Elon Musk just made this Donald Trump prediction come true

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s proposed $44 billion purchase of Twitter set off waves of panic on the Left.

Now Musk has another major announcement.

And Elon Musk just made this Donald Trump prediction come true.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump told a crowd in Texas that he predicted Musk would not end up purchasing Twitter due to the amount of fake accounts or bots on the platform.

“I don’t believe he is going to buy Twitter,” Trump stated, before adding that “because you have so many fake accounts with the bots… all of the different things. I think it is going to be very interesting.”

Trump added that the agreement looked suspect due to Musk leveraging his Tesla stock to finance part of the deal, which is dependent on the due diligence showing Twitter is the platform that has the authentic number of users it claims.

“And he’s got some problems ’cause he bought some stock that he shouldn’t have bought, he’s got a lot of problems with Twitter. But Twitter has a lot of problems.”

Trump proved to be prophetic, as Musk tweeted early on Tuesday morning that the number of fake accounts on Twitter was greater than 20 percent of all users, meaning the deal could not go forward for the agreed upon price of $54.20 per share – adding up to $44 billion – until this matter could be resolved.

Musk added that he was open to purchasing Twitter at a lower price since the value of the company depended on an accurate count of real users.

Once Musk floated the idea of purchasing Twitter and turning it into a free speech public square, leftists in elected office and the media freaked out.

Before Musk entered the picture, the Left owned a monopoly on the ability to censor speech online, which leftists wielded with ruthless efficiency to censor conservatives.

Leftists face a difficult political environment in 2022 due to Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

That’s why many on the Left hoped that censoring speech online in the name of combatting so-called “misinformation” would allow Democrats to control what information voters saw and thus control the election outcome.

Now, with Musk throwing his purchase of Twitter into question, leftists are hoping that Musk will not follow through and Twitter will remain the highly curated social media platform where the Left manipulates what users see.

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