikey says:

      Can the racist crap. All you are doing is handing ammunition to our opponents who regard all Trump supporters as racist, homophobic bigots.

  10. The only way the Democrat communist party can win an election, is by deceit and corruption. They would do better to put up a complete unknown, to even have a chance at winning. That is with the illegals and dead people voting. Otherwise they will loose like in 2016.

  11. Navy PO2 says:

    Eric Holder is this weeks Demopuke!

  12. Patricia Nezi says:

    He’s one of the corrupt “Deep State” operatives who want to destroy this country as we know it.

  13. Alan L Patrick says:

    He SHOULD have a one way ticket to GITMO. With All the crap he pulled as AG he DOESN’T deserve to be in the running for POTUS whatsoever. Agree or disagree I don’t really care as this is MY OPINION

  14. NeeNee says:

    2020 We will vote only for President Trump. Holder you are a HUGH LIAR and law breaker. Flake is a traitor/rhino. Trump is the only one for 2020.

  15. Rob says:

    Eric Holder SLA the Domestic-Terrorist-Organization in the 70’s that committed armed bank robberies, gun running, and the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst!
    Holder is an outstanding pillar of society! A domestic terrorist, as POTUS no, I don’t think so! He is a racist, Hood-rat, Piece of trash! He should be in prison by 2020! He would be a store front for an Obama third-term!

  16. john j says:

    Holder has been invited to stand on the new auction block and have the honor of being the first to be auction off.

  17. Tommy says:

    All i hear is hate from both sides . But here is the truth when we fall from our,own inability to unite for the common good (that our ,all of our common good ), we will see the rich fly off into another place and leave we the people behind to face the Caravans of true Invaders and as they pour across our borders they will access everything we hold dear our homes are children everything that makes America great be prepared Democrats and Republicans because the people who run everything will be gone the people who pay for everything will be left at the mercy of the world and they will the people who pay for everything will be left at the mercy of the world and they will not stop they will take everything you and I have

  18. GySgt. Lew says:

    With the Success that Trump is having with his promises – making America Great Again, Draining The Swamp, right now and in the future there is no one that could beat him in 2020…

  19. OLD VET says:

    trash man the most stupid lying person ever OLD VET

  20. Bob says:

    He needs a ticket to Gitmo along with all his buddies.

    • Cath says:

      No he’s going to make the circuit to all the liberal schools in the US – and there a “butt load”of those – Drake being the first in line…Look at their site and what the teachers (aka self pronounced “professors”) actually teach – liberalism…look where they got their education – at liberal schools too…one can tell a LOT from that…but it is not as though a conservative will be welcomed (they probably won’t as usual) but he wouldn’t choose a conservative University to go to…duh…right?!

  21. CaptFerramones says:

    why wait til 2020 … leave now and hope that a one-way ticket for East Jabip over in Swaheeleyland somewheres where we’ll never hear from his sorry ass again !
    Better yet … shoulda just given em a whole slew of one-wayers so the whole frickin’ cartel (obumbles, moochele, the clitons, sorryass soros, along with the rest of the libtards tryin to stay in the spotlight) can be off and once near that destination just open the frickin’ cargo door n’ dump all their frickin’ arses into oblivion !

  22. John Decker says:

    I just had a post disappeared. It must have been too close to the truth. Big Brother is alive and well.

  23. Enchanted says:

    Holder is going to be president of cell block 9.

  24. Carlos says:

    I’m glad the Dems are in the mess they are for forcing their party so far left they can’t win a national election! Whether it’s the old, worn out commies or young ones, who are all from failed blue states people flee, they have zero touch with most voters. Why else do you think they wanna repeal the electoral college system?

    • Jan says:

      Carlos, you have hit the nail on the head!!! I agree with everything you’ve said. One other point…the Dems like to brag that Hillary won the popular vote…and where was that popular vote…none other than NY and L.A. where there are the most people on welfare and food stamps, and for whom the Dems placate.

  25. Jacqueline Prentiss says:

    This is very comical & scary. Michele now holder. These people really do think that they are above the law. They have absolutely no shame. Things have been done wrong for so long in the demoncratic party until it’s business as usual. Look at Hillary she ran with no shame and was arrogant & cocky that she had it wrapped up, had the speech, gown etc., ready. The God spoke. Bamm Hillary was too angry to show her face. She is still angry as are the demoncratic party. They will stop at nothing. And people are still stupid enough to vote demoncratic. This is really scary.

  26. Audie Jordan says:

    Dave is right. Mid-term elections proved Democrats will vote for crooks & maniacs.

  27. ruth says:

    once a crook -always a crook and this man has dirty hands — beside he needs to go on trail for treason

  28. Dave says:

    He was such a great success in Chicago that he could probably finish off the United States in one term. Yeah, but that is not beyond the possibilities of the American voters if the midterms were a good measure of their desired direction. If Congress doesn’t deal with national debt and immigration, our downward slide will speed up. Most nations in history have gone down by an excess of their primary principle. Ours is freedom and we demand more and more to the point that now we want someone else to pay for it rather than getting a job and doing the work ourselves. 52% of Americans receive some kind of government aid. That cannot be sustained.

  29. Martin says:

    I would NEVER vote for Holder. And it not because he is black. It is because any black that is a Democrat that knows the history of the Democrat and is still a Democrat can never be trusted.

  30. McFerguson says:

    Eric Holder is a world-class A-hole. I hope he runs. It’d be a great pleasure to watch him get crushed.

  31. Gail says:

    Talk about vile creatures. This man has more skeletons than Donald Trump ever had . His deal of the selling of guns to MS13 has not gone away .And especially since those guns have killed Americans. And those same guns were what the Muslims killed our people in Benghazi with . Nor the treatment of people that were legally signed up for a rally against something. And he personally turned it into a hate crime where his Antifas and BLM terrorists were the victims . He brought them to that place to create danger and to attack fellow Americans in their hometown . Holder is the one directing these groups against Americans . .He is the reason we have the corrupt DOJ today . No vote for him !

  32. Frank says:

    NO!!!! he cannot beat Trump. He is a POS criminal. Trump, like all the other Demo-Craps I have heard about, will eat them alive.

  33. Eric Granberg says:

    At this point the Democrats really SHOULD be thinking ANYBODY but Hillary. Who exactly will be sorted out later through the Primary process in 2020, but right now that last thing the left needs is to rile up the right unnecessarily. And Clinton is unnecessary.

    • Dr. JD says:

      Agreed, Eric. She had her chance, now it is time for new blood. I was never much of a Hillary fan in the first place, and many of the votes in 2016 were clearly anti-=Hillary. In 2018 and in 2020, they will be anti-Trump or anti-GOP.

      • scooch the pooch* says:

        WRONG. ___ “putz”. lapdog, soyboy 0r ‘whatever’.

        • scooch the pooch* says:

          Soooo, ‘>Your / Granberg’s ‘new blood’ IS ‘ocasio Cortez’?
          Rite. Go for it. Cashin in your ‘retirement ‘. jd – ‘stock up’
          on ‘jellyfish’ goo.

  34. They have prisons in Iowa too

  35. send him back where he came from

  36. Secora says:

    When I read the question I thought not if the rest of the country has any common sense but it took about two seconds to think about the fact that half this country doesn’t so I don’t know who the dumbocraps are going to put up but I believe they entend to do everything they can to get the power back by any means necessary.

  37. Old Pioneer says:

    Just a reminder to Liberals: We do NOT live in a Democracy!! We live in and under a Constitutional Republic!!!

  38. Old Pioneer says:

    After what Holder did to the USA an Chicago, the only ticket he needs is a one way non stop ticket to Hell !!!

  39. Karin says:

    Talk about “not fit for President”, that is Holder. He said our democracy is in jeopardy. I’ll agree, but not from DJT from the Swamp, The Deep State, Obama, Holder, Lynch, HRC, the left media, and the Congress who still has not learned for whom they work.

    • Gia' says:

      He would be another HITLER, not as sneaky as obama, but just as evil!!!

      • Ric B says:

        No, Gia, that is Trump. Even having a republican congress, he rarely consulted them OR his advisers he had chosen. Dufus Donnie said “he goes with his gut” — which is why he has made so many terrible decisions . . . like about the stupid wall (numerous ways to overcome) and the tax break which increased our deficits and 80+% went to the richest 1% !!

        • James says:

          You have you head up Obama’s back side again. I am waiting for the day you dumpbocraps start the second civil war.

        • Frank Gonzales says:

          To Ric… its idiots like you that have created the political mess we’re in by voting for the low life criminal libturd party… wish you dummies would educate your ignorant brains… or better yet just move to Iran

        • Byron R Sosebee says:

          You are a Dumbass!

        • Helga Miller says:

          What an idiotic comment!! With people like you it’s no wonder America started to turn into a Third World Country! Mr. Trump is just trying to bring it back from the position Obama has put it in! We are sick and tired of all the Haters who want this Country to fail because that is what Dems/Libs have in mind with their free stuff for everybody! Where is the money coming from? If you confiscate everything from the rich there is not enough to pay for it all!

    • russell says:

      holder should be in prison

    • Diana Talmadge says:

      Well said!

  40. dlmstl says:

    Just think, POTUS Holder would have Lamont Hill as UN Ambassador, Moochie as AG and Don Lemon his press secretary! What a country!

  41. George says:

    Go read obummer’so book Dreams of my sperm donor (father ) all the whole book says is that white people are bad and in the front obummer said that he was born in Kenya the demon craps cry about the nra when Eric holdup gave the drug cartel guns look up Margaret Sanger whom started planned parent hood hatred evil all 3

    • reality check says:

      HIS FATHER was born in Kenya, Barack was born in Honolulu and it has been proven. Even Trump changed his birther story. You people just make up conspiracies and other lies.

      • M says:

        reality check, Have you seen the 59 second YouTube video where BHO said from his own mouth, he was born in Kenya? Dollars to donuts you have, and you still lie and uphold him!

      • James says:

        No, Obama was born in Kenya! His brother finally found his ORGINAL birth certificate, with foot print. The Hawaiian birth certificate was proven to be a fake. The women that knew it was fake just so happen to be the only one on the plane to die and was cremated with in three days of the crash.James

        • reality check says:

          That is another debunked lie back by such ilk as Corsi, who is paid to make stuff like that up. Use your BRAIN here, if not born in America, he could have been removed and it would have been brought up by his opposition. You guys just cult-like make stuff up and believe it!

          • James says:

            YOU better do your research. He was not removed from office because of the support from the deep state, RINO, Anti-Trump Republicans and America hating Democrats. 90% of the U.S. government was and may still be Globalists that want to rule a world with out boarders.

          • scooch the pooch* says:

            Here ya go ‘reality check’ 59 big Fat seconds of Truth.
            Get your cup o’ java & WATCH/ LISTEN maybe 3-4-5 X
            TURN VOLUME WAY UP.

      • ronald fischer says:

        You must be has stupid has you sound even if you think he was born in Hawaii his mother was pregnant in Kenyan and she was not a american citizen,she was there on vacation when he was hatched and went back to Kenyan with him so that doesn’t make him a american citizen.You are nothing but a complete MORON.

  42. Ed Pollock says:

    All of you need get off the sideline and go to the press box. Trump acts like an a– , however, most of his objectives are doing things that benefit America which no other president had the ba–s to do.
    When we elect people who are nicey nicey and very polite, we get the Obama results, ops, don’t want to say that -it is racist !!!

  43. Kenneth says:

    How’s this sorry POS gonna run sitting behind bars for sedition and treason along with the Obama’s, the Clinton’s and the rest of the corrupt demorats.

    • George Kehl says:

      Oh my God, could you see it if this TREASONOUS TRAITOR along with Obama Bin Lying together, they then could keep their Fast and Furious crimes going on and on and nothing would be done about it, Just like now nothing getting done about all these other DEMONRAT POLITICIAN TRAITORS LIKE THE CLINTONS , LORETTA LYNCH, ETC. ETC. .. These LOW LIFES all need to be ARRESTED,PROSECUTED found GUILTY as CHARGED and then EXECUTED…

  44. Gerry says:

    holder is on the same level as obama — a POS dirtbag worm !!!!!

  45. david says:

    This asscehole should be in GITMO with is fake boss.

  46. Chris says:

    Holder won’t have to run against Trump, the whole Trump Dynasty will be sitting in jail for treason and collusion with Russia and Saudi Arabia.

    • Truckman says:

      I seriously doubt that there might be a lot of democrats in jail starting with hillary and holder

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Truckman, I seriously doubt that there will be a lot of Democrats in jail since there was THREE investigations about Hillary and all came to naught. There were not even any charges or investigations in the Obama’s 8 years but now:
        190+ indictments.
        40 people charged.
        5 guilty pleas.
        4 guilty convictions.

        • M says:

          JD, HRC investigations were led by friends, cronies, people on her payroll and people too afraid of her, to provide “real and truthful” investigations. They went through the motions and provided nothing, no real evidence, to the committee members to question her about. It was a rigged deal before it started.
          You know it, I know it and the entire country knows it.
          Don’t get too comfortable, someone will find a crack in her armor sooner or later, Throughout history people were thought to be invincible but then one day, boom………

          • Dr. JD says:

            M, you are just inaccurate and don’t know your history very well. Trey Gowdy lead the Bengazi investigations, certainly NOT a friend and GOP was in majority. The Whitewater Investigation was run by Ken Starr and a legion of Republicans, including Kavanaugh, Starr and even Rosenstein – – for SIX YEARS and much more expensive than Russia probe. And, with all of that, the one charge against Bill was NOT RELATED AT ALL to Whitewater.

          • M says:

            JD, You are wrong! Republican Trump haters, and RINO are more dangerous to us getting the truth than you liberals. At least we know what to expect from you.
            A conservative Republican team leader works with information given to him whether it is good or bad. You are not taking into consideration the “line” people gathering the info could and was supplying tainted info because they were “in HRC’s skeleton closet”. Get real, you should be able to figure how this game is played. We have learned for years and years now.
            Okay, I am tired of this subject and you. The end.

        • walked away liberal says:

          jd. would you ‘splain Putz ? i just learned what a
          ‘milkbone lapdog’ is.

    • Craig Kinnowr says:

      What planet dd you say that you are on

    • Byron R Sosebee says:

      Another Dumbass types.

    • James says:

      You are totally brain dead. No.1 COLLUSION is not a crime. 2. There was no collusion between Trump and Russia, that honor goes to the Democrats. The only one’s that have committed treason are the Democrats with Voter Fraud, Uranium One, Fast and Furious gun deal, Benghazi and Obama’s financial support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

  47. Mike H says:

    This guy should’ve went to jail for what he did to the country. Between him and Obama they did a great job dividing the country .Parts of Detroit are controlled by the Muslims now .you can’t even drive through the neighborhoods. I’ve had people that live there told me it is absolutely horrible living conditions now. And they all don’t work they live on the governments money. What a great job they did.

  48. M says:

    Oh yeah! Bring it on E. Holder! You have supplied DJT a lot of ammunition to use on you, old buddy boy. Hey Dems, come on, choose him for your candidate. He would do about as good as anyone you have to offer in a race against DJT. Trump wins bigly against any DemonRat!

    • reality check says:

      You live in fantasyland . . . . wasn’t it you and others who claimed that 2018 midterms would be a “RED tsunami?” Trumpers have awakened the voters, where 60% of Americans have an UNFAVORABLE view of Trump. Dems could run Beto O’Rourke and beat Trump or some one no one has ever heard of and beat Trump. And everyday we get a new release on Trump’s lies and criminal activities sinks corrupt Donnie more.

      • Byron R Sosebee says:

        Once again, an Idiot types… Robert Orourk is nothing but a Fake Mexican trying to get the Hispanic vote. POS!

      • M says:

        reality check, As usual, your comments are full of lies, misrepresentation, and innuendos!

        • reality check says:

          Produce some evidence of that, you Trump cult follower, M! You are one of those who just bellow “false” because you cannot handle the Truth.

          • M says:

            reality check, Yeah, yeah, yeah. You wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit your butt off.
            I am tired of you and done
            so, go peddle your liberal nonsense somewhere else!
            You lying b—h.
            P.S. I know who you are, bleah!

          • ronald fischer says:

            Hey:reality check the SS Democrat Nazi Party are the real enemies of our country,and as for yourself they have brainwashed what ever was in your useless UN Educated Brain you Moron.

      • Enchanted says:

        ole beto is is in criminal trouble for using campaign funds to fund the caravan, even buying vans for them. This is ILLEGAL on a grand scale.

        • reality check says:

          M,as usual, you produce NOTHING to show you have any evidence and all you do is repeat Trumper cult thinking. The polls showed that the latest Trump unfavorability rating is 60% – – – so how do you win elections like that?!? Second, research shows most citizens will cast a vote against someone or something, rather than “for.” Trump is making more and more enemies all the time, and has really got females against him (33% for, 63% against Trump). Calling people names is not a substitute for knowing what you are talking about, and you just don’t, M.

          • CaptFerramones says:

            musta been one of those CNN polls run by Dems asking Dems that no one but Dems hear about … cuz that’s the only way 60% would end up praising their own party .. along with 33% of them all in for Trump !

  49. James P Hutchins says:

    holder is corrupt and a traitor to the American people.

  50. Sheldon Nadler says:

    This guy has a snow ball chance in hell of winning anything but a garbage job!

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